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When I try to remove the plastic cowling to first remove the battery the phillips head screws turn but won't come out. Any suggestions?


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    Are you talking about the plastic fasteners with the phillips head centers? While twisting with the screwdriver, push the other part of the faster sideways to take up any slop in the hole. This does two things: It keeps the other part from spinning, and it squeezes it a little so the screw unscrews instead of slipping.

    I hope that made sense; let me know.
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    doohickie, Thanks for your help. I ended up taking it to my gas station.He said the screws popped out, But anyways it's fixed. Thanks again. rural43017
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    I have a 2002 Elantra sedan, and a few days ago, both headlights went out at the same time. The Hi-beams work fine, but I have no low beams at all. I have checked the fuse, relay and headlamp bulbs and all appear to be fine. I even swapped fuses and relays of the same size/type to see if there was a problem that was not visble. Does anyone have any sugestions as to what the problem might be?
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    Maybe you hit a bump, and they both went out at the same time or maybe they were just worn out. I had quite a few low beam go out on my 2004 GT. No high beams.
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    Here's a follow up on what the problem actually was:
    I can't explain why it happened to both at the same time, unless I had only one light for a while and didn't notice until the second one went out. But the problem was the headlamp bulb socket. The wires going into the socket had a small amount of corrosion on them (apearantly enough) and they didn't work. While trouble-shooting I was jiggling the wires (somewhat vigorously) and the light came on, then repeated on the other side and same thing. So I removed the wires, cleaned and reinstalled them and have had no problem since.
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    When you turn on the parking light swith (a click from the headlight position), the rear parking lights come on, but the front ones do not. Even with headlights on, the parking lights up front are still off. Turn signals and flashers work just fine. Bulbs are good. Switch also appears OK, as rear parking lamps come on. Any ideas what can be wrong? Is there a relay I am missing?
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    Maybe both your front parking light bulbs are out.
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    Friends, I have been looking all over the internet for a replacement lamp. The proper model no. (as I understand it) H11B. Other than the dealership, where can one purchase this bulb. I appreciate any help...
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    Most auto parts stores should have one, or at least be able to get one for you within a day or so.
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    I have a bizzare situation in my 2003 Elantra. The driver side headlight (low beam) is noticeably weaker then the one on the passenger side.
    I replaced the bulb on the driver side to no effect. I switched them and the driver-side light is always weaker.
    I never heard of that problem. Some people reported both lights going brighter or dimmer but I never heard of one light being weaker!
    Do you have any advice on how to deal with this?

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    To me that indicates that the driver's side headlight is mis-aimed.
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    Dan, You have a voltage leak somewhere in the wiring system. It's too difficult for the "shade tree machinic" to track...better see your local Auto Electric person...they can track down the problem and fix it for you. Probibly not the answer you looking for, but true. Jim
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    Thank you all.
    Luckily for me it was a misalignment. I upped the driver-side light and things are looking OK now. Thanks again.

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    i own an elantra gls (08) and an 09 touring.

    has anyone been able to locate upgraded headlight bulbs h11bw yet?

    other than oe from the dealer, nobody seems to have them. the i30 website indicates that overseas elantras get h7 low beams instead.

    why did hyundai switch the bulbs?
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    Is there some kind of known problem with the Hyundai Elantra's low beam bulbs/mechanism? I bought a new 2003 Hyundai Elantra GT and the only problem I have ever had with it seems to be the way it eats headlight bulbs! I swear, over the last six years, I have replaced both the driver and passenger side bulbs at least 4 times each! It would not be nearly as big a deal if the darn things were no so hard to get to. There is either the battery right in the way on the driver side and a reservoir in the way on the passenger side, requiring a person to take the entire headlight assembly out to adequately reach the fragile clamp (the molded plastic part of the headlight assembly that holds the clamp/pin in place broke off when I tried it the first time and I had to buy a whole new headlight just because of that) that holds the constantly failing bulbs in place. I have had other cars for 15 years that NEVER needed a new bulb and this one seems to use one up every 24 months.
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    That's strange. I've had to replace each headlamp on my 2004 GT once in 5-1/2 years. Are you sure you are not touching the bulbs with your uncovered fingers when installing them? Halogen bulbs are very touchy about being smudged--the smudges can cause a weak spot on the bulb and lead to early failure.

    BTW, both of the bulb replacements on my GT were done for free by the dealer, under the bumper-to-bumper warranty. They told me the headlamp bulbs are covered, but other bulbs e.g. turn signals are not.
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    The left headlight (low beam )and the left marker light both went out on my '04 elantra. the bulbs & fuses are okay. Is there a comon wire, or junction specific to these only that may have an issue? blinkers, high beam, & rear end lights are all okay
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