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2007 Tahoe LTZ - Feels like I am being rearended

jch2jch2 Member Posts: 3
Hello, I have a 07 Tahoe LTZ that we purchased in November. We are experiencing a problem the Dealer claims "cannot be replicated." When stationary, the car will shift. Honestly, it feels like the person behind us has rear ended us. The first time it happened, I actually got out because I thought I had been hit. Happens mostly 10 - 30 seconds after stopped, but has started happening upon acceleration now too. Any ideas would be appreciated. I plan to take it in again next week and would like to throw out some suggestions. Thanks!


  • bcaldeirabcaldeira Member Posts: 1

    I do not claim to be an auto mechanic, but it sounds to me to be the same problem I had with my 2003 Z71.

    The computer needs to be re-flashed to fix the problem.

    Mine would feel as though you were bumped into from the rear while you were stopped for some time while the brakes were applied, then when I went to accelerate it would sort of act like it was in nuetrel and then shift hard and drive off.

    After they flashed the computer (similar to a re-
    boot) it was fine.

    Hope this helps.
  • kgould3kgould3 Member Posts: 1
    I have just purchased a 2007 Tahoe and am bummed that the sun visor does not extend. Has anyone find a good after-market product to extend the visor?
  • 4burb4burb Member Posts: 55
    Not sure if this will help you but if you drop the visor (leave it clipped in) it does slide side to side on the rod.
  • pcmanpcman Member Posts: 8
    I also have an '07 LTZ that has the exact same problem. I liken it to when you come to a stop in a boat and a second or two later the wake catches up with you and surges the boat. Ive had no other reason to see the dealer yet but I'll mention that computer flash as a possible fix.
  • msivorymsivory Member Posts: 6
    OK everyone in this forum.... I would check out the forum called "Chevy Tahoe Transmission Problems". There are ALOT of people who have the same issues you all are having with your SUV. Luckily, they didn't have to replace the transmission in my 07 Tahoe. Just got a call from the dealer, after my truck being in there for 2 weeks now, he said they had to order a part called the "Vaule Body" which he explained was an internal component in the transmission which is causing it to slip AND he told me that there are ALOT of Tahoes and Suburbans hainvg the same problem.My truck felt like someone hit me in the back. I didn't have any issues shifting it into gear but from the sounds of others on here if i would have let it, that would have been the next step. There's one guy on here who said he had to drive his home in 2nd gear and once he pulled into his driveway to put it in Park it started rolling backwards.. I only wish I was lucky to have mine roll out the driveway and into the pond behind me.. I'd be suing GM motors. At this point I'm very leery of GM. If something major happens to my truck again I am getting rid of it no questions asked. And by the way, my truck ONLY has 13,000 miles on it. Pretty sad....
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Here's the link: Chevy Tahoe Transmission Problems

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • jch2jch2 Member Posts: 3
    Thank you for the info. We have a friend that works for GM at the plant in quality control. We told her how disappointed we were with this and the many other issues I was experiencing (3 repairs on dome light rattle, check engine light - emission issue with 2 repairs and new gas cap yet still comes on, electrical issues, etc). This is my first GM ever and it was a $50K+ LTZ with every option. She told us that GM is aware of the "rearended" issue and it is related to the shocks. My Tahoe will go back to the plant next week and receive the repair there. I'll let you know if that takes care of the problem.
  • msivorymsivory Member Posts: 6
    I wish you luck. I don't think they really know whats going on. So many people had their transmissions replaced or like mine, components replaced. My truck is still jerking and they said its because of the E85 gas i put in it. The engine is trying to "figure its self out" brcbecause its running rich fuel and it shouldn't hurt it but to just run as much gas out as fast as i can. I have so many icons lit up on the dash it almost looks like christmas. My stabilitrack light is still on telling to me service it,engine light on. He suggested that after i run out the gas to fill it up with reg unleaded and come back and he will reset the codes so I'm hoping that will take care of the stabilitrack light because I dont see where that is related to the gas I put in.
  • mohave1mohave1 Member Posts: 1
    I have an LTZ, the Service Stabilitrac light and the Check Engine light came on right after encountering the feeling of being rear ended at acceleration from a stop. I took it to the dealer and they indicated that my aftermarket cold air intake was loose and that is what was causing those lights to come on. My husband tightened it and after a couple of cycles the lights went away. Odd that your lights are coming on because of fuel......
  • bsj2390bsj2390 Member Posts: 4
    I've had this thing in the shop numerous times for this problem. They have greased the yoke several times and this last time, they replaced it with a nickel plated yoke one replaced the u-joint. I still have the problem. After each visit, the problem starts out again minor, with just a slight movement, but each time it happens, the movement is worse. Passengers in my car turn around to see if I've been rearended. Problem is, the dealership can't duplicate it. Well, I can't make it happen. It doesn't happen EVERY time, it doesn't happen EVERY day, just happens when it happens. I'm so very frustrated. Now, if I want to trade it, any dealer, no matter the brand, can pull up the history and see this problem and know it's not fixed. I'll never get fair market value for a vechicle I purchased brand new and only has 37k miles on it.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Member Posts: 4,252
    Can you please e-mail me with your Edmunds user name, involved dealer, VIN, current mileage, and complete contact information including a good number to reach you at. I would like to look into this further.
    GM Customer Service
  • bsj2390bsj2390 Member Posts: 4
    You did not provide an e-mail address.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited November 2010
    Click on the member name (gmcustsvc) and the email is available there.
  • krichardson1krichardson1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2011 tahoe with the same problem. GM is giving me the run around cause it can't be duplicated. Did you ever get your problem resolved and if so, what dealership. Maybe mine could contact them. GM customer service says they don't look at blogs and are not aware of any problem like this. Any help would be appreciated, I'm at my limit!
  • bsj2390bsj2390 Member Posts: 4
    Hi. Unfortunately, I did not get mine resolved. I went round and round with the one person I was allowed to talk to at "GM". Some foreigner named Hazel who was obviously reading from a script. I was just getting ready to trade for a 2011, to give the Tahoe/GM a second chance. This Tahoe was my first GM product ever. Seeing this, I will most definitely not be purchasing another. I wish you luck in getting your problem resolved, and even more luck in getting to talk to a real person with GM. To me, talking to the district person, who obviously has no English skills, and no automotive knowledge, is no different than listening to a recorded script. As for blogs...they DO read them! They contacted me about this post, and of course, it was another foreigner reading from a script.
  • canditcandit Member Posts: 1
    I had the same problem in my 2007 tahoe LTZ, it went on for almost a year and no on could figure it out. FINALLY my mechanic found that one of the motor mounts were broken. That fixed the problem. Have your mechanic check it.
  • osu1216osu1216 Member Posts: 1
    Did any of the above get resolution? I bought my Tahoe used and love it. I have always wanted one. However I felt this issue and took it to the dealership just shy of the warranty running out. Needless to say they found nothing upon their 'test drive'. Now I am out of warranty and the issue is getting progressively worse. I find myself looking in rear view mirror at least daily. Also, when I go over a speed bump (after completely stopping prior to), it feels as if the rear end just 'drops' off of the speed bump. It feels like the rear end is being pulled off. I have three children and this is my only vehicle. I cannot afford to be carless. Can anyone let me know what this could be? I want it fixed before its too late.
  • bsj2390bsj2390 Member Posts: 4
    I finally ended up trading mine, as every time they worked on it, it repaired it, TEMPORARILY. I can't begin to tell you how much run around I received from GM, but my local dealership was very good to me. They tried really hard to get GM to take care of things, but they wouldn't.

    What they did whenever I took it in, was replace the yoke with a nickel plated one, and replaced the u-joint because it was nylon injected. They did this based on bulletin #09-04-17-002c - 323 Best I can tell, that's what the bulletin number is. Hard to read their writing.

    After that, each time I took it in, they greased the yoke. And, like I said, it fixed it temporarily. Good luck.
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