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Premature failure of Chrysler Water Pumps

barnerobarnero Member Posts: 1
Just wondering how many folks out there have
experienced Premature failure of Chrysler Water
Pumps. I have a 96 Dodge Intrepid that over heated
and was towed several times and the pump was
replaced in August of 97. Currently, I am
beginning to experience the same symptoms. Also,
I'm wondering if the replacement pumps had
modifications that would preclude repeat failure
from the same cause. Per conversations with
mechanics, other local owners and e-mail on the net
this seems to be a wide spread problem. Per the
DiamlerChrysler Customer Service Center, they have
not logged any ongoing problems.


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    Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Pump failure could have something to do with belt tension as well, so what I'm suggesting is possible faulty installation procedures...I've seen too many mechanics levering belts on with long bars...god knows how much pressure is on that poor pump bearing when they do that.
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    ratchratch Member Posts: 21
    My '95 Intrepid with the 3.5L had a pump failure at about 50k. It was replaced under an extended warranty and has lasted to 109k.

    The car overheated once before the original pump failed -- either because of a thermostat or a piece of scale caught under the coolant tank cap seal.

    At any rate, the pump failure was not obvious -- overheated engine, low coolant, but no visible leaks.

    First clue was slightly elevated engine temperature, probably because the system wouldn't pressurize.

    Excellent car in all ways except component quality! By the way, odds are good that your transmission will fail early due to the engine overheating. Mine failed at 80k.

    Record: One inner and one outer tie rod end.

    Funky power steering response -- lasted about 20k then got better.

    Suspension clunks -- terrible!

    Air Conditioner Compressor clutch tried to catch fire -- new AC compressor.

    Air Conditioner condensor failure. New condensor.

    Water pump.


    Front DB rotor warpage.

    Currently, EGR fault check engine light all the time -- probably carbon build up in EGR tube buried on back of engine!
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    dmkdmk Member Posts: 22
    I too had to replace my water pump after overheating. 96 Intrepid ES had about 50,000 mi. on it. Wrote Chrysler and they paid half of the repair! Pretty fair I thought. Besides the water pump no major repairs. Traded in car 2 months ago w/ 100,000 mi. Was going to replace water pump w/ timing belt as many people do. Pump itself is only $100

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    lilvinnielilvinnie Member Posts: 1
    My waterpump was replaced at 15000 miles after the car overheated and had to be towed to the dealer. They did this in a timely manner and under warranty without problem. It now has 45000 on it and has had no other problems. I love it.
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    tweigoldtweigold Member Posts: 1
    Water pump, tensioner and belt replaced at 45K at our expense. Could not get Chrysler to pay even half even after writing a letter.
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    rmcclellanrmcclellan Member Posts: 1
    At about 45,000 miles, had the belt tensioner bolt break. Had it fixed at my expense and at about 46,200 miles the water pump started making a loud noise and then lost all water and the engine started to overheat. Had it towed to the garage and the water pump was replaced under extended warranty. Don't know if these problems were related. I think that for a top of the line vehicle that this is unexceptable performance. I've had this vehicle 2 months and it has been on the wrecker twice. My 89 Plymouth Voyager was never towed and had 98,000 miles on it when I traded it.
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    jespinojespino Member Posts: 7
    Water pump, belt tensioner, oxygen sensor replaced at around 30,000 miles. Belt tensioner bolt broke and damaged another component at 63,000 miles and Dodge will not cover even with the factory extended warranty.
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    palaniukpalaniuk Member Posts: 1
    My mother's 1994 Intrepid with 3.5L engine had it's water pump start leaking slowly around 50,000 kms. Saw some coolant around the engine cradle and on the ground under the car. After some misunderstanding at the dealership under which warranty was chosen at the time of purchase (The computer said 3-year basic, when 7-year powertain and 1-year basic was chosen at time of purchase--luckily had proof on paper), it was fixed under the 7-year 115,000 km powertain warranty. Apparentally, it would have costed about $1,000. Ouch.

    I may dare to say it was kind of nice that it failed because one of the transmission fluid cooler lines started a slow leak as well. I paid for it because it didn't think it was considered part of the powertrain. After finding out that the water pump failed and I knew it was covered under the 7-year warranty, and with some faxing to Chrysler, the 7-year warranty was re-instated and as it turns out, Chrysler is going to refund the cost of the tranny cooler line repair as well. Whoo hoo! (And I thought of changing the cooler line myself.)
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    jespinojespino Member Posts: 7
    Edmunds has the most car problems I have seen. If enough people post their problem on this site. They will surely do something about your problem.

    "Government engineers analyze the problem. If warranted, the manufacturer is asked to conduct a recall. If the manufacturer does not initiate a recall, the government can order the manufacturer to do a recall.

    We do not have to receive a set number of reports before we look into a problem. We gather all available information on a problem. Your report is important to us."

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    dwgatesdwgates Member Posts: 1
    My 94 started making noise and I knew the pump was going so I did the work on a nice warm summer day in my driveway. The pump I removed looked awfull inside (60k)but what was more suprising was the pitting I saw starting on the engine block surface around the gasket sealing area. I'm not sure exactly what is the culprit but I keep a very close eye on the pH of my coolant now. As I start to see a change, out it comes. Saab had trouble with engine blocks pitting and causing head gasket failures in 2.3l engines in 900's. The theory on that bb was a bad choice of cast iron compared to the stuff they used on the 2.0l engines that go forever. Some people even went so far as to use Mercedes Benz coolant to alleviate the problem. You can buy a lot of Peak antifreeze and pH test strips for that kind of money though.
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    q45manq45man Member Posts: 416
    The use of tap water (with its chlorine, nitrosamines, and clarifying agents)with Green Antifreeze adds to the water pump, radiator, engine block problem.
    New extended life RED/Orange Antifreeze does not contain borates or silicates which react with chemicals in tap water forming new chemicals which eat aluminum.
    Only use distilled water in aluminum engines and batteries for long life. Flush every 30k even with extended life formulations.
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    rafa8rafa8 Member Posts: 1
    It was a typical Sunday drive (with less than 33,000-2yrs. ago)and without notice the temperature gauge raised rapidly-- no lights,bells or whistles. This was my introduction to the Chrysler nightmare- next to:

    TRANSMISSION x 2 (it is still figuring my driving style) some call it 'hunting'.

    BRAKES( front at 35000.mechanic says most folks have problems at 20,000 or less --WE ARE TALKING ROTORS AND PADS $250 average out of pocket.

    AIR - under W.

    I love the car,comfort,etc. BUT--- Will I buy one of their new wonderful designs???

    I recently test drove the new LHS. The brochure advertised 'a dry engine'.Under the presence of the sales rep, as I opened the hood,oozed oil was very evident on the top plastic covering.
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    gnagelgnagel Member Posts: 3
    Bought the '95 with 30,000 miles coming off a 3year lease. At 35,000 miles the AC failed and failed. Finally Chrysler agreed to a new evaporator core. Two days later the compresser failed. Chrysler would not cover it.

    New fuel rails at about 50k.

    Now the water pump. Last summer the car overheated but the mechanic couldn't find the cause. Three weeks ago (68k) my daughter s driving it on 200 mile trip when it overheats and blows a head gasket - caused by a failed water pump. The head is warped and remilled. $1,600 later I drive it away.

    Warranty expired at 36k. Is Chrysler honoring any water pump problems after expiration of warranty?

    Has any one run into problems of burning oil after a major overheat?

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    millster08millster08 Member Posts: 1
    I was hoping that someone could give me some advice about the water pump and transmission on a '95 Vision, 3.5L 90,000 miles that I am looking into buying.

    I talked to a mechanic and he said the "weak links" in the Chryslers were the water pump and transmission. I ran the VIN#'s on it, and found that the water pump was replaced in '98. The one thing that is holding me back from buying this car is what seems to be the inevitable- the tranny going out on me right after I buy it.

    I guess what I want to know is does anyone have any advice for me? Do I take the chance?
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    intrigue2intrigue2 Member Posts: 46
    i was the owner of two eagle vision esi's, a 1993 and a 1994 model, both purchased new. both cars required water pump replacements, i don't recall the mileage. the 1993 model needed two because the mechanic who installed the first one did not use locking bolts, so the belt pulley came off while i was driving the car.
    in total the repairs on the 2 cars were as follows- 2 transmissions,1 alternator, 1 engine computer,1 catalytic converter, 1 gas pump, both had defective polycast rims which resulted in the loss of several center caps each costing $40, 1 abs module,defective rubber window seals which attached themselves to the window and travelled with it,transmission cooler lines,and a multitude of electrical switch problems.many of these problems were described in chrysler technical service bulletins, so they were known to the dealer and chrysler.i now drive an intrigue and 2000 subaru, and doubt i'll ever purchase a chrysler product again.
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