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Olds silhouette climate control

hoffman693hoffman693 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Oldsmobile
Does anyone have any idea where the rear blower is for the rear climate control? Is there one? When I turn on the rear it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. When it does it makes a loud screech sound.


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    litkolitko Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Silhouette with the optional REAR AC unit that seems to have quit working - blows hot air. I was told from an Oldsmobile dealer that there is a "block in the H Block". Just wondering if anyone can shed some additional light on this, and what kind of fix I can perform in an attempt to resolve this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    davloudavlou Member Posts: 1
    i am having the same issue with my 99 olds silhouette and read some place to check the Blower Motor Resistor for corrosion on the connections. Now all i need to do is find it any one know where it is?
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    clxr66clxr66 Member Posts: 1
    Had same problem on my 2001 Old silhouette. Found that both air mixer motors were broken. One air mixer motor is for diverting air to the upper or lower vents in rear and the other one is near the blower motor for mixing air from the heater core or the evaporator core.

    Both mixer motors had same problem: the contact pins that the connector engages had broken off the PC board. Confirmed by unplugging the connector and the pins were stuck in the connector. These pins are soldered to the top side of the PCB and break over time when the solder fatigues. I carefully pried open the plastic motor housing to expose the PCB and soldered the pins back onto the PCB. Taped the motor housing back together and re-installed and they worked perfectly. Be careful to keep the gears in their original position.

    The challenge is getting to the motors. You need to pull the rear interior trim (large piece of plastic) that runs from the rear hatch to the driver's side slider door. Remove the seat belt anchors and a couple bolts and then the rest is held in place with trim clips. Once this is removed, the temperature mixer motor is in back near the blower motor and the air diverter motor is located just below where the rear side window meets the rear slider door.
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