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1999 VW Beetle

katyandrewkatyandrew Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Volkswagen
I purchased my '99 Beetle at the end of December
and have put only 2,000 miles on the GLS Bug.A
problem developed in the ignition on June 13.I took
the car to my dealer and they diognosed the
problem as a bad ignition switch.They ordered the
replacement part on June 14.They called on June 15
and said the part was in at the dealer.I took the
car back and later that day they called and told me
VW sent the wrong ignition switch.They re-ordered
the part June 15.Today is June 23 and they have not
gotten the correct part from VW.I was told it
would take 10-21 days to get the part from VW.Has
anyone else had this problem with VW?
I have called VW customer service and have
E-mailed VW but I have still not gotten the correct


  • bitabita Posts: 1
    I purchased a brand new 99 golf GTI in September. The wheel (rim)of my car recently cracked! The car only has 10K miles on it, but the deatler is blaming my driving and potholes in the road. THe meahcanics that I have gone to tell me that I should not accept that. I myself have never heard of anyone having a cracked rim... should I contact VW? I am very upset with the way the dealership dealt with me - and have sworn never to return there.

    Has anyone else heard of a cracked rim? Does anyone have any advice for me. After all, the car is still covered under warranty, and I feel that the rim was a defect.
  • srodersroder Posts: 2
    I would like to hear from anyone having a TDI engine in their bug. I am considering purchasing one, but want to hear your experiences with this engine?
  • srodersroder Posts: 2
    I would like to hear from anyone having a TDI engine in their bug. I am considering purchasing one, but want to hear your experiences with this engine? [email protected]
  • apollo2apollo2 Posts: 1
    Check out Fred's TDI Page for information on TDI's. I don't have the web site, just do a search and you'll find it easily. There is a lot of good information there, including forums on various TDI topics.
  • spokanespokane Posts: 514
    Yes, cracked wheels are not rare. This failure can be the result of a manufacturing defect or damage from hitting a pothole or some sizeable object in the road.

    Even if you drive so aggressively that your tire life is poor, the dealer is wrong to blame your "driving habits."

    I believe you will be on firm ground to hold the manufacturer responsible for the replacement if there is no physical evidence of wheel denting, abrasion, or other external evidence of mechanical abuse which could have initiated the cracking. These points apply to both aluminum and steel wheels. If your tires are seen to be free of scuffing, point this out as it can only strengthen your argument.

    The cracked wheel is likely to be a safety hazard so please don't let the administrative problems delay you in getting it replaced.

    Assuming you do not have evidence of damage from your driving, I suggest you calmly explain the situation in the above terms to the VW zone office, requesting they provide they replacement. Don't say anything too harsh to the local dealer because the zone office will surely require you to get the replacement through that dealer. Good luck; let us know how it goes.
  • vanes75vanes75 Posts: 1
    I was thinking about Purchasing a beetle, before I decide, I need to find out more information about this car.
  • Looking into the GLS and want to know if anyone's spent any extended (say one hour or more) time in the back seat of these buggers.
    For that matter, my boyfriend who is 6'2" wonders about the leg room up front. Any comments? I'd love to here them. Including performance comments on the GLS. Thanks!
  • the seats are comfortable so that's not a problem, the problem is that I am 5' and I have trouble with head room... it is extremely poor, but if you have shorties (I'd say 4'10" and under) it should be fine. As for a tall person, my sister's friend is 6'1" and has no trouble with headroom or leg room in the front. My sister has a GLS and loves it. Though it's not as peppy as some cars out there, it is at least average and she says it is great on the Highway. Another thing that I will have to complain about is that my fiance and I think the ride is bumpy, but I haven't heard others complain about that. I hope I helped a bit.
  • My husband and I have owned a Beetle GLS for about
    6 months and love it! As far as room
    the back, I'm 5'4" and have ridden in the back for
    about 2 1/2 hours. I do have to agree that there
    is not a lot of head room in the back, but if it
    were a shorter person or a problem. As
    for front seat husband is 6'4" and has no complaints about feeling "cramped". Hope this helps. :)
  • Has anyone bought the new turbo yet? With the luxury package? If so where and what kind of pricing did you get?

  • bug4pegbug4peg Posts: 15
    tntjackson --
    I have a yellow gas turbo on order, auto, cd changer, luxury package ... $22,500. MSRP for the most part, the dealer has a $495 dealer prep (I'm not sure what I'm getting there) but they are installing the cd changer. I'm purchasing from Miller VW in Winchester VA. Good luck!
  • I hate to break it to you but the dealer prep charge is just extra money for them. I also wouldn't let them install the CD changer because you can get them for $300 or less from the dealers merchandise department and install it yourself, it is really easy to do. So watch out and don't pay for those bogus extras.
  • gusgus Posts: 254
    Please discuss all non-maintenance features of the '99 Beetle, including financing and option packages in any one of the existing Beetle Topics in other conferences. Please save this topic for maintenance-related issues.

    Conference Host
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    Tntjackson, andreawilde and any others looking for in depth information & discussion on VWs, you should check out this site:

    You will find test reports and lively discussion forums about all VW and some Audi models. Lots of good information to be had there (although the forums are down right now, they are having server troubles).

  • Thanks apollo2! Anyone else interested in the TDI engines, the site is:
  • rahurahu Posts: 1
    I am being quoted an on road cost for 1999 beetle as 24 K can anyone let me kow what should be the exact price
  • 24K? You're about to be ripped off. Check the prices here on Edmunds, even the top of the line, leather and all isn't that much. Good luck!
  • The new turboniums are going for about that cost... they are new and it is sickening to think they overcharge so much. For the GLS 4banger, expect to pay MSRP and not much less. Of course this depends on where you live. Normally go with what Edmunds says but not for this cute machine.
  • I'd be interested in other buyer's experience with the GLX. Here are the numbers I'm facing as I try to by a 2000 Beetle GLX for my wife. These prices are for the car with manual transmission plus destination charge ($545). Sales tax will be on top of this.

    Invoice+destination: $19,900 est. of realistic price: $20,800
    Saleman's "best offer" $21,375
    MSRP+destination: $21,600

    So, should I hold out for $20,800 or less or go with $21,375?
  • gusgus Posts: 254
    You might consider asking that question in the Smart Shopper Conference.
  • I am picking up my new 2000 VW silver GLS next week. Paid $19525 + tax for all standard equipt and automatic trans., sunrooof and alloy wheels. this is from BaysideVW in NY. Can't wait.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    If you are interested in non-maintenance conversation, information and experience, you're invited to join the New Beetle News topic in the Hatchbacks Conference. See you there!

    carlady/roving host
  • I was wondering if anyone had any information on why California has halted importing of TDI models of the New Beetle? I was told by two different dealers in my area that they are no longer available. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  • gusgus Posts: 254
    I seem to recall reading in this conferece that it was because the TDI didn't meet CA emissions standards.
  • The TDI engine is much much lower in NOx, Smoke, and particulates than diesels of just 5 year ago by about 90% but the People's Republic of California decided that ZERO emissions are the best policy. The only options I know of that can achieve this are the following:
    1. Ride a snail darter to work
    2. Walk to work
    3. Buy an electric car but make sure that the commute is not over 100 miles round trip. Most LA commuters drive at least 100 miles per day. This will take a LONG extension cord !!!!
  • alextalext Posts: 63
    Uh...did anyone notice carlady's posts?

    This is a MAINTENANCE topic...not a FINANCE/ACCESSORIES topic...

    Sorry if I seem harsh but dog-gone-it everybody's just ignoring that fact!
  • Does anyone have a gentle, sure fire way of keeping the tan plastic and carpets clean? My grandsons love to ride in the car (back seat only) and they step on the sills getting in and out (or console getting to the other side), sometimes leaving scuff marks.
  • I really want to purchase the new beetle but I have heard that consumers have extensive problems and that they are unsafe. Any info would be helpful
  • I have been following the saga of the new Beetles for over a year now. The first year Beetles (98)had several small problems and were fixed eventually. Some problems were a rattling hatch lid, loose seats, defects in the windshield. My 2000 has had no problems in almost 1000 miles.

    As for safety, it is the safest small car you can buy. Check out I'd hate to have a wreck in a Kia Sephia.
  • This is not a maintenance question but does anyone know how many of the new Beetles are on the U.S. roads (or registered) to date?
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