Car Commercials, the good, the bad, and the annoying!

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Just a place where everyone can tell others if the
car makers' dollars are being put to good use in
advertising. Name your favorites (or the ones you
hate) of the past or present. Have fun!


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    One of my current favorites is the Lexus IS commercial where the guy blackmails his boss with poloroids. Quite funny!

    My least favorite right now is the "My Toyota" one. That cheesy song remake gets on my nerves.
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    What's the deal with the Dog family in the Odysey commercials? I've never heard them, cause I always videotape everything I want to watch so I can skip the commercials later. Are they trying to say the Odysey isn't good enough for people, only dogs should drive it? :) I always try to avoid companies with obnoxius commeercials, but I just bought a 00 Accord anyway. (I don't want my money going to finance more commercials that are annoying to me.)
    For that reason, I haven't been to a Taco Bell since they started using that stupid dog a few years ago.

    Anybody else have an opinion on the Odysey commercial?
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    The whole point of commercials is to get your attention. They don't have to be relevant. I also find that whole series of commercials to be kinda stupid (even though it looks kinda sorta cool).

    When the new Tundra came out, Toyota ran a commercial where they lined up the truck against a Lotus at a drag strip....of course the truck was losing....until they hit the dirt road at about 1/2 track. That was kinda different...
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    Yeah, I agree the point is to get your attention, but it can easily backfire and turn customers away from buying your product. (Like me and Taco Bell)

    Never saw the Tundra commercial, but it least it was relevant to the product. If the Accord hadn't been the best choice for me, I might very well have been swayed AWAY from Honda by those commercials. Not that the other manufacturers are any less obnoxious, just don't remember seeing one that was.
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    I've noticed two fallicies in Hodna commercials:
    1) The Accord Seminar commercial. The speaker says to "Close your eyes...and picture yourself as this" and the screens show pictures of Accords. But how can you see what it is if you close your eyes? :)

    2) The Civic gas pump commercial. It's supposed to convey how fuel efficient the Civic is, but it shows a digital pump screen with the "clikity-clack/ding" sound of an analog pump.

    This either says that Honda needs to analyze their commercials more before sending them to the TV stations, or I watch waaay to much TV!
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    The Camry commercial that says over and over that the Camry is too sexy for-------- God, that is irritating. How could ANYONE call a Camry sexy to begin with is beyond me. Throw that tape in the dumper!!

  • fezofezo Member Posts: 10,384
    Absolutely! Next Chevy will advertise sexy Malibus!

    I absolutely detest the Toyotathon ads when they run. Does anyone still go to a car dealer because of a splashy campaign like that - "oh, it looks like a lot of fun at the car dealership - let's go..." Please!
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  • bdreggorsbdreggors Member Posts: 143
    That's an oxymoron :)
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    is TOTALLY irritated by those Toyotathon commercials they run every month touting their "Only 3 days left to get these big reductions"!!
    What they mean is 3 days to the next one... And when have you ever seen 30 people milling around and running back and forth from one car to another in a dealer's showroom. Unless it was a couple of families with totally undisciplined kids.!!
    What has any of that got to do with the features or quality of their cars???
    I agree that one of the few ads of Toyota's that is any good is the Tundra going off the dragstrip into it's off-road mode..
  • andrew21andrew21 Member Posts: 6
    ...the new "zoom zoom zoom" campaign by Toyota? I find it kinda catchy. But I suspect it's going to be real irritating when I hear it for the 15th time.

    I like that BMW commercial where it shows one of their cars w/ a musical pattern being "written" by the engine note. Kewl.

    I like the Porsche commercial for their Porsche Experience school. Very kewl.
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    I'm starting to get a little irritated by the Chevy Monte Carlo adds with the Tazmanian Devil. First off - there's nothing wild and unrestrained about the freakin' car (unless you count the drugs the stylists were obviously on when they pinned the whole sorry thing).

    They've also been running the ads lately with Jeff Gordon in them.....ok, I guess I can see the tie in......except the NASCAR version of the Monte and the street version have nothing, zero, nada, zilch in common.
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    Remember the Ford Focus commercial when it first came out? (Focus sitting in front of nightclub, music pumping, line of people waiting to get in). Yeah right, I can just see some hip-hop, gangsta rappa and his ladies partying in a.......Ford Focus. Ooooooookay.....
  • roadroachroadroach Member Posts: 131
    I like the VW commercial where the guy parks at the grocery car, walks out of frame, grocery cart rolls towards car, and guy SPRINTS back into frame to tackle the cart. Ouch, thats gotta hurt.
  • liufeiliufei Member Posts: 201
    The nissan commercial with the pigeon squadron bomb a nissan from a few years back.... I always got a knack when the pigeon said "mayday" at the very end.... :)
  • fezofezo Member Posts: 10,384
    I'll hate myself for asking, but what do people think of the Toyota "TV guy" ads?

    There's a couple with some cute touches but in general they are really annoying!
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  • bdreggorsbdreggors Member Posts: 143
    Yeah, shouldn't he have a gold-plated Olds?

    I thought those Century commercials with the "Buick Guy" were good. Made me laugh on a few occasions.

    The Nissan Frontier ads with that Jerry guy were pretty stupid. "Putting 4 real doors on a compact pickup was a no-brainer." Four huge doors and a huge cabin yet a Sliverado extended-cab has more room...It just proves that Nissan designers have no brain!

    The Toyota Avalon commercial struck me as really annoying. "Do you really need 64 crayons in a box?" Do we really need another bad Toyota spot?
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    I absolutely dislike:

    * Acura commercials (They used to be good way back
    in the late 80's)

    * Cheap Ford Commercials (South Florida Ford dealers)

    * All Toyota ads

    * Nissan commercials (Specially the Xterra and Maxima) The annoying "Cars like it ====?"
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    I happen to get a big kick out of those Maxima ads. Too many people are unconcerned about performance, which the Maxima serves to improve upon in the mid-size sedan segment. I drive a 96 SE 5-speed myself, so when I see all the speed references, handling references, braking, mileage, or what have you, I know it's real.
    And when it says cars like it - 0, well, how many midsize 5-speed sedans are there that come completely loaded, and even 17 inch wheels for under $30k (SE)? (well under $30k)
    That's my point. yeah, there are plenty of cars like the GXE - I happen to hate the GXE (or really the fact that people bought it over the SE!!).
    And this I can say - if you drove a 2000 SE (or even a 95-99 SE) and didn't like it, that doesn't mean the car isn't good. It probably means you do not value performance at all (did you drive to the dealer in a 4 cylinder camry or accord, by any chance?)
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Member Posts: 143
    I think that the Maxima is a good car, but I walked away with a Regal GS. That sucker can MOVE with the supercharger! I'd say that those cars are each other's only real competition. I definetly respect the Max...

    Well, now that I've plugged Buick, I'll move on.

    Toyota seems to have made only a few good ads (like the 'Everyday' ones), one of which was where the guy who's busy with everything gets out of his Corolla and falls down the open manhole.

    I also love the Mercedes S-Class commercial where the Mercedes people are hallmarking the COMAND system; i.e. "if you are lost, we'll find you directions." The last part was where a Mercedes guy said "if you forget your wife's anniversary present...your screwed!" I laughed a lot at that one.
  • markz2kmarkz2k Member Posts: 112
    I know exactly what you mean about the carls jr. ads. I used to go there at least 3 times a week before they started the sloppy/gross ads several years ago. I haven't been to a Carls for at least 3 years, and they're all over the place here in Irvine. Co-workers hate it if I drive to lunch cause I won't go there. (And won't go with them if that's where they're going!)Won't go to Taco Bell either, those commercials are probably even more annoying than the carls ones.

    I actually emailed a comment to carls from their site once a few years back. I got a reply from someone in marketing who was pleasant about the issue, but basically said we're happy to lose a few hundred/thousand customers who don't like the ads to gain the several thousand that do like them.

    And then there's the ULTRA-ANNOYING ads for Cerritos Auto square with jim varney (the Hey, Vern guy) That idiot is the only reason I need to never come close to shopping there. Yes, they got me to remember the name of their shopping center with the obnoxious ads, but they also got me to remember the ads are so obnoxious that I will avoid shopping there at all costs!
  • rickabtrickabt Member Posts: 34
    Jim Varney died last year from cancer, but he still appears in commercials for this area's largest Chevrolet dealership ... rest his soul!

    I've heard that he has appeared in commercials for many dealerships all across the country. I thought there was a law saying that spokespeople should use the product or service offered by the company they advertise ... Jim Varney must have a lot of cars, I guess.

    I never understood the appeal of Jim Varney for a car dealership unless the dealer wanted to stimulate a response from people with bad credit.

    Fran Tarkenton also speaks for a subprime-level (caters to sufferers of bad credit) lending institution called Bar None ... does that mean that Fran's financing his car at 21% interest, too?
  • rickabtrickabt Member Posts: 34
    Ever since VW's catchy quirky ads have met great success, several other car manufacturers have hired similar-minded ad agencies to appeal to my age group. For example...

    1.) Ford Focus hatchback ad where the fashionable young passengers exit through the hatch while the Pet Shop Boys sing "I know it's gonna be alright."

    2.) Toyota Echo ad which features the slogan "Is there an echo out there?" Lotsa techno music in the background and idiot-with-Mac airbrush graphics ... this is just like the "Turbonium" spots from VW. Ever since the Jetta wiperblade-synchronicity spot, there has been a lot of techno music on TV ads.

    3.) Toyota RAV4 commercial which features the song "What Do I Get?" by the Buzzcocks. C'mon, Toyota ... what's next from you? Johnny Rotten singing "I am an anarchist/I am an antichrist!" while revving up a Celica GT-S? Punk rock has no place in selling Toyotas!!! In the early 90's, Subaru tried to use punk rock to catch on with young buyers ("Defiant and different ... like punk rock, but it's a car!") but this failed as well.

    4.) Acura commercial featuring a collage of images and the slogan "Engineering is our art." The song used as the background is from a great little-known Boston band called Galaxie 500. I guess the rights to Galaxie 500 songs sell for far less than rights to well-known major-label artists. Good thinkin'! Save money! Sadly, this triumph in tasteful musical direction was followed up poorly by the lazy "Key Largo" CL coupe commercials. That song is so vapid and slow, it makes me think that the car is just as slow!
  • markz2kmarkz2k Member Posts: 112
    Speaking of VW, remember their slogan in the early '80's? I do, and they were 100% correct. "It's not a car. It's a Volkswagen." Apparently, based on my 1980 Rabbit, the definition of Volkswagen is "unreliable POS that spends virtually all of it's life at the dealer, starting one month after the warranty ends."

    Bitter, who me? :)
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    I can't stand the local ads (especially on radio). We've got two dealers in KC (both Chevrolet dealers) who offer the fast talking disclaimer that nobody can understand. They scream their ads, and they've offered the following.

    1. $99 down, $99 dollars a month. They spend the whole ad touting this, then the fast talking starts and the "example" is a 2000 Cavalier with 3 payments of $99 and 57 payments of $350. What happens when the idiots who fall for this suddenly realize it's NOT really $99? Well, we have ad number 2:

    2. Big Repo sale. Like new cars with used car pricing. Negotiation will not be necessary - the prices on the windows are rock bottom.

    3. Then they have the Blazer ads, where the deals are for GM employees only.

    4. The latest ads are the "you waited" as in, we said $99 a month, but YOU WAITED. We had a REPO SALE but YOU WAITED, We had Blazers for $4,000 off, but YOU WAITED. NOW - NO REASONABLE OFFER WILL BE REFUSED. Of course, they don't say what a reasonable offer is.

    I hate these ads.
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    Lexus, unlike their cheaper Toyota breathern, seems like alway make good commericals.

    I like the IS300 commerical where the guy black mail the boss. Like the ES300 commmerical with a guy driving around a glass building trying to charm himself (like the music especially). GS commericial with the guy messing up his shirt and putting on lipstick trying to fool his wife....

    Toytoa could learn a thing or two from Lexus commericals.
  • andrew21andrew21 Member Posts: 6
    The Viper one w/ "Magic Carpet Ride" playing. I'm no Viper fan, but I thought that one was fun to watch.

    Other than that and a few that I mentioned before, I really don't have many opinions on car commercials because 99% are so forgettable. If you asked me 10 minutes after I watched one, I just wouldn't be able to recall the model or even the manufacturer. Yawn.
  • fezofezo Member Posts: 10,384
    I don't know - I suppose you are right for the most part, but it just strikes me that Toyota has consistantly annoying commercials. Now if they advertised cars like they do beer, you could tell something from the ads. My personal observation there is the worse the beer the better the commercial.
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  • jimvetajimveta Member Posts: 96
    These are some I like just because they look cool:

    - The Chevy Tahoe ads for the previous model year
    (I haven't seen anyone for the new ones); the
    series with the morphing nature scenes, the
    adventures percussive music, and ending with
    the guy's deep voice " a rock". i thought
    the whole series was beautiful and sort of "awe

    - Tundra commercial where it starts out with just
    its frame and wheels on a desert flat, and as
    it moves alongside various vehicles and a train,
    all the parts fall from the sky to come and
    assemble together to form the truck. reminds
    me of the borg somehow

    - VW's Vapor color beetle commercial.. just seemed
    really laid back, cool, relaxing ..

    - A single dodge ram commercial of it rotating on
    a pedastal, morphing into different
    configurations, representing it's uses with
    various company logos on the truck and such..
    probably strange of me to like it, but i think
    it was the style.. simple, concise message, and
    good deep, moving non-cheesy music.

    - BMW commercials i think it was the 3-series..
    just it carving the corners, intermittent
    messages, no talking, good pumping techno.
  • dbakalardbakalar Member Posts: 39
    The VW commercials of late are by far my favorite. I like the one from a few years back w/ the two guys tooling around town, pick up the ratty looking recliner chair, only to stare at each other and set it back out on the curb. My all time favorite is the "Mr. Robato" commercial for the new Golf. Only because I have been guilty of doing the same thing in my '99 Golf.

    Nissan Maxima commercials are cool only because of the cool music. The cars themselves are ugly as sin.

    Stupidest commercials I've seen yet belong to Hyundai. A stage diving Hyundai, and the one with the guy sunbathing in his car, next to the pool, on TOP of a highrise building. Give me a break.
  • vqzhtrvqzhtr Member Posts: 9
    Like em
    1) Any of the 2000 Maxima, Xterra, and Pathfinder commercials (with out the Jerry Guy). The Maxima commercials because of the upbeat music, the desert shots and because you get to focus on the car and not have to see or listen to some people in the background who you don't really care about or really have nothing to do with the commercial.

    The Xterra ads because of the cool rugged shots and the Lenny Kravitz song. The Pathifinder commercial that was cool was the one where a whole bunch of Pathfinders are playing polo, that must have been hard to coordinate.

    I also like the old commercials with the Z and Barbie doll and the birds chasing the Maxima.

    2) The 1999 and 2000 Infiniti commericials although they may be forgettable. I think they bring more sense of luxury than most of the other luxo companies.

    3) The BMW X5 commercials. They seem kind of corny with those people jumping in the creek, but I love those shots of the X5 in the woods.

    4)Lexus commercial when the cop and and the owner of the RX switch places.

    5) The Jaguar S-Type commercial (not the new one)

    6) The VW Beetle Vapor commercial and The Jetta Commercial when the guy saves his car from the shopping cart.

    7)The GrandAM commercial where the car is driving through that computerized city.

    Very Funny and Hate em:
    1) The Acura commercials I gotta change the channel every time I see the key in the ignition. Key largo? I thought they were suppose to inflict luxury what the hell does driving through a dump in New Orleans have to do with luxury.

    2) The Honda commercial with Accord "Going on Vacation" it's so stupid it's funny. I don't like those commercials with the Oddy and the Dogs either makes no sense whatsoever.

    3)The Saturn LS commercials. First the one where the guy in the Accord gets scared of the LS and then at the end they call it a peformance sedan HEHE :) me and my friends were craking up for weeks. The second one where the guy in the office says he bought a luxury car and then a saturn LS shows up. Funny again.

    4)The Crazy VW Cabrio commercial thats 5 minutes long.

    5)Those Mitsubishi commercials cause their all in black and white.

    and Finally Toyota Commercials All boring and dumb just like the company. Don't get me started on their local ads either, I could have sworn in one of them the 4runner was going to tip over a cliff and fall.
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Member Posts: 143
    The Good:
    -That 2000 GMC commercial where the Yukons drive around in formation. I love that music! Here's a tip for all the car companies out there: Formation driving gets attention!

    -The new Dodge commercials, where all the cars are graced with rebates, except the Viper. It's weird, but cool.

    -Cadillac DeVille and Seville commercials. Nice cohesion between graphics and sounds.

    -Saturn LS comemrcial with the crazy Accord guy. I don't like it for the Saturn, but because I know that half of all drivers can relate to that guy, talking to themselves and secretly challenging others to races when they try to pass.

    and a few from awhile ago...
    -Mercedes M-CLass commercial from a few years ago featuring the singing baby. That ranks among my personal top ten!

    -Buick full-line commercial with that "Real Car" ballad. It was kind of long, but good. At the beginning it showed a minivan and the voiceover, "Is that a car? That ain't no car." and then an SUV, "Is THAT a car? Not a real car...". So true...

    The Bad:
    -Infiniti I30 commercial. Not really a bad commercial, but it highlights the retractable sunshade. Not really an engineering breakthrough!

    -Suburu Outback sedan commercial saying that the sedan has a "decidedly uptown look". Huge foglights, giant spoiler...doesn't bring Times Square to my mind.

    -95% of all Toyota commercials. Just horrible. People would look at a Camry instead of an exploding building? The overused metaphoric tripe in the Avalon commercial? Someone actually taking a 4Runner off-road? These are hillarious...unfortunetly, that's not their aim.

    And the Annoying:
    -The absolute, most annoying commercial, EVER:
    The current MY TOYOTA sale ads. It is the absolute worst ever. The song will drill into your head and stay there!

    I don't know if these are playing anywhere else in the country, but in Tampa, Florida, we are being barraged by these ads. I turn on the radio: MY TOYOTA! I turn on the TV: MY TOYOTA! Finally, the sale was over...but wait; Turn on the TV and MY TOYOTA! Its been extended! Now I know how Noriega felt...
  • fezofezo Member Posts: 10,384
    "Now I know how Noriega felt..."

    Yes! Exactly!! Hee hee...
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  • ickesickes Member Posts: 82
    1. Nissan Maxima on the dry lake bed with the jet engine sound in the background.

    2. VW Passat Wagon w/ the that cookie is still good under the 5-second rule.

    Also like the Lincoln LS cut-less commercial with "WOOD, LEATHER."
  • dbakalardbakalar Member Posts: 39
    Ford Focus coffee drinking, rail road crossing... "Dude. Dude. Dude. Dude. Dude. DUDES!)
  • denniswadedenniswade Member Posts: 362
    The entire VW campaign. They're minimalist, funny, memorable and they all present a characteristic or benefit of the car in an entirely positive way. The Cabrio ad is my favorite of all -- it absolutely captures the magic of driving a convertible in the moonlight. Maximum cool!!!

    I drive a Toyota (matter of fact, so does my wife and daughter), but I'm witchoo on the ads -- they stink, except for the Tundra ads, which are pretty cool -- especially the one with the big dumpster trying to parallel park.

    The original GS ads ("Something wicked this way comes") were masterful in their attempt to dissassociate the car from its put-me-to-sleep Lexus brethren, and the new GS ad with the girl who wants a "nice caring buy who reads poetry and isn't afraid to pick a flower" then sees her REAL blind date, is pretty cool too. But the new IS print ads with the weirdo is just dumb. Saatchi and Saatchi needs some new talent........
  • rcarbonircarboni Member Posts: 290
    The Bad:

    1. The two women fighting for a parking spot in their SUVs. Bad image portrayal and how many Kias did they wreck shooting that one?

    2. The Lexus guy looking at his reflection while driving. Now I have associated Dork and Lexus as meaning the same thing.

    3. "Wider is Better". Concept is Stupid.

    4. Cadillac Catera. The caddy that "zigs"??? No wonder Cadillac couldn't sell these things.

    5. Honda Odyssey with the dogs. OK......

    6. Nissan Maxima. It was kinda cool the first 150 times I saw it. Now I'm sick of the Who, and the Maxima.

    7. Subaru Outback with Aussie guy. Ok, they're not that bad, but they are getting old.

    The Good:

    1. Eskimo describing animal tracks declares "Audi" after seeing tire tracks.

    2. Jeep Wrangler being "created" on the mountain.

    3. Tiger Woods Golf School. Has nothing to do with the car, but is good for a laugh.

    4. Chrysler 300M showing old commercials of 300 product line.

    5. Honda Insight. They should have put this much thought into the Odyssey ad.

    6. Jaguar S-type. Great music and images.

    7. Mitsubishi image ads. You want to deny it, but you know it's true. You buy because of looks.

    8. The new Passat ads that have people remembering their younger days.

    9. The Saturn LS. "That's what I've been saying for years". Funny stuff.
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Member Posts: 143
    That Paul Hogan guy is making me think that Subaru is AUSTRALIAN!

    I liked the older Odyssey ad with the members of the family each being represented by a lawyer that wanted something different in the van. Much better than the Frankenstein dog-men.

    I also like the new Silverado ad where the drilling guy asks the younger kid what he did with his truck and the youngster responds by saying "I just washed it." The owner drives it through the mud during the voiceover and at the end a coworker says "Man's gotta protect his image"!

    Just an interesting observation about truck commercials:
    Silverado: "The Truck"
    Sierra: "Professional-grade Trucks"
    F-150: "Built Ford Tough"
    Ram: "The Burden of Leadership"

    Toyota Tundra: "Just enough power for you!"

    An exercise in modesty or inadequacy? ;)
  • ickesickes Member Posts: 82
    Agree with your comment about the "wider is better" It is especially stupid since the Intrigue has a wider track than the GP.

    I saw the Focud "dude" commercial yesterday. VERY "dud". Ford is trying too hard to be hip.

    Does anyone get Cadillac's new Fusion campaign. Not much sense there. "Standard of the World" was better, even though it isn't true anymore.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Member Posts: 376
    One of my favourates - judged by the fact that I cracked up the first time I saw it - guy parks his Jetta, the sound of a rolling shopping kart, guy runs through the camera and tackles it before it hits the car. I though it was great.

    Most annoying: All the new focus commercials playing cheap, cheesy music and people driving the cars all happy and stupid. Makes me ill!
  • denniswadedenniswade Member Posts: 362
    You have "youth marketing" to thank for that -- kinda like old white guys trying to be "hip with all that jive"........
  • crkeehncrkeehn Member Posts: 513
    Any Sesame Street fan will recognize the Honda dogs as the Wegman Weimaraners. They are used on Sesame Street both dressed up as they are in the Honda ad, and forming letters.
  • timothyadavistimothyadavis Member Posts: 322
    And, from Honda's point of view, I think that spells, "We are selling all the Odysseys we can make as fast as we can make them, so we can do anything we like in the ads because they don't really have to sell the van anyway. So there!"

    Personally, I think the ad directors saw a unique opportunity to spend some already-budgeted ad money on their wild and creative whims since the ads didn't really have to get results other than some attention and possibly an ad award (I forget what they're called, Addy maybe?)....
  • crkeehncrkeehn Member Posts: 513
    That may well be, but what else can you say about the Odyssey other than I got mine and you didn't, Nah Nah Nah.

    Anybody with young children that one would need a van for, probably would be familiar with the Wegman Weimaraners (by the way, I did have to look up the spelling of Weimaraner.) from Sesame Street. As Sesame Street is an illusion, the parental units would make the connection that the Odyssey is also an illusion, most likely those that you think you see on the street are cardboard mockups.
  • mhansen1mhansen1 Member Posts: 14
    Last night, I saw for the first time the ad for the VW Jetta where he parks at the grocery store and walks away; then a shopping carriage comes rolling toward his car and he tackles it so it wont hit the car .... found it hilarious!

    I also liked the ads for the Jeep a couple years back. Girl is suntanning on the hood at the top of the cliff while the storm cloud is raining over the overlooking city.

    Very annoying plus I do not get it: the Honda Odyessey and the family of dogs ???
  • rickabtrickabt Member Posts: 34
    Following the semantic dissection of the word "is" during the Clinton impeachment trial, Cadillac thought they were free to reinvent the word "and." They should have realized that the over-analysis of "is" was the final straw for many Americans who were growing weary of the entire proceeding, but it is just like General Motors to become preoccupied with aggrandizing trivial minutiae by attempting to add new meaning to words such as "driver control system."

    Remember the "Driver Control System" of the S-10 Blazer three or four years ago? What was that?

    The driver steers the Blazer with the steering wheel. The driver propels the car at varying speeds by depressing the accelerator pedal. The driver slows or stops the vehicle by stepping on the brakes. Except for cars specially equipped by driving instructors, what car doesn't have a "Driver Control System."

    Of course, GM meant that the Blazer had eight available suspensions (of which, I only saw two on the dealership as a Chevy salesman), EVO steering (electrically variable orifice which constricts at higher speeds to restrict the flow of steering fluid), ABS brakes, VORTEC V6, and virtually everything related to the powertrain and safety systems.

    Many customers actually seemed to be befuddled by all the suspension choices. It actually seemed to backfire on account of this.

    Strangely enough, the "Driver Control System" was not mentioned in the GMC Jimmy ads.
  • rickabtrickabt Member Posts: 34
    "Wider is better" has already been mentioned, but what about the Pontiac Gran Am's ads which tout the vehicle's "Solid-Form Contruction."

    Is that what makes Pontiacs so different?

    If I'm not mistaken, steel has undergone a phase change by the time it is forged. It was indeed a liquid at one time.

    "Stabilitrak 2.0" is another pompous pile of B.S. How many consumers will ever understand the different components of this not-so-unique system? As an automotive sales professional, it is my job to become familiar with the features of competitive vehicles, but I will choose to ignore "Stabilitrak." I suspect that the entire TV-viewing public is snoozing on this.

    Of course, it is so ridiculous when you hear manufacturers proclaim these ridiculous patented "systems" with trademarked names as exclusive options (e.g., "...the only car in its class with 'Stabilitrak 2.0.'").

    Wife: "I just don't see why we should pay $1500 more for this car compared to the Acura."

    Husband: "Yeah, but does the Acura have 'Stabilitrak 2.0?' I don't think so!"

    Wife: "Oh, that's right! That's a good call. Where do we sign?"

    How plausible is this?
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Member Posts: 143
    ..."Best in class" crap. Infiniti's I30 (expensive Maxima) has the most powerful V-6 (227hp) in its class, which is entry-luxury or something like that. But what about the Buick Park Avenue with 240hp? Or the Chrysler 300M with 253hp? Those strike me as entry-luxury ($30-40K).

    So is it BS? Sure is, but its not exclusive to any one company.

    And one word about the "Wider-is-Better" thing. Of the three GM W-Body cars (of which GP is one), which is the widest? The Grand Prix, right? Nope. The Regal?'s the Olds Intrigue!

    Another thing that annoys me is this sponsership crap. A Coach Edition Lexus? A Nautica Mercury Villager minivan? Who buys this crap??

    Plus, I've noticed that any car is now a sports car if it has a spoiler and the word "sport" in its name. And I mean ANYTHING, take the Dodge Caravan Sport for example...
  • rickabtrickabt Member Posts: 34
    I really hate the ad from Mitsubishi in which they cite Car and Driver's choice to name their Galant as the top midsize import above the Accord or Camry; they childishly gloat "I'm better than you are" in a tone reminiscent of an overly ambitious, super-competitive playground hoopster ... a hero in his own mind who would wilt under the pressure of real organized competition.

    I think the viewing public understands that Car and Driver's awards really mean nothing ... after all, the Chevy Malibu was the "Car of the Year" in 1998, but long-term tests from other mags have proved that this car is far worse than average.

    I wonder what kind of people actually respond positively to this ad. Mitsubishi is probably marketing itself to sufferers of "small-man syndrome."
  • bdreggorsbdreggors Member Posts: 143
    I actually got a laugh out of it (since I'm not a fan of the Accord or Camry), but I don't put much stock in it. Personally, I'm getting sick of these superlatives.

    Mitsubishi is the fastest-growing Japanese car company.

    Toyota Camry is the best-selling car in America/F-150 the best-selling truck.

    Honda Accord is the most stolen car in America.

    Only one of these makes a difference to an educated consumer. I'm also sick of the "Car of the Year" awards. The Lincoln LS was undeservedly the car of the year. Personally, a car like the S-Class or DeVille deserved to be. They set the standard in their respective fields while the LS is a Lincoln catch-up.

    Just a little reminder; the Chevy Caprice and the Renault Alliance were also Cars of the Year...
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Member Posts: 376
    They are all BS. Anyone who bases their final decision on 'car of the year' or any similar such awards are only fooling themselves.
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