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Dodge Ram Starting Problems

gunownergunowner Posts: 3
edited August 2015 in Dodge
Throughout the day the truck did not experience any problems. Parked at the office and was attempting to leave for the evening and no luck. When I turn the key all dash lights show up bright, but no starter turnover. After continuous key turnover several times you would get a quick knock at what sounds like the starter then nothing. I tried jumping, still nothing. I put the truck in neutral (automatic trans) and nothing. Again, at the dash all appears fine.

It does have the cummins. Other than this, have had no problems at all.

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Edmunds Answers: Dodge Ram Starter Problems


  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    edited October 2015
    A while back there was a short rash of intermittent relays in RAMs. Both the starter and ASD relays can cause a no crank condition.

  • I have a'99 Dodge Ram 1500 sport 5.2L 318 and she won't start unless you have your foot on the gas and will only stay running if you keep the revs up. Sometimes if you let her sit awhile she will start up. Is the fuel pump , relays, battery? I'm trying to go with the stupid things first before I buy a new fuel pump ($219).
  • gunownergunowner Posts: 3
    The problem was the computer controller went out; according to the service dept. It had to stay in the shop for approx. 4 weeks due to the controller being on "national backorder".

    Thanks for the reply.
  • Got in the truck to go to work. It started fine. Drove half a block to a convenience store and parked it. When I got back in, it would turn over, (lots of cranking power,) but would not fire.
  • Hey did you ever figure out what the hack was going on. I thought is was my starter so I replaced it but nothing. I got the same problem. I got power to the dash and all the lights work. I even got power to my starter but she will not turn over. I got the cummins too. I went to the local gas station parked it and when I came back out about 10 minutes later nothing. I tried jumping and like you nothing. I bypassed the starter relay too. Can you help me out buddy?
  • I had my Ram towed to the dealer (2006 and is still under warranty) and they diagnosed it as the "computer". It was on back order due to the original manufacturer screwing things up; I had to wait 4 weeks to get my truck back.
  • Because the motor will turn over, but won't fire, they are telling me that the fuel injector pump has failed. Furthermore, if pieces of the pump have entered the injector lines, the fix could be very expensive. Around $2500CDN.
  • Thanks for the intel. I took the truck to the shop and they told me that the interface under the fuse panel was shorted out. I dont think that they know what they were talking about because if that was the case there wouldnt not be any power at the dash or at the starter and I know the starter had power hell it had 12.6 VDC. So I dont know but the part costs $375 dollars. And thats just the part. Yea ouch!!!!
  • truck was warming up, it stalled. tried to start it again but it just turns over.anyone familiar with this problem and what it could be?
  • jarretfjarretf Posts: 1
    I got a 1995 Dodge ram 1500 2WD 5.2L 318. Was driving home from work, and my truck just stalled going down the highway, checked all relays and fuses, all were fine. Towed home, checked #1 spark plug wire for a spark, none, also there wasn't a spark at the ignition coil, but there was power going to it. Checked to make sure my fuel pump was working and was getting fuel to the engine, it was working fine. Replaced ignition coil, distributor cap, and rotor. It still just sits there and cranks but does not start. Out of ideas of what it may be..
  • I own a Dodge Ram 2500 with Cummins Diesel 4X4 bought new in 1996. Been a great truck. Now has 184,000 miles. It's having starting issues for several years now, traced to a fuel retention problem. If I park faced downhill it usually starts fine. I had the fuel pump replaced but didn't fix problem. Recently I discovered if I jack up the rear end and crank the bleeder for 20 mins I can usually get it up and running again, of course this is just a band aid. I would really appreciate a final fix for this problem. My normal mechanic has been un-able to solve this problem. (Though he's been wonderful with our gas vehicles)
    Thanks for reading.

  • Here's a good one for you techs.. 04 2500 5.9l 300,000 kms. Problems with very noisy engine. Dealer replaced #1 injector, still noisy, brought it back. I was with tech while hooked up to computer. When he shut down # 6 injector sounded ok. So I said pull all inj. out and test. They all failed. They replaced with remans. All was ok for 5,000 kms. Started to be hard to start when at op. temp. I replaced fuel filter. Did not help. Continually got worse. to the point where it would not start. Had to leave for 1+ hours before it would start. Brought it to another repair shop which specializes in small diesels. Lift pump tested ok injector pump tested ok. no codes. They felt it may be the reman injectors because the electrical parts in each inj.can't be rebuilt. Stated that 20% of fuel is injected into cylinder prior to normal time before TDC. When inj. are hot this may not happen. Brought it back to Dealer for more testing. I relayed this info to them. They are still testing and talking to the reman company. They say it is not the inj.s. They really don't know what the problem is. Also, when in no start condition engine sounds quiet as if no fuel. Give a little sniff of starter fluid and jumps to life.When running sounds good, power is good fuel economy is normal... Any ideas???? :sick:
  • my 03 is a great truck, but for the last 4 months i have been trying to figure out what is going on. Went out to go to work one morning and it took way longer than normal to start so i took it to the dealer after it would not start altogether they said it was the fuel pump so 800 dollars later i had a new fuel pump oh then it brought a new problem the #1 injector was bad so know 1500 dollars later my truck started for about 3 weeks they were extended starts none the less it started then it started happening all over again back to the dealer #4 injector bad changed it started same as before now 2200 dollars into it i have no solution other than to give it a gas rag only after it is on the heater block all night then and only then will it start anyone out there got any suggestions. please :cry: :cry:
  • dydadyda Posts: 2
    98 Dodge 1500 p/u 360 ci auto.....On the first try , will crank but won't start.Second try will fire right up.Been doing this for two yrs.Weather makes no difference.Lenth of first try makes no diff.
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    This should be an easy problem to troubleshoot since its very consistent. Ignition coil voltage, injector voltage, and fuel pressure should be monitored at a first start-up scenario. This will confirm the problem right away.

    I don't see or even hear of very many bad injectors on Dodge gas engines, unless they have a lot of miles (>100,000) and have had a steady diet of cheap fuel. One punky or completely inoperative fuel injector would not explain a no start condition, in my opinion.

    Just a hunch, but I'm suspecting you might not be getting ANY injector or ignition coil voltage at that initial start, or no fuel pressure. I have worked on two Dakotas with this symptom and found that after replacing the ASD relay the problem did not return. The techs at my local Dodge dealer have also told me they've found bad connections in various connectors or ground points that have caused the same problem. I know of one RAM that had a bad fuel pump relay that caused a no start condition similiar to yours. The Fuel Pump Relay is of the same type as the ASD Relay.

    Best regards,
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    This could possibly be caused by an intermittent ASD Relay, Fuel Pump Relay, bad electrical connections, or a slow Fuel Pressure Regulator.

  • hey thanks for the heads up does the same apply to a 2500 5.9L desiel as well
  • dydadyda Posts: 2
    Where are the fuel pump and ASD relays located on a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 p/u?
  • dustykdustyk Posts: 2,926
    I have to say I honestly don't know, although I'm sure there's a fuel pump relay. I'm not sure about an Automatic Shutdown (ASD) relay.

    I apologize. Since the days of full-size GM cars, I have successfully avoided having anything to do with diesels, and my knowledge is very limited with respect to the Cummins version of the RAM.

    Best regards,
  • I have an 93 dodge 2500 diesel with same fuel leak back problem as yours and i was wanting to know if you know how to fix the problem or had any ideas of how to fix the problem.
  • I have had this problem going with my truck for a while now. At first i thought it was the batteries cause they were gettin drained but the starter ended up bein bad by pullin almost 200 amps. So i replaced that and for the first 2 weeks or so its been fine and now its starting to start hard again or it just cranks and somtimes i get a sound like the starter isnt engaging but then after that it wont crank over at all. Then if i do get it started for the first 30 min or so the volts keep droping for a second then they come back up. I cant find out the problem and was wondering if anyone knows anthing of the problem
  • lonchanlonchan Posts: 1
    i have 99 ram 1500, 5.9L 4x4 trucks been sitting all winter, was fine before.
    and i have the same problem, will start at first then stall out, wont start agan till next day and when it does start that one time a day, it bogs a couple times like it wants to die. it runs for about minute or 2 before it dies.
    replaced coil, cap, rotor, wires, plugs , camshaft sensor.
    turn key can here fuel pump going everytime, good fuel pressure.
    when it does die out, check coil , no power.
    i dont get it when it will start at least once a day everytime i come home from work it will start up runs for a minute then dies.
    swap ASD relay around with other ones like it still no start. no check enigine light.
    hooked up scanner , no code. when it dies , no spark at plugs, engine cranks but doesnt fire up.
    next on the list is crankshaft sensor and then computer, am i on the right track anyone or am i missing something?
  • toby74toby74 Posts: 1
    My dodge will start when I leave the house. Runs good but when I turn it off sometimes it won't start. After it sets for an hour or two it starts. Have replaced the fuel pump and the fuel relay. Any suggestions what would be causing this?
  • lddldd Posts: 1
    I am having an issue with my truck cutting out at high RPMs. I have a 5 speed standard trans and when I hit about 2200-2500 RPMs, it acts like it is not getting enought air or fuel. It blows white smoke at times. Any thoughts?
  • Hi I seem to have the same Problem! I have an 2006 RAM Diesel 5.9. about a year ago I Had to have the Clutch sensor replace and that fixed a problem. now I have the same Problem as you. Have you figured out what was going on with it? If so what did dodge do to it? What was the time frame on getting the truck fixed?
  • I have a 99 dodge ram club cab v8 when the weather is wet or rainy and truck sits over night it will not start only does it on cooler wet nights.
  • Power to the coil but no spark?
    Swapped crank sensor no spark?
    Any Ideas?
    Gonna Check ASD today... Be back to report later!
  • Well Rechecked Fuel Pressure (Its ok 44psi), then rechecked ASD relay (switching it) then rechecked the Crankshaft and Camshaft sensors while hand cranking the motor super super slow (making sure to have the coil wire unplugged from the cap) while the key is in the run position. Both checked ok. Went back to the coil plug and checked for constant 12v and then checked other wire for a signal while cranking motor that seemed fine.
    I was so certain to find something... I traced wires from the coil to the PCM and checked for continuity both fine. (GRN/ORG wire left harness plug on PCM & GRY/WHT wire far right harness plug on PCM.)
    While doing so I then noticed the PCM Computer ECU whatever... was a junkyard replacement! (Yellow paint marker numbers and a big lakeview junkyard sticker with a check mark on it lol Also pry marks all around it from someone opening it it seems lol).. I was shocked lol ..I never would have thought this was already changed lol.. Im NOW thinking the PCM is just bad. Any thoughts out there....
  • Found out today from the customer when telling him the PCM might be bad I told him "its the computer above the enging under the hood missing the cover" he then told me the van over heated and blew out the radiator hose near the thermostat lol... He said he cut the hose down and changed thermostat and he might have the PCM cover lol... Hmmm Ok soooo the junkyard computer along with not being factory sealed was drenched in hot radiator fluid then drivin the very same day and for 2 weeks more before this (dead at a stop light without warning).... Hmmmm I bet the junkard PCM was fine without the cover lol until the hose bursted and blasted the PCM witch is right above the hose lol THANKS DUMB DODGE FOR PUTING A COMPUTER THERE! I GUESS BEHIND THE DASH or NEAR THE DRIVER FLOOR IS TO MUCH TO ASK!
    I will get another PCM I guess unless someone has a idea for me to try I love experimenting!
  • Just went through all that mess. I installed a recon. ECU and it started right up. It was a hassle to find one. The dealer wants close to 8oo.oo for a rebuilt. Evidently a new one is not available for that one. I would not recomend the Auto Source as they gave me the runaround, and 2 weeks later I got the unit after the sent it to the wrong address. Ultimately it works, but now my oil pressure gauge will all of a sudden drop to zero and I'll get a mechanical sounding clicking. If I shut it off for a minute or so it will sometimes go back to working. Maybe oil pump picked up crud from sitting so long not running. Anyone have any similar probs.....
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