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Dodge Ram Starting Problems



  • I have a 2003 Ram Truck 5.7L Hemi. Engine check light was on for several days. Then it would not start. Replaced CAM sensor and the truck started right up and check light was off. Same day the engine would not crank, tried it twice then started up. Thinking I had a weak original battery, I replaced the battery. Car stated right up with no warning lights. Next day the truck will not crank. Battery okay. Check for error codes and found none. Any recommendations? Thanks
  • did you get an answer to your problem?
  • I have a 94 cummins that has been a great trouble free diesel for250k+ While
    Driving it acted like it ran out of fuel and died. It has fuel, cranks strong but won't fire up. I checked everything I could think of. Now my son's 2001 has done the same thing recently and no one seems to know what we need to do.
    I would really appreciate your help and known what anyone else has found out when this problem occurred
  • Has anyone figured out what the cause of these diesels to turn over but not fire up.
    I've checked everything I could think of now

    :sick: :confuse: ;)
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Your 94 is a completely mechanical engine and your son's 2001 is electronically controlled. That means something common to both trucks has to have happened in order for identical symptoms to occur.

    The first thing to check in both trucks is the trouble code listing. In both trucks, turn the key to On (but not Start), then quickly cycle to Off (but not Lock)-On-Off-On. In your 94, the Check Engine light will flash in sequence with any codes... example: blink (pause) blink blink is code 12. Code 55 means end of codes, so if that's the only one you get, the truck has not detected any problems. In your son's 2001, you should see the codes in the digital odometer.

    If both trucks come up with no codes, my first suggestion would be testing/replacing both batteries. The Cummins needs both batteries at full capacity to get the engine going... "a battery and a half" will crank but doesn't give enough electricity to do the job.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • Have a 5.9 gas with about 90,000 miles. Shutdown while driving and now just cranks. My mechanic (old guy) checked and replaced distributor as it was corroded. Replaced crank and cam sensors, coil, wires etc. Says he has done all he can and thinks maybe it's the computer, which he can't check. If he hooks up his ignition box to it it'll start right up, but won't even try to start with the truck ignition.
    A recon ecu is about $150 with lifetime warranty. I think I'll just buy it rather than spend another $90 to have it diagnosed by dealer.
    Are there any other possibilities?
  • nwcommnwcomm Posts: 1
    Last night my truck would not start after turning it off for an hour. When I went to start it the security light is blinking and truck wont turn over. I disconnected the battery for 5 minutes, it did not help. I have looked but not found a valet switch. Has anyone had this same problem?
  • I replaced the computer in my van recently. It started right up. Since then though, my oil press. gauge will drop to 0 sometimes just for a couple of seconds then back up. Sometimes for a couple of minutes. When it stays down for a long time I start hearing engine noise, witch makes me think it truly is the pump shutting down periodically. If I pull over and shut off the motor for a sec. then start it back up, the gauge usually pops back up. Maybe something getting sucked up in the pump. Or is there an elect. relay that shuts it down? Sometimes I hear a click, like the sound of the engine idle fan kicking on at the same time the needle drops. Anybody else have or hear of something like this? Thanks
  • A few months back I picked up a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 2wd manual 6-banger for $1500. It's unusual as the previous owner put in a 4 inch lift + 31s with blocks in the rear and suspension in front. I use it for dump/storage/beer runs on the weekends. It was cheap but still fun to drive. I do miss the 4x4 but for the price it was a good buy.

    Recently during a long rain storm my 9 year old son and I were out hitting mud holes in town. The last hole we tried I got high centered and had to call a tow truck to get me out. :-P

    The next day the truck was running rough and the check engine light came on. I checked the code and got a P0305 which I researched and found called out misfiring 5th cylinder. I was going to pull out the plug and check the wires but the engine compartment is real dirty from the mud and built up grime so I tried to clean it up by treating the whole compartment with a can of Black Magic Engine Degreaser and Shine. I followed the instructions by spraying it on the motor compartment but avoiding electrical components. I then used a light water spray 15 minutes later to remove it once again trying to stay way from electrical. The engine cleaned up real nice.

    However, now the truck won’t start. It will turn over but not start. At first I thought something might still be wet, so I put a fan on the motor. Still no luck, so I let it dry a full day in the Sun. Still won't start. I hooked up my computer again and I'm now getting codes P0300, P0301 and P0305, all of which talk about cylinder misfires. I read up in an online manual and it recommends checking the spark plugs when the motor turns over but doesn't start.

    I'm no mechanic, but I can change oil, plugs, belts etc. I've once put a lift kit in on a previous truck. However, my expertise stops there. Drop or rebuild a trany/motor is a little past my experience dial not to mention I don't have the tools. That said, I could use a little guidance with a problem if verifying the plugs and wires are good.
  • did you ever get your problem solved. I have 1998 ram 1500 5.2 L doing the thing :mad:
  • it's like a top but today i jump in it didn't start just cranks if i put my foot on the gas it will start but stops as soon i take my foot off the pedal also have check engine light :mad: :confuse:
  • rcbenderrcbender Posts: 3
    The truck has 140K miles and runs good except for hot restarts. If I stop somewhere for a short period while the truck is still hot and then restart it, it will not accelerate and usually stalls out when I stop at the first stop sign etc. Sometimes I can pump the accelerator and it will surge and then stay running. Once I get past this initial hot restart stalling, it will run fine with no more stalling issues. I have replaced Idle valve, TPS, MAP sensor, disassembled and cleaned throttle body but not luck. Someone suggested that it may be the computer chip that switches the truck from cold start to hot start throttle position. What is causing me to stall out?
  • anthony101anthony101 Posts: 2
    i just rebuilt a dodge ram 1500 4*4 transmission and installed i have a plug left over it is a two slot plug i do not know where the plug goes, or if it is a maintenance plug. Also i can't get the starter to turn over or get the fuel pump to turn on can anyone help me with this.
  • anthony101anthony101 Posts: 2
    i would have the computer checked out also replace the hot cold switch. My wife's call would get hot and stall i looked for a little while and found a loose wire on the computer.
  • nemera08nemera08 Posts: 1
    Same problem. Did you find out what it was?? I have checked all my fuses. Looking at the relays but not getting the readings I expect... so I obviously do not understand this as of yet. My battery is fine, 12.7v. Same thing. Unhooked the battery and reconnect and it does not reset the blinking. If you have any info please pass it on. Thank you. 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 4.7L Magnum 4x4 Extended Cab SLT.
  • beavercleaverbeavercleaver Posts: 7
    edited August 2010
    it turn out be the crankshaft senor runs great now. a little broken wire was all the problem was :shades:
  • My 2009 ram 1500 v-8 won't start. It has a short "hum" when it tries to turn over. the tow truck tried to jump it thinking it was the battery because it acted like it... then he said nothing was "turning over" in the engine when i attempted to start it. my wife just filled up with the E-85 fuel (it's a flex-fuel veh.)and it had been running fine before with no symptoms... any advice... ?
  • Bought a "96 Ram from a repo guy. Previous owner dumped it into the Potomac. Bought it cheap and thought it was a deal. Since then I've put in a new transmission, but that was the beginning. The thing would keep stopping and then once at the garage would start, making a diagnosis difficult. Each time the mechanic would do something. The scenario goes as follows. Cam sensor then an oxygen sensor, then another cam sensor. With each event a towing charge. Things get worse...another oxygen was replaced and then a coil was added. Each time the mechanic thought he had it fixed. This was not nickle and dime stuff. Once again, it stopped and the mechanic proud of himself finally thought he fixed the problem by replacing the fuel pump. What a bill that was. Oops it stopped again. Now everyone is scratching their you know what. I should also mention that as the truck sat at the garage the mechanics also experienced the starting and stopping problem.

    Perhaps I am a fool for letting this go so far, but I actually believed the mechanic when he said the problem was fixed. Now we have a challenge. Can anyone offer a suggestion that may lead me to a resolution?

  • Bought brand new in 07 and for the first couple years after I bought it every now and then it would not start. When I turned the key all the dash lights, chime, and dome light came on but it would not turn over. I'd turn the key to off and try again and it would start. For the last couple years it has been progressively getting more frequent. Also, I have to keep trying to start it, over and over until it finally turns over. Most of the time it takes about 20 minutes or so til I finally get it started. Last week it would not start for 3 days. Tow truck driver came to take it to the shop, got in it, turned the key and it started! I have had it in the shop several times, diagnostics ran several times at 100.- a pop, no error codes! The time before this last time, they wiped and reflashed the whole system but not the keys. It almost seems like the anti theft system does not recognize the keys when it does not want to start. I mentioned this to the advisor but it was more or less just disregarded. I asked the advisor at the shop if he has any suggestions. He said: "Pray real hard!"
    The truck has been starting fine all this week. The starting issue is not related to outside temperature or dry or rainy weather. It is almost like playing russian roulette. I have been checking on the internet and many people seem to have the same issue, but I have not found any solutions to this problem.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? :confuse:
  • I had a problem that was intermittent and replaced the diesel shut of solenoid and found out later it was only a cheap relay now i travel with a spare one always . The solenoid has a powerful electric magnet with 2 parts, The first part is the most powerful and pulls the lever up which allows the diesel to flow ,this happens when you are cranking the engine . The second part maintains this lever open and is less powerful. The relay is located on the firewall and is easy to change . If you are stuck somewhere though you can try turning the ignition to on but dont crank it and locating where the plunger is and pulling it up .if the lower current is working it you will here it click and it will hold it open.Then get in the vehicle and try cranking it ,it will start right away if this is your problem.I use mine in Costa Rica where there is no help.
  • str8fan62..... i'm having the same problem with my '07 with a 5.7 Hemi. Only thing I can add is that there is no load on the battery when the key is turned to "start", no clicks or anything. also, sometimes, disconnecting, waiting and reconnecting the battery it will start right up...!!!...???
    Have you found the trouble yet? Feeling your pain in Tennessee....
  • having same problem as mickster5
  • i also own a 1995 ram 2500 4x4 and I was driving and then outta nowhere the damn thing shut down, was running great, then just decided "you know what would be a nice thing to do? shut down as You are driving up hill to Big Bear.", this was weeks ago now and I called the friend I bought it off and he said it would do it to him but just give it a while, so I did, then a while longer, now I have replaced the cap, rotor, pick up, alternator next is the ecu, and the cps, i wish i would have bought a tundra or an old t-100, this truck is an electrical nightmare. ??????DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT IT IS???????
  • Check your coolant level if it's low it will cause shut down
  • This was crankshaft position sensor. replaced works fine now.
    I also had a stalling problem that was caused by low coolant there is a low level sensor ;)
  • This was crankshaft position sensor. replaced works fine now.
    I also had a stalling problem that was caused by low coolant there is a low level sensor :shades: Also camshaft sensor
  • wel to start off i have a 94 dodge ram 1500 with a 5.2 ltr with an automatic 4 speed transmission well it all started i had to rebuild the transmission so i get that all done i get it in and bolt it all back in etc well i started it and it ran rough well i pinched the wires to the crank position senors so i replace that and it fired up and idled fine for roughly about 30 seconds and it dided instantly after a big clunk sound like it was in the back portion of the engine well my buddies and i thought well maybe it was the timing chain broke and got lodge to where it wouldnt turn over well we replaced that and the gaskets for it and the oil pan well i checked the connecting rods and valves and they were all fine well i can tunr the engine by the flywheel counter clockwise and it turns over so far then it stops then i can turn it clockwise and it would turn with no problem then stop again and the starter wont turn it over it just clicks not like a dead battery though does anyone have any thoughts because my brain is starting to fry after messing with this
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