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Freelander problems are infinite



  • justwilljustwill Posts: 5
    I've got my FREELOADER still, makes a good dry storage place (some what like a building on wheels you can pull around the yard) with a tarp over it, just in case the sun roof leaks. Just a reminder to me every time I go by it to NEVER BUY A LAND ROVER PRODUCT AGAIN.
    Plus if there ever is a recall or class action I have it as it went out with no modification or changes with 39000 miles on it. Was parked when water found in oil and then read this forum, said screw it accepted the loss after dealership in Shreveport was NO HELP (60 miles away).
    I would love to park it across from the dealer ship with a big sign on it to give them some real advertising they need.
    "Land Rover Freelander nothing 3 pounds of high explosive wouldn't cure"
  • bob541bob541 Posts: 2
    My wife"s 2003 Freelander se blew its engine on the highway yesterday,luckily a DOT truck driver saw the oil pouring out and pulled her over before the motor seized.I cannot believe there is no class action suit against Land Rover.These vehicles are dangerous.She brought the vehicle in faithfully to the dealer for all scheduled maint.And the engine blows without warning!
  • bob541bob541 Posts: 2
    Does anyone have the name of the lawyer who was collecting names of freelander owners with defective vehicles?
  • tomikatomika Posts: 2
    I always dreamed of having a land rover and after my accident i had the chance to do so. I bought a used 2003 freelander for a good price and lets just say a good price is not always best! Ten days after having the vehicle I noticed that there was no anti-freeze in truck. I took inot shop and it cost me $1000.00 to repair... Of course, about 4 days later I noticed there was no anti-freeze again! So I called LR dealer and they say oh well just bring it in and we will take a look. They said everything looked okay. So I went and about 4 days later again there was no anti-freeze, I went and bought a thing and put in truck. Then 4 days later there was no anti-freeze again! When I started vehicle up it was also making a loud ticking noise. I am think on my what is going on.. I called the dealer again and they told me to bring in again. Now mind of I have only had this vehicle for about 2 months now, and it had 112k miles on it or so. So I had to wait until my next off day to take in to shop, but it didnt make it. The saturday before I was due to take into shop the car would not start!!! So I had it towed into dealer and after a day they called saying I needed a new cam shaft sensor. So I got it replaced for $500.00 then they called that same day in the afternoon and said your car still wont start, but we think its the computer that fried the cam shaft and the computer will be another $1000.00 and I would have to pay in advance. So Im pissed by this time and went to get vehicle towed to another shop. This shop it was the keyless remote along with other issues and they could not help. I then towed to another LR dealer on the other side of town. They did another diagnostic and it said no compression on cylinder and they recommend replacing the engine for $9000.00, but I can find a used one for around $4000.00!!! THIS WAS MY DREAM TRUCK THAT QUICKLY TURNED INTO A ~NIGHTMARE~ if anyone can help, please let me know!!! :lemon:
  • Did you ever get a response on a US Attorney handling the Class Action Lawsuit against the Freelander Land Rover?
  • Just another person that found Land Rover Freelander Hell. There is no recourse from this. I have one with 39000 miles that has the classic Freeelander Blown Motor. They will do nothing and hum ho around about anything. Then charge you major $$$ for any diagnosis then more major $$$ for repair, when they know it will not help correct any problems.
    They have extorted money from many people when they knew it would not fix any problems and will continue to do so. There is going to be NO RELIEF from these problems with this car NOR company. They are a company with NO HONOR, NO INTEGRITY, NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. The sooner the word gets out the sooner the company will not sell cars except to Dumbass Stars and Starlets. Hopefully they will go under and out of business.
  • I emailed all my paperwork to him and he said it would be a few months this was in early August. I emailed a few days ago, which is now early September and no response. His name is Howard Gutman, in New York. If you google him you should get his contact information.
  • My wife purchased a used 2004 Land Rover Freelander in May 2009. The engine failed on August 15, 2010 with approximately 52,000 miles. I wrote a claim letter to LR on August 17, 2010 after doing some research and finding out about the defective engine. I received a response on August 18, 2010 from LR's customer service, referring my claim to their consumer affairs department. On August 19, 2010 I received a letter from LR's Consumer Affairs department, acknowledging receipt and informing me that they would get back to me on or before September 17, 2010. On September 16, 2010, LR offered me $6,950 for my wife's 2004 Land Rover Freelander HSE. I rejected the offer. LR increased their offer to $9,085 on September 20, 2010. I rejected that also. I am now awaiting their response to my last demand of $12,385.
  • Hi all,
    I have Free Lander 2002 just hit 104,000 at 52000 I had the Land Rover Dealer the only one in town replaced the "Transmission" that was a nightmare. That ended up costing me 6grand. we are just buying names not good strong and lasting car. Whoever importing this vehicles need to have a serious look. The Land Rover I know back in Africa is not the same as this one. The one I know on that non asphalt road they go for ever. Why not here there is something wrong. I would like to join the lawsuit this suv is costing me more than it is worth. Please let me know how I can be part of the claim.

  • We need to put the Freelander to rest - the final one.

    Freelander was the idea of then-owner BMW. The Freelander in the UK with the diesel engine is a fantastic car. (note: I did not say truck!). BMW believed at the time that there was a market for a small SUV (or cross-over as they are known now). If you question that - just compare the markets for the BMW X3 and Freelander - same idea - different implementation.

    It was LRNA that has a strange anathema towards diesel engines. The engine sourced for the North American Freelander was chinese-built in a rush.

    If you are looking at an older Freelander: Stay away unless it has had it's engine replaced under warranty. The replacement engines are very solid. It's just too bad they came too late.

    I have a lot of Land Rovers. The newest being a 2006 LR3 (The 2011 LR4 arrives later this week).

    The most reliable are the ones that have no electronics in them beyond what is required to turn the lights on and start the engine. (Series and Defender) Those are the trucks that conquered Africa. There is nothing to go wrong on them.

    Unfortunately, those trucks to do not do well in North America. They are slow, heavy, get bad mileage and if you live in the snow belt - rust.

    That being said, whenever I turn up to an All-British car show and pop the top on my completely restored 1968 Land Rover Dormobile, it always draws a crowd - way more than the Rolls Royce's, Lotus's, Triumph's, etc. Even my Defender gets more stares than any other British vehicle I see at the shows. Perhaps it was that I entered it in the show completely covered in fresh mud! The judges didn't get it, but the Land Rover folks in the crowd did.
  • Can you please post the mailing address for the consumer affairs dept? I am sure this is what the lawyer who has made some claims has used, and I'd rather get the entire amount rather than half!

    Btw -- 2003 Freelander, 70,000 miles, replace thermostat, temperature gauge, water pump, etc. LR service dept. told me to not bother fixing the latest problem as it was due to engine failure
  • After reading this page of freelander headache makes me wish I had done some research on them. I have owned a 2002 Freelander for the last 4 years and the amount I have paid to keep it going, till I get my loan paid off, I could have bought a brand new car. I had to replace the transmission on it after 70,000 mile. The oil changes, tune-ups, flushing the transmission, getting new tires, and brakes cost so much to get done. Just replacing the 3 timing belts costs almost more than I make in a month. Best advise is to stay away from this car at all costs. The owners of the Land Rover should have recalled these cars a long time ago.
  • What contacts did you use at LRNA? I am in desperate need to getting some type of compensation. I have 2002 Freelander 65k miles needs engine same story leaking coolant and now check engine light on and will not drive it now. I owe $10k on the the loan. Any information would be most appreciated. Did you contact them via e-mail with no attorney representing you? Thank you!
  • Actually I am an attorney and was representing my wife. Yesterday, Land Rover decided to pay up, so I have settled my wife's claim. I'm surprised that there has been no class action on this issue. I am now thinking about exploring the possibility of a class action since not many Freelander owners are as lucky as my wife to just happen to be married to an attorney who actually handles product liability cases (usually for car manufacturers). I've never represented Land Rover, so I have no conflict of interest.
  • I have given up on my 03 freelander may she rest in peace. After a number of repairs and a engine replacement its over. I just couldn't afford to keep her any longer. I wish that Landrover would have made a better car and I wish they would have recalled the engine. I have to say that it was a fun car while it lasted and I hope no one else has the problems that I have had. So to everyone with a Landrover Freelander good luck.
  • Did you file or go though their admin process?
  • I went through their admin process. If we didn't reach an agreement I would have filed a lawsuit. I had nothing to lose since I don't have to worry about litigation cost and I'm sure a Los Angeles jury would have awarded me what I wanted. Land Rover figured it was better to pay us rather than hire an attorney to defend a losing claim. Now I have to send them the title in exchange for a little over $11,000 for a 2004 Freelander HSE. I do believe that their quick response and eventual settlement was based on the fact that I was representing my wife. The interesting thing is that we purchased the Freelander USED in 2009; we didn't purchase from a Land Rover dealer; there was no warranty on the vehicle and yet Land Rover resolved this claim with me in a month!
  • That is wonderful. Since you mentioned the fact you are considering possibly taking on LRNA in a class action suite in the interim would you consider representing an individual claim as you did for your wife? Lastly if have a loan out on my truck how would the payment go LRNA would pay my lien holder directly. That is all I am looking for at this point which is around $11k as well. Have you heard of anyone settling with LNRA without legal representation via plan admin. I mean they should know anyone can obtain counsel if they do not settle. Would you advise this course of action or get legal counsel.
  • Land Rover knows that absent a class action, there is not much money in these individual cases for attorneys since the engine defects have not caused any deaths and the damages are strictly economic in nature. As such, LR knows that attorneys are not scrambling to sign people up to pursue what is essentially a breach of warranty/merchantability claim because the damages are small in comparison to say a claim where the defective product has caused a loss of life. That said, LR also knows that it can get costly to defend an individual case wherein the vehicle owner is represented by legal counsel and in my opinion, are more willing to settle early.

    I would consider representing individual claims. However, I would have to charge a fee based on a percentage of what is recovered.

    If there is a loan on your truck, Land Rover would probably pay the lien holder directly and if you recover more that the loan balance, the remainder goes to you.

    I have not heard of anyone settling with LR without legal representation, but it's worth a shot if you want to give it a try. Unfortunately I cannot advise you as to which course of action to pursue.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Since the member agreement frowns on soliciting, if you would like to contact other members about potential claims, etc. please mark your email "public" in your Profile and take it to email.

  • OK. Will do. I did not solicit however. I posted what happened with our Landrover Freelander and then other members began asking me for help.
  • I have a Land Rover Freelander 2003 SUV. I have never owned a car as unreliable and troublesome as this car. I had the engine replaced at a mere 41,000 miles at a cost of over $6,000. Last Monday, I broke down on the side of the road. The car was towed to the dealership as the service engine light was illuminated. I was informed by the dealership that I needed another new engine! I could not believe what I was hearing. The service department said they would call Land Rover customer service who offered to pay for 50% of the new engine cost which was $8,000. When we informed them that we would pay nothing towards another new engine, they told us to write a letter to customer service. We have written a letter and are currently waiting to hear although it does not sound hopeful. The customer service representative was quite unhelpful and very short on the phone.
    The service dept. informed us that Land Rover has been buying back Freelanders as they were known to have engine defects. We have yet to hear the final decision regarding the car and I will follow up with another post as soon as I hear.
    DO NOT buy this car. It is the worst car I have EVER owned and I don't want others to make the same mistake I made.
  • As a follow up to my previous post, my car only had 66,000 miles when the second engine blew up! So the second engine only made it for 25000 miles!
  • I have the same vehicle....just barely turned 100,000kms which is approx 62,000mi. Took out a loan to fix engine #1 for $6500 Cdn. Now just about 62,000 miles and my transmission is doing some weird thing not recognizing the gear its in etc and 3 transmission shops have told me they can't fix it! So basically I have a very expensive driveway ornament.
    03 Freelander S - Victoria, BC CANADA :sick:
  • The car is still sitting at the dealership. Nobody is calling us back from Land Rover corporate. The car has been at the dealership with a dead engine since November 2nd and I'm still having to pay insurance on a car I, unfortunately, still own but cannot drive. We went to the dealership to empty our belongings out of the car last week realizing that we are probably going to nave to donate the car. Unbelievable!
  • i totally agree ,but ,the fault is simple just replace the expansion tank and cap . problem sorted ,to explain a bit moreabout my problem , when the car cools down at night you will hear hissing air noises from cap and spillage signs from around cooling bottle, during driving its a pressurize system that expans and contracts coolant and if its not air tight coolant will escape when hot
  • sorry to hear about all the land rover problems here.
    i have had my truck for 10 years now starting to have problems with my truck one after the other fixing them myself saves labor cost but still sucks,
    i have an s10 no room in it and figured its time for a new car, looking for a new car i found the freelander which seemed to be a good value for the price. me and my friends talk about how we always find land rovers at great prices like the range rovers and now the freelander.
    after reading this page i will stay away from this troubled car looks can be deceiving.
    Thanks for websites like this one and good luck with making land rover pay
  • Hi Ventana,

    I am just about ready to buy a kit of solenoids 9pcs all.Its called JF506E/vw09A solenoid kit-Jaguar , Land Rover Freelander.I know you told the vw its not good ,but this guy selling this kit with this descreption.And also I would like to know if it possible to get a step by step help hot to replace them.
    Best Regards, Newbeetle
  • bruinladbruinlad Posts: 1
    I've had my '02 Freelander in the garage for the past 8 months now. Mine has not had any problems until after it hit the 100k miles mark. On a trip from LA to San Francisco, the car wouldn't start. The autoclub guy tried every possible solution but to no avail. I had it towed to the dealership in Marin who then informed me that the engine is dead. The service manager explained what caused the problem and without admitting it, his explanation basically made it seem that its a manufacturer defect. Since then I've done some research on this particular issue and I've come across literally hundreds of cases worldwide with the same engine problem. I also found out that the same engine is being used on the KIA Carnival which is marketed in the US as the KIA Sedona but with a different engine. As with the Freelander, the Carnival too has the same problems with the engine. The engine is designated as KV6. link title

    The unfortunate thing is that this problem is not a secret. In fact all the engine breakdowns are caused by the same issue. Here's another link about the findings of the ACCC, Australia's version of our own Consumer Affairs about complaints that LR knowingly sold to the public a factory defective product. link title
  • d1952cd1952c Posts: 1
    I believe I may be experiencing the same F 4 problem with my 02 Freelander SE. A few days ago I was driving at low speeds and felt a "thunk" in the tranny. The amber HDC warning light came on, F4 started flashing and of course the car drives like the brakes are being applied. After sitting for 3 days the lights and F4 cleared on there own but returned after ddriving about 10 miles. I had it towed to the Local Aamco dealer and they say the transmission needs to be rebuilt for $3000.00. Local LR dealer (45 miles away) estimates $4000. Roverland sells rebuilts for $1950 plus shipping and I'd have to pay someone to do the install. Are you bsically describing "the rebuild" above?
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