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Toyota RAV4 Cruise Control Problems



  • Even though my 07 Rav4 has the same issues with the cruise and shifting I haven't seen any feedback on the gas mileage of anyone's. My mpg is pure crap! for a 4cyl. It is getting 16.4 in town,22-23 on the highway. I have checked it on every tank so far and just over 5000 miles. What's up with that? How's yours mpg? Ron
  • My wife is a Para legal and works for a lawyer. I have typed up a letter with yesterdays date, time, vehicle mileage and statements my dealership made to me. I have had this notarized and filed as a backup. Thanks for your input.

  • I hear your pain Ron, mine is a 2006 4cyl, 4 speed automatic.. I get around 18 mpg in town and 22 on the road, that is when I use the cruse control.. I sold a nice 2002 Honda Odyssey minivan, with a 240 hp v6 engine and five speed trans... it ran great, the cruse worked great, I was getting around 18 to 19 mpg town driving, and 24 to 26 mpg on the highway..I sold it to get a car that got a lot better millage.. ie, Rav 4 rated for 24 to 30 mpg...oh yea!! One thing I have noticed when driving on highway, if you don't use the cruse you can get up to 25 to 26 mpg under decent driving conditions, so you might try that when you take a trip, wont do you any good in city driving tho... :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • I got 27 mpg on the highway, but only once in perfect conditions. That is, there was only one person in the car, no ac, and no cruise. Since summer came and my break in period ended, the ac and cruise have hurt the milage significantly. On our vacation, the mpg dropped even more because of more people in the car. What is happening is it drops down to third gear a lot, even at highway speeds. I think this is another indication of an engine too small for the size of the car when loaded. I sure wish I had taken a test drive with the whole family and asked if there were any goofy restrictions (cruise control) in the owners manual that I should read before I purchased this vehicle.
  • I just got back from a trip with the 4 cyl. I had 4 adults in the car and all the luggage, ac running constantly and I got 28 mpg, I think I could have hit 30 without the load
  • I work out of my RAV4 and drive 300+ miles each week. Since I bought the vehicle the first of May, I have put almost 10,000 miles on it. I traded in a 2003 Nissan Xterra which never had a moments problem on the 2007 RAV4 for better gas mileage. So far I have been pleased with the mpg of the RAV4. My only problem is the cruise control issue.

    I have been getting between 24 and 26 mpg in combination city/hwy driving.

  • Do you have the V6 or the 4 cyl?? I have the 4 cyl, 4 speed auto. I don't get near as good as rayray6, in fact not as good as mlmcgahee...but guess that is the luck of the draw when you buy a new car, my 2002 Honda minivan always got better than most people that had the same kind of vehicle, in fact it constantly got better mileage than what was the EPA estimate... sure wish I still had that vehicle, it was better than the Rav 4 no doubt...
    :( :sick:
  • Is there really a need for a all out recall? Why noy just issue a TSB so dealers can perform the repairs if and when someone complains of the issue.

    Also why the big deal of using cruise on hills? I have an 04 Ford f-150 that I use to pull a 27' travel trailer and I use the cruise when towing that! Granted I wouldn't do it in the mountains but my point is why should hills effect it.
    It is not the fact that the tranny shifts to maintain speed it's the fact that it doesn't shift correctly.
    I tend to agree with you in Toyota's knowledge of the problem but the solution is not to require us to change our driving style.

    It all just doesn't make sense, but I'll take Toyota's suggestion...arbitration papers going in the mail today.

  • Summer,

    I agree. We shouldn't have to change our driving style. A TSB would be fine.

    I am experimenting with a work around. Based on earlier comments, I have given up using the resume option. When I tap the breaks I cut off the cruise. When I get where I can use the cruise again, I turn it back on and reset it.

    So far so good, but given that my problem is intermittant, I can't tell for sure. But I have had some short highway trips with no jumping about.

    I will keep you posted.

  • My dealer viewed the video of the gear hunting. Their technician called Toyota. The contact person then called me. Toyota is going to be issuing a TSB very soon and they will call me in for the fix.

    In msg 116, Kay said she was told they would have a fix in about a week. That's close to what I am told.

    Others might check to see if their dealer is telling the same story.

  • That would be great... but seeing is beleaving... As I stated before, I just want a fix for the cruise control problem.

    Maybe all of our case numbers sparked an interest for a fix.

  • Bill,

    Hope you are being told the truth. I phoned the CRM at my dealership just to see if he had any news. I told him what you had reported and he sounded very suprised.
    He advised me that the regional rep from Toyota was coming by Friday and he would see what he knew about it.
  • I've been talking back and forth with my dealer and CA for about a week and a half now. The Parts and Service Director at my dealer told me my best bet at this point is arbitration, hence the week of phone calls. I was given an arbitration case number (#200708310737) and my case was forwarded to a case manager named Chris.
    I spoke with him this evening and he explained the arbitration process to me like this. He will mail me a package with a booklet and a form to fill out. It should be here in "10 to 14 days" but that's to allow plenty of time for the Post Office to lose it. The same form is in the center of the Owner's Warranty Rights Notification book that should have come with the car. He said I could go ahead and send that form to start the process then all I would need from the packet would be the booklet.
    They have 30 days from the time the form is received by Toyota to set up a meeting. It usually takes place at the local dealership and is presided over by someone familiar with the auto industry such as a retired ceo, a lawyer or some such person. After they make their decision Toyota has 10 days to comply. I am not bound by the decision but Toyota is. If I choose to pursue further legal action the proceedings are admissible in court.
    He also told me to be very specific in what resolution I want because most of the arbitrators, if they deny your request, won't offer an alternative. If they do it's out of the goodness of their hearts.

    Sorry this is so long but I thought everyone would like to know the details.

    On another note; my owners manual doesn't say anything about flat roads. Page 166 reads "The cruise control is designed to maintain a set cruising speed without requiring the driver to operate the accelerator.... Within the limits of the engine's capabilities, cruising speed can be maintained up or down grades. However, changes in vehicle speed may occur on steeper grades." It also notes that the speed may increase when driving downhill.

  • Thanks Cindy.

    Keep us posted on how the arbitration process goes.

    Also, thanks for the note from the owners manual.

    Looking forward to how this all plays out.

  • Just to follow up...My CRM phoned me yesterday and said that he spoke with the regional rep about the problem and an upcomming TSB. The rep knew nothing about a pending TSB from Toyota. He also stated that there could be one and he just was unaware of it because usually e got the info at the same time the dealers received it.

    Cindy, any new news on the arbitration? The center just phoned me on what type of hearing I wanted, verbal or written. They are to call back with a schedule for the verbal hearing.

    Who elso has filed for arbitration and what is the status of your process?
  • Good luck on your hearing, sumrx4!

    I just got a call from the dispute resolution center asking what type hearing I wanted. They are also going to call me back to schedule a date and time for my verbal hearing. I hope it's soon, I'm ready to be done with this.

  • I just got off the phone. My wife drove from Dallas to Round Rock with 2 people and luggage in the car.

    There was no gear hunting. She was very surprised.

    However, she did fill the tank with premium. This is my habit on road trips. I don't know if that had an effect but I want to document all possible clues.

    I do feel that if it sometimes does and sometimes doesn't that lends stregnth that something is wrong. If it is operating as spec, it would be doing it all of the time.

    I hope everyone keeps us posted on what's going on till we get this solved.

  • Bill, do you have a 4 or a 6 cyl.?? and what kind of gas mileage did your wife got on that trip?? I took a 350 mile trip and did it on one tank, it held 12.7 gallons of gas, that is the best mpg that I have ever got on the suv, 27.5 mpg... it was mostly flat country here in Okla. driving around 60 mph and not using the cruse very much, the instant it started to shift down I would kick the cruse out and use the pedal myself.... but I too have had times when the cruse would work and than again sometimes it would not (most of the time)... I have not been able to get much help from Toyota nd my dealer... Charles :sick: :lemon: :lemon:
  • Toyota just called and offered to buy the vehicle back. They said they are aware that some are having problems with the RAV 4's. Waiting for an email outlining the offer and will post again when I have more info.
    I just wanted to make you aware.

  • Same thing happened to me. Before the arbitration hearing Toyota called and sent a letter overnight offering to buy back the car. There is an allowance for the mileage on the car at the date that I first brought it in with the problem, but overall this seems fair to me. I'm glad Toyota is stepping up. Of course, I don't have a check yet, but I've been told this will happen pretty soon (within the next two weeks).
  • Toyota called me today too. They want me to drop my RAV4 off at the dealership tomorrow morning for a regional manager to inspect it for possible buy back or maybe to swap it out for something else. I will also keep everyone informed.

  • thrthr Posts: 10
    I love my 2007 RAV4 4cyl fwd. Then I began to experience the "buck n jump" described by ces1938 04 Jul 2007 in msg #1. Oh no! how could this be, I've had five Toyotas with superb results. My RAV4 assembled&engineered in Japan has a terrible flaw in the performance of the cruise/transmission/accelerator performance. I took 30 pages of your comments to my dealer after several phoncons that insulted my intelligence. Finally, I drove the service mgr. and a mechanic for a ride. I demonstrated the "buck n jump" repeatedly at low cruise speed and got an admission that the performance was not right. But they had no fix.
    I have taken your advice to call the Customer experience and was courteously given a case number[200709060769]. The dealer service mgr. called the next day. Now I am waiting. I was heartened to read msg # 141,142 & 143 today. Looks like Toyota really does not have a fix. Settlement? Maybe.

  • Hi Hal,

    My suggestion to you is call the service center back and have them give you an arbitration case number. The form they will send you to fill out is identical to the one in the center of the warranty rights book that came with your car. You can send it in before you receive the one from them to go ahead and get the process started. The booklet says to send a copy of your registration with the form. I didn't know this so didn't send it. It doesn't seem to have mattered. Best of luck.

    I asked the lady today about possibly swapping my 4 cyl for a 6. She talked to Toyota and I would have to pay at least $2,000 for the upgrade and still be subject to the usage fee of 20 cents per mile (per the MS lemon law). I'm thinking my best bet is to sell the car back to them and find one on my own.

    I'm not sure if I will try to find another RAV or if I'm gonna go with something else. Anyone else figured out what you'll get if you sell yours back to Toyota?

  • Thanks Hal... We have a total of 11 case numbers now. Keep them coming...

    (200708081405) Charles
    (200708081371) Mike
    (200708100591) Pam
    (200708101001) Gerald
    (200708140250) Cindy
    (200708170082) Ron
    (200708210991) Steve
    (200708220207) Kay
    (200708280198) Bill
    (200708140096) Dana
    (200709060769) Hal

    To everyone who is reading this thread and have an 06 - 07 RAV4 with the Cruse Control Problem.

    Call the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 800-331-4331 and get a case number like Charles,Pam and I have.

    Tell them there are others with the same problem and reference our case numbers. The corporate guys get these comments/complaints... Maybe they will read these and light a fire under technical support for a fix to our RAV4 Cruse Control problem.

    Post a message back here with your first name and case number so others can call and reference our case numbers on this problem.

  • Glad to hear the buy back experiences out there. My abritration hearing is 10/09. We'll see if I get the same type of letter beforehand. I'll will let you know what happens.

  • The weather here in GA has been cooling off quite a bit lately. Several times a month I have to make a 140 mile round trip for business. Today I drove my RAV4 without the AC on and the cruise control worked perfectly with no problems at all. As soon as I turned on the RAV4 AC the cruise control started acting up again.
    In my case it looks like the added drag on the engine from the AC compressor is what's causing the computer(drive-by-wire) to shift the transmission in and out of 2nd and 3rd gear on inclines.

    Has anyone else noticed this... or can you test this theory out with your RAV4.


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