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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Stalling Problem



  • subeventsubevent Posts: 3
  • subeventsubevent Posts: 3
    Hi folks!
    I´m new to this forum and I am writing on behalf of my father who owns a Chevy 1500 Silverado with a 6,5 litre V8 diesel engine. This is his pride and joy...but unfortunately he is having major problems with it.

    The truck is, for lack of a better word, quite moody. It will occasionally start ok and run with no problems whatsoever - no stuttering or other problems, and then suddenly stall and die. It can be really hard to get it started after this has happened. Now...I´m no mechanic but I will try to relay and translate what he has done with the truck so far:
    -Fuelfilter is replaced
    -Fuelpump attached just beside the tank is also replaced
    -Tube/pipe inside tank (suction-pipe?) is also replaced.

    Battery is quite good and not yet a year old.
    Outside temperature or humidity doesn´t seem to be an issue (damp weather and so on). Strange thing is that the truck stalls/dies without spluttering or misfiring etc.

    My father suspects an electronic fault...and before we go to see the mechanics I would like to hear any advice you can offer.

    I´m thankful for any input that could get my fathers beloved truck up and running again...:)

    Best regards
  • vsowersvsowers Posts: 1
    we have a 93 gmc sierra replaced fuel pump, filters, etc....drove fine for one day took it out again today about 25 miles it just died again.....did you get yours fixed? :shades:
  • subeventsubevent Posts: 3
    Nope... :sick:
    I suppose my father needs to take it to a garage somwhere...just to get it checked.
    I have read a lot of forumposts but almost everyone with stalling problems seems to have a spluttering, misfiring truck or electrical trouble. This one just dies...completely one go. Not so much as a hiccup even... :confuse:

    I guess troubleshooting by professionals is the next step.
    Did you find out whats wrong with your truck then?
  • i have the same problem on a 94 gmc 4x4 5.7 ive replaced everything also at 1500 rpms it sounds like it has a bad [non-permissible content removed] cam in it anything lower or higher than that runs fine except it wants to stall at idle but if i unplug the alternator plug it still has a surge but not as bad plus i just replaced the alternator 2 days ago and ran new power and ground wires to a new battery and to the alternator, when i put my air on or radio or blinkers anything electrical it brings my battery meter down to 10 volts does anyone have a solution
  • i have the same problem on a 94 gmc 4x4 5.7 ive replaced everything also at 1500 rpms it sounds like it has a bad [non-permissible content removed] cam in it anything lower or higher than that runs fine except it wants to stall at idle but if i unplug the alternator plug it still has a surge but not as bad plus i just replaced the alternator 2 days ago and ran new power and ground wires to a new battery and to the alternator, when i put my air on or radio or blinkers anything electrical it brings my battery meter down to 10 volts does anyone have a solution?
  • jrutkisjrutkis Posts: 2
    I own a 2004 silverado Z71 4.8 liter. when i start my truck in the morning and drive it without letting it warm up i stall when comming to a stop and turning. if i run it for 3 -5 min. without turning runs fine until i turn it off again. if i stop for a snack get back in my truck and start it same problem for 3-5 min. real irrating in the city. if i sit there for a few minutes to let it warm up its fine but who has 3-5 min to let it warm up after every start. i took it to a mechanic and no codes come up on diagnostics. he reset the computer to see if it would go away and nope still there. now my problem is inspection time and it will not pass because my drive cycle not completed. ive driven it for 3000 miles and still nope. i was told the stalling is not letting my obd2 register. need help bad on this one.
  • candicebcandiceb Posts: 1
    I have a 94 chev silverado automatic with a 350 motor.Recently I changed the throttle body gasket and since then when I start it it runs really rough and misses but if I let it run a minute it will rev up really high, puff out some black smoke(tail pipe) and then run fine but recently it will stall out when I take a corner or come to a stop(red light).This may not happen for a week at a time but today it did it 5 times in a 15 min drive.Any suggestions would be appreciated
  • mgaldemgalde Posts: 2
    1993 GMC 4x4 automatic 5.0 V8 198500 miles
    While driving at speed (55 mph) truck will stall and within seconds restart on its own as if nothing happened, and continue to run as normal.
    Truck also has continues to stall after a couple minutes while at idle.
    Temp does not seem to be at issue as it does this when cold or at normal operating temp.
    Replaced battery in spring this year, ICM last fall.
    No sensor code is appearing on scanner.
  • My 2000 chevy started this problem 2 days ago. It will idle and drive just fine, but will simply shut down. The low fuel light will come on for a split second and then the battery light comes on. It willl crank like it's not getting fuel. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so and it will fire up and run just fine. I've replaced the fuel filter.

    The service engine light will stay while having the not firing problem, but shuts off after it finally decides to start.

    Any ideas??
  • im sure you fixed the problem by now since the original question is so old, but my guess is it was a computer problem, am i right?
  • I have a 94 GMC pickup with the 5.7 litre engine. The problem I am having is that once in a while it just dies. If you try to restart it just cranks. I have to rotate the ignition switch to the off position the it will start then die. It runs a little longer each try until after about 10 to 15 mins. Then it runs fine for weeks of even months until it decides to do it again. Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • I have the same problem with the stalling at a stop and low idle. It idles at around 400rpm when warm. It runs fine when cold. When I go from 15 mph to a stop it will stall about 50% of the time. The other times it will recover after the tach drops to almost "0". I have a 2001 Sierra 1500 with the 5.3 V8. I have done all of the following and the truck has shown no change in behavior.
    1. Cleaned throttle bottle. It looks brand new.
    2. Replaced IAC. Reset and drove for 1 month now.
    3. Replaced fuel pump
    4. Replaced fuel filter

    Could it be fuel pressure regulator, vacuum hoses, bad ground?? I am almost out of money and need some help as well before I am completely broke.
  • Try your Catalytic Converters...engine light on? po420 or po430. Check fuel pressure. should be around 65 psi. so far I see you threw about 600-800 bucks in parts just take it to a mechanic. 85 bucks diognostic fee, if hes wrong get your money back.
  • Ohh ya intake maifold has been a problem in these trucks too. When they get warm the plastic intake expands causing an air leak. Try this to find out... when truck is warm and symptoms are there get a can of carb cleaner, brake cleaner , starting fluid and spray towards the intake area if engine idle increases or decreases thats your problem. oh BTY be careful. ( dont go wild spraying!)
  • i acually found out that it might be your computer gone bad or a bad connection to your computer. i had the same problem and took it to my cousins shop. he ran diagnostics and found nothing so he made a few calls and said odds are its the computer. find out if your computer reset. if not thats prob your problem
  • No engine lights at all. I had the shop run the diagnostic before I replaced the fuel pump and I was getting low pressure and they diagnosed it as a bad pump. I put in a new pump and that fixed the fuel pressure problem but not the stalling. I failed to mention that the line wasn't maintaining pressure before I replaced the pump. I would have to prime the pump about two or three times via the ignition before it would start. That problem went away with the new pump.

    I have sprayed throtle bottle cleaner in the intake with the truck running at about 2000rpms and let it do its thing and it hasn't helped.

    I reset the IAC by turning the ignition on for 30sec. Turning it off for 10 sec. Then starting it. I was told that was the way to do it.

    I'll try resetting the computer again to see if that helps. I plan to unplug the negative and let it sit for about 10 minutes.

    I haven't checked the regulator for gas yet, or done a pressure test on the vacuum system either. I might get around to that this weekend.

    Anything else you guys can think of? I'll keep trying until it's fixed!
  • Should I spray the brake cleaner around the intake manifold or by the coupler before the throttle body. Where does the leak happen in these instances? I assume I could just by some RTV sealant and reinstall the manifold with this at the seams to correct the problem?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    The IAC needs to be removed and cleaned with an electric parts cleaner or better yet replaced. If the truck dies while moving that would be associated with the Throttle Position Sensor.
  • I have a03 sliverado 5.3 it stalls and dies sometimes when I stop or slow to turn. It starts back up like nothings wrong,but happening more often. Does anyone have an answer for this problem Also the service engine light has not came on.I have a new battery and had the alternator checked and it was ok.
  • I posted a while ago and had replaced several items. Turns out nothing worked because my replacement iac was the wrong model #. Put the right one in and it no longer stalls. I also thoroughly cleaned the throttle body with throttle body cleaner. If doing those two things didn't fix your problem for this particular problem, I'd be shocked. This truck is known for its throttle body issues.
  • I have a03 sliverado 5.3 it stalls and dies sometimes when I stop or slow to turn. It starts back up like nothings wrong,but happening more often. Does anyone have an answer for this problem Also the service engine light has not came on.I have a new battery and had the alternator checked and it was ok.
  • tdyer3tdyer3 Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me where the fuel pump is located? Is it located within the fuel tank or is it located in the box in front of the fuel tank?
  • I have a 1995 Silverado deisel, also, and have almost gone broke trying to fix it. I have replaced both fuel pumps, flushed the tank, checked the lifters,,,,,,, it;s been down since October!!!! Seems I have to find the answer myself and then tell the mechanic what to do.
    What is the IAC and what is the proper part # for it?
    I tried to get the optical/fuel temperature sensor, and was told that part was discontinued!!!!
  • My '07 GMC Sierra wouldn't go over 30 MPH! It said "reduced engine power". After I turned the engine off it was fine. What caused this? Is it gonna happen again? Is there something I need to get fixed? Now I don't trust it! Help! Thanks!
  • the idiot light flickering generally means a issue with the ignition system, check your coils, knock sensor, cam sensor and most common tps sensor, they put off a false reading, if you can unhook any of the above and engine stays on with no change in idle it is defective but may test good, replace it.
  • jackson25jackson25 Posts: 1
    my truck stalling on slow down to stop or attempted reverse or slow turn.runs great otherwise.if it does keep running after stop acceleration very ruff.please help if yu cn
  • john463john463 Posts: 2
  • john463john463 Posts: 2
    I have been driving without any problem, but suddenly motor stop, and don't star again, I have a new battery, ignition sounds like always. after a few minutes, let say 5 minutes car's start again without problems and continue working fine.
    I don´t know what cause this failure, can you help me.

    thanks in advance for your help,
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    No start condition is related either to no spark or no fuel. Best bet to start there...
  • don174don174 Posts: 1
    I had this problem on 2003 Silverado 4.8L and got it fixed. It needed a Throttle Body Cleaning - result was RPM increase from 400 to 600.

    What didn't work - new air cleaner, replaced OEM with 130K miles; re-charge low battery (maybe it was a battery/alternator issue? It wasn't); 30-minute idle reset after all engine codes erased.

    It ran well before but stalled as it slowed to approach lights or stop signs. Now it runs great!
  • padassopadasso Posts: 3
    Mine did this on and off for about two years. It was a crank sensor. replaced it and have had no problems for 3 years. Good Luck.
  • dlesagedlesage Posts: 1
    hey had my 93 gmc 1500 for under a year bought it used great running truck never had any trouble until last weekend it stalled coming down a hill its progressively gotten worse, it doesn't always stall it will lose power at the pedal and if i lay off gas for a few seconds and give gas it will maintain power but if i slow down to under 30km/h it stall also on sharp turns and when i come to a complete it will stall. it does not happen every time it's very random but those are the most frequent times it will stall, i just put in a new air filter, alternator, starter battery, fuel filter and fuel pump. i was told it might be electrical or possibly the carb? even the distributor.
    It's a 350 5.7L with about 250k on engine and tranny also only when it dies the check gauges, and service engine lights come on, ill wait a few seconds, or even throw it into N and start it right back up again most times it will twice only i had two wait a minute or two but again it starts right up and drives until this happens again.
    Any help or ideas will be much appreciated Thanks
  • vicestatevicestate Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    I have a 87 GMC 5.7 liter, the motor starts well when it is cold but as soon as I run it for awhile and turn off when I try and re start it the motor acts like its not getting gas. Maybe the throttle body sensor? any suggestions would be greatly apperciated. thanks Vicestate
  • rricrric Posts: 1
    new fuel pump and fuel filter sprayed the throttle body with throttle body cleaner ran fine for 20 miles than died going around a corner after several attemps trying to start it it finally started but sputtered awhile then it ran fine 5 miles home with service engine light on what could be wrong ?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    sounds like a bad throttle position sensor
  • i have a 2001 silverado 1500 4x4 4.3l manual transmission 160k miles. it starts fine and idles fine. now 10-15 mins down the road is another story. i can always tell when its about to stall because of a hard push back when the gas pedal is depressed and a hard let go and rapid drop in rpm when the gas pedal is released, if i put it in neutral the rpms drop to nothing and the engine stalls. when i stay hard push back and let go i mean how it throws me back in my seat when depressed and hard pull forward toward the steering wheel when released. once it stalls and i either start it back up or drop the clutch and basically push start it and give it gas exhaust sounds horrible a re pa pa pa sound vs my normal smooth flowmaster sound. if i dont let it die and keep the truck moving it seems to run rough almost like its misfiring for the next couple of mins. it seems that after it stalls and i start it up, wait 30 seconds or so and rev the motor to about 4.5k it smooths out and will be fine from there. i havent done anything yet to fix this new problem but everyone i ask tells me something different. i did a code scan and got a evap error read and a bank 2 cat error read. i have changed the fuel filter about 8 months ago, replaced the ignition coil about 8 months ago and all plugs and wires 5 months ago.
  • I have a 96 GMC Sierra with a 5.7 engine and when I start it the truck idles rough and dies. This especially happens when in gear. This is the second time that this has happened the first time i cleaned the intake and MAF Sensor and it ran great also added some heat to the fuel tank.

    Thanks for your help :sick:
  • I work out of town for 2 weeks at a time. Truck ran fine when I left it in the garage. No one drove it while I was gone. Started fine, went to town and it stalled at a light. It seems to idle fine, especially when first starting, but dies when rpms drop. Drives fine, lights don't go dim, alternator is okay according to gauge. changed battery. No codes or engine lights come on. truck is an 03 sierra 4.8 liter. always garaged and maintained. Seems to die when I slow down and come to a light or whenever I the rev the motor and release, the rpms drop and it stalls, but fires right back up. I do see a slight voltage drop when turning on all lights and heater and radio, but never falls below 14.5. Any help would be appreciated, money is tight as all can attest.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Sounds like a bad throttle position sensor. I would start there.
  • My truck is doing the exact same thing only when it's cold but today it finally stalled out so i replaced the fuel filter and no luck any one have any suggestions please help!!
  • sounds like carbon build up on your throttle plates. just spray it down and wipe it off
  • OK, I have a problem that I've bounced off of several folks and not gotten a good answer on, so hopefully someone here can help me out. I have a 2000 GMC Sierra, 4.8L V8. The truck starts and runs fine cold or hot. However, if you let it come up to temp, then cool part way down - about an hour - it acts like there is no fuel getting to it. I can't explain why, but if I puch the accellerator to the floor and let it crank for about 5 seconds, it starts, idles rough, then goes on as if nothing happens. This has been a problem for about 6 months. Any suggestions???
  • I have a 2002 5.3 4X4 Sierra with 137,000 miles. Recent work done was crank shaft positioning sensor (fall 2010), cad. convertor, fuel pump, oem gas cap (in Feb 2011). Two codes of P0440 in the past 3 weeks since the fuel pump was replaced. After the truck sits for 8+ hours (at work) it starts fine and idles around 1000 to 800 rpm. Put in gear and it begins to rough idle at 700 to 500 rpm until the throttle is depressed. It seems to run fine but at a slightly higher idle then norm. Once stopped at a intersection it idles down to 5-600 rpm and dips down to 300 then wants to stall out. It does restart right back up with similar symptoms, but once the engine warms up (15 minutes at highway speed) it seems to idle fine and does not want to stall out. Unkown if the fuel filter was cleaned or replaced with the fuel pump installed or if all fuel connections are sealed at installation. I am expecting the P0440 code to come back as it has after 5 days of being cleared. ANY THOUGHTS?
  • That's similar to what mine is doing though I've only replace the throttle position sensor so far. That didn't fix it but the old sensor definitely had too much play in it. Will post an answer if I ever fix it. More frustrating than anything.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Have you changed or cleaned the idle air controller?
  • jixsteeljixsteel Posts: 1
    Did you ever get this fixed? my Silverado does the exact same thing, runs great if I unplug the MAF, replaced the MAF still same problem. I also replaced map sensor, TPS, cleaned TB and replaced gaskets. thanks
  • I have since fixed the problem.
    I sold the truck, to a co-worker.
    The issue was a degraded connection at the cap. The two wire connector at the top had corded soo badly that it was only making intermittent connection.
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