Hyundai Veracruz Initial Quality

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Since the 3000+ new Veracruz owners are really "early adopters", I thought it would be useful to begin a post that allows us to post your experiences with initial quality and how responsive the dealers have been in correcting any problems. I was in a similar situation 2+ years ago when I purchased one of the first 2000 Honda Ridgelines to roll off the assembly line. I joined an on-line owners club that allowed everybody to share their experiences. Despite being a Honda, there were lots of initial quality issues (most of them cosmetic). I learned a lot from other owners' experiences and these learnings helped me when working with my selling dealer.

For the record, I've had no issues so far with my Veracruz (a little under 1000 miles and 3 weeks of ownership). So far, Hyundai is living up to their recent track record for initial quality, one of the main reasons I took the plunge.


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    Purchased the fully loaded Veracruz se mid June. Compared to other crossovers in the playing field, this one impressed us hands down. We had one miner problem with a scratch on the driver door. The dealer had it repaired but the repair turned into a very visable half moon on the door. Paint did not match. A touch up on the plastic bumper also turned into a major blemish. The dealer agreed to have both flaws repaired and the car has been at the paint shop for 3 days now. We are waiting to see the end result of the repair and can't wait to get back into the cruz. They loaned us a Sonata while the cruz is in the shop but it's just not the same.
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    I've had the VC for about two weeks, admittedly not a long time, but I think the initial quality is fabulous. Anybody I've taken for a ride have commented on the quiet cabin, nice ride, visibility and overall "Lexus like" quality (and one of these riders is a real auto skeptic). Initially I thought the seats a bit firm but my back has adjusted and I wouldn't trade them for anything I've had in the past. And I've had my share of back troubles. I'll be taking it on several road trips within the next week and will report back on my impressions afterwards. But, so far, wonderful.
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    We've had our Limited for about three weeks/ 900 miles. Overall we love the vehicle, however a few things have begun to bug me. On the center console cover, I noticed two blemishes in the "leather", almost as if they were molded in during the building process. Whenever the road is rough, or we hit a pothole, the rear-end (shocks/ springs?) makes a fairly loud clunking sound. It doesn't sound as if something is broke, just much too pronounced for such a "quiet" vehicle (it isn't as bad with a full load). Last but not least, my wife reported that once, when she used the horn, the radio station switched channels! She tried it a few times when it happened, and it kept switching. I have not been able to duplicate this occurance though. That was a wierd one! Any comments would be appreciated.
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    We've had ours for a week/500 mi and had some issues at pickup that were mostly dealer related (greasy handprint on seat, etc). However, the driver's sill plate has some significant gouging on it (like someone was trying to pry it up with a screwdriver), and the footrest under the e-brake is missing a screw. The dealer ordered all the parts and will replace them for us.

    On pickup we had an issue with the radio as well - we couldn't change the volume on the radio when the CD was playing. Lasted a few minutes (the saleperson tried to fix it and eventually it went away). We'll keep our eyes on that. We too have a louder than expected clunking in the back when going over bumps.
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    I just remembered another one. The tether that holds the gas cap in place fell out of its anchor at the second fill-up. I was able to push it back in, but the connection is weak now, and I'm sure it won't last. Anyone else notice this?
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    I'm looking for a car that handles long interstate commute without glitches. I am in the military which means a lot of travels. Been impressed so far with the reviews on the Hyundai Vera Cruz but still sceptical of its ability to withstand constant non-stop travels.

    Anybody has experience with the Vera Cruz in that regard?

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    Ola - My Veracruz has proven to be exceptionally reliable so far. 5100 miles and no problems. I just did a 3600 mile trip of which 3400 were interstate miles and had no issues with running the vehicle all day long at interstate speeds.
    Hope this helps you in your decision.
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    Although my longest "no-stop" highway trip has been <100 miles, I can confirm that the VC is a great highway cruiser. Other than a little wind noise, it really purrs at speeds exceeding 65 MPH. Very smooth and relatively quiet. I have a little over 1000 miles on my VC with no issues.
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    This is one sweet ride for highway travel. Very quiet, smooth ride. For a highway cruiser, I couldn't be happier. And, I'm coming off a Chrysler T&C which also has a nice highway ride. I'm totally satisfied so far.
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    Well here it is July 20. In my initial message I indicated that we had our VC sent to the paint shop to repair some blemishes caused by the dealership repairing a scratch. After being told it would take two days to repair, the truth of the matter is the repair shop held the car for 11 days (even though it only took them 3 days tops to make the repairs. Our Hyundai dealer sent our VC to a Honda/Acura owned body shop. There were two areas that they had to repair and what they did was blend the color to match then clear coated the entire driver side. The blending has a lot to be desired. The blending is not 100% but rather 80% perfect (being generous). The scratch would have been more acceptable untouched. They didn't cover the car to protect it from over spray so I spent the afternoon compounding over spray off the car. I could go into a lot of detail over how aggravating it was getting to this point, but I'm not. The VC is a solid vehicle and an absolute pleasure to drive. We have the SE with the premium & leather and entertainment package. The sound system is a 10! Extreamly quiet cabin, smooth driving. The only thing I'd change is the dealer.
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    Finally got my VC, (limited) and love it with the exception of a few minor things. There is one issue that I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing. When driving between 25 and 40 mph and the tachometer is somewhere between 1500 and 2000 rpm (most often and likely to be in 4th gear), and on a slight incline needing some slight gas pedal pressure , I find that the car seems to buck "slightly" and run a little uneven. (this is a condition most often experienced when just doing city driving where we slow up and speed up continuously.....(25-40 mph). I first thought it might be starving for gas, but now my thoughts are that it's just not in a low enough gear and is just struggling (in that too high of a gear). Kind of like what you might feel if you were driving a stick shift and you were in 4th when you really should be in 3rd. If that indeed is the case, then having a 6 speed might be great for highway driving, but sucks for city driving. (If that's the case) Has anyone felt this or have any thoughts on what it might be?. (maybe of our more informative participants)

    Also. Anyone tried getting a third "proximity" key? What happens if you have 3 people who want to have keys for the car.....Hmmmmmmmmm. I've had no luck in finding a parts or service person who knows how to get me a third key. Asked about 5 different dealerships and got 5 different answers.????????
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    I purchased my SE three weeks ago and I have about 900 miles on it.

    I haven't found any blemishes or defects but wanted to question the fuel pipe (where you put the gas nozzle). Mine moves and I'm not sure if it's supposed to. I've never owned a vehicle where it did.

    I noticed it's surrounded by a flexible material, I presume to isolate it from the rest of the vehicle. I'm going to question it when I take it in for the first oil change, but thought I'd mention it here for comments.
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    Mine moves too. Probably normal.
  • mjb56mjb56 Member Posts: 170
    They all do that.
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    This past winter my 2003 Mazda6 started exhibiting the exact same symptoms as your new VC. The first trip to the dealer resulted in the inevitable "Can't reproduce the symptom." and the computer says it's OK. After several months of the same problem, I brought it back and had the service manager ride with me as I caused the car to buck with slight acceleration. He was convinced and kept the car a couple of days. They had to drive the car with a diagnostic system hooked up to finally determine that it was a bad coil on one of the cylinders. Hope this helps.
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    I bought my 2007 Limited Vera Cruz three weeks ago, and in the last five days I've had two rocks (one about the half a golf ball size and one a third of a marble size at best) hit my windshield and nicked it, in one case, and nicked it and caused a minor crack. I've been driving for 30 years and never had this problem with a windshield.

    Insurance covers it, luckily, but I am wondering if the windshield may be defective, if it is covered by the warranty and/or if the dealership should be doing anything about it? Any suggestions for how to proceed?

    Also, when you bought your Vera Cruz, did you get a packet with warranty info? We didn't receive anything from the dealership, but we were told it would come in the mail. I'm a bit nervous about trusting the dealer's word on that.
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    Same thing happened to me......"Can't reproduce the problem" and the computer says it's OK. The problem is, that it's going to be hard to duplicate. You have to drive it "awhile" in those conditions I had mentioned and get the feel of it in order to recognize the symptom. I have a feeling it's not going to be an easy problem to resolve if every time I go to the service dept. with that issue and they can't duplicate it.
    I might consider showing the service guy your email to "inspire" him to look into it a bit more. If anyone else out there is experiencing this problem, I would really like to hear from them.thanks
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    Your dealership did a lousy job of delivering your vehicle. Your warranty information should have come in a nicely done glove compartment package.
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    After my initial visit to the dealer and then living with it for a while, my wife and I were running errands on a weekend and listening to NPR's "Car Talk." A caller called in and described our car's symptoms exactly and Click and Clack immediately said coil and/or plugs. I went back to the dealer and took the service manager for the ride and duplicated the symptoms and told him the story about "Car Talk." Over time, I could duplicate the conditions that caused the bucking from speeds 25-60 MPH and over any terrain - hilly, flat. The slight acceleration was the key ingredient. I recommend that you make a service guy ride with you and re-create the bucking condition. That ought to make a believer of them. Let me know how things work out.
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    I have seen a few complaints concerning the poor delivery of the Veracurz to customers posted on these boards. Are the Hyundai dealers having trouble coping with mid to upper mid-level buyer's expectations verses their normal low-end buyer's expectations?
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    My delivery was great. In fact, the dealer (Price Hyundai in Charlottesville VA) drove my VC 60 miles to my office to sign papers and then delivered the car to my home (it was a surprise birthday gift for my wife). It was very painless for me although a little bit of a hassle for my salesman who was top notch throughout the process. My first experience with a Hyundai dealership was as good as, if not better, than anything I've experienced with Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, VW, Acura (yes, I've bought at least 1 car from each of the listed brands).
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    What kind of deal did you get?
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Member Posts: 114
    $35708 for an AWD Limited with Ultimate package, saddle interior, cross rails. They even threw in mats. Total sticker with the mats was $38200. This was a straight cash deal, no financing, no trade. So it was a great deal on a model in tight supply and they treated me like I mattered throughout the transaction. Nothing but thumbs up as far as I'm concerned.
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    Please brag on your dealer in Dealer Ratings and Reviews at Edmunds. And some pics in your CarSpace album would be fun to see too. I don't ask for much do I? ;)

    Congrats on the new Veracruz!
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    So about $500 above invoice? Not a bad deal. Thanks for your input and enjoy your new car.
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Member Posts: 114
    Thanks. Closer to $200 over invoice when you consider the accessories (cross rails for the roofrack and free mats). Another thing to add: I did nothing but ask to get their best price. I never engage in "to-the-death" at-the-dealership negotiations. I do EVERYTHING via email and the internet. They fired me their best price. I knew it was more than fair and I gave them my money. Painless and satisfying. Car buying can be easy.
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    Good post! If we can just get some good incentives on this car then you can cross over into the sub-invoice price range. Again, good purchase, thank you for your input.
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    Yes jandj. I took the mechanic out for a test ride, but of course was unable to reproduce the symptom. It's not a symptom that jumps out at you and says here I am. It's very subtle and all the conditions have to be exact, so naturally in the 5-10 minute ride with the mechanic, I was unable to get the car to reproduce the problem and the response from the service dept was "can't reproduce the problem". Maybe the problem will get worse and then more easily to recognize. I actually wish it would get worse but not sure if it will
    I'll keep on trying. Thanks
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    What kind of city MPG are you getting? Also, the "bucking" feeling - does it feel kind of like a tapping/bumping feeling on the accelerator? I find on our new VC (about 1200 miles) that when I drive in the city it kinda feels like the beginning of a roller coaster ride (very slight though)...kind of like it is grasping the next notch on a gear. My husband thinks it is normal and it is just the transmission doing its shifting up and down. I don't know. Also VERY DISAPPOINTED with city MPG at only 12-13. I am wondering if this sensation could be something that is causing decreased MPG.

    Any HELP is appreciated. I hate to take it to our local dealer...they are very unfriendly... Should I take it to the selling dealer (150 miles away)and have them check it? Would any machine they can attach to it figure out if it is a bad coil (or whatever somebody suggested could be the problem)..


  • simagicsimagic Member Posts: 84
    I'm also getting terrible city gas mileage (similar to yours). I don't know as if I feel the tapping/bumping feeling on the accelerator that you describe. I do have (VERY SLIGHTLY) that beginning of the roller coaster ride (VERY SLIGHTLY)...when 4th. I don't know if there is a device that they could attach to the coil or not. I'm hoping someone more knowledgeable about that would respond to this blog. Any dealer does warranty and service work on your car. There is no need to drive 150 miles to the selling dealer. Just find "another" local dealer.
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    THANX! I wish we could find another LOCAL DEALER.... we live in a small town and have 3 or 4 new car lots...all carry 4 or 5 makes .... and none of them carry the same make...NO COMPETITION when buying a car...

    I found it hard to describe the feeling to my husband. I had him drive and focus on acceleration and all that goes with it and NOT on the ride/noise/music, etc. He wasn't sure he felt anything....then I explained the VERY SLIGHT roller coaster start he understands and does notice it; however, it could just be the transmission shifting all of those gears???? HMM?

    I am SO DISAPPOINTED with our MPG in the city....maybe like one response I received indicated...I live in a town where there are red lights every 6 or 8 blocks....and all the stops/starts are killing our MPG. I will try to focus more on drively gingerly to see if it improves.

    Let me know if you find out anything about the roller coaster feeling you get....I will surely respond to this blog if I do.

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    "I bought my 2007 Limited Vera Cruz three weeks ago, and in the last five days I've had two rocks (one about the half a golf ball size and one a third of a marble size at best) hit my windshield and nicked it, in one case, and nicked it and caused a minor crack. I've been driving for 30 years and never had this problem with a windshield.

    Insurance covers it, luckily, but I am wondering if the windshield may be defective, if it is covered by the warranty and/or if the dealership should be doing anything about it? Any suggestions for how to proceed? "

    warranty won't cover a rock hitting your windshield.
  • nthenthe Member Posts: 414
    i do have one question for those of you getting disappointing MPGs, why did you buy a big SUV if you are worried about gas milage?
  • nrzjagonrzjago Member Posts: 17
  • simagicsimagic Member Posts: 84
    Disappointing MPG "for that particular car" is what we mean ((and I think you know that, Mr nthe)). I don't expect to get what the sticker says ( because we all know that the MPG posted on the sticker is for comparison only and I don't expect to get that unless I drive under the same conditions that the test was made and of course "YOU" know that's impossible. If I wanted great MPG, I'd get a GEO. What we mean is, ( and you know damn well) is that comparative to what is actually normal to get, we are disappointed. But thanks for the "attempt" to critisize
  • nrzjagonrzjago Member Posts: 17
    I am not as concerned with the MPG - however, I think the one little "roller coaster" sensation may be causing our CV to perform less than normal. Before we purchased I visited several sites that had most CV owners getting 17-18 in the city....and I would be happy with that.

    How many miles on your VC? Some owners reported MPG improvement after 1000 miles...and I couldn't wait to get there....however; it came and went and still no change!


  • simagicsimagic Member Posts: 84
    3000 miles on my VC. 17-18 would be fabulous. I'd be happy with 15 right now. I will say though, that the air conditioner has been on since I bought it. I'm sure that's making some difference.
  • mjb56mjb56 Member Posts: 170
    I just got my insurance bill today. The coverage on the Veracruz is $210 cheaper than my 2003 Chrysler T&C. Even the agent was shocked at that. The deal just gets better all the time.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I just got my insurance bill today.

    Is that annual or semiannual billing?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • mjb56mjb56 Member Posts: 170
    Thats an annual billing cycle. It would be interesting to find out the reason why. The agent didn't know.
  • nrzjagonrzjago Member Posts: 17
    Our insurance dropped $11 month because of the safety features (airbags, electronic stability control ??? etc). I was shocked... I thought he meant $11 for the 6 month policy...he confirmed it would be $11 a MONTH! GREAT NEWS!
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    I've posted here before, but, since we now have a Veracruz Initial Quality thread, I thought I'd sum up all my frustrations. I purchased an SE with Premium Leather package the end of April. At the time, the Limiteds were non existent.

    1. The dealer got the car from a dealer 260 miles away. So, I expected approximately 260 miles on the car. We didn't know that there were 750 until the business manager mentioned it during their financing pitch. The salesman claimed ignorance and offered us two free oil changes as an insult. We accepted delivery even though my wife wanted to kill the deal. I should have listened to her.

    2. Upon delivery, a piece of chrome on one of the windows had to be replaced due to scratches, and, the windshield wiper motor had to be replaced.

    3. One day, I noticed an indention in the dashboard. The entire dashboard had to be replaced. The three or four parts they damaged while installing the new dash also had to be replaced.

    4. The car is making an awful noise after the parking brake is applied. It's got to be a problem with the parking brake. It took them three times to admit that they heard something. When they finally did, the service advisor said the car was just settling and all cars do that.

    5. The car is making creaking noises when you accelerate or brake. I'm sure that's the material and tightness of the interior parts. I'm sure a lot of cars experience this, but, this is supposed to be a luxury car competing with the RX350.

    And oh yea, the cigarette lighter doesn't work. they said they had fixed that and they hadn't.

    I apologize to all of you satisfied Veracruz buyers out there, but this has been the worst car buying experience of my life.
  • jimmyz4jimmyz4 Member Posts: 25
    Anytime a rock that size hits a windsheild, there is potential for a nick. It has happened to me twice in my driving life. Both times covered by insurance. In Florida it is covered 100%.

    Strange, you did not say how you liked your new VC.

    How do you like it?
  • jimmyz4jimmyz4 Member Posts: 25
    Hey mit....sounds like you have a dealer problem. The first indication was the 750 joy ride. Looking back, you probably should have stopped the deal right there and walked. And, told the salesman where to put his two oil changes and his 750 mile VC on the way out the door. Of course, it is always easy to solve problems looking back.

    Hyundai is trying very hard to become a "premium brand" provider. From what I have read, they are certainly getting there. I would seek out the regional customer satisfaction representative and tell him about your experience.

    Also, look up your VIN# in Car Fax and make sure that you were not sold a car that was registered and returned by some buyer. Not probable, but if they can't account for the 750 miles, who knows. It is worth checking for the small price it costs.

    I am taking delivery of my new VC next week and am very encouraged about what I have read about the VC not only here, but all over the Internet. I am a Lexus owner [2 of them] and I am not shedding one tear buying a VC instead of a new Lex.

    I am sorry you had such a bad experience. The only way you can keep that from happening to some other car buyer is to escalate to Hyundai.

    You may alsoi be in a position to demand some adjustment for your 750 mile "new" car. In my mind, that is a used car. Depending on circumstances, the regional rep may also feel that way.

    Be cool, be calm, be factual and see what happens. You have nothing to lose.
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    I'm really sorry to hear of your problems (and you don't need to apologize- I started this post since I thought it would worthwhile to hear of everyone's experiences, both good and not so good). Your quality issues don't appear typical of the VC's that have been sold so far. Unfortunately you have an exception. My Veracruz AWD LTD with Ultimate package has been nearly perfect so far. I'm not gloating- simply stating fact. Please don't give up hope and be sure to keep us posted on developments.
  • mjb56mjb56 Member Posts: 170
    Sorry to hear about your poor experience. Sounds like you bought a demo that's been treated pretty rough. With that many miles, I would have walked away. Any arbitration available in your state?
  • mit23mit23 Member Posts: 14
    Thanks for your replies. I may take your suggestion and contact Hyundai. I was definitely thinking about it. One thing though, we knew the car would have approximately 250 mile on it since they were getting it from a dealer that far away. The extra 500 miles was a surprise. And according to the papers, the car had been delivered to the initial dealer only a month earlier. If they had had it since January, it might have made more sense.
  • jimmyz4jimmyz4 Member Posts: 25
    Mit.....the answer is in the "2007 Owner's Handbook Supplement" that is contained in the same plastic holder as your Owner's Manual.

    On Page 2 and 3 it clearly states how you should handle your problem and states Hyundai's interest in making sure that you are a satisfied customer.

    Since steps 1 and 2 have to do with the dealership, I would carefully document in writing your problem and the proposed solution, if any, by the dealer/owner. Phone calls and personal contacts are difficult to document and end up in "he said she said" category.

    Then, if you get no satisfaction you are ready for step 3 with Hyundai Customer Assistance Center as outlined in the booklet.

    Or, you may already be ready for step 3 depending on what has transpired between you and the dealer.

    Your experience though not good, helps all of us and will help Hyundai too. It really sounds like an isolated incident.
  • aabruzzeseaabruzzese Member Posts: 16
    Like the others here, I'm sorry your experience has been so bad. I had dealer problems (service related) after I bought my 2003 Santa Fe. I contact Hyundai and filed a complaint, followed up several times but never any action. I hope you have better luck.

    I'm wondering if you received any follow up calls since your purchase. I've received two. The first was for dealer satisfaction, the second (believe it or not) was for initial quality.

    I hope everything works out for you.
  • hvcownerhvcowner Member Posts: 36
    This is a great idea for a forum. I'm looking forward to reading what other people have found. So far, my Veracruz has 4700 miles on it, and I've had it for almost 4 months. I have no problems to report yet!
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