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Hyundai Veracruz Initial Quality



  • I haven't..It's smootest one. I experience it in My Honda but not in VC
  • becykbecyk Posts: 28
    I'm very happy with the VC, or at least I was! Today, went to wash vehicle, but never made it there.

    - Exact same thing happened to my wife last this is the 2nd & 3rd times.

    - As I slowed to a red light, just before final stop (±3mph), the VC stalled, as if the tranny never made it to first gear or disengaged for the vehicle to idle in drive.
    - Sticked in in neutral, she wouldn't go to Park, and it started right away...ok (I guess).
    - Carry on my merry way, next stop at a red light, same thing, but this time, it wouldn't start or go in Park. I had to open up the "shift unlock" access hole & push on the tab so I could put it in Park.
    - Called roadside assistance...15min. later, she fired up! WTF?

    »It acted like the computer didn't recognise my key.

  • craigmricraigmri Posts: 243
    becyk, with luck your dealer will find a stored error code and determine fault. Please follow up and let us know end result.

  • My SE does the same thing, but at around 10 mph. I think between 2nd and 1st gear. I have not worried about it to this point.
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    I've had a little different tranny characteristic. I seem to feel a "wobble" or hesitation when it shifts into 4th and 5th gear, more so when cold. It almost feels like the vehicle is misfiring but when I put it in neutral and just glide it goes away and the engine runs smooth. It's going in to get checked next week. At first I thought the tires were out of round.
  • becykbecyk Posts: 28
    Took it in today (Nov. 19) and I remembered to call the dealer later that day to mention that everytime this happened, the ESC (electronic stability control) light was on.

    Hope it helped them, they found a sensor failing, I think they said the wheel sensor but I'm not sure, part will be in tomorrow and hopefully that was it. If they fix it the first time and that's the end of that one...I'm happy, [non-permissible content removed] happens.

    I'll be a little worried for a while and if it doesn't happen again, I'll stop worrying.
  • Hi everyone. I own a 2007 Veracruz Limited with about 7K miles on it. So far, it seems to be a terrific car. VERY stable, always feels safe to drive. Good value for the money. I love the quietness, feel, and features of this car. Great stereo system! I've listed a few of the problems I've had so far and would appreciate comments.

    Front end squeaks and rattles - seem to be coming from the struts. In to dealer twice and they're not sure how to fix this. :(

    Headlights - low beams have a sharp horizontal cutoff (don't illuminate roadsigns when close) and high beams are way too high! Extremely bright, but don't do anything to the roadway (only the trees). In to two dealers, and they both told me they are not adjustable. Under the hood, there does seem to be an elaborate adjustment mechanism. From comments I've read on this forum, they are adjustable. Any comments please? :surprise:

    Tire overinflation - same as many people had apparently. Mine were 50 psi! :)

    Lights dim and fan blower dim briefly when the transmission downshifts. Dealer tells me that all Hyundais do this and it's normal. Seems pretty chintzy for a 21st century vehicle. :confuse:

  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Sorry to hear about these problems.

    I think the Veracruz looks great and seemed to be a good value, but after these comments and the dealerships inability to resolve these problems, I am not comfortable with this car.

    All cars have problems, but these problems sound like they may be the result of poor engineering.
  • I assume Hyundai has sold over 7500 Veracruz to date. Of that I believe less that 100 have indicated issues on this board. Most owners that write to this board list issues that they are trying to find answers to. I wrote about scratched paint issues early on and they were corrected. The issues were not about the quality of the car but how the dealership handled the problem. Yes the headlights are different and yes they can be adjusted from what I read on this board. I do not have any issues with the transmission, no squeeks, or rattles, tire pressure problems. I do not agree that there is an engineering problem but a dealer issue. This is a new vehicle and with that comes new repair techniques. The dealers have to make sure that their mechanics get on board so that they know what they are talking about and that they know how to make the necessary adjustments.
    Veracruz owners have to sound off about the positives of their vehicles and demand attention from the dealer repair shops or this vehicle will fail and the value of your car will deflate like a spike in a tire.

    Proud to be a VERACRUZ owner!
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Proud Veracruz owner,

    You are committing a sample size bias logic flaw with your argument. You are making the assumption that all 7500 owners are members of this board, but only 100 have indicated there is a problem. I think you will find that the number of owners that use this board is far less that 7500 and if that is correct, then the number of members reporting initial problems is significant.

    I am not a Veracruz hater, but I find it strange that the Veracruz board has a thread totally dedicated to initial QC problems. Additionally, many of the board members are reporting the same or similar problems. More information is required before it can be determined if there problems with this car. On the other hand, the fact that board members are having this conversation is an indicator that there may be QC problems with this car.

    It is my hope that the dealerships can properly train their personnel on how to diagnose and repair these cars, it is on my short list.

    Let's wait and see how Hyundai responds to this issue.
  • I am the poster who originally started the quality control thread. Why? Certainly not because I thought the Veracruz had a lot of issues. I did it from my experience with my initial ownership of a Honda Ridgeline when it was introduced nearly 3 years ago. I am a member of an online Ridgeline owners club. Back when my Ridgeline was new, I learned a ton from fellow new Ridgeline owners. Believe it or not, the Ridgeline had numerous common problems when it was first introduced. Other owners' experiences with getting these problems fixed helped a lot of us when dealing with our dealers. My experience convinced me to try this thread.

    Everyone, the Veracruz is a brand new vehicle. It's bound to experience some growing pains. It's not unusual for any new vehicle, regardless of brand. I certainly learned that this was the case with the Ridgeline (by the way, I love my Ridgeline- 30K miles and still like new). So even if a fraction of the 10,000 VC owners share their ownership experiences, all VC owners will benefit.

    For the record, our Limited AWD Veracruz has logged 4500 miles in 5 months of ownership. Other than a couple of minor dashboard rattles (I'm a perfectionist that listens for EVERYTHING), the Veracruz has been delightful so far. I'd recommend a Veracruz to anybody in the market for a refined, well featured CUV that doesn't cost a fortune.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    You are committing a sample size bias logic flaw with your argument.

    Actually, sample bias is only part of the problem. If the sample is truly random then the sampling error would be about 10% (1/square root of 100 if there really were 100 "respondents."). The more serious (statistics) problem is that the sample is not representative of the entire "population" of Veracruz owners, i.e. ALL Veracruz owners are not equally likely to participate in any given forum.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Sampling, (ie:7500 vs 100) cannot be done here. I am not trying to show there are 7500 Veracruz owners on this board and that only 100 responded with problems. More that if you were to take a pole of users, the majority would most likely say that they came to this thread because they had a problem and are looking for answers. The majority of car owners who have no problems will most likely not visit these threads and if they do will just read and stay quiet. You cannot assume that Veracuruz is flawed simply by 100 comments on this board. Lets stop putting down the quality of the car and try to help our fellow owners through their problems. Let's hear from both sides, positive and negative on this car. Are there others out there that can go on this thread and say "No problems with transmission, etc."

    The lights issue is true. There is a distinct line on low beams and the high beams do light up the trees. That I believe does not make for a defective vehicle but simply a matter that has to be adjusted.
    Other than that, We have about 5000 miles on our Veracruz with no other known issues. The transmission is perfect. It could not be more smooth.
    The car was well worth the cost.

    Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!
  • xquuzme, I think you need to find a better dealer to service your car.

    I had issues with the dealer I bought my 2003 Santa Fe from. I got so frustrated with their lousy service that I took my '03 to another dealer. That dealer fixed all the problems. (one of the problems was so bad that the second dealer wouldn't let me drive the car off their lot! They said it was too dangerous to drive and got me a rental while they fixed it at no charge to me.)

    I had the same headlight issue with my 07 VC SE. When I had my oil changed a few days ago I mentioned the problem and they fixed it. They're perfect now.

    I haven't noticed anything regarding the lights dimming, nor do I remember reading anyone else mentioning it.

    BTW, the dealer that services my VC isn't the one I bought it from. They have a GREAT service team, but their sales team is aweful.

    Good luck, and please let us all know how you make out!
  • becykbecyk Posts: 28
    Well, the wheel sensor has been replaced on my VC and I'm still happy with it.

    I service elevators for a living...and yes, even brand new units will have the odd failure!!! It's something we have to live with nowadays. With all the gadgets and gimmicks in these outta have the odd one fail, I guess its the odds. they have a given "acceptable" failure rate which is 1/x # of failures. Its the times, it sucks, but that's what it is!

    Yes, if it wasn't for this failure...I would have probabl never came out on this forum to check if others are experiencing the same thing I was. I was trying to find a quick fix to help my dealer pin point the problem & fix. Hey, if I had a barebones car without ESC, ABS, TC, AC, AT & xyz ;) I wouldn't have the great vehicle that is the Veracruz!
  • becykbecyk Posts: 28
    Here's my experience with new things:

    bought a new motorcycle in '94 ->1 bad part in the luck!
    bought a new car in 95 ->cold starts wheren't easy,bad luck
    bought new DVD player ->failed in 1 week...replaced & still going strong after 7yrs.
    bought new motorcycle in '02->oil leak after luck!
    bought Veracruz ->bad wheel luck! :surprise:
    and the list goes on & on & on! seriously! It is so sad that when [non-permissible content removed] like this happens now, I just laugh! :confuse: :D
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    Again, I have nothing against the Veracruz or am I emotionally attached to this car.

    There is little doubt that we lack enough data to conduct a proper analysis of the QC problems of this car, but a quick comparison with another car CX-9 may provide some insight. The CX-9's Problems Thread has 7 comments, while the Veracruz's QC Thread has 107 comments (now 108). The car is on my short list, but I will carefully watch how the dealership respond to these QC problems.
  • Even I erred when I said "only 100 responded with problems". This thread is a mix of comments, complaints, advice, compliments and conversations such as this one. So it would be unfair to say that there are 100 problem comments. I didn't count the total number of complaints in this thread, could be 10 or 20. My err. On the other hand I don't think we can compare this thread to the CX-9's problem thread which was created in September 2007 when that vehicle was introduced in April 2006, one and one half years earlier. So let's watch this thread and see how it plays out and hope that Hyundai is watching also.
  • May be CX-9 board is not vocal as like Veracruz. If 7 Vs. 107 comments is your criteria, then wondering what you are waiting for?
    As rightly put by others, 107 are not all complaints.

    My Honda dealer created another problems while fixing the one. So changed to other dealer before I started suspecting Honda quality.

    I am trying to listen all sorts of noise while driving my Veracruz. Sometimes shutting off radio,cd player altogether. But it's dead silent, smooth. Slides on butter.
    Can anyone explain what is that rattle, you are talking about?
    May be I will check in that direction.
    If VC dealers are not listening, then time to write Hyundai USA offices. It's a new machine, dealers will always have tough time to find and fix.
  • becykbecyk Posts: 28
    Go ahead and buy a CX-9! Save me your I'm not too sure now kind of deal and don't buy a Veracruz!

    Go ahead and buy a Ford powered car and don't forget to fuel up now!!!

    sans prejudice
  • I purchased my 08 Limited VC in September. After a month I noticed a parasitic drain on the battery. After being parked for 3 days, the battery was is so low the car can't start. This would never be discovered by someone that uses his car daily. I tested the voltage drop each day and at the end of the 2nd day there was just enough voltage to start the car, 11.9V. At the end of the third day the voltage was 10.5 volts - car would not start. Has anyone left their VC parked for a long period of time, and was still able to start their car. I am taking the car to the dealer Monday for a fix. How long can a parked Limited VC battery maintain a charge. Thanks.
  • Battery on our VC is clean as a whistle after 6 months of use. Recently parked at airport for 10 days. When we returned started no problem. Take your VC to a reliable hyundai repair shop.
  • selooseloo Posts: 606
    This is not personal, this is a discussion about a car.

    As for the CX-9, the wife does not care for the interior, so I am still looking.

    "I'm very happy with the VC, or at least I was!" I fully understand that you are frustrated with your car; based on your posts it has a few QC problems. I hope the sensor problem does not return.

    We are just fortionate that we live in a country that provides us with an opportunity to discuss frivolous topics such as this one. Good luck with you car.
  • Correct, no reason for this conversation to get personal. I'm curious. You say that you are very happy with your VC, or at least you were. Other than some posts here about some problems, what put you on the fence? Did you experience any problems with your VC? As I stated earlier, we have not experienced any mechanical problems. We only have to work on the headlight adjustment thing.
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    I too am very pleased with the VC. I fully expected some issues with a new model. But having taken several lengthy trips and having nearly 10K mi. on it it's exceeded my expectations. Particularly the fuel mileage. Most recent had a fully loaded vehicle with 5 passengers, into a 25 mph headwind, at 25 degree temps. Still got 23 mpg.
  • Thanks. Actually, I've been to two different dealers. I'm told the headlights cannot be adjusted independently. The low beams are too low and the high beams are too high, so if they are adjusted, one or the other will be even worse!

    I tried the adjustment in one of the earlier posts. There are two places that adjust the beams up and down, but they do adjust them at the same time. This is a serious safety flaw and I'm hopeful Hyundai will correct the problem.

    Hopefully other owners will voice their concern as well so Hyundai will recognize the problem and hopefully fix it.

    Otherwise, I'm enjoying my car.
  • The CX-9 was our second choice. My wife also didn't like the truck-like interior and the rear seat rails in the way on the floorboard. I think you get more for your money with the Veracruz.
  • Rottencar......are you being overly critical??? Do you really own a VC? What year and how many miles?

    I have a VC Limited 2007 and ....

    1. My key buttons don't stick out on my keyless fob. They are flush. Even if you recessed them a bit, whatever you carry in your pockets will still push the button. The only way to avoid completely is to put a cover over it. No matter what gizmo with buttons, if it has buttons and you carry lots of stuff in same pocket [as it sounds like you do], it can, and probably will activate somehow, sometime.

    2. I have 2800 miles on mine, and have never had the radio or cruise control deactivate while driving. Not once. With hands on the wheel, I can't even imagine how this can be done. Now, if you rest your elbows on the wheel, that's another problem...

    3. I have occasionally felt the thump. I don't buy that it is normal. It happens about twice a week. I think Hyundai will eventually address this. It has been reported to differing degrees. That tranny is too good to be doing this and I am planning to escalate to Hyndai if my dealer tells me "it is normal." So far, I can not duplicate it at will.

    I am thrilled with my VC so far. Had a Lexus before that served me well for 7 years. I decided to take a chance on the VC based on the Motor Trend comparison. I am glad I did and have that small, minor complaint stated in point #3.

    If at some point I become as unhappy as you are, I will take my financial lump, sell the VC and buy a Lexus for 10K more and hope it will give me the "perfect" car buying experience. Which probably does not really exist.

    I have gotten two surveys from Hyundai so far. Something I never got from Lexus and I have purchased two of them. My wife still has hers.

    I believe that Hyundai it is a company that cares and wants to make their products better.

    Good luck to you.....

  • 99gs99gs Posts: 109
    I had this same issue on my '05 Acura TL. They had to do a software update as something in the computer was draining the battery.
  • We just got our Veracruz with beige interior and was wondering if anyone else has this model that included dark gray floor mats? It seems odd that the floor mats are not beige, like the floor carpeting. We're wondering if the dealer switched them out before delivering the car, or if this is just the way they come?
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