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Kia Sedona Quality Control

wykaaowykaao Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Kia
I bought a Sedona EX with luxury package on June 30th. I lived about 30 miles from that particular dealer. On June 6, Friday I was on my way to the dealer to have a hood protector put on, the van suddenly shock violently and sounded like a motor cycle and the “service engine” sign lit up. I was only minutes away from the dealer so I brought it over there safely. When I told them what happened, the service people decaled the van not driveable. They thought it was software problem connected with a computer glitch and until they could figure it out in KIA all the vans are susceptible to the problem. But since I live so far away, they took a computer from another van and tried to put it in. The service guy said he would have the van back running in 45 minutes but it didn’t work. They had no choice but to rent a car for me to go home.

I was then told this computer problem happens to 1 in 25 Sedonas. In fact, one happened 3 days before. I talked to the manager who finally admitted that he knew of the problem but he had no obligation to tell me, citing that Nissan’s Altimas are being recalled and Nissan was not telling anybody about the problem even though they knew of it.

They could not fix my van so I had to leave it with them for service. And I was told they would have it repaired early in the week. When I got there again yesterday, Thursday 12 June, they told me they could not fix it. They said they tried again putting another van’s computer in but it did not work either and that they tried for 4 hours but that computer kept locking everything up. They had to disconnect the battery and reset everything. They had to send my computer to California to have it fixed and they won’t know how long it would take to get it back. Even if it comes back okay, there will still be that software problem that can show up any time. I was told to watch out.

Today I was able to reach KIA and they said they are going to take care of the problem. They said the new computer will be arriving on Monday and the van should take a week to fix. Should I trust them this time?

I had the bland new van for less than a week and the rest of the time, it is sitting in their lot to be repaired. Since 1 in 25 Sedonas has this problem, I believe it may be manufacturer’s defect. All Sedonas should be recalled. I have never bought a KIA before and I’ve read the reviews of the van, which gave the Sedona high marks. But this incident has greatly disappointed me and I’ll never buy another cheap Korean made car again!


  • rdtruckrdtruck Posts: 3
    Get out from this van as soon as possible. Check into your lemon laws. I have a 2006 Sedona and it has been nothing but problems since I purchased it last October. It is currently in the shop (again) and they replaced the computer. Today, they called me to pick it up and behold, the check engine light came on again. Kia Service is very reactive instead of proactive to fixing any issues with your vehicle. Now, I dont know when I will get my vehicle back, but I'm filing under lemon laws and getting rid of this monstrocity. Run Run Run Run as fast as your can!!!!

  • rdtruckrdtruck Posts: 3
    My Sedona has only 12,000 miles on it and I've had it in the shop multiple times for not starting, leaking oil, windown seals falling out, check engine light, fried computer, A/C not working...yada yada yada. Again, run!!!

  • Bought my brand new 2007 Sedona in the first 3000 miles there was a knocking problem in the dash...they took out the dash and replaced some heating door/part. Three days ago I started my van (now at 6700 miles) started to shake, rattle, boom and make popping noises...then went quiet...but still kept running. I called the repair dept. and he said to driveit in...I backed it out of my driveway and as I made my way down the street it quit taking gas. I called and had it towed in. They gave me a rental...and the next day called and said they were confident they had fixed the problem. I showed up to get it this morning and when I started it, it mademost of the same noises. I went in and got them and they tried to start it and it wouldnt work...they said the engine had flooded and they later in the day started it and it works...
    Now they say they will start it in the morning because they think it willl only act up when it is cold!
  • Going on a year now in my 06 Sedona with no real problems at all. The only thing is I have the ticking sound from the actuator on the hvac door and a few rattles I want addressed but the van has been great here in PR where the whether is hot all the time and the roads are rough. I seriously doubt this 1 in 25 number. Sorry for your troubles.
  • I'm happy your Sedona hasn't reached turd level yet. Just make sure you keep up on all your recommended maintenance or they will screw you whwn something inevitably happens to your Kia. Hopefully, you'll remain one of the lucky ones.
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