Saab 9-5 Maintenance and Repair

jpkenneyjpkenney Member Posts: 3
I have a 1999 Saab 95, auto, 4 cylinder. I believe the fuel pump is going out. The car will sometimes stall at a stop light and when I stepped on the gas hard it sound/feels like it's stalling but gets going again!! I already checked the fuse, what else can it be? The car has of 100k on it and it's the original fuel pump.


  • jlamsonjlamson Member Posts: 7
    I'm new to this site and to Saab's but when is the last time the fuel filter was changed? If you haven't, you should ... it's cheaper and easier than the fuel pump, and will help the fuel pump live a longer healthier life.

  • debbiek1debbiek1 Member Posts: 2
    Brakes are hard as rock. I have been told Master Cylinder or brake booster (vacuum booster? not sure if this is the same as brake booster). Does anyone know what would cause this and how pricey to fix?
  • jat007jat007 Member Posts: 2
    Fuel filter is the good place to start. However, your problem is due to a bad or leaky check valve. The check valve is located next to your fuel pump under the rear seat. Be very careful when inspecting this check valve or anytime working with the fuel pump, since you don't want to snap off any lines.
  • fchin3044fchin3044 Member Posts: 1
    2001 Saab 95, 86,000 miles. When I depress the brake pedal, I need to press hard to stop and then again, it does not feel like the hard stop my other Saab or Volvo have. Do I have to buy Saab brakes, I went with aftermarket, Wagner Thermo Quiet premium brake pads.
  • gregtanngregtann Member Posts: 1
    What could this problem be? is it the brake sensor?

    Also the speedometer is not working, is this related to the brake light issue?

  • 2001saab952001saab95 Member Posts: 2
    Hello jpkenny, Ive been having the same symptoms with my 2001 Saab 95 and can't quite figure out what the problem is. Did you resolve yours and if so what exactly was the problem? Thanks
  • jpkenneyjpkenney Member Posts: 3
    We had to replace the whole fuel pump system.
  • 2001saab952001saab95 Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the quick more thing...when u say "the whole fuel pump system" you mean everything that makes up the fuel system (fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator) or just the pump?
  • jpkenneyjpkenney Member Posts: 3
    We had to replace the fuel pump only. I'm not sure how it stopped working but it did.
  • bcoolbcool Member Posts: 59
    Could also be the throttle position sensor, which requires replacing the throttle body. The computer should show a TPS fault code.
  • screemnamescreemname Member Posts: 2
    Has anyone has a rear wheel just refuse to turn after the car sat a while?

    My 95 SE wagon sat for a year, outside, in the northeast.

    Started fine with a brief jump, but the left rear wheel is siezed. Tried flat-towing it a few feet in neutral to break it loose. Ploughed a furrow in my gravel driveway.

    EBrake handle is in disengaged position.

    Car goes in and out of first and reverse (auto) just fine. But in first it goes nowhere much. In reverse it just sort of climbs up on the rear wheel.

    Pulled the wheel off. used chemical rust remover, then cleaned and lubed liberally. poked, prodded and pounded on sturdy parts of caliper assembly. Outboard pad is not siezed to rotor as I can easily wiggle it with a big screwdriver. Inboard harder to futz with without disassembly.

    I'm about to head out and pull the caliper on that corner, or try anyway.

    Meanwhile I'm wondering if the trouble might be eBrake rather than brake? And if so what to look for, do? Or something else altogether?

    Thanks so much.
  • debbiek1debbiek1 Member Posts: 2
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