Honda Odyssey Paint Problems

poocatpoocat Member Posts: 35
I have a silver pearl metallic 2006 Odyssey. When I look down the side of the van at an angle on a bright sunny day (especially from the back), I noticed that the whole side of the van is covered in vertical dark blotches. The drivers side is worst than the passenger side. It's looks as if the van was painted in a up and down motion and the paint is not mixed evenly. Every silver 05-07 Odyssey I see on the road has the same blotchy uneven paint job. I talked to the dealer and they said that this is normal with silver paints. I find this hard to believe because my neighbor's 2007 silver Toyota Sienna doesn't have this problem. Has anyone else noticed this on their silver Odysseys or is it just me? I'll never buy a silver car again.


  • woodchuckiewoodchuckie Member Posts: 8
    My 07 Odyssey is silver with a slight tint of gold when compared with just silver.But anyway I haven't noticed a problem with the paint and I've washed it twice and waxed it once so I have looked pretty close.
  • poocatpoocat Member Posts: 35
    If you park it with a bright sun shining directly on the side of the van, stand a ways back and look at it from an angle. Especially from the back of the van stand back about 15-20 feet, I guarantee that you will see uneven (usually darker) vertical blotches in the paint. Every silver pearl metallic Odyssey from 05-07 that I have seen on the road (driving by or beside it)or new on the dealers lot all have the same problem. I didn't notice it on mine for 4 months after I bought it. I just happened to notice it one day when it was parked on my driveway and I was on the way back from talking to my neighbor across the street. If you look closer, it's there. The paint job is terrible.
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    I have a 2007 Odyssey Touring (Silver) and our car has the same blotches in the paint all over. As you said, it's most noticeable when the sun hits it just right. When that happens it looks terrible. I took the car back to the dealer and met with the factory rep and everyone agreed in seeing the paint issues. Now, Honda wants to completely repaint my brand new 2007 Odyssey Touring. I told them I'm not interested in getting my new car painted and want them to buy it back but they are refusing at this time. I've asked them to reconsider and if they still say no I'm going to see a lawyer. There's no reason I should get stuck with a brand new car with paint issues!
  • poocatpoocat Member Posts: 35
    Tell me about it, it's absolutely the worst paint job I have ever seen. Next time you are driving around take a look at every silver one out on the road they are all the same. The desert rock metallic ones are the same but not quite as bad. I brought mine back to the dealer several times to complain and if you check their lot every new one there will have the same type of blotching. The car looks like it has tiger stripes. I'm not getting mine repainted either. Woodchuckie says that his 2007 is ok, but I find it very very hard to believe. They are all painted the same way. I'll never buy another Honda product again.
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    Consider yourself lucky. Our 2005 EX-L started getting tiny bubbles over it that when popped with your finger nail, orange liquid would come out. (probably rust) That happened at the one year old point. Honda rep looked at it and said it had a "solvent bleed" issue and they repainted the entire car. Nothing like having your brand new car depreciate even more due to a paint job. There are small dots of rust starting to show through on the rear hatch one year after the repainting. Engine/transmission shakes between 30 and 35 as well. We planned on keeping it for 10 years but are seriously thinking trading it in for a Sienna might be best in the long run on this one.
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    Our 04 e xl is midnight blue, we bought it used and certified 2 months ago. Ran it through the auto car wash (they use lambs wool brushes)and had two paint chipped areas on the hood. One the size of a quarter, and getting larger at each body shop I take it too as they are able to just fleck the paint off with a fingernail. There are many other smaller spots on the hood. Of course we tried returning to the dealer where we purchased the vehicle, but we were told that the pressure from the water at a car wash just got under the paint and took it off, and this happens on cars, "From time to time." Funny, this isn't the first car I have owned that has paint chipped from highway driving, and those vehicles didn't experience peeling paint from routine washing. Two other independent body shop owners can't believe that is the line of bologna I was given.
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    My 07' EXl Desert Rock Metallic car is no better, in the sun you can see huge dark almost round blotches in the paint around 8-12" in diameter. It almost looks like there was not enough metallic particles in the paint and it's not covering the primer underneath. The dealer said that it's normal in this color. They have agreed to repaint it but like others who have posted, why should I get it repainted when it's brand new. Still undecided on what to do.
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    My 2006 Silver Honda Odyssey EX-L started displaying small rust spots on the hood at about 46,000 miles. I quickly referenced my warranty which expressly excludes rock chips. While having the oil changed yesterday, I had the service manager look at it. He reiterated the warranty position and said there is no way to control rock chips.

    Since I am in the industrial powder coating business, I understand painted finished and processes. My 1999 Chevy Suburban has many chips however none go directly to the substrate.

    My sense is that the process is inadequate relative to GM (which often has an e-coat as its initial application. I have been told that most chasis and components are galvanized initially - a fact that with Honda I find hard to believe given my experience with rust in just over a year since purchase. I would be very interested in learning about the Honda paint process (right down to the specified overall mil thickness) as well as anyone who has had similar problems with rocks that appear to easily go right to the base coat.

    A quick scan of many different vehicles in a parking lot this afternoon revealed many chips. Very few, however were down to the metal and rusting (one was a 1983 Ford F-150). I either have a truly exceptional vehicle or this is wider scale than my dealer is wiling to admit.
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    We have a midnight blue Odyssey. Peeling on the hood (quite a bit) and on the passenger sliding door. The Honda Rep just informed us they are stripping and painting both. While the car may have future problems other places, I'm happy as the car is out of warranty by years and miles.
  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,388
    Another example of how Honda takes care of its customers when it has (or shares) responsbility for a problem.

    My '05 Touring is the same color as yours. Would you kindly share when this problem first started and how it progressed?
  • llgentryllgentry Member Posts: 3
    I have an 03 Odyssey in the midnight pearl blue finish and the clearcoat finish is failing on the hood. I just got it back from the dealership after they washed it and the hood is all blistered. When I brought it back they said, "That happens to cars now-a-days" and referred me to an autobody shop. Is there a place to call at Honda that will actually work with us to help us resolve this problem? Please share your information.

    Thank you.
  • riley2riley2 Member Posts: 1
    05 Midnight blue Odyssey - roof paint delaminating - 2' b 2' and could easily grow to double that if I touch it. Will Honda fix this. Has to be a manufacturing problem.

    How did you get them to address the problem?
  • alannidifferalannidiffer Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if Honda has owned up to the paint problem? I have a 2007 Odyssey (silver) that has the same blotchy-ness and vertical stripes. I didn't noctice it right away(I"ve had it about almost 5 months now), but lately as the sun has been coming out more I'm catching glimpes of the blotchy paint and it's really bugging me. I didn't buy a brand-new car to have a sub-par paint job.

    Anyway, I haven't approached the dealer with this issue yet, Just wondering if Honda is taking care fo the problem or what.
  • vicenzavicenza Member Posts: 44
    I posted back in Oct. 2007 that we had a new 2007 Touring (silver) with the same blotchy paint and various shading over 90% of the panels. As I stated, the Manufacture Rep for Honda was not very sensitive to the issue and offered to repaint our brand new 2007 Touring. Needless to say we where not interested in this resolution and continued to demand that they do something about it. Fortunately, the dealer which we purchased it from seem to have pull within the California Region and got (2) high up executives to come out and see the paint. It was very clear to them that their was a problem and within a few days offered as a "Good Faith Gesture" to take the 2007 Odyssey back and refund our money less a small usage fee. They gave us the option to get another 2007 Touring or get a 2008 Touring but we would have to pay the difference. We quickly took them up on the offer and got a 2008 Touring (w/o PAX). They did tell us that if we got silver again we would waive our rights for any future paint issues. With that being said, my wife wanted Nighthawk Black and we really love all the new features for 2008.
  • 6sigma6sigma Member Posts: 1
    I have an '06 Odyssey EX-L in White. I have recently noticed 3 small paint chips, two on the hood and one on the drivers front fender. There is no indication of being struck by road debris, i.e. no dents or indentations. Further, the chip on the fender would make kicked up road debris seem unlikely. Service at the dealership circled the wagons and claimed that it was probably road debris striking the car and that Honda did not cover that in the warranty. Amazingly, that determination was made even without looking at the car. Honda must be hiring psychics now. Fortunately I've seen a few blogs noting a paint peeling problem with Honda. I will take this up with Honda Corp. and will advise of my interaction with them.
  • csabolcsabol Member Posts: 1
    Why did they agree to repaint it for you if it was out of warranty? What year was it? I just bought and '03 about 6 months ago and the paint under the window on the driver sliding door is really peeling and there are spots on the hood and roof.
  • monkymonky Member Posts: 16
    Has anyone that has an 08 silver notice the paint issue? I wonder if they have fixed the issue. I am looking at an 08 silver touring. I will also visit some dealers and pay some special attention to the silver ones on the street to see if I can see the issue.
  • llgentryllgentry Member Posts: 3
    This is an update to my Feb 6, 2008 post. I called Honda corporate and they assigned me a representative at their office. It took about a month of us leaving messages for the rep after missing his initial call. Then we were instructed to go in to have photos taken at the dealership of the paint issues so they could be sent in to the corporate office. From there they would make an assessment.

    After photos were taken we were asked to come back at the end of the week so the general manager could take a look at it. The GM took one look at the paint and said that they would repaint the van, that the paint problem was obviously not caused by us, but a problem with the basecoat. He said Honda didn't want to see me driving around with paint issues like that because it looks bad for them.

    This is my first Honda. So far I'm encouraged because it does appear that they take care of their customers. Our van is a 2003, so it is out of warranty and they are still taking care of us.
  • poocatpoocat Member Posts: 35
    Kind of opposite for me. I contacted Honda 5 times about the blotchy paint on our silver '06 Ody. The first 2 times they told me that it's normal and when the service manager and I checked the new vans on the lot, they were indeed all the same. After a few weeks I went back and complained again because I wasn't satisfied with the answer I got and that I paid good money for the van and got a crap paint job on it. They said that they would get the Honda rep to call me to set up an appointment for him to look at it. After a few weeks of not getting a call I called my Honda dealer again and they said that they would contact him again. Same thing happened, nobody called me. So I called Honda Canada myself and complained that no rep ever called me back, she said that she will look into it. And that was the last time I heard from them and that was a year ago. What a joke that was. I gave it a lot of thought and figured that I'll live with the problem. Now that I have had the van for almost 2 years I still don't like the idea of getting a brand new van re-painted. I don't think a re-paint job is anywhere near the quality of a factory paint job (not that this one is any good now). But, what I mean is that you can end up with masking lines, places not painted, overspray, runs etc etc. You could end up with something worse than what you started with. Bottom line, for me I'll never buy another silver car again.
  • poocatpoocat Member Posts: 35
    I haven't seen a silver '08 on the road yet. But when I do I'll make sure I post it. After seeing the paint problem on your own van you tend to check out every other one that drives by. The '05-'07's are all the same. By the way, Desert Rock (gold) ones show blotching also but it's not as bad as the Silver Pearl.
  • monkymonky Member Posts: 16

    Can you post a pic of your 06 Ody that would show the paint issue you describe? This paint issue really concerns me now.

  • jmidgettejmidgette Member Posts: 4
    I was just about to start getting estimates to repaint our Odyssey when I decided to search the Internet to see if this might be more widespread - I'm sure glad I did. Our van has a growing spot at the front of the hood about 6"x2" and another spot just below the glass on the passenger sliding door that's about 10" long. I've searched, but has anyone found a TSB or memo from Honda addressing this issue? And from experience, should I start out at the dealership or contact Honda directly?
  • poocatpoocat Member Posts: 35
    I went out today and took some pictures of the van. I tried but I don't have a clue on how to post them for you.
  • monkymonky Member Posts: 16
    Hi, I am new to this site so not too familar with how to posts pics. I believe each of us has a page for each member where you can place a pic in a photo album. Perhaps try there.

    I really appreciate this as I am going to buying one soon (silver) so I want to make sure that I look carefully to ensure the car I buy does not have the paint issue.

  • poocatpoocat Member Posts: 35
    See if you can PM me an email address and I'll send them to you.
  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,388
    It is critical to view the paint in different lighting conditions as they have a tremendous affect on finish appearance.

    One side of my rear bumper was horribly mismatched from the factory - but you can only see the problem in bright sunshine.
  • ksm11ksm11 Member Posts: 4
    You hit it right on the button on this one. When we bought our van we didn't notice any problem with the paint for almost a year. We thought it was perfect. In the summertime when I stopped for gas one evening, the sun was shining directly on the side of the van. I came out of the gas station and walked towards the front of the van and noticed all these dark spots/blotches all over the side. I couldn't believe what I saw and checked it out for about 10 minutes. I was pretty choked that the paint was so lousy for a Honda product. A customer saw me checking out the van at different angles and came up to me and said "I see you noticed the blotching in your paint also, my wife's is silver and is just as bad". We talked for about 1/2hr and we were both really pis...ed off. Bottom line is that when it's overcast outside you will NOT notice anything at all, everything looks as normal as can be. BUT, when the sun hits it just right and you view it at the right angle you will see that it's just awful. Next time you see a '05+ silver or gold Odyssey on the road drive up beside it, stay a few feet back and you will see what I mean.
  • monkymonky Member Posts: 16
    I can't even figure out how to PM on this board. This is the first time I encountered this on a board.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to PM or post pics here?
  • monkymonky Member Posts: 16
    I will have to definetly look carefully on a sunny day. Is your Ody a silver as well or gold? Weird that I have not seen this on the Odyclub forums. I hope it is not a common thing and that it is fixed for 08. I would be very upset like you.
  • ksm11ksm11 Member Posts: 4
    Ours is gold. On Odyclub type in Paint Issues in Search and there are tons of threads about paint problems.
  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,388
    Oh, it's not just silver and gold that can have problems. My Touring is dark blue and the mismatched bumper section appears purplish in bright sunshine.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Member Posts: 1,207
    Button of My CarSpace on top of the page
    Each member should have its own page to post on picture album there. After you uploaded the photos, find the URL address, then you post the link here.
  • monkymonky Member Posts: 16
    Poocat, have you been able to post up on your web page yet? Still very interested in seeing some pics.

  • llgentryllgentry Member Posts: 3
    Poocat, I forgot to mention in my follow up post that my van is the midnight pearl blue and the paint was actually chipping off of the van so I'm not having the same problem as the silver paint van owners.

    I owned a silver Toyota Celica years ago and I had a similar paint issue that you seem to be experiencing so maybe it is just a silver vehicle issue.
  • reemereeme Member Posts: 1
    Were you able to get Honda to help you? My pilot is just 10 months old and has 2 (mysterious) chips on the top of the hood toward the windshield. One started to rust. No dings or dents from rocks, but the service manager said "It was probably a 'small' stone". I said the same thing -- had a car 15 years old with many dings and dents but no rust.
  • jmidgettejmidgette Member Posts: 4
    Our 2004 Midnight Blue Odyssey had a large (5"x10") spot on the hood where the paint had flaked off and another on the passenger sliding door nearly as large. Brought it by the Service Manager at Honda Cars of McKinney (TX) and he kept the car, gave us a free loaner. A week and a half later called and said that Honda agreed to repaint the affected areas for a $100 deductible. Two weeks later we picked up our van. The repainted body parts were good as new. No fussing or fighting (although I was prepared to do so). I'm frustrated that this happened to begin with but my dealer did everything they could to make it right.
  • je11634je11634 Member Posts: 4
    *********** ATTENTION ALL *********
    I also had a problem with the paint peeling off the hood and roof of my Oddyssey. When I took it to the dealership about 4 months ago, they said it was not under warrrenty and they would not cover it.
    YESTURDAY, I recieved a notice from Honda in the mail stating that this is a known problem for the Midnight Blue Oddyseys, and that if I take it to the dealership, they will fix the issue. They extended the paint warrenty to 7 years, 70,000 miles due to this issue.
    If you are having this problem, take it back to your dealership. If you already paid to have the problem fixed, contact your dealereship to find out how to get Honda to reimburse you. (not sure how much they will reimburse, but anything is better than nothing.)
  • monkymonky Member Posts: 16
    What year is your Ody? I know Honda's paints are not that good. I heard some say it is b/c they went with a more enviro friendly paint.
  • cccompsoncccompson Member Posts: 2,388
    Received the same notice today. It covers only '03 to '05 Odysseys with Midnight Blue Pearl paint and extends the paint warranty only on the horitzontal surfaces.
  • jlsxpressllcjlsxpressllc Member Posts: 11
    Today, we looked at our Ody in the sunlight. We have Nimbus Grey. My wife found a white cloud in the right hand piller, down by where it meets the hood. We called American Honda about it, there reply was, you have to go thru the dealer. More or less, they said we were stuck with it. They said it would have to be inspected and it determined it was a manufacture defect, they would possibly repaint it. My wife is totally pissed. The car has only 628 miles on it.

    Anyone have any suggestions????

  • nandipnandip Member Posts: 3
    hi there

    i received this notice (for Odyssey Blue midnight pearl) but have misplaced it. Could you tell me what contact number is on there for me to get more information?
  • je11634je11634 Member Posts: 4
    I don't have the notice with me right now, but you can call your local Honda Dealer for it. They should be aware of it by now. I just got my Van repainted by them and it looks a whole lot better. If your dealer doesn't have a clue, write back to me and I will find my copy.
  • kp1pbrkp1pbr Member Posts: 7
    My 2 week 2008 Ody had a tiny paint chip and I brought it to the dealer to see if they could buff or polish it out. I stated to the service advisor twice for him that I DO NOT want the panel repainted and would rather live with the tiny imperfection. Later that day I called them and guess what....they started the sanding process. I literally fell over my chair when I found out and got into a heated debate about what part of DO NOT repaint do they not understand?? They admitted to dropping the ball but now my two week car with under 500 miles has paint work on it. I asked them since the vehicle was so new for a swap out but that was not even an option. Wonderful, now my car is considered an accident car with paintwork and I'll probably lose $1500 - 2000 if I decide to trade it in now. I got every excuse under the sun and sick of it. I'm picking it up tommorow and not very happy. I'll scrutinze over the panel but it's painful to know that your NEW car has already had body work. The point is had the service advisor was incompetent in understanding instructions not once but twice and I'm screwed over now with a repainted new car.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
    Sorry to hear about your experience with the dealership service dept. Please post a review so others in your area are aware of what happened. Start here:
  • poocatpoocat Member Posts: 35
    Wow, if that happened to me I would be irate. Like you said, it's like the car has been in an accident now. Plus the paint color will never match the original exactly, especially if it is silver or gold. My opinion is that the repainted finish will never be as good as the original paint job. Mine is a '06 Silver Pearl Metallic and has major paint flaw problems since new. Only when viewed at certain angles in the sun you see dark blotches everywhere, but I'm not getting it repainted for the same's a new car (was back then).
  • kp1pbrkp1pbr Member Posts: 7
    Yeah, I literally fell off my chair when they told me they already started the process without my authorization. I am so against unnecessary painting and prefer buffing or PDR when possible. They are telling me they are losing money painting but that is bogus since they are filing a claim with Honda. I'm going to pick it up today and we will see. Since the car is two weeks I demanded a replacement but they would not budge and gave me lame excuses. I would say the diminished value for an accident/painted vehicle is $1500-2000 so either that or a replacement at this point.

    I never really looked at the silver pearl since my 03 Accord is silver. Not you have me wondering and I will pay attention to the silver paint on the Accord. But it may be a different shade of silver. I've owned quite a few Honda's and their paint quality/thickness I have never been impressed. The paint on my 03 BMW puts my 08 Odyssey to shame.
  • poocatpoocat Member Posts: 35
    Did you talk to the general manager of the dealer about getting a new vehicle? Maybe he will do something for you. Not sure why they wouldn't they basically screwed up and admitted to it, it's not your fault. They would probably sell yours as a demo anyways. Better yet, give Honda a call and complain, maybe the area rep will do something for you. Our local TV station has something called "The Troubleshooter" where people phone the station with a problem, like yours for instance and they will look into it and try to get it resolved for you. And they put it on the 6:00 pm news, your dealer would hate to be on the news about this.
  • kathy1264kathy1264 Member Posts: 1
    I also have a 2003 Odyssey Havasu Blue and the paint is bubbling up and peeling off in several places. I just returned from a meeting with the Honda District Manager who informed me the vehicle was out of warranty and they did not have to do anything. I am mad enough to bite nails!! He admitted there was a problem with paint on the midnight blue vans but since mine was a different color he would not extend the warranty even thought my van came from the same plant in Lincoln, Alabama where the paint problems occurred. How is this not discrimination to extend warranty on some paint problems and not others?????
    This fight has just begun! Any advice on where to go next would be appreciated.
    Fighting MAD!
  • drm6drm6 Member Posts: 3
    I also have a 2003 Havasu Blue Odyssey
    They made a 'goodwill' offer to cover 50% of the current area repair. I know from reading the blogs that we are in store for an expensive repair. In addition, I know that there are other areas that will peel. They gave us 30 days for this offer to get the work don. This is criminal.
    My next step is the California State Attorney General's Office.
    Why would they cover midnight blue and not havasu blue???
    This is unbelievable and this is my first and last Honda that I will ever purchase.
    Please post updates because our case is stronger in numbers!!!
  • dmobiledmobile Member Posts: 1
    My 2003 Odyssey has paint flaking off along the groove between the glass and the upper window frame. need to get in touch with a Honda rep. I don't think the dealer can do much after the warrantee is over. :lemon:
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