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Honda Odyssey Paint Problems



  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Oh, it's not just silver and gold that can have problems. My Touring is dark blue and the mismatched bumper section appears purplish in bright sunshine.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Button of My CarSpace on top of the page
    Each member should have its own page to post on picture album there. After you uploaded the photos, find the URL address, then you post the link here.
  • monkymonky Posts: 16
    Poocat, have you been able to post up on your web page yet? Still very interested in seeing some pics.

  • llgentryllgentry Posts: 3
    Poocat, I forgot to mention in my follow up post that my van is the midnight pearl blue and the paint was actually chipping off of the van so I'm not having the same problem as the silver paint van owners.

    I owned a silver Toyota Celica years ago and I had a similar paint issue that you seem to be experiencing so maybe it is just a silver vehicle issue.
  • reemereeme Posts: 1
    Were you able to get Honda to help you? My pilot is just 10 months old and has 2 (mysterious) chips on the top of the hood toward the windshield. One started to rust. No dings or dents from rocks, but the service manager said "It was probably a 'small' stone". I said the same thing -- had a car 15 years old with many dings and dents but no rust.
  • Our 2004 Midnight Blue Odyssey had a large (5"x10") spot on the hood where the paint had flaked off and another on the passenger sliding door nearly as large. Brought it by the Service Manager at Honda Cars of McKinney (TX) and he kept the car, gave us a free loaner. A week and a half later called and said that Honda agreed to repaint the affected areas for a $100 deductible. Two weeks later we picked up our van. The repainted body parts were good as new. No fussing or fighting (although I was prepared to do so). I'm frustrated that this happened to begin with but my dealer did everything they could to make it right.
  • je11634je11634 Posts: 4
    *********** ATTENTION ALL *********
    I also had a problem with the paint peeling off the hood and roof of my Oddyssey. When I took it to the dealership about 4 months ago, they said it was not under warrrenty and they would not cover it.
    YESTURDAY, I recieved a notice from Honda in the mail stating that this is a known problem for the Midnight Blue Oddyseys, and that if I take it to the dealership, they will fix the issue. They extended the paint warrenty to 7 years, 70,000 miles due to this issue.
    If you are having this problem, take it back to your dealership. If you already paid to have the problem fixed, contact your dealereship to find out how to get Honda to reimburse you. (not sure how much they will reimburse, but anything is better than nothing.)
  • monkymonky Posts: 16
    What year is your Ody? I know Honda's paints are not that good. I heard some say it is b/c they went with a more enviro friendly paint.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Received the same notice today. It covers only '03 to '05 Odysseys with Midnight Blue Pearl paint and extends the paint warranty only on the horitzontal surfaces.
  • Today, we looked at our Ody in the sunlight. We have Nimbus Grey. My wife found a white cloud in the right hand piller, down by where it meets the hood. We called American Honda about it, there reply was, you have to go thru the dealer. More or less, they said we were stuck with it. They said it would have to be inspected and it determined it was a manufacture defect, they would possibly repaint it. My wife is totally pissed. The car has only 628 miles on it.

    Anyone have any suggestions????

  • nandipnandip Posts: 3
    hi there

    i received this notice (for Odyssey Blue midnight pearl) but have misplaced it. Could you tell me what contact number is on there for me to get more information?
  • je11634je11634 Posts: 4
    I don't have the notice with me right now, but you can call your local Honda Dealer for it. They should be aware of it by now. I just got my Van repainted by them and it looks a whole lot better. If your dealer doesn't have a clue, write back to me and I will find my copy.
  • kp1pbrkp1pbr Posts: 7
    My 2 week 2008 Ody had a tiny paint chip and I brought it to the dealer to see if they could buff or polish it out. I stated to the service advisor twice for him that I DO NOT want the panel repainted and would rather live with the tiny imperfection. Later that day I called them and guess what....they started the sanding process. I literally fell over my chair when I found out and got into a heated debate about what part of DO NOT repaint do they not understand?? They admitted to dropping the ball but now my two week car with under 500 miles has paint work on it. I asked them since the vehicle was so new for a swap out but that was not even an option. Wonderful, now my car is considered an accident car with paintwork and I'll probably lose $1500 - 2000 if I decide to trade it in now. I got every excuse under the sun and sick of it. I'm picking it up tommorow and not very happy. I'll scrutinze over the panel but it's painful to know that your NEW car has already had body work. The point is had the service advisor was incompetent in understanding instructions not once but twice and I'm screwed over now with a repainted new car.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Sorry to hear about your experience with the dealership service dept. Please post a review so others in your area are aware of what happened. Start here:

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  • poocatpoocat Posts: 35
    Wow, if that happened to me I would be irate. Like you said, it's like the car has been in an accident now. Plus the paint color will never match the original exactly, especially if it is silver or gold. My opinion is that the repainted finish will never be as good as the original paint job. Mine is a '06 Silver Pearl Metallic and has major paint flaw problems since new. Only when viewed at certain angles in the sun you see dark blotches everywhere, but I'm not getting it repainted for the same's a new car (was back then).
  • kp1pbrkp1pbr Posts: 7
    Yeah, I literally fell off my chair when they told me they already started the process without my authorization. I am so against unnecessary painting and prefer buffing or PDR when possible. They are telling me they are losing money painting but that is bogus since they are filing a claim with Honda. I'm going to pick it up today and we will see. Since the car is two weeks I demanded a replacement but they would not budge and gave me lame excuses. I would say the diminished value for an accident/painted vehicle is $1500-2000 so either that or a replacement at this point.

    I never really looked at the silver pearl since my 03 Accord is silver. Not you have me wondering and I will pay attention to the silver paint on the Accord. But it may be a different shade of silver. I've owned quite a few Honda's and their paint quality/thickness I have never been impressed. The paint on my 03 BMW puts my 08 Odyssey to shame.
  • poocatpoocat Posts: 35
    Did you talk to the general manager of the dealer about getting a new vehicle? Maybe he will do something for you. Not sure why they wouldn't they basically screwed up and admitted to it, it's not your fault. They would probably sell yours as a demo anyways. Better yet, give Honda a call and complain, maybe the area rep will do something for you. Our local TV station has something called "The Troubleshooter" where people phone the station with a problem, like yours for instance and they will look into it and try to get it resolved for you. And they put it on the 6:00 pm news, your dealer would hate to be on the news about this.
  • I also have a 2003 Odyssey Havasu Blue and the paint is bubbling up and peeling off in several places. I just returned from a meeting with the Honda District Manager who informed me the vehicle was out of warranty and they did not have to do anything. I am mad enough to bite nails!! He admitted there was a problem with paint on the midnight blue vans but since mine was a different color he would not extend the warranty even thought my van came from the same plant in Lincoln, Alabama where the paint problems occurred. How is this not discrimination to extend warranty on some paint problems and not others?????
    This fight has just begun! Any advice on where to go next would be appreciated.
    Fighting MAD!
  • drm6drm6 Posts: 3
    I also have a 2003 Havasu Blue Odyssey
    They made a 'goodwill' offer to cover 50% of the current area repair. I know from reading the blogs that we are in store for an expensive repair. In addition, I know that there are other areas that will peel. They gave us 30 days for this offer to get the work don. This is criminal.
    My next step is the California State Attorney General's Office.
    Why would they cover midnight blue and not havasu blue???
    This is unbelievable and this is my first and last Honda that I will ever purchase.
    Please post updates because our case is stronger in numbers!!!
  • My 2003 Odyssey has paint flaking off along the groove between the glass and the upper window frame. need to get in touch with a Honda rep. I don't think the dealer can do much after the warrantee is over. :lemon:
  • If your Odyssey is dark blue, then they will fix the paint on any horizontal surfaces. They extended the Paint Warrenty for this, so you need to check with your Dealer Quick.
  • mismatchmismatch Posts: 1
    Waited years to get a new Honda. My 2010 silver metallic Odyssey got a nicked rear bumper--my fault. Honda dealer/insurance replaced and painted it three times. Poor match--their fault!

    The two-tone vehicle actually has off color matches on both bumpers, side strips, air foil, etc. Honda of America says that's the nature of painting different materials. Not a defect; just the state-of-the-art paint today! I cannot believe that they lack such basic paint skills and techniques for their cars.

    I bought the car at night so I never noticed the slightly mismatched paint. The new bumper cover made it abundantly clear that the paint is mismatched. The body color has a "violet" hue embedded throughout. Looks good. The newly painted bumper is all gray; no hue, no metallic, no match. So much for quality control at the American Honda Co. They appear to have some real problems with the newer paints being applied to plastics.

    A Honda agent (Chris) said that there is no defect--that's the best that Honda could do with paint being applied to plastic. He said such visual aberrations are normal; close matches are all that should be expected. For a new $35,000 investment--I really expected more, especially from Honda, although it was made in America.

    My Honda dealer in Florida showed me many cars on his lot with similar mismatches. Apparently, it's more common than expected and the consumers are not being forewarned when they buy. This seems to be unethical.

    I never had a problem matching household paint from Lowe's and it always matched whether applied to wood, metal, plastic, cement, etc. Honda might want to develop a process that actually matches the paint to the vehicle rather than rely on formulas found inside the front door.

    Based on Honda's inability to rectify the mismatched paint situation this will be my first and last experience with this company. It seems that Honda simply has too much difficulty matching metallic paints on metal and plastic car parts. They seem to lack the technical capacity to produce uniformity in their paint applications. This would indicate a lack of quality control or poor production practices. In either case, Honda seems unable to do live up to its earlier reputation.
  • minimommyminimommy Posts: 13
    Am looking at 2010 Ody and am wondering if anyone has experience with Crystal Black Pearl and how well it wears? Also like Bali Blue or Ocean Mist but see Honda has had problems with other blue paint through the years. Guess I could always go with White, but it has no pearl to it at all. Am staying away from silver/gray. Only thing salesman said was black will show all scratches. Not too much of a concern -- I just want it to stay looking nice. (They also want to sell Cilajet protection for paint/upholstery)
    Anybody out there want to comment on the Crystal Black or blues or other color you have and like? Much appreciated.
  • florence1florence1 Posts: 1
    I am just entering this whole Honda paint issue forum and, let me tell you, I will never buy another Honda. Yes, my Accord is 6 years old but come on!! I went to my dealer about a rough edge under the front edge of the hood and a bubble under the paint. I was just told today by the dealer that he sees it all the time on the hood of my model of car and that it is a painting defect of Honda. After researching on the internet I am convinced that no matter what color or model of car you have from Honda, it will look like a crappy heap of dull or rusted metal before it gives out mechanically. Apparently they are not very technically advanced in the finish department...maybe they should ask the Germans about fixing that! And they have to be aware of their inferior work with all the complaints all over the internet. I say DON'T DO IT!
  • Having done a fair amount of painting over the years, I can tell you that they are blowing smoke at you about matching the color. The color of metallic paint will vary according to a number of different factors including the wetness and the angle that it was put on, air pressure, distance from the work piece and well, you get the picture. That said, any competent painter will be able to match the paint by varying the above factors to give the match required.
  • I have 2007 - Dark Blue - Pain on roof is peeling - in several different places - really, really bad!

    Honda Dealership Service manager has me scheduled to come in. Said Honda is aware of dark blue paint problems including that year - said Honda has extended paint warranty (I need to know about what that means). Says that Honda has authorized a local body shop (this dealer does not have their own body shop) to do the paint repair work. Said if I want to chose my body shop - he said I will have to go through Honda corp. for that.

    I first noticed a couple spots between top of windshield and moon roof maybe back in June this year - in recent weeks has gotten much worse - paint is easily peeling - and have several large places now at rear of the van on the roof. It is peeling daily.

    A top notch body shop person I know (paint expert) assures me it's all factory problem. He said I might should insist on the whole van being stripped and painted. He said the existing paint would need to be stripped off - not painted over - said the metal preparation is faulty.

    So, anyone know what I'm up against?
    - should I insist on a complete strip and paint job?
    - should I expect Honda to o.k. me getting the work done at shop of my choice?
    - any suggestions on what I am entitled to?

    I tend to keep vehicles a long time - got a '94 Subaru with 240,000 and still truckin'.

    Will appreciate a holler or two!!

  • je11634je11634 Posts: 4
    Had mine done a year or so ago and it looks like new where they painted. Just be aware that they only cover Horizontal surfaces in the recall, so if you have door dings or other scratches on vertical surfaces they will not paint them. However, you could talk to the paint shop and get the whole van painted with you just paying the extra cost.

    As for the color matching, I can't tell the difference with my Van. The shop did an excellent job. Just wish I could have afforded to have them fix the dent my wife put in it while the shop had it.
  • jgp9jgp9 Posts: 8
    I have had the same problem. I've had it two times to the dealer for roof, hood, and hatch back. Now both sliding doors are pealing plus the driver's side door.

    I have an appointment with the district manager tomorrow and I'm going to ask him to pain the whole car.
  • Do you know America Honda Motor is installing color defective bumper covers onto Honda & Acura models in their assembly plants? It is most likely that the refinish used in repairing the bumper or the main body after a collision also does not match. It is because in this way, the car paint manufacturer can generate additional profits for themselves, for auto body repair shops, and for the car manufacturers. The paint technician has to tint and blend the mis-match paint onto the adjascent panels a lot more than it should be in order to simulate color match which requairs more paint products and labors. The paint technician has to remove and paint entire bumper, and reinstall all the parts such as fog lamps and grill, etc. onto the bumper, and the bumper has be installed back to the car. The extra repairing costs are passing down to all consumer because it drives up the insurance preminum eventualy. The bumper covers are made of plastic and it is very susceptible even to slight impact. The bumper cover are most damaged body part during the collision. Acoording to NHTSA, about 10 million cars were damaged in 2006. The question is how we are going to stop this kind of scam, so the consumer can be protected in the future. The possilbe combinations of toners for a particular color of car paint can be septrillions (24 zero after 1).
  • I walked out to my "not so old" van a few weeks ago and see the paint is peeling between the windshield and the sunroof. It is about the size of the palm of my hand. I was shocked that this was happening to my so called quality vehicle! It's only 3 years old after all! I did research when buying this car and everyone told me what a great company Honda was and how they loved their Honda, etc, etc blah blah blah. So I went with Honda. When I saw the peeling paint, I thought, oh, no problem...Honda is such a reputable company, they will surely fix this issue with no cost to me even if it is a little out of warranty. Well, the dealer spoke with Honda and sent pictures on my behalf. Honda agreed to pay 25%. What?? That's it? Then the service writer starts trying to move right into scheduling an appointment for the repair. Hold on there cowboy! I need to do some talking to Honda myself. Anyone out there have any advice for stating my case with Honda?
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