Ford Expedition Electrical Problems

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Hello,i have a problem with my 01 expedition it seems that my headlights stay on even with my car off my windshield wipers are not functioning and my a/c stays on when i turn my car off even if i leave the a/c on but have car off they seem to stay on i dont know what is causing it to do this but i would like some helping in resolving my problem i am very greatful if someone can help me.
Thank you!!


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    Fuse blown on running board lights. Position 14 fuse is OK, is there another in-line fuse somewhere?
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    Mine is doing the same thing. It started after some heavy rains. After letting it dry out for a couple of weeks it stopped but now it still has a short that will drain the battery over a weeks time.
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    Judging from the amount of traffic on here I am not holding my breath, but I have had a 07 eddie bauer for about 1 month and a few very annoying electrical problems have been happening. First, A/c and fan cut out on a 100 degree day, turned the car off and on and problem fixed. Next driving home Fan goes from normal on to full blast and CAN NOT be shut off or adjusted. After 2 hrs of driving like this, get home and turn car off and on, problem solved. Next driving to town, and Power tailgate decided to open..very fun experience....then wouldn't stay shut..again,turn car on and then off, so far no more problems. The best problem has been the DVD player deciding when or when not to operate. We have a 4yr old, main reason we got the DVD,but it is as uncooperative as she is, and does what it wants when it wants....I do not have the time to be bringing this car in for service for every gremlin that appears, especially ones that are not major problems..Oh yeah, forgot to mention the time when I couldn't shift from Park to anything!! that was real fun...guess what??? Turn the car off and then on and Walla!!! problem solved!! Does anyone have similar experiences? I have searched TSB, recalls and this forum site extensively and have found nothing, Overall I really like this car (so far) my first new Ford....will it be my last?
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    I am having the same problem with A/C. It shuts off for no apparent reason. I live in Phoenix, so it's over 100 degrees. The A/C usually kicks back on but once when I went over a speed hump at about 20 MPH, it shut off completely. The only way to get it back on was to stop and restart the car. The fan does kick up to hurricane strength every once in a while too, which I can deal with. But I cannot have the AC shot off when it's 110 outside. Anyone heard of what might be causing this?
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    I bought an 2003 Expidition Eddie bauer I worked fine in tell a week after we got it home. The doors say ajar so the interior lights, after a few minutes they turn off, and when we get out it does the same thing. so we have to wait to alarm the alarm system cause it wont tell the 3 minute delay goes off. 2 weeks later, now the gas cap light wont turn off in less I reset the message center. The A/C in the rear has a clanking noise, now if you turn the degree up to a 3 then it stops. Crazy things are happening to this machine, should I be worried? Should I take it to the dealer ASAP before it causes a major malfunction? HELP what should I do??? :mad: :confuse:
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    My driver's seat ac/heat is inop, too. Is access to the switch through the console box? I believe it is the switch...anyone had any experience?
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    I had to take a seat heater switch out once to clean around it. If I recall, to get the cover over the switch off, there's a screw under the front center of the console. Peel back that little rubber pad, and you'll see it. Unscrew that, then use a putty knife to pry the console cover loose.

    It should come off relatively easily once you pop a couple of the connectors. Then the switch itself is held in by a screw. Unscrew it, and disconnect it. Then you should be able to get a replacement from Ford.

    Good luck!
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    I have a 2002 expedition and the other day the factory radio stopped working. The 25 amp audio fuse was blown and as soon as i replace it it blows right back out. Is there anything else on this fuse line because the owners manual doesn't show anything?
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    I recently had a 250 Amp Alt built for my 2004 Expedition it fits the vehicle but won't charge Batteries. It test fine on the bench if I put the stock Alt back in it is fine. I there something unique to the 2004 Expy 4X4 XLT 5.4L that would cause this.
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    did you finally find the problem? what was that? i don't think it's switch...
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    Hi all, I have a 2001 and recenty I have been expericing different things going out. First it was the rear wipers then it moved to the cruise control and hood light. Then I lost power to my doorlocks and now it seem to be affecting my front wipers and radio. Does anyone have any clues on what this may be coming from? I'm stumped. I know it has to be a wiring problem because all of the things involved the fuses are fine. And this only happens after we have had heavy rain fall or alot of snow. I think water is getting trapped somewhere but i don't know where??? I NEED HELP PLEASEEEEEEE!!
  • shonuff50shonuff50 Member Posts: 9
    Sounds like the same problem I've been having.
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    Are you noticing any unusual buildup of moisture inside the vehicle such as wet carpets? After a rain, do you notice any wet spots under the hood?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    A common issue on those is for the windshield to leak on the driver's corner. The water drops down inside the dash, hits a wiring harness and runs down that harness into the fuse panel and GEM (stands for Generic Electronic Module). The GEM is a body control module that mounts on the back of the fuse panel. When you turn certain things on and off in the vehicle, you aren't really turning them on and off. You are only operating a switch that the GEM is watching and it turns things on and off for you. But, when water enters the GEM and the fuse panel circuits are crossed and the GEM can do some weird stuff.

    Usually, the fuse panel and GEM do just fine being dried out and then send the vehicle to a glass shop to fix the windshield gasket. Sometimes, they require a new fuse panel and GEM. The GEM comes blank and has to be programmed by use of a dealer level scan tool.
  • shonuff50shonuff50 Member Posts: 9
    Haven't seen any wet spots on carpet, but can't honestly say there were any built up moisture on anything under the hood. But I have noticed a popping noise coming from the passenger side back near the firewall, and I'm not sure which wires those are coming from and where their leading too? just happened to be out there one day where it started making the noise.
  • shonuff50shonuff50 Member Posts: 9
    Although I'm not so much auto mechanic inclined I can fix some thing but this is one area that I am more lost in than other on a car. But this sounds and makes more sense to me that water is getting in from somewhere and going where it shouldnt be thus shorting out some wiring. I will look into this further this very well may be the cause of my problem? But if it is what is the general cost of fixing something like this?? If you have any idea?
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    Same problem, Fuse box and GEM module is the fix. cost approx $300-$350 each plus labor totalling $900+/-.

    Cause is poor factory windshield seal. Water gets blown in thru gap in seal, travels down the windshield pillar and drops onto the GEM/fuse box then on to your foot!
    Dealer has service bulletin for repair. Fed. govt. NHTSA has looked into it and decided its an inconvenience, not a safety issue. Go to NHTSA and look into Action Number : EA05015 . Their test vehicle leaked in the upper left side of windshield!

    Good luck!
  • shonuff50shonuff50 Member Posts: 9
    Thank you so much for the info, this helps out alot. I figured it to be something going on with fuse box, just didnt know where or how to begin.
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    Hey there I don't know if you have figured this problem out with your expedition I can tell you what a friend I have said , he is the service manager at the local ford dealership here. with some 2000 and above models they have had problems like yours and it took them many trys to find out what cause their problems, You may think this is crazy but if it only happens in wet conditions check to see when the problem is accurring if the fuse box under the dash has any wetness to it. He said that the windship up in the left hand(drivers corner) would seep water in and it would run down inside the post unter the trim molding and drip into the fuse box located under the dash on the driver's side. Some of the problems they faced sounds just like yours so check that out and see.
  • davidt63davidt63 Member Posts: 2
    I have an 1997 expedition everything with it has been good until cold weather hit this year. I drove home from a trip one night and stopped just before I made it home to drop off some things at a family members home and the auto would not start back nothing worked no light inside or out nothing dead to the world. called for a repairman then he boosted the auto off and it restarted he said the battery was bad so I had it check , checked good so I carried it into ford and had the altenater check and the starter nothing all good. and it started fine for a few more days then it would not start one afternoon, I replaced the battery with a new one that day, auto starts fine but the head light has a pulse and they flash also the dash light do also and the heater blower motor will slow down and then speed up when the light go dim and then bright. this happens also if the engine is not running and you are setting still. Ford told me maybe I need to replace the altenator but would this cause the problen when the motor isn't running I might see that being the problem if it only happened while the motor was running. I am at wits end here I like this auto and hate to think I need to trade it off. I would think ford would know the problem or could at least checked it out on a machine and found it but no luck please help someone.
  • shonuff50shonuff50 Member Posts: 9
    Thanks alot David.... I have been getting responses on that same problem, but it's god to know that someone who actually works for a Ford dealership is saying the same thus confirming all that has already been said to me already. :)
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    All my enternal lights including the windows do not work, I tried replacing the fuse, but it blows as soon as i insert it.
  • rmcvinniermcvinnie Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Expedition that has a problem with the power windows and the radio not working until the vehicle warms up. I am thiking it may be a comon relay between the two that is going bad but I can't locate the relay that could be causing it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    My 98 expedition has similar gremlins. In cold weather (-10C) it stops charging the battery. You can tell because the voltmeter reads lower than it usually does and the wipers and fan motor are slow. It will start fine then as the battery wears down the electrical systems systematically shut down til nothing is working. The ignition still gets supplied but it stalls if let to idle too low. I can limp back home with absolutely no electrical stuff working and when I shut the engine off the battery is completely dead. When it is warmer out this never happens. I suspect there is a temperature sensitive connection that is contracting in the cold weather and casuing these problems. Took it to 2 dealerships - doesn't pull any codes ( it won't if you test it in a heated shop ) so they have no idea what is causing it.
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    My rear window on my 04 Expedition keeps unlocking itself, sometimes up to 4 times after I unlock or start it. I am also having sometroubles with the driver side door that won't latch shut. Does anyone have any suggestions for me before I take it to the shop?
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    :cry: I just had this same problem. My Ford F150 2002 (41000 miles) was completely dead overnight. Husband jumped it, it started: he parked it then wouldn't start. We got new battery but it wouldn't start. Had a mechanice come, lo and behold it started right up. Then after he shut it off it wouldn't start. Well many hours later trying to find problem, it was the fuse box underdash. It was corroded. The mechanic said there is a leak in the windshield causing water to leak down into the fuse box. $700.00 to fiind and fix now need to deal with the windshield. After reading many other blogs/messages it looks like a manufacturer defect to me. How do I go about trying to see about recall or reimbursement? Anyone else try? Thanks in advance for your help.
  • pgn839pgn839 Member Posts: 2
    Sounds like the same thing. As mentioned before, you can try to argue w/your service mgr but that will probably just [email protected] you off further. The defective sealing process has been verified by the Feds with respect to the expedition however since the occurances have not posed safety issues, i.e. accidents and/or fatalities, they have decided it is an inconvenience, not a defect. You may want to look at and see if the F-150 is in the same boat.
    So far as reimbusement, there's always small claims court....
    Good Luck
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  • braycraftbraycraft Member Posts: 1
    I have had the same problem with my Expedition, it was fixed by the dealer two years ago and no doing it again. They said the rain leaked into the fuse which caused my dash lights to turn on and off, the locks to go up and down, odometer not work and then while in work, the car tried to start itself without a key in the ignition. Only way to stop it was to disconnect the battery. Had the fuse box replaced and was told to have the windshiled resealed. I took it to the glass place and they said that was not the problem and they have seen many Fords come in with the same issues. Sounds like Ford knows about it but chooses not to care about its customers very much.
  • bimagebimage Member Posts: 2
    I can relate with you. I sent email to Ford through their website. My answer basically was 'sorry we do not have a recall on this'. I asked for reimbursement for the fuse box replacement and I received a NO.
    I did place a complaint with NHSTA but have not heard from them either.
    Since this problem in not just with Expeditions, mine is a F150, and have seen the problems with Taurus too, it is a defect in Ford products in general.
    I do not see why they are not reliable in making restitution to their customers.
    Contacting the BBB probably won't do any good either. Maybe a class action suit would be the way to go?

    I haven't had the windsheild looked at yet. Would I be wasting my money on having this resealed? What about the cowl? If anyone knows, I would appreciate your input. Thanks in advance.
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    My 2006 Expedition has been in for repairs for a week now. After shutting off the engine last week, I discovered a half hour later the radio was still on. I opened the door to shut it off and found the interior filled with an electrical smoke smell. I immediately called the dealership and took it in. On the way the dash went out and tail lights and turn signals stopped working. The dealership called one day later saying that there indeed was an electrical fire. They fuse box needed replaced and some wiring was damaged. They would call again two days later with an update. That phone call said that the fuse box was replaced and the electrical wiring damage was severe. They needed to replace the engine harness, which Ford had to approve. After asking what would have been done if Ford had not approved, they said it would have just been repaired. After talking with the technician, it seems that water had leaked down into the fuse box, causing the electrical short and the fire. I think this has been an issue for Ford before, but no recalls have been issued. Kinda kept under the radar. Fortunately, my vehicle is still under warranty and I will not have to pay, but it's been a week and the dealership still has my truck.
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    My 97 just did the same thing. I was wondering if you figured it out.
  • kelly57kelly57 Member Posts: 5
    multi-function switch was believed faulty, when I removed it, the gray plastic adaptor " E6DB-14489-DA" was not holding the wires and so was probably not making a connection (turn signals did not work). Believe I can get a new E6DB-14489-DA, but I'm not confident I can install the wires back in their correct location on the adaptor. Would anyone have a diagram or schematic available?

    Additionally, does anyone have a diagram of the interior and engine compartment fuse identification? Thanks
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    I have a ford expedition that has four problems
    one being a relay relay but know nothing about relays. My expedition has the door ajar on the message center but no doors are ajar. This in turn causes the lights to not go out and the door locks to not lock automatically and when you take the key out of the ignition the radio goes off instead of staying on until you open the door.

    Secondly, we also have problems with the cruise control not working.
    Thirdly, the foot pedal that moves the pedals forward or backward.
    Last the cd player keeps the cd and will not release it I push the eject but it shows no cd but I know for a fact there is a cd in area 1 and a cd in area 2.

    any help would be appreciated.
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Member Posts: 992
    Our 2003 Ford Expedition has a few electrical Gremlins too...

    1:The 7-8 and 9-0 Keypad buttons will not work anymore.

    2:The Truck will not turn over. When the Key is turned to the ON position, it just makes a loud buzzing sound from the Glovebox and it will not even turn over tostart.

    3: The interior lights won't turn off. In the Computer screen, it says Door Ajar but all doors are closed. The lights soon go off... Then comes back on!! Eventually goes off and then comes back on and the cycle continues. At night, this becomes very distracting...

    4:Rear Driver Window will power down, but not power back up unless pressed from drivers seat.
  • jaxyjenjaxyjen Member Posts: 6
    My expedition started freaking out. Dashboard lights blinking on and off after turning the vehicle off and removing the keys. Also locks would pop up and down and interior map lights would surge bright to dim. This would continue until battery dies or it I drive it around. Problem is intermitten and dealer has no clue. Have been billed for the replacement of battey & alternator (1st try from dealer). And the replacement of fuse box (2nd trip to dealer). There has been no rain and my carpets are NOT wet. What could be causing this?? Also fuse for ondemand map lights (spot 24) - I have to pull that fuse completely otherwirse interior lights stay on permantly. :confuse:
  • kd4kmzkd4kmz Member Posts: 19
    I feel for all you bloggers on teh forum, I have the similar issue, but I trace it to the radio first, it owuld go off on its own and i can hear the realy click in teh fuse box, then I started getting the door ajar, soetimes with or withoiiut the dome lights comiong on or hearing the doors unlock. I have read blogs that say this is water related, I am dry as a bone in sunny Texas with temps in the 90's, so this leads me to believe that I either have a relay going bas or that the issue is in teh VSM vehicle security Module as there is a direct tie to this, I am just getting ready to pay this off as soon as the income tax comes in and will take it to the dealer, I am betting that it is one of the 300 series relays that I cannot find, or it is the VSM, if anyone figures this out before I spend the big bucks let me know, [email protected] Ron Thanks
  • tammymactammymac Member Posts: 1
    2:The Truck will not turn over. When the Key is turned to the ON position, it just makes a loud buzzing sound from the Glovebox and it will not even turn over tostart.

    I had to replace my relay switch which is on passenger side below the glove box. It worked for months, then weeks and now days. For a temporary fix you can replace the relay switch. I am trying to find a permanet fix.
  • kd4kmzkd4kmz Member Posts: 19
    I just wanted to add from my recent experience and troublshooting. it is not always the window seal, it is just moisture in general. I live in very dry conditions and have to run the airconditioner all the time, it is the sweat from the airconditioner chambers that has been causing my problem where the moisture builds up under the dash in the cab and drips down onto the Fusebox assembly which of course houses the GEM on the back side very small part of the module, I finally found it, last weak when I heard the sound of frying like when water drops on to a hot stove, and at that point the Radio wentout and the windows would not work, I turned off the air and suffered the heat and let the truck dry out, everything worked, the very neck time I used the airconditioner after it built up moisure under the dash walla the problem was back, I am going to reove teh unit and see if there is a way to seal it so it doesn't let the moisture in, may be as simple as putting a little insulation of some sorts , once I do, I will repost the blog, maybe I can save allot of people moneythat Ford is absorbing from others Ron [email protected]
  • jaxyjenjaxyjen Member Posts: 6
    Back to the dealer a 4th time with this SUV. Told of yet another part more $$ to fix problem - they are now approx 75% sure this will do it. Yeah RIGHT!

    I've have heard for the last time how service tech can not make car act up and they've "never heard of anything like this" before. I guess non of them service techs, dealers or Ford pay any attention to the communications (emails sent to them or blogs)

    If they can't repeat problem.... Can I sell car without problems??


    If anyone has listing and info on previous parts problems fixes, I am printing tons of pages out to take with me to the dealer to show them of the "non-existing" problems with electrical system(s).
  • jrsfamjrsfam Member Posts: 1
    When I start my 2000 Ford Expedition by dashboard lights and radio display flicker off and on. My driver side window goes down on its own. Sometimes my ac turns off. Now my dome lights stay on while I am driving and even after I turn by car off.
    I have replaced the battery and alternator. My mechanic said my alarm system was malfunctioning so he disconnected it. That did not solve the problem. And off course when I try to show my mechanic what is wrong it doesn't do it. Very frustrated !!!!!!
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Member Posts: 992
    I forgot to respond back! Thanks! Thats exactly what it was!! So far, only the other issues remain. We're tackling them one at a time! Next is the annoying door ajar!

    I love driving the Expy but gas is really becoming a threat. We put in $75 and only got 3quarters worth of gas... But the MPG is improving! I was driving and I was getting nearly 16mpg City! Big Baby never revs but it is a beast when it does!

    As much as we hate paying for gas... and we HATE, we love our truck more! Being paid off only adds insult to injury! :shades:

  • kd4kmzkd4kmz Member Posts: 19
    Get some WD40 and go around to all your doors and spary the door connector area, the door adjar switches are in there nowspray and open and close each door several times to get the lubricant up in there and your problem may go away, mine did no more door adjar or interior light activation on thier own, amazing that everything went hay wire around the same time and I kept reading it was one thing it is multiple things. ALready replaced teh heat and cold attuator in the rear now the roof and floor attuator is out, Replaced the Vehicle secirity module that was fun, moissture from teh aircondition sweating into the box was causing a positive short that when wet was shutting off my radio and woulnd't let the windows come down, I heard it was water from teh window seal, but I sprayed the window and roof exceissively and never found the water penetrating and then realized it never happened in teh winter or when the AC wasn't on or had been on where moisture had built up, after a well the contacts will start to stick and you end up changing the Vehicle secutiy module and the fuse box assembly , because the GEm is on teh BAck of the Fuse Box and teh contacts will stay stuck periodically.
  • brokenford1brokenford1 Member Posts: 2
    I also have a 2003 expedition with the same problem.
    Have you found a solution or like me, are you just replacing the starter relay?

    I have had the vehicle in for service 4 times, each time they replaced the symptom but never fixed the cause.

    Now that I know what to change, I found the starter relay at Napa for $10.00

    Any input would be helpful.
  • brainiac318brainiac318 Member Posts: 2
    Without warning my expedition began having numerous problems. First, the gear shift became stuck in park and could not be shifted while it was cranked. Fortunately I was able to drive home from work by turning key to 1st position, and cranking the car form neutral. Then a few raindrops later, I found out that my wipers were not working. After popping the hood I noticed the hoodlight did not work either. Neither did the door chime or inside lights. The headlights, brake and signal lights all worked fine. I really don't think the problem is moisture in the fusebox - everything seemed dry under the hood. Somebody please give me some possible causes and solutions before I get the inevitable "run-around" from the dealership. :confuse:
  • kd4kmzkd4kmz Member Posts: 19
    :sick: Well, there are multiple things that can go wron, I have fixed several but not the last.
    Item 1 fixed. popping in rear passenger wheel well, was plenenun mototr for lowere and upper air cox was sheared had to replace whole unit $65

    Item 2, interior lights coming on , door adjar and locks on and off, fix for this was wd40 in all door mechanisms one of teh doors had gummed up and was flaking out, but ever since I sprayed them and opened them and closed them seveal times to get the lubricant throughout, have not had this problem again

    Item 3 Pending problem. Radio goes off and on intermittently, can sometimes hear relays when this occurs sometimes not, at the same time this occurs the power windows and door button illumination goes out.
    What I have done so far, removed and inspected the Fuse block and the VSM, no water or traces of water, opened every relay and cleaned all the contacts no resolve, there were solder on relays on the underlying board of teh fuse block so I thought maybe one of those had wigged out, so I replaced the entire fuse block, $178 this did not fix the problem. I even cleaned all the battery cables and replaced the battery. ANother $109(recommneded by Ford Tech, I was due for a new battery any way, but once again this did not fix it.

    SO isolate time, is it the buttons on teh door for the window controls? Is it the Radio or is there a short

    I was so upset, I started to remove the dash cover firs tthe faceplate that covers the steering whell gages and before I could get it out as I was trying to Jimmy over the steering whell column, I noticed that as I shook it the radio came back on, seem to happen off and on as I was shaking it then it stopped, tried to shake each indivisual wire harnes still connected to this but could not isolate it, in fristration I hit the center of teh dash over the radio, walla the radio came on then it wnet off and every time Ihit the dash the same thiing, SO is it in the radio or is there a short under the dash, this is where I am now trying to trouble it, but I am pretty sure it is in the dash or radio, if anyone has already figure it out let me know before I pull the whole dash apart looking for an open , burnt or broke wire, see sometimes when I hit bumps or turn hard I notice the radio will do the same ting, remember I said the windows stop functioning at the same time. How many more grey hairs Ron
  • siny10309siny10309 Member Posts: 2
    Tammymac I am having the same exact issue and the dealer has no idea. Can you let me know if you had this fixed??!?!! HELP. if you want i can give you my number and maybe you can help to finally put this to rest. Thanks so much. Alex
  • spt2espt2e Member Posts: 1
    Somtimes when it rains my truck goes crazy, I go to open the driver door and it thinks the key is in the ignition and dings at me. Somtimes the radio won't go off, then the lights on my running boards come on and wont go off. After a big rain all my dash lights are on and the truck won't turn over. After 8-9 hours it usually starts right up, thats if the radio dash lights and running board lights coming on hasn't drained the battery. Can any one please give me some advice. Thanks
  • tschrocktschrock Member Posts: 2
    I am having the same problem This all happened in the same day!! It's been very dry here any news on how to fix this yet?? I checked all the fuses. I have never heard of such problems
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