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Honda Odyssey Window/Door/Hatch Problems

ody3ody3 Posts: 2
I can't figure out why this is happening. Everytime I open my drivers door, I hear one ping. There are no lights on dash, no warning signals. Nothing.

I've read thru the manual & it can't seem to tell my why this is happening.

Again it is just one PING, sort of like a bell.

Any one have a clue??


  • We've noticed that ping (alarm) when we open the power sliding doors using the drivers control button and the passenger also opens it at the same time.I guess the door gets confused and waits for another signal before it opens.
    I would guess with yours that somewhere there is something that should be on or off, up or down or in or out. Experiment.
  • jwpfljwpfl Posts: 11
    Check to see if you accidentally hit the lever to turn your high beams on. :)
  • ody3ody3 Posts: 2
    I know of the beeps you're speaking of. those are continuous if you are trying to move the van when the sliding door is open.

    This is just one little bell sound.
  • Mine just started doing the same thing. 2006 EX-L RES. At first I thought it was my imagination. Glad to know I'm not crazy! :D
  • carellcarell Posts: 7
    I own a 05 EX-L RES. I have the same problem. If the driver's door is opened from the outside or inside after a period of time and the key removed I get the same "one ping". I took it to the dealer, the day I got there, the "ping" would not happen. they say they checked a few things but could not get the "ping" to happen. That was 7 months ago, and since the door "ping" has returned. It is really not a biggie, but it may indicate a problem elsewhere. Looking forward to getting this resolved
  • jwpfljwpfl Posts: 11
    I guess I have to elaborate more on my earlier response concerning this ping. If you push your turn signal lever towards the instrument panel, it turns on the high beam headlights. If you turn on your headlights, you will see a blue icon on the instrument panel indicating your high beams are on. During the day when you do not have your headlights on, you will not get the blue icon, but the lever may still be in the high beam position. If you then shut off the engine and remove the key and wait for the dome lights to go off, you will hear a ping when you open the door. This is just to let you know your turn signal lever is in the high beam position. :)
  • carellcarell Posts: 7
    Well, you sure explained it well this time. You are absolutely right. Thank you for you help and patience. This really is a great forum.
  • jwpfljwpfl Posts: 11
    Glad I could help.
  • I have a 2004 Honda Odyssey EL. Last weeks the rear/cargo door suddenly can not hold up when you open it. I have to manually push it up and hold it. Any ideas?
  • again. can anybody help on the above topic?
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    The support struts (the black pistons on the side) need to be replaced. Take it to any mechanic or dealer to have the work done or you can do it yourself.
  • shunxshunx Posts: 17
    The right power sliding door on our new '07 EX-L starting emitting a continuous beep when the door was opening. The door wouldn't open electronically and had to be opened manually. When the door opened fully the beep stopped. Does anyone know about this problem?

    I just read this: "those [beeps] are continuous if you are trying to move the van when the sliding door is open." I'll test this out later.
  • shunxshunx Posts: 17
    OK, it was because the driver had shifted to drive instead of park.
  • I have 2000 Odyssey. When turning corners or just sometimes when closing the door the open door indicator blinks. Of course that causes the interior lights to blink. Does anyone know where or how the sensor works? This happens when the door appears to be closed.
  • I've got the same year (2000) and same problem when I make a left turn. I've checked the doors and they are all closed tight, but when I make the turn, the interior lights blink. I haven't noticed the open door indicator blinking.
  • draygdrayg Posts: 1
    I am a new owner, and this van has 115,000 miles.

    The sliding door on the drivers side closes ALMOST all the way, then opens...very frustrating! We've just returned from a trip to the snowy and messy roads up north, and I blamed it on some of the road crud getting into the nooks and crannies, but on closer examination, the doors hardware is rubbing the paint off on the side panel behind it. Any ideas? I really love this van other than that! Thanks for any help you all can offer!
  • clemsclems Posts: 2
    2006 Odyssey - Saskatchewan Canada. This is a great van but we can't get the doors closed. Right sliding door is the worst. It will close part way and then reopen. It is almost imposible to close it manually. The doors have always sounded bad, from new, like they were grinding in dirt. Dealer can't find the problem. Have had it in several times. (2 hour trip one way). They are now going to replace the rollers $500.00 for parts, but I am guessing electrical problems. Very frustrating. We haul hockey players around and need all the doors. Anyone had any troubles like this with a solution? Tx.
  • Hello fellow drivers,
    I just bought a used 2002 Honda Odyssey. The back door squeaks and rattles when driven over not perfectly smooth roads, and at highway speeds. I tried greasing it, WD-40-ing the hinges and locking hardware, to no avail. So I tied a piece of string on the hook where the lock goes in, which seems to help sometimes. Not ideal. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • My 2002 did the same thing. The issue was a loose locking latch assembly in the bottom of the door where it hooks into the frame. You will have to remove some of the plastic molding covering the screw (four) latch assembly. You don't have to remove the whole platic molding, just enough to prey it back to expose the latch assembly screws. Remove one screw at a time and apply some thread locking compound, Locktite, to each of the screws and tighten well. Replace the molding and you should be good to go.
  • I have a 2007 Odyssey. I took it into the dealer last week because the drivers side slider door gets ALMOST all the way closed, then it re-opens itself. It will do this about 4-5 times, then finally it will work. The dealer said it was because of a dead battery at one time, so they re-set the computer. Well, it just did it again today. I have been in snow for the last 2 months, so I too thought it was grit from the terrible roads, but the dealer said nothing was in the track.
    Also, I have loud clunking noises coming from what sounds like the struts or strut towers, dealer said it was the steering column, they supposedly fixed that as well, but the noise is still there. I'm really worried about the door. This van is only 9 months old! Anyone know about the door issue?
  • johnohiojohnohio Posts: 1
    The real wiper only had intermittent moves in a heavy rain. The front wipers were on Hi and moved continuously. Suspect the rear one was not set up correctly. Helps appreciated.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    I believe the rear is intermittent only. Check your manual.

    Otherwise, call the dealer - if it's supposed to be constant, then have it fixed under warranty.
  • My Honda Odyssey 2000 got such an issue with its rear window wiper:
    The wiper starts moving from the middle of the window where it stops when powered off. It is supposed to start from the bottom edge of the window. What's problem? Could I fix it myself?
  • tj2008tj2008 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem in my 2008. Just brought it home 2 weeks ago and driver sliding door is suddely not closing. It gets close to shut then opens back up. It never closes even after 10 attempts. Is your (corinnaly) problem resolved?
  • pkgman2pkgman2 Posts: 13
    Suddenly one day the passenger sliding door just quit, it was after one of the kids bumped it or got in the way of it closing, now nothing and no reset. The not closed beep goes off too, the driver side door works fine.

    Im a single dad with 4, and wondered if there might be a reset on the motor? or something and how to get to it ??
    Also looking for the way to remove the lens to replace the 3rd brake light.
    Thanks for your help.
  • loudgonzoloudgonzo Posts: 1
    I have an 06 Ex-L, the drivers side sliding door makes an awful creaking sound when accelerating from a standstill, or right as it comes to a complete stop. It has been to the dealer 2 times and each time they adjusted the door, and it works for a few days then its comes back, it is very annoying.

    Has anyone had this problem and if so, what needed to be replaced or what was done to fix it?

    thanks in advance
  • Hi there - I have an '06 Odyssey and am now into my extended 'Comprehensive New Vehicle Warranty' period (purchased up-front). The driver-side sliding door does not latch properly when closed and so the instrument panel indicates an open door, interior lights stay on, etc. It's in for service at the moment and the dealership has said the needed latch assembly is in the $400-$500 range and unfortunately is not covered by our extended warranty. I'm reading through the details and of course find no specific reference to it. Should this be a covered part?
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 6,023
    If they are power doors then I'd say you have a case. If manual, then dealership can claim you abused the doors.

    I'd talk to the g.m, then corporate Honda if not satisfied. Seems to me the latch mechanism could be adjusted instead of springing for a new one. I'd also take it to another Honda dealership for a second opinion.
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  • cristian1cristian1 Posts: 10
    Sir, I had the same problem a while ago. My advice may be too late any way here is what I did: I went to fry’s electro. And paid for all kind of tools so I can start investigating I got home mad took off the wall panels to compare the situation. It was all fine the same but no electricity  finally I disconnected the battery for a coffee brake when I return I reconnect the battery and my door was working the same as new. Later one it happened again and I just disconnected the battery (coffee brake), reconnect after and I was back in business all what you have to do every time it is to reset password on your radio. Good luck!
  • ratssratss Posts: 6
    We just bought a 2008 EXL w/RES. We noticed the passenger sliding door does not open as far as the drier's side sliding door. Upon inspection, I noticed a hinged tab that that strikes a stopper on the passenger side. If you open the door manually and carefully hold in the hinged tab, you can get the door to open all the way, but otherwise it stops short of all the way open. The driver's side sliding door does not appear to have this hinged tab. Is this by design? Has anyone else noticed this? Why would Honda not have both doors open all the way. Additionally, if opening the passenger sliding door manually, if you do not hold the tab in, the door will not "catch" and lock open, this is dangerous. You can hold the tab in beyond the door stop and it will open all the way and "catch."

    I'm trying to find out if I need to go back to the dealership or if this is an intentional design.
  • ratssratss Posts: 6
  • poocatpoocat Posts: 35
    The sliding door will not open all the way if the window on that sliding door is not up all the way or closed. It's a safety feature built into the door.
  • ratssratss Posts: 6
    I understand the window safety feature. That is not the case hear. Window is up all the way. Passenger sliding door will not open all the way. Took it the dealership today and they had to take the whole door apart and order parts. The car is two weeks old. Just wanted to know if others were having the same problem. Checked with a friend who bought the same car a few months ago. They are having the same problem and are going to the dealer tomorrow.
  • ratssratss Posts: 6
  • Did you get a solid answer to what happened here? I have the same issue with the passenger sliding door. I removed the latch on the door track that was holding it from openeing all the way. Now it opens fine. However, I have what appears to be a related problem in that the window on the same door will not go down. The motor works but only does a quick "bump" & stops.
  • ratssratss Posts: 6
    Yes it was the window sensor. They replaced it and everything has been fine since.
  • In July 2007 my passenger door started having problems opening and shutting. After going through the usual "adjustments" at 2 dealerships and duplicating the problem numerous times at the dealer I finally got a motor replaced along with a few minor parts in November 2007. Through the cold winter months (reno, nv) my door never malfunctioned. As soon as the weather warmed up the problem returned. I have dealt with the service manager and corporate Honda. My case is continuing and still "open" so I have not had to pay for anything. I simply want my door to work! I can say confidently that the local dealer would fix it, however, they do not know how. They have seen the door malfunction, acknowledge it is a problem, but nobody at tech support, corporate honda or locally know how to fix it. The problem: when pushing the remote/interior button/or pulling the handle the door will try to open (you hear the motor) but then beep and remain shut. It takes 1-4 more tries and it will make a popping noise and finally open. When stuck open, you will hear the motor trying to engage but then it will beep and remain open. It takes 1-4 more tries to close, sometime lunging forward in the process. If anyone knows what needs to be done, please help!
  • I have an 06 EX with the power doors. The rubber gaskets on the floor threshhold is ripped up and has rusty metal hanging out of it. I took it to the dealer and told them that I thought my kids might get cut on this rusty metal so they replaced them for free. The dealer said that he has only come across this one other time and is shocked that it fell appart. My guess is 80% of these are doing this has anyone else had this problem?
  • I believe we have the same model. Mine has done the same thing twice. I had it fixed under warranty once. It has disintegrated again. I was going to try to put some putty or adhesive in it just to keep the kids from getting cut.
  • meltomelto Posts: 1
    Yes, been having this problem for about 2 years on my '05. Finally decided to go online and bought replacements for both sides for $50. Easy fix, they just pop off and the new ones pop right back on.

    Don't think they are meant for small kids with little legs who use the rubber seal as their launch.
  • I had the same problem with my 1999 EX: dead door, annoying warning buzzer when in gear, sliding door warning light on. I thought I was going to have to go in for at least a new sliding door motor. Coffee breaks can be good, I wish more problems in life could be solved that way. I disconnected and reconnected the battery as you suggested and I was a happy guy. I think the electronic mechanism got hung up when my daughter was trying to open the door from the outside while I was trying to open the door from the dashboard button, this went on for 4 or 5 attempts. After that, the door was never the same. It works fine now but these doors are definitely a weak spot. We had to get all the spring-loaded buttons in the door and replaced (while under warranty) a few years ago and I wouldn't be surprised if something else goes wrong. Good call with the battery disconnect, maybe that should be part of the tune-up routine. I think I'll go get some coffee......thanks!
  • I had the same problem on my 06. It was the door rollers. They are cheap plastic rollers that cant be greased. Road grime gets into the track and "locks up" the roller causing it to drag or hang up. That little bit of drag will cause the door to open back up. I put my door in the "manual close" mode and had to force it shut. The door then fell off the track and scrached up the side of the van. My extended warrenty only covered the rollers and the labor to install new ones. They would not cover the damage caused by the door coming off the hinge. Both doors had this problem with in a week of each other.
  • mooger1mooger1 Posts: 14
    I'm hearing some draging noise in the side doors as they open and close. I'm wondering if there is any maintenance that I should be doing on these doors to prevent problems down the road. sound like the rollers could be draging,,is there any way to lube them mooger
  • This happened to me on my '06 Odyssey last week. I have the extended 'Honda Care' warranty. They will fix the door problem, but not the scratches that run the entire length of the side quarter panel. The damage was caused when the door fell off the track and swung on the cable.

    'Honda Care' (if you can call it 'care') had the nerve to tell me I caused it by continuing to use the door when I knew it was jamming. I had it into the dealer (Honda of Nanuet) in Nanuet numerous times, but of course it wouldn't jam when it was there. The next time it happened was when the door fell off!

    I called American Honda and they said that after I had the body work done they would 'review' my situation.

    Funny, a few years ago the subframe cracked on my '98 Ford Windstar just after the 6 year warranty ran out. Guess what? Ford paid the full amount of the $3600 repair. Now that's customer service.
  • Hi,

    I have a 2005 Odyssey and this am noticed a continuous beep while backing out of the driveway. No doors are showing as opened, as I rechecked each. The only way to stop the beeping was to turn off the power door switch next to the steering wheel. I check the contacts on each door and still can't figure it out. Anyone have this issue before?
  • The windows on my 2007 EX-L slide down when I lock the car and leave it for a short period of time. I found out that the remote will make the windows slide down if you hold the lock down for a period of time. The dealer does not believe that it does it by itself. Has anyone had this problem?
  • I have a different by related issue. It only happened once. I was on the highway and then notice the passenger door light up after numerous attempt to shut the door, the light still wouldn't go off. I was on the highway and no way I will pull over to check it. When I got home, and I turned off the car and turned it back on, the light is off.
  • Have had this problem. Have not taken it to a dealer yet. We didn't know the remote could make the windows go down. I will have to try to make that happen first.
  • kjn3kjn3 Posts: 2
    After we get out of our 2002 Honda Oddessey van and walk around and open the back hatch door, we hear all the doors lock without us touching anything. One time the side sliding door just opened when I was standing in the driveway and I wasn't touching anything. HOW SCARY...this seems to happen routinely. Any suggestions? I am afraid that I am going to get my keys locked in the car.
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