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Hyundai Sonata Transmission Problems

mepjap65mepjap65 Posts: 1
I recently purchased a 2006 Sonata V6, pre-owned with around 28000 miles. It seems like a nice, dependable car (I bought it primarily for my wife to use). One thing about its driving characteristic seems unusual, however, and I would like to know if it's common with this year/model; if anyone else has experienced this or if it might be a transmission problem. When accelerating from a stop at a steady increase in speed, the shift from 1st to 2nd seems to "lag", almost like there's a noticeable pause between shifts and for a brief second the car feels like it decelerates before accelerating again. The sensation is very slight and hard to really describe accurately, but it's there, enough to be noticed. I heard that these cars have throttle-by-wire and I don't know if that has any relation to what I'm describing. Does anyone have any ideas or comments?


  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I don't believe this "lag" to be a problem however it is a known issue and I believe Hyundai has issued a TSB to reflash the transmission control module to minimize or eliminate this. I do not have the TSB number at the moment but may be able to locate it if I have the time but your local Hyundai service dept. will know what to do if you explain/complain.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    Mine has the lag or had it. I don't really notice it anymore. I wasn't aware of a TSB for this. I know others have it and I guess I just got used to it.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Question--not an answer.

    Could this "lag" be related to different drivers and the tranny trying to adjust to those different drivers?
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    not in my case. only driver of my car.
  • douglascdouglasc Posts: 3
    Is it normal for a 2006 Sonata V6 transmission to delay slightly on the first to second shift (when compared to the other shifts)?
    Is it normal to have it hunt looking for the proper gear when traveling easily at 40 mph?
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    There are a lot of previous posts on these items. I would suggest doing a search.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    the 1st to 2nd gear lag is common. I used to notice it everytime when I first purchased mine but don't notice it all now. It's a "new" car thing. Different from what you were used to driving. Happens to us all.
  • geofwgeofw Posts: 2
    I'm thinking of buying a 4 cylinder standard transmisson Sonata.

    I have a 2005 Tucson. It has an rpm of 3,000 at around 60 mph. Needless to say, it gets noisy at higher speeds. At the same speed, my 1995 Camry is about 500 rpm lower. I can go around corners in 3rd gear without any problem.

    Anyone notice the same problem with say, 2007 or 2008 Sonatas?
  • xebraxebra Posts: 9
    55mph on highway --> 2000rpm
    60mph " " --> 2100rpm

    20-30mph climbing hill --> 2000rpm to 3000 rpm.
  • tkumpftkumpf Posts: 27
    Yes, my 2007 does it too. My mother-in-law also bought a 2007 Sonata about a month before I did; I'll take hers for "a spin" and see it it does it too.
  • I just moved to Denver - after about a month (one week after a cold freeze) I noticed a slight whine when the transmission is in third (approx 2300 rpm) between 38 and 42 mph. It seems to disappear immediately on shifting to 4th. I do not hear it when the transmission downshifts. I might also mention that I lived in San Diego, and, at 30000 miles had the transmission fluid changed as part of the 30000 mile checkup. I do not believe they used Hyundai fluid. This was a AAA aproved repair shop and they provided documentation that said that the transmission fluid they used was OK for the vehicle.
  • For whatever the reason Hyundai automatics require specific Hyundai branded transmission fluid. I do not believe any other generic type is recommended. As far as I know there is no other type or brand that should be used. Also,I seem to recall this wasn't a Hyundai ruse in order to force owners to buy their transmission fluid only but this requirement had roots in actual performance problems if it wasn't used.
  • The transmission fluid that was used was Valvolline Max
    Life ATF which is supposed to be consistent with SP-III. I have a signed letter from Valvoline which states that use of the fluid WILL NOT INVALIDATE the Warranty and it also lists all the vehicles that it is recommended for - which includes KIA SP-II and SP-III and Hyundai. Although I voiced some concern about this - I was assured by a reputable AAA repair shop (SAMCO in San Diego) that I was OK to use the Valvoline transmission fluid.
  • tjl67tjl67 Posts: 1
    I just bought an '08 Sonata in November, 2007. Right away I noticed a definate shutter when driving around 40mph, just prior to shifting to 4th. It will remain as long as I stay at that speed. I took it in to be checked twice. 1st time tech didn't find it, 2nd time there was a TSB, and the transmission was reprogrammed. THAT was yesterday. On the way home, sure enough, it did it again, and again. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  • This has been noted by a few with no fix so far.
  • toshastoshas Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a the 08 Sonata, my very first car. Within 200 miles I noticed the shutter at or around 40 mph. I have taken the vehicle to the dealer more than three times,and have finally been assigned a "case number" with the manufacture. I do not like, and refuse to accept this malfunction.... Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on what I can do?? I have been advised that there is no solution and this is a known issue with this vehicle.
  • hdsithdsit Posts: 58
    Well i have been struggled with this problem on my car (V6, from korean) from day one since i bought it in july 2005.
    Another with the same problem:
    All (5 or 6) similar models i have tried here in denmark had the exact same problem, and the danish importers technical manager, who also drives a V6 has the same problem, and finally accepted that there is problem that apparently cant be resolved. And i must say that, as far as i know, all have been tried from here.
    An A/T specialist even tried to deactivate the torque converter lockup by bypassing the brake-switch, but it didnt bring us closer to a solution (same shudder or even worse).
    Status for now when my cars has approx 52000 km on the odo:
    Get the tires optimally dynamically balanced (Hunter), and the vibration can be minimized (I have at least experienced that high tyre RFV (Radial force variation) and out-of-round can intesify the problem)
    The more perfect tire - the less wobble/shudder/vibration
    - But even with the most perfect tyre, as the set i have now where the RFV on all four tyre is below 2 kg, i still got a slight vibration. (Michelin PA3 winther)
    The point now is, that if i not have had all these problems from the start, and really got attention to it, then i guess i wouldnt have noticed it today. With my last set of tyres it's hardly noticable.
    I just hope that all my complains in the last 2½ year has been noticed by Hyundai and hopefylly has been resolved in the facelift...
    I'm really looking forward to try it when it arrives to Denmark in the 2. quarter of 2008.
    If it is solved - i will definately change...
    In all other areas - i think the car is perfect, and i wont hesitate to buy one again.
  • check for the "lemon law" in your area - if it is allowed RETURN THE CAR AND REQUEST A NEW ONE
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    :confuse: I have a Hyundai Sonata 2008 2.4l 2,700 miles, Automatic. It has a slow shift between 1st & 2nd gear
    Feels like a loss of power until it passes 2nd gear, fuel mileage is 19-21 city/hwy 60/40 hwy. Took it to the dealer and no codes in the computer. Any answers will be helpful! Thanks!
  • colloquorcolloquor Posts: 482
    Although this addresses old posts - let's please put the question on ATF for use in Hyundai's, Kia's, and Mitsubishi's to rest once and for all. These three corporations require SP-III ATF, not SP-III approved, or SP-III equivalent fluids. There is no direct substitute or equivalent SP-III on the market. Regardless what Valvoline, or any other companies claim, unless you use Hyundai, Kia, or Mitsubishi brand SP-III ATF in your automatic transmission, your warranty is null and void on any transmission failures. This is direct from Hyundai corporate. The Hyundai and Kia automatic transmissions are built under license from Mitsubishi, and again, if you use anything other than SP-III, you're out-of-luck on substantiating any warranty claims should an automatic transmission problem develop within the 100K/10 year powertrain warranty period.

    Don't try to save a few dollars per quart on ATF, just buy the real stuff!
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    No one has changed the transmission fluid in this car, it still has the factory fluid.
  • The lag betwen 1st and 2nd is normal. Another member changed his fluid with a Castrol ATF fluid, can't remember which one, and he said it made the car shift a lot smoother. Mine does this and has since I've owned it. I'm close to a trans fluid change so will see what happens then.
  • What's wrong with the factory fluid?
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    Thanks for the info. I just wanted to know if any other people with a :) Hyundai Sonata 2008 2.4 L & Automatic Transmission have the same transmission shifting like mine.
  • just remember it's not just the 08's. NF owners have this annoyance. Most if not all I've talked to.
  • Directly from the owners manual.
    Your Hyundai automatic transaxle is specially designed to operate with
    III or other brands meeting the SP III specification approved by Hyundai Motor Co..

    Now how you interpet that is up to you. I read it as they are saying a fluid that meets the SP III specification that Hyundai approves for use in their transmissions, not that Hyundai has to specifically approve an aftermarket manufacturer. But since I only have 19,000 miles on my car and have 31,000 miles (approx 11 months for me) to go before I begin to think about doing a flush and fill I have time to wait and see what happens.
    I do sell Amsoil and they make a ATF that they say meets the SP III specification along with the Castrol product I saw on a store shelf this weekend and like has been said on here and other forums some people have changed out to other fluids and we will see how it goes for them. I am not having a problem currently with my transmission and hope not to but when I do change out my trans fluid I will base my decision off of a cost basis, i.e. Hyundai labled ATF, cause they do not make it do they, or one of the other ATF's out there. I can't believe Castrol, Amsoil, or any other manufacture would be selling a product that they say meets the SP III and it did not. The lawsuits would sink them rather quick and if you did use the Amsoil ATF and it ended up destroying your transmission and it was the fluid that caused the problem they would either pay for the repair or replacement of the transmission. I would think Castrol would also be required to do the same since they say SP III right on the bottle.
  • hytechhytech Posts: 5
    try to have the dealer reset the adaptive values for the trans i have seen quite a few at the shop most of the time the porters like to drive rough when the vechicle is on the lot and the trans computer learns improperly, have the dealer reset the adaptive values and drive it for a few miles the way u normally do,shut the car down key out off ign. for about a minute and drive the vechicle again, shut down again,after a few min drive and you should see improved shifts if the dealer dont do it disconnect battery for about 10 min and then drive but the scanner way is the best way . good luck .fluid is most likely not an issue and hyundai fluid is strongly recommended since other types are mixed with multiple additives to work with various transmissions which may prematurely wear clutch pack material
  • I bought my 4 cyl. Sonata Limited 8 days ago and noticed the shutter at around 25 MPH where car is already in 4th gear with RPMs at a little over 1! Causes a rumbling noise and vibration felt in steering wheel and whole car. Complained to dealer and they reported that they are aware of this problem and Hyundai working on software fix that tells transmission when to shift. They did not know when est. date of arrival is for fix. I am upset as they knew about this problem and never mentioned in new car sales discussion.

    What have others heard?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    The car is lugging. Until you get the fix, try giving the pedal a little push to nudge the car into a lower gear at low speed. Alternately, you could put the shifter into manual shift mode when at low speed.
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