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Hyundai Sonata Transmission Problems



  • fordfan_17fordfan_17 Posts: 175
    if the trans is in 4th gear already at 25 mph there is definately a shift stategy problem the shudder is probably the torque converter clutch being applied at such a low speed and the trans is unable to keep it applied due to the low speed. i would suggest a trip back to the dealer for a pcm/tcm reflash
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    I have a Hyundai 2008 Sonata 4cyl with an automatic transmission and my 4 gear shift is at 30MPH is this correct? also, somedays the car seems to have more power then others. I also noticed that the car sometimes (not all the time) jerks and surges while pressing and letting go of the gas peddle. Anyone have an answer to this question? This is my first Hyundai and I don't know if there is a problem with it or if its normal. Please let me know!
  • 06thomas06thomas Posts: 1
    i've installed a intake in my 06 v6 sonata i've been having the same issue seems like the car revs higher with me it happends most while in reverse i've asked the tech about it and he said that is partly to do with the electronic throttle added with the extra air making the computer think more air more gas sounds to me like a glitch in the computer mapping or its more addaptive then they thought speaking in terms of the mfg
  • sellcarsellcar Posts: 21
    Re: 2008 Sonata shift error? My car is a 4 cyl and it has not been touched by anyone and no other parts were added to upgrade it.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    1. 4th at 30 mph....yes. Mine shifts to 4th at 28 MPH. Others have posted this. Even heard some V6 folks state the same.
    2. Jerks and this when it is cold? If so, yes. Depends on what you call J&S. Mine does it when it is cold. Has since purchase. Others have posted this too.
  • ms090870ms090870 Posts: 9
    I have a 2001 Sonata. The car have been incredible as far as dependability and economics. This car has 97000 miles on it and in the entire time that I have owned the car, the only work that I have had to do to this car is to replace a rear wheel hub. So needless to say I extremely happy with my car and will purchase an other car from Hyundai the next time I purchase a new car.

    I am currently having the following problem and would appreciate any info that anyone might be able to provide.

    My transmission has recently begun to "stick" in 1st or 2nd gear. When it finally shifts (after the RPM'S rev up) I have lost 1st gear and overdrive and my check engine light will be on. Once I kill the car and restart it is perfectly fine.

    Please let me know if you have experienced this or something like it and what was needed to correct the problem.

    Thank you
  • hyundai03ihyundai03i Posts: 1
    II recently bought this car and noticed it was shifting funny into third and forth. At first didn't think much just thought maybe it needed a fluid change so I took it in. The car has 32,000 miles on it. When they pulled the plug it was covered it metal very bad. The transmission needed to be pulled to find out it had a cracked drum and it ruined the entire transmission. Has anyone heard of this happening before or how could it have been caused.
  • ronylalaronylala Posts: 16
    2008 Sonata transmission shiftif you have a problem with the automatic transmission (at 40-50MPH), please contact me via my e-mail----
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Why not post here why you are asking our members to compromise their privacy by emailing you? Perhaps we can work out what's on your mind without needing anyone to do that?
  • ronylalaronylala Posts: 16
    i have a problems with my car i just pruches 5 month ago. i have a replacment car and the same problem on that car also...trying to see if that's a lemon case.

    also found here that some customers had the same issue.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Gosh I'm sorry ot hear that. Tell us about the problems you've had so we can see if others have experienced them as well.

    Were you able to get your dealership to exchange your original purchase? Good for you! How did that go?
  • ronylalaronylala Posts: 16
    not yet :-) the replacment car is till my car will be fix by the service....but has the same problem. i set up a meeting with the inspection guy from the main office and now i am waiting....

    The problem is the transmission. when my car was at 40MPH it's stater (shaking a little bit) from Hyundai the service install a program and they fix it...but it was working only for 3 days. now the problem it's on 50MPH...
  • Hi,
    I just bought Hyundai sonata 2008. It has 4000 miles on it. While shifting from 1 to 2, I hear a weird noise. It doesn't happen every single time. It only happen while driving first time in a day or driving after couple of hours. Once in motion, I don't hear that noise. I don't know if it is common with the sonata since it has a stubborn transmission. Is this happens to anyone? Is this something to worry about?
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    On the first drive in the day, the car will automatically run an anti-lock brake test at about 8mph. This is also about where your car might be shifting from first to second. Could this be what you're referring to?
  • ronylalaronylala Posts: 16
    After 18 days my car spend at the shop...i still have the problem with the transmission...from the menufactor they said it's Normal....well i sent a letter notice of deffective car...and i am starting the Lemon process.
    please if anyone has a problem and the transmission make the car shutter around 50mph. please post here a message.

    thank you,
  • hdsithdsit Posts: 58
    You are absolutely not alone - have been struggled with this problem since i bought the car, juli 2005...
    Please look at:!keywords=#18
    I, and a lot other has noticed this shutter, and it seems that the new faceliftet 09 also has this annoyance, according to my personal experience.
    Has been a TSB for the 2,4 A/T:

    But please send them a letter of complain - maybe - even though i seriously doubt - they wil take attention...
  • lmaxicklmaxick Posts: 46
    What year is your car and what part of the country do you reside in?
  • ronylalaronylala Posts: 16
    I live in Florida. the car is 2008
  • earbuckleearbuckle Posts: 16
    Your car only had 30,000 miles. MaxLife products are intended for higher mileage cars (75,000+ miles). In spite of the product sheet claiming compatibility with Hyundai specs, I wouldn't have allowed its use in my car. I'd buy some Hyundai-branded ATF and take it back to the Samco shop; they should be willing to swap it out for free.

    BTW, how was the job done? Unless they used a pressure flush system, more than half of the ATF fluid does NOT get replaced. (I'm not a fan of the pressure flush systems, which attempt to flush the fluid out of the torque converter) So you have a 50%-50% mixture of old Hyundai fluid and new Valvoline fluid, which is pretty scary.

    Good luck.
  • tonycartonycar Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 sonata with 50k miles, it has the same shudder from 1st to 2nd.
    I haven't taken it to the dealer yet
  • Bought my Sonata new in 2001, has had a couple of no charge factory recalls. Here in Florida batteries only last about 12-24 months until I went with the Sears Diehard Gold. It's been a great car for 7+ years, but now it's starting to shift funny. We were in Orlando (from Tampa) and as we made a U-Turn and I stepped on the gas the car revved high then the transmission made a car jarring clang/bang and the car started to move again. The "Check Engine (CE)" light came on so we went back to our hotel. All other functions seemed normal, so I let it set overnight. The next day the car seemed to be fine still, and the "CE" light went out.
    Everything was fine on Saturday and Sunday until we left Universal to head back to Tampa, and the "CE" light came on again and the car seemed not to be shifting properly especially taking off from a stop & at highway speeds to top gear didn't seem to kick-in.
    I've done some research and I know the "Shift-Tronic" type transmission is supposed to self-adjust to the way the car is driven and I don't always drive it smoothly. I remember the dealer service dept. telling once when I had my car in for regular service, that they were having trouble updating the CPU software and I don't think they ever got it reinstalled correctly (of course they'll never admit it).
    I also put and OBD2 box on it myself at one point and the code came up as "unknown", I put the OBD2 box on my spouses Honda CR-V and it worked fine, so I'm fairly sure the OBD2 was ok.
    My local dealer service dept is a bunch of jerk weeds so I've been having my car serviced by a local service garage whom I trust, but I'm going to try the dealer today for this problem. So we'll see...
  • dlarindlarin Posts: 1
    Hi -

    I have experenced the same problem, I to have a 2008 Sonata with 2858 miles and the dealer's service tech said he couldn't hear the noise. My question is do you still have that same noise or has it been resolved ?

  • Actually, it's not fixed. I spent $300 to replace the Input & Output Speed Sensors per the dealer service tech and their so-called diagnostics. My Sonata's engine was purring like a kitten when I took it in (it was only the transmission that was shifting funny), but since I picked it up the car has been running very poorly and the once quiet engine has been making a lot of noise and yesterday it started shift funny again. Clearly they didn't fix anything so I'm calling them again today and we'll see what kind of BS they'll feed me this time.
    As for your 2008 Sonata, lucky for you your's is under warranty. As stated previously, the Sonata is a well build car and I will definitely buy another one. However, the dealer service techs and their lack of repair skills is and always has been my problem. If I fixed computers the way they fix cars, I'd be swapping out parts all the time and nothing would really get fixed! If I were you I would search out another Hyundai dealer since your car is so new. Good luck.
  • I have a 2001 Sonata with about 90K miles and the dealer service dept. just replaced the Input & Output Speed Sensors, which set me back ~$300. Since picking up my car the engine, which was purring like a kitten, has been running very rough and as of yesterday the tranny is back to shifting funny again. I'm calling the service dept. today so we'll see what happens. Needless to say, if your dealer wants to replace your speed sensors, GET A SECOND OPINION. I'm out $300 bucks already. Typical car dealer crap, keep swaping parts & maybe you'll trip over the actual problem!!
  • Recently bought a 2009 Sonata limited V6 with NAV, ......and now its 350 plus miles and since past 2 days... the engine cries(noisy) like anything....when I start the engine and till the time it reaches 0-35 mph(with jerks while it shifts the gears), it feels like I am driving a used car/truck. Real pickup...even if its a V6.

    One of the dealers said it needs 89 Ocatne gas....I should not put 87 Ocatne..where as per my user manual... 87 Octane gas is fine.

    Where as the dealer from whom I bought the car asked me to get the car tomow. to their service center..... as they said they r going to fix it..if not then replace the car. Where as its not typically expected of a new car if it really passed Quality tests.....

    Let me know if anyone had similar problem in the past......??
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    This is really getting boring krishna.
  • hey m6user my I am new to the website/forum.
    Is there a fix to my Car problem...can u help.....??
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let's continue this conversation here where you have gotten a reply: krishnakonline, "2009 Hyundai Sonata" #575, 28 Aug 2008 3:05 pm. It's from m6user. ;)
  • retsabretsab Posts: 10
    Took delivery on '09 GLS 4 cyl. on Aug 4th. with 215 miles on it, dealer obtained car from another dealer. Drove vehicle 50+ miles. Aug. 5th car would not shift out of park, dealership sent a loaner and took car. Returned in the afternoon "fixed", took wife for 5 mile ride. Morning of Aug .6th, same problem, I released the shifter and delivered car to dealership and obtained the second of 5 loaner vehicles. Car has been under going increasingly complex electrical repairs and I have not had the car since the 5th. The mechanics didn't believe me the first two days but on morning of Aug. 7th same problem for the mechanic. Electrical problems include replacing solenoid, a broken/severed bolt in the main fuse box causing intermittent grounding, and now waiting for main fuse box and wiring harness to be delivered and replaced (expected to be delivered by Aug. 30th.). Dealership and mechanics have told me over and over how sorry they are and have tried their best to solve the problems. We (service writer and I) did a history search and found that the original transferring dealership had performed electrical repairs prior to trading the vehicle. I have called Hyundai USA 3 times trying to get some help/resolution. Spoke to very nice young ladies who assured me that my case has been referred to the Regional office but after 12 days they have not contacted me. Sooo I have contacted the BBB, the NY State Attorney Gen. Office, and one of the Lemon Law Firms listed on the internet. I am currently not expecting to have a "repaired" car until Sep. 2nd at the earliest. After I receive the vehicle and work orders I will do some filing. Again the dealership has tried hard to help and provided me with a new 6 cyl. GLS, love the power. Hyundai USA and the lack of response/communication is the most frustrating aspect of an very frustrating experience with a new car with less than 300 miles on it. Notice that you can only contact Hyundai through snail mail and the filtering 800 number.
  • Here is an update on the transmission lugging problem in my new '08 4cyl Sonata with automatic transmission. From the time of purchase, transmission would lug (rumble and vibrate) due to shifting up too early at too low RPMs. This would occur at around 35-40 MPH after shifting into 4th gear.

    The dealer said "this was normal on 4cyl models", so I complained to corporate Hyundai. They gave me a case number and said they were working on a "service bulletin fix" (this is manufacturer term for a problem that they acknowledge but is not serious enough for recall). They explained it was a problem in the software that controls auto transmission shifting. Two months ago the new software became available to dealerships and upon MY request(dealer never called me), I had the new software installed.

    The problem was not fixed. Its hard to tell but I think there was slight improvement but definitely hasnt fixed it. I feel certain it is the auto because when I use the manual shifter feature, the lugging does not occur. It just needs to stay in 3rd gear longer before upshifting to 4th so the engine RPMs are high enough.

    I guess I am going to have to start all over again with Hyundai but havent resumed to "fight" yet.
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