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Buick park Avenue Problems

mcmiller5mcmiller5 Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Buick
I have a '99 Buick park Avenue with just over 7000
mi. At 2000 mi a noise was either coming out of
the engine compartment, or from behind the dash.
The noise sounds like a fan or whistling noise, and
is most prevalent when the car is idling and
standing still, but gets louder when you step on
the accelerator. The noise stated out as
intermintent, but now is constant and very
annoying. I brought the car back to the dealer
several times, but they could not isolate the
cause. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


  • Listen to the noise while parked. If it increased when you turn headlights on - it's alternator, when you move stering wheel - power stering, when you step on gas - water pump or belt or tensioner, if it disappear when AC on - it's AC parts.
  • We tried the suggestions, but could not isolate the noise. the car has been in the shop six times to try to figure out this problem, without any success. Anyone else with this problem.
  • Regarding mcmiller5 matter on the engine compartment/dashboard noise, I too had that similar problem with my 99 PA Ultra. I had that problem when I had about 1,000 miles. I will have to refer back to their invoice to see what their resolution was. Now I have 15,000 miles and I am beginning to have other problems. I just recently brought the car back to the dealership for a new climate control system panel for the dashboard and next week back to the dealer for a replacement set of seat belts. I will keep you inform as soon as I locate the invoice.
  • I also have a 99 Ultra that has been making a strange noise (intermittently). It sounds like it's coming from behind the dash on the passenger side. I'm suspect of the blower motor, since the noise changes pitch and sometimes disappears when adjusting the fan speed. Of course, I couldn't replicate the problem for the dealership.

    Also, my PA has a vibration emanating from the front right tire. It comes and goes without a pattern other than highway speeds. I've read were the LeSabre is having a terrible time with this. Buick keeps blaming it on poor balancing, wheels out of round, and tires. I'm skeptical.

    My theory is the cause may be in the drive train or brakes. Something is causing a slight vibration that in turn causes the tire to wear unevenly, which then amplifies the vibration. I just can't understand why it doesn't happen all the time?
  • I have a 1996 Park Avenue that experiences the same noise from behind the dash on passenger side when the heater blower is on. The noise is variable with engine speed but disappears when the heater blower is "off". The noise is very annoying. I'm planning to buy a 2000 Park Avenue, but if this is a problem systematic of this car, I'm would not buy one.
  • I work in the service department for a Buick and Pontiac dealer in Illinois. I wish I could help you all with the noise problem, but to the best of my knowledge, we have not had anyone with that complaint. Sounds to me like the Alternator howling, a common problem on some 3800's but not the 97-00 parks. In most cases, an alternator noise is constant, not intermitten. In my opinion, the Park is a great car.
    Also, not aware of the vibration problem. Does it do it when the tires are cold? sometimes in cold weather a tire may "flat spot" slighty when sitting and cause a vibration for a short distance.
  • My PA was purchased new and was equipped with Goodyear Conquest tires. These tires are wearing well, but make an annoying whining noise, that changes in pitch at different speeds. also we have a very soft and floating ride, which can make the Mrs. sea sick. Can these problems be improved with a set of Michelin Symetry tires, or any other tire?
  • ies61ies61 Posts: 1
    I had the same whistling problem with my 99PA.I also started having Transmission problems,would not go in reverse and sometimes would buck when i put it in drive (similar to learning to drive a stick shift) The dealer found the transmission was destroyed and replaced it. GUESS WHAT, i dont have the whistling noise anymore.
  • I have a 98 Park Avenue. It has an irritating distinct engine noise in the radio at low RPMs. The dealer says they have done everything they can but the noise persists. They have replace the spark plug wiring, the alternator twice, the antenna cabling and the radio. I complained to Buick national service center who told me there was nothing else Buick would do about the problem and if I wasn't satisfied I should contact the Better Business Bureau. The dealer acknowledges the noise, but cannot repair it. Any ideas???
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    This kind of noise is not uncommon with some cars. There are noise suppressors available which might help.
    Here is an example of products available:

    Radio Shack may carry similar items.
    Good luck
  • bnormannbnormann Posts: 335
    Thanks for keeping that long URL under wraps! It drives people crazy when the bottom scroll bar shows up.

    your host, Bruce
  • bobs5bobs5 Posts: 557
    That drives me crazy too
  • Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.
  • rcegglrceggl Posts: 31
    There was a question as to whether specifics tires will help the softness of 97 PA. Doubt it very much--I went to PA Ultra with Touring Suspension which helped tremendously, but, is still not an ideal handling car. Don't bel;ieve Buick really cares.
  • I Just purchased a new 1999 Buick Park Ave and have the same problem with the noise coming from behind the dash or from the climate control system. It's only happening after the heater blower is on for a while. It goes away if I turn the climate control system to "off". It gets louder when I press the accelerator pedal. Has anybody been able to resolve this problem? Any help will be appreciated.
  • In regards to the noise that is coming from behind the dash. I have a 1995 Thunderbird that has automatic temperature control and automatic fan speed control. When it was less than 6 months old, I started to hear a low, high pitched squeeking noise from behind the dash when the fan was at it lowest speed. If the fan was off it would go away and if I manually set higher it would go away. As the fan would run it would get louder overtime.

    I had the blower motor and fan speed control (1 piece) changed several times. It would take care of the problem for a short time and then would start again. On the fourth replacement in a year the service rep told me that they were getting the blowers from a different supplier. I have had that blower in the car for 4 years and have not had any problems.

    I don't know the problem with the original blower but suspect that it had something to do with the electronics of the variable speed control in the blower.

    Besides the noise issue how does everyone like the car? I had one as a rental car once and thought that it was an amazing car. I just spent the day test driving cars. I'm looking at the Park Avenue, Chrysler 300M, Lincols LS, and maybe a Pontiac Bonneville. Any thoughts?

  • I purchased a new 99 ultra in mid Feb.,and have hit the trifecta! I have the dash noise(in heating system,high pitched chirping noise),shuddering front end between 60-70,and an annoying rattle in the right rear window.HOWEVER,in all other respects,this is the nicest car ,by far, I've ever owned.The ride is velvet smooth,the acceleration with the supercharger is excellent and the car seems solid as a rock.Once these minor problems are ironed out I expect to drive this car 10 more years.
  • buick98buick98 Posts: 1
    Could this noise be caused by the supercharger if so equipped? My wifes 98 Regal GS "screams" when the foot feed is depressed rather heartyly.
  • rivmanrivman Posts: 1
    To Mark, the best advise I can give you is to quit wasting your time looking at those junkie Buick's and go buy the Lincoln. I bought a 95 Park brand new. It is the worst car I have ever owned.Just to give you and idea of the problems I have endured with this piece of junk, read on. It started with only 4,000 miles. I complain about the soft bouncy ride. It wallowed on every slight dip in road. (no It did not come with the touring suspension).The dealer stated that they are receiving numerous complaints about the soft mushy suspension. They install front strut's from touring suspension. With 5,000 miles both front headlamp housing's have to be replaced due to excess moisture on the inside. With 5,927 miles,both rear radio speakers have to be replaced. With 15,848 miles, the left front door actuator assembly has to be replaced,also the windshield wiper control has to be replaced due to wipers only working when they want to. 16,206 miles, the transmission starts slipping, tranny is replaced. 19,647 miles, horn only works in straight ahead position.If you turn the wheel to the left or right the horn does not work.At 26,482 miles, I discovered the battery was leaking acid . The acid destroyed the battery tray, cables,went down the right side of the rail and destroyed the electric connector to the anti-lock brakes on the right side,then leaked acid down on the power steering cooler and ruined that, also ruined both lines for the AC and then also blew the acid thru the radiator and ruined the AC conderser.By this time, I had enough and filed for a buy back.But to my amazement, even if the BBB rules in your favor,if the car has over 18,000 miles, then you have to pay something like 26 cents a mile for every mile you have on the car.It was going to cost me another $5,000 just to turn it back in. So let this be a lesson to anyone who is thinking of doing a buy back. Make sure you do it before 18,000 miles. Any car that has under 18,000 miles and the BBB rules the manufacture has to buy it back,the manufacture has to pay you 100% of the purchase price. As as result of just filing for the buy back and filing all the complaints with Buick. They offered me an extended warranty of 6 years 75,000 miles with 0 deductible. I took the extended warranty.I have almost 59,000 miles on the car today. I could go on and on about the problems I have had. But I think you get the picture. Does anyone think that I will ever buy another Buick again?
  • danny9m1danny9m1 Posts: 1
    I had a 98 Buick Park Ave and the noise people are talking about is coming from the blower motor. Turn of the climate control system and the noise will stop. I brought it back to the dealer and they replaced the blower motor, then the replacement started to make the same noise after awhile.
    I got rid of the car because I drive in the NYC and NJ area and the roads are often in poor condition. While on rough roads the car felt unstable. For example heading down a hill while turning and you hit a bump you almost felt like the car would go out of control. This could be a function of the car's front wheel drive. Also I would take trips into Queens NY to see the Mets and the roads were particularly bad. There was a few times when I thought the frame of the car was twisting.

    I have a 92 BMW 525 with a 5 speed and got tired of driving a manual transmission and I purchased the Park Avenue. I was going the sell the BMW on my own, but because of the handling of the Park Avenue I would up selling it and kept the BMW. GM should bring back the rear wheel drive GM cars that I remember when I started driving 20 years ago. These large front wheel drive cars don't handle well in the NYC-NJ area and may from my experince be unsafe. No wonder Police Departments won't buy front wheel drive cars.

    Over the years I have had front wheel drive cars, the VW Jetta 88 and a Nissan Sentra and I never experienced the control problems that I did with the Park Avenue. I believe this may be due to the size of the car or maybe GM just cheeped out on stiffening the frame properly. The BMW is rock solid and now has 124K miles on it and the maintenance is high but at least I'm safe.
  • ceenaceena Posts: 3
    Just test drove a 2000 Park Avenue Ultra. What is with the AIR DEFLECTOR? That large overhang off
    the front bumper, that barely misses the ground
    standing still. When actually driving over just
    a small bump, it hits it . When backing out of
    a driveway, the thing does a nosedive into it-
    including the high bounce the car does.
    It does drive nicely outside of this weird
    flotation number when there's a lift in the road.
    But, I just don't get why this air deflector has
    to be there. That has to cause a lot of damage
  • pat455pat455 Posts: 603
    If you haven't already, you might also like to check through the Park Avenue topics over in our Sedans conference. You are sure to find folks who are interested in buying or have already bought 00 Park Avenues. You can click on this link to go to one of the Sedan topics: Buick Park Avenue and you can find others by using the "Topic Search" feature on the left sidebar of this page.

    Good luck!

    Community Leader/Maintenance & Repair Conference
  • Anyone having fan noise should check the directional doorsnot closing or opening adequately, which air flow to be interrupted and consequently you hear the noise. Check it by changing the direction of air flow, e. g., floor, upper area, mix both, etc. this is the most likely source of your puzzlement.
  • bkoutbkout Posts: 4
    The dash rattle is also a common problem on the Buick Regal GS. I have taken the car into the dealer for the third time since I bought it in November of 99. I am starting to get jealous of my girlfriend's new Maxima.
  • bikerkenbikerken Posts: 2
    I'm the happy owner of a '94 PA. Never had a car perform as well as this one has.
    I've just had the front struts replaced, and it made a world of difference in handling (79K miles). Now, I notice that the rear end is quite soft.
    Seems the air-pump is failing and I can't find the gosh-darn thing to save my soul.
    If anyone is able to locate the sensor and the pump for me, I sure would be grateful.
  • I have a '97 Park Avenue which recently experienced engine failure. Dealer found a cracked intake plenum,which allowed coolant to enter cylinders, causing valve damage. Required valve job and new plenum. Fortunately I have a 75000 mi extended warranty with 73000 mi at time of failure. Dealers maintenance staff were quite vague when I asked if this failure is common or if I might expect other problems caused by the coolant in the cylinders. ( I believe the plenum is not metal but a kind of plastic)

    Anyone know if this failure is common? Could other damage have been done which I will have to face after the warranty expires? I am debating whether to sell the car and what to buy.
  • den256den256 Posts: 1
    The seat controls on both the driver and passenger seats keep popping out. I have not been able to get them repaired. Has anyone had the problem? Any successful fixes?
  • pierremdpierremd Posts: 1
    I just purchased a 1991 Park Ave. I knew there were problems but not too sure how extensive. It seems to be an electical short, which is turning lights etc. on and wearing down the battery. Does this sound familiar to anyone out there? Is this a computer problem? What kind of money will I be looking at if it is on board computer related?
  • rcruiserrcruiser Posts: 1
    New 2000 Ultra less than 4000 miles. TRAC OFF, ABS and BRAKE lights came on. After 10 miles the ABS engages and the car shuttered. The dealer had to call technical help to find out that the spark plug wires crossed and shorted against sensor wires causing the computer to think that the car lost traction. Simple fix but large problem. Dealer told me that Buick knows this is a problem on Park Avenues but has not sent the dealer a notice as of 5/8/00.
  • chingonchingon Posts: 5
    I am driving a 91 PA with 120,000 and have had almost no problems whatsoever. I bought the car used with 35,000 mi. and a salvaged title. Since then only routine maintenance and one of the fans quit working and had to be fixed. Other than that it has been problem free, which I did not expect and feel very lucky. I am amazed that the leather seats are still in such great condition, very soft, better than many new seats. The bad thing about this car is that it has spoiled me on luxury that i cannot afford when i get a new car as this was a car i (a poor college student) got from a family member. Oh well.
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