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    Just had some service done to my PA and the Temp indicator light blinks for approx 1 min after start up - there is a way to reset this but I forget does anyone know how????
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    If memory serves, your Buick is protected with a factory anti-theft system call Pass-Key. There's a resistor pellet in your key that the ignition system "reads"-if the pellet doesn't have the right value, the car won't start. Your security light is indicating a malfunction of the Pass-Key system-you can still start your car, but it isn't protected by the anti-theft feature. Look in the index of your owner's manual under "Pass-Key", and you should find more info. Probably you will need to take the car to a dealer for evaluation. Hope this helps!

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    I have a 93 Park Ave. Ultra with 85K miles that seems to have a mind of it's own. While I'm at work, the trunk will open by itself, the radio will turn on, and sometimes it will unlock itself. I have had this problem in the past 3 months and it seems to be getting worst. Anybody have any suggestions???
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    My gut instinct says put a camcorder somewhere to tape the car and see if someone of is pulling a prank.
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    My 92 Park Ave. had the same problem. After about 6 months of wondering about it with no apparent side effects, I had to have a brake job and was told I needed new shocks as well and that the noise I'd been hearing (sounded like a small motor running...about 5 min. after turning off the engine)was a motor or pump that was connected to the hydraulics in my shocks/struts (?). Was told that by not replacing it, my battery would one day be drained because at some point it wouldn't turn off after five minutes. They replaced brakes, shocks, pump...expensive all together...but that was the problem. "Pump" was in front of headlights somewhere. This happened to my car with about 180,000 miles. It now has 192,000 miles. I think the Park Ave. is a great car...every car will have some problem at some time, but I took good care of mine and other than a fuel pump at 57.000 miles and another fuel pump and alternator at 90,000 miles, I had no problems until hitting about 120,000 miles (starter) and nothing else until 175,000...Over the last year I have replaced alternator, starter (again), transmission seal (but every trans. check indicates that my 190,000 mi. transmission is in fine shape...no shavings or signs of wear!),water pump, and an $800. a/c compressor repair...which was probably fairly cheap (Firestone did the work)and...of course...the aforementioned pump for the hydraulics (I think that was what it was...can't remember exactly.)
    That is ALL over a span of 8 years and nearly 200,000 miles! Pretty amazing in my opinion. (My maintenance on my car was not nearly as often as recomended..and it still held up.)
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    I posted a transmission problem with my 97 Buick PA that developed, or was aggravated by, a water pump replacement (I think). It was placed in Topic 15, Transmission Traumas, if anyone has any comment. For those not familiar with the relationship, I think it is necessary to remove the motor mounts on the pump side of the 3.8 ltr 6cyl engine and raise or lower the engine to gain access to the pump.
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    I bought a new 1999 park avenue in oct. of 1998, I Have had ENGINE AND CUSTOMER RELATIONS PROBLEMS:
    -At a low speed the engine has a whine.
    -I have taken the car to the dealership, where it was purchased, 11 times for repair.
    On 10 out of the 11 Times there was, according to them, something wrong.
    -On the last time (before I was going to arbitrate through the Better Business Bureau)after 3 minutes they found that nothing was wrong with the car, but General Motors had already sent parts to stop the whine. Nothing Worked.

    When the car had 8000 miles on it I asked what the trade in value would be for another park avenue. They told me only 15,000 less than half of what I payed for it. I told them no and to get the whine out. (there is not only a whine but the lights dim way down also). After two new alternators, a change of the battery and parts sent from GM the dealership said it was in GM's hands and thaey can't fix it. I had no choice but to arbitrate under the lemmon law. I just used the wrong way to arbitrate. The BBB has good intentions, but they need a better system for selecting thier arbitraters. In october 2000 I called and told GM that I was going to trade cars and I asked them if they would give a break in price on a 2001 for the trouble I had with my 1999 Park Avenue. The answer was no, and I told them I was driving my last GM car after 50 years of owning nothing but GM cars. THIS DESIGN PROBLEM SHOULD BE FIXED OR THE CAR REPLACED!!!
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    I gathered info from other used car review posts and found many people in need of a new alternator every year or two. I might switch out a Bonneville alternator next time and see if it holds up any better. It worked well for many years. If it gets used up in a year I will be certain the power drain of the Park Ave. is unique.
    Thanks for the advice concerning air conditioning and other helpful hints . Keep them coming.
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    Scanning thru 65 entries I noticed two references to brake problems. Mine was life threatening. Coming down Loveland Pass on I-70 in Colorado in July, 2000, I tapped the brakes going 70-75 to keep under control. I got a feel almost like metal on metal. For safety I steered to inside lane and continued tapping the brakes and was able to slow down to 50-55. If I had to stop suddenly in an emergency, I don't know whether the brakes would have held. After reaching our destination Buick Customer Service (after 4 frustrating calls)steered me to the nearest GM service, an hour away. After a road test the dealer advised the brakes must have heated up under heavy use but seemed o.k. now, including the pads and linings. That made sense because, although I am never hard on brakes, the driving had been stop and go on the July 4th weekend on I-70 for 2 hours, and the day after the experience, the brakes did seem o.k. However, the dealer charged me $26. The brake problem was bad enough but I strongly resented being charged in a life threatening situation when the problem could have been rotors, or calipers, or whatever, which are covered under warranty, rather than brake pads or linings, which are not covered. How would I, or anyone, know what the problem is without looking? I thought it was an unfair charge. My other complaint, and the most enduring one, is that General Motors, after calls to Customer Service and three letters, including two to the GM CEO, refuses to make good on the $26. My own Buick dealer, from whom we have bought 5 Buicks and who is excellent, said he would not have charged for the road test in the first place. I wonder how common brake problems are with PA's and if anyone else has experienced this strange attitude by corporate GM.
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    i own a 1992 park avenue and i want to change the oil by myself. How can i reset the "change oil soon" light after this?
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    To do this, (on my '91 anyhow) you simply find the re-set button under the glove compartment on the left hand side. Put the blunt end of a pencil (the eraser) in the hole and push it in about a half inch. You will hear a click and it will then be re-set. Caution: these buttons CAN fall out. If you have the owners manual, you should find this information included in the book.
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    There is a TSB (technical service bulliten) from GM regarding these whining noises. They say it is caused from the alternator being mounted on the same bracket as the coolant hoses that go through the bulkhead to the heater core, I have this noise in my 99 Ultra. The dealer where I purchased the car says the VIN number of my car is not within the range that Buick says affected cars are within. Duh!! I have found another Buick dealer that has staff with people and technical skills and they will be taking care of the problem. There are many other TSB related problems posted here. These bullitens are available!! Look in your owners manual or ask a competant (helpful) Buick dealer to come to your aid in obtaining these invaluable sources of info. Many independent shops subscribe to a computer program called "ALL DATA" which lists these TSB's for almost all cars !
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    Several of the trouble lights stay on after starting and running the auto. They are Check Engine, Air bag, Traction Off, and Change oil soon. I have tried to read an error code out with an OBDII service meter, but get a message "Not Responding". Any solutions out there?
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    Parkcrazy1 I have a 91 Ultra for sale. 128k miles, leather, all power, dark blue, new tires, brakes, alternator, battery, water pump, belt, you can e-mail me at [email protected], I live Decatur, AL.
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    Of course you know that our Terms of Use here in Town Hall do not allow "For Sale" ads.... However, it is clear that you are only trying to come to the aid of a fellow member.

    I will be deleting your post in about 1 week, just so that others won't get the wrong idea.


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    My 1993 Park Avenue has a problem that I call a stumble. At anywhere from 45 to 60 miles when it gets in a slight pull, it seems to loose power or stumble. If I press down on the gas and downshift, its fine. It's almost like my Oldsmobile does when it is "pining" although my
    Buick never pings.

    I talked to my dealer, and he said they could change the PROM (whatever that is) and this would change the shifting of the transmission. I'm not sure I want this.

    Does anybody out there know what I am talking about?
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    I can sympathize with all the complaints with the Park Avenue as I have one and have done nothing but repair and replace almost every component on the thing..... cannot believe that what was once such a fine automobile has become a pile of junk !!
    There is no need for me to restate all the problems I've had with this machine as I've seen it time and again in Edmunds' web sites... two years ago a response told me to get rid of it as his father had one and took a loss to forestall further expensive repairs... This is not completely confined to GM as tons of our domestic autos are falling apart while still in their prime...
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    I have a 97 Park Avenue, currently with approx 60,000MI/100,000KM. After driving for about 30 minutes, my transmission sometimes develops very harsh upshifts. This has gradually become more frequent over the past year, to about two days per week now. Once the problem starts, it always continues for the remainder of the key cycle.

    Downshifts are smooth and normal, but the whole car will shudder on each upshift through all four gears. Additionally, when cruising along in overdrive and sliding the selector into neutral, there is an immediate resistance lasting for a few seconds, similar feeling to dropping a gear at too high a speed. It is as if there is some foreign resistance, possibly the torque converter lock-up not completely releasing? I just don't know. Other than these terribly annoying symptoms, it doesn't appear to impair the performance of the car in any noticeable way.

    I have taken the car to my independant mechanic and to the Buick dealer several times. Nobody can find a problem with the car, but of course, the problem is intermittent and has never occurred when it's in the shop.

    Any suggestions or similar experiences?
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    I have a 91 park avenue. Just had brakes done by a shop all around and this did not fix my problem. Also had the master cylinder replaced....pedal feels firmer but still no good. my problem is that when i am driving down the road, not applying the brakes, a strange sound starts up... if i put my foot on the brake pedal lightly, it pushes back up hard and I can feel a strong, pulsing through the brake pedal. Any ideas??? maybe something in the antilock brake system??? is this dangerous... your help or advice whould be appreciated.
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    I was extremely unhappy with my new PA's engine whine. The dealer said my VIN number indicated the problem had been fixed, IE, nothing could be done. I requested a meeting with a zone manager who got his technical support involved and they installed a longer radiator hose and looped it so the noise from the alternator was baffled. Much to my sunrise the noise is gone, so far anyway. Probably some bean counter who shortened the hose to save 75 cents. Any way this problem can be fixed. Good luck.
  • angus8angus8 Member Posts: 3
    I was extremely unhappy with my new PA's engine whine. The dealer said my VIN number indicated the problem had been fixed, IE nothing could be done. I requested a meeting with a zone manager who got his technical support involved and they installed a longer radiator hose and looped it so the noise from the alternator was baffled. Much to my suprise the noise is gone, so far anyway. Probably some bean counter who shortened the hose to save 75 cents. Any way this problem can be fixed. Good luck.
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    Does anyone know if it is normal for the rpms to go up slightly but noticeable when slowing down to a stop. My mechanic says the car is downshifting. i dont know about that but I never had a car do that so noticeable. Another crazy thing is that i have felt brief jerks when accelerating. It is just started happening but not consistently. Help anyone. My PA has only
    66000 miles on it.
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    Does anyone have any information regarding known trunk leak problems with the 90 to 96 Park Ave body style?

    My recently purchased '92 Park Ave Ultra is accumulating water in the trunk tire well at an alarming rate every time it rains. The rear deck lid gasket seems to be intact, but I cannot be certain of the two gaskets in the tail lamp assembly. The last rain storm resulted in approximately 3/4 of an inch of rain in the bottom of the wheel well.

    Except for the Jacques Cousteau trunk experience, it's been a fantastic car. I'd like to upgrade the existing supercharger with a '94 or '95 supercharger and throttle body assembly to pick up an additional 20 hp, but am having trouble locating the assy. All tips and tricks are welcome.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    yes, it is probably the tail light lens gaskets, definitely.
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    i recently bought a 1997 pk. ave.. in the past day or so i have started to hear a whining noise i read the comments by angus8 and mksafino with similar complaint but different model years than 1997. has anyone else had this problem? does anyone have any more input on the longer hose and re-routing to baffle the alternator noise or any other fix(es) ? will appreciate any comments !!
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    i also have problems as # 70. This only ocurr when warmed up. Also trans will shudder in 1st gear if i floor it--otherwise it is fine. It seems to be sporadic and possibly linked to an electrical sensor rather than a mechanical problem in the transmission. Has anyone found a diagnosis yet??
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    I have had extensive experience with a water leak in my 92 PA. It was leaking into the back floorboard and the trunk as you described. After considerable expense ($1,500), I think I finally have it fixed. The problem with the trunk was with the rubber seal around the trunk. That is probably the least expensive and the first thing I would try. It will probably still run around $200 as it is not just a rubber seal but has some molding with it that is factory ordered. If that doesn't work, try the rear light assembly as recommended earlier. I did that first and it didn't work. That assembly is expensive if you buy it from a dealer ($800). I bought mine used from an internet parts dealer for $375 and had them install it for $60. But as I said, too bad it didn't work. The water leak into the floorboard was the result of some shoddy workmanship in replacing the vinyl top and so don't fault Buick for that. Hope that helps. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.
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    We just bought a '94 Park Ave. 88,000 Mi. After 2 days driving great the battery began discharging and the car died. We discovered the alternator was bad, replaced it, charged up the battery, turned the car on and the battery exploded. Exchanged the alternator just in case though it tested fine, bought a new battery, car started fine but automatically began discharging. Sounds like an electrical problem and so now are forced to take it to the dealership. Any ideas on anything else we can try ourselves?
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    I own a '94 Buick Park Ave Ultra which I purchased 2 years ago. Within this time period, I have replaced the alternator twice. Fortunately, I purchased a new alternator from my local Pep Boys store which has a lifetime warranty the first time around.

    My guess is that GM designed it to use "disposable" alternator since they make it so easy to replace under the hood. It took me less than 20 minutes in the parking lot at Pep Boys to yank out the old, exchange at the counter, and install the new.

    But as for solving the cause of the problem, I have no ideas.
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    I have a 97 Park Ave with 55,000 miles on it. The wipers quit working. Buick dealer service dept said it needed a new wiper motor. After replacing motor service department then called and said it needed a new wiper transmission. Seems unlikely that both would fail at the same time. Total cost $525. Water pump failed at about 40,000. Buick has designed a service center profit monster. Any similar experiences?
  • alcanalcan Member Posts: 2,550
    If the wiper transmission jammed it would prevent the motor from turning, burning it out.
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    I had the same problem of the trunk leaking on my '96 PA. It leaked on the pass. side of the trunk. I got in the trunk and my daughter sprayed water on it. It leaked at the pass. corner at the rear window. I had the rear window resealed and it cured it for less than a hundred dollars. It was leaking where the side panel and top go together. This seems to be a common problem, but they always want to do something more expensive to fix it. This was an easy fix.------ Though OTHER problems aren't. A/C computer($700)--Transmission($2400)--EGR valve($300) ---Battery cables won't stay tight---keeps losing programming for doors, remotes --etc. All this at less than 90,000 miles. I bought a PA because I have a '91 Century with 147,000 miles on it and have done nothing except rack & pinions and it still runs like new. I still trust it farther than the '96 PA!
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    I've got a 99 Park Avenue Ultra with around 24000 miles on it. It's developed a strange pop in the steering column and/or floorboard during the following conditions. In motion, applying brake, making a right turn and some suspension movement. It feels like something is loose under the car or binding in the steering column. You can hear and feel this pop thru the column and floorboard. Sofar the dealership is stumped. Any ideas on what this could be??
  • trekkiejaztrekkiejaz Member Posts: 4
    My 99 Park Avenue Ultra has the same symptoms that you described. There is a TSB out that covers the 97-2000 model PA. that describes this problem to a T. The TSB# is 99-02-32-007. The correction involves replacing the current power steering inlet and outlet hoses with a revised set. It's pretty easy to tell if you have the right ones. Open your hood and follow the hoses. The original design runs both hoses along the passenger side frame rail. The revised design runs the one hose along the passenger side frame rail and the other on the drivers side frame rail. I bet you can have your local dealership look this TSB up and print it out for you. Hope this helps.
  • angus8angus8 Member Posts: 3
    There is an intermit ant noise from the rear. Sounds like bottles or dishes rattling. Occurs when the trunk is loaded; extra passengers or going over dirt roads. Any one with a similar experience?
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    I just bought my Grandmother's '89 Buick Park Avenue about a month and half ago. It had been running great up until last Thursday. When we started up the engine, a rattle developed after the engine slowed to its idle speed. The noise dies away when the engine runs a little faster but comes back every time it slows back down (so we were thinking we should just increase the idle speed). Does anyone know how to adjust the idle speed - we have the complete tear down and rebuild repair manual, but couldn't find it. My Dad and brother who have worked on their two Buicks (one older one newer) checked out the problem but couldn't find the source of the rattle. It may be part of the fuel injection system or possibly part of the cooling system. If anyone has had a similar experience, please let me know.
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    My engine is not running well, when I start,it seems like the engine doesn´´t run on all 6 cyl.
    After a while it comes around but does´I run perfectly anyway.
    The diagnostic code is 44 (oxygen sensor-lean exhaust indicate) or (sensor circuit-lean exhaust)
    If I keep it on 2000-3000 RPM it runs OK for a while but then it goes back to being "uneasy".
    If I don´ touch the gas at all it just doesn´t´ run well.
    Does anybody have an idea of what the problem is?
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    I have a problem with my PA stalling out while driving, with no warning. It was checked out and the computer didn't register any code. Replaced filters etc and degreased engine to see if that would help. Not.
    Any advice?
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    Has anyone had this problem when making sharp turns left or right . My dealer said they had (3)
    other people having the same problem. They have contacted GM for a fix. If you have this noise
    please tell me what you did to correct it. Johnny
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    My Park Avenue started making a loud growling noise upon a sharp right turn. GM Engineers thought the problem was the power steering hoses, then had my Dealer replace the rack and pinion using pontiac parts, that didn't work and even made it worse. Now I'm waiting for GM to figure out what is wrong. Dealer tells me all 2001 Park Avenues have this problem and GM dosen't know what is causing the problem. I recently filed for arbitration under the BBB lemon law.
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    The rattling noise that we had was coming from the harmonic balancer - a damper/pulley that prevents engine vibrations from being transmitted through the pulley system. The rubber section of the balancer was cracking and the whole thing had to be replaced. Funny thing was, all of the parts places in the area said that everyone has been looking for that part, they all must go out around the same time of the year.
  • jreecolejreecole Member Posts: 3
    After a limited amount of research I have found this problem is not new it goes back to 1999
    models. GM has choose not to do a thing. I would be interesting in joining a class action suite
    are anything to get this problem solved. I am in the process of getting enough docmentation
    to file under the Lemon Law. I can not believe the owners of cars with this problem are not
    raising all kinds of stink. Wake up owners GM is giving us the shaft. Raise Hell!
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    I have been reading the posts regarding steering noise when turning. I have a 2001 SSEI Bonneville with the same problem. The dealer performed two TSB'S with no fix.On the third try he said GM knows of the problem and a redesign of the steering is in the making. I was going to call GM and complain, but from what I am reading it will not do any good.I guess I will put up with it and trade it next year on a Toyota. My wife has a camry with absolutely no problems.
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    I am contemplating buying one of these dinosaur vehicles and just wanted to get an idea what kind of grief I might be letting myself in for!
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    I have a 1994 Park Ave that will at times just not start...noone can find out what the problem is...it has also died on the highway while driving...otherwise in great shape.....anybody know what it could be please reply to [email protected]
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    We have a 97 PA that just had a fan motor replaced because the condensation from the a/c built up and shorted it. We are having the same problem again, when you turn the steering wheel, there is a swishing noise like there is a lot of water. It is now leaking on the passenger side, soaking the floor board and going to the floor board in the back seat. Has anyone had this problem and how was it corrected. Please answer to [email protected]
  • lraklrak Member Posts: 1
    I too have had the steering noises on my 2001 Park Avenue. The hoses and rack were changed twice before the dealer told me that Buick was designing new ones. As of the end of August 2001, the new ones have arrived. I went on vacation and have driven 2000 miles with no more noise. The latest rack and hoses have worked for me. I was told by the dealer that a case file and history was done on me by Buick and that I was to receive one of the first, if not the first,
    new design. So it's out there now. Ask your dealer to order it. (I have had a great relationship with my dealer and while I thought of the Lemon Law and was told by several people to pursue it, I did not. I waited for this latest design. So far it works.)
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