Pontiac Torrent Keyless Remote

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Hello everyone,

I remember reading about people having issues with their keyless remotes. My inlaws were experiencing the same things and have now found out that there is a recall on the keyless system it needs to be completely replaced. just thought I would pass it on.
Anyone having trouble with the key turning. mine seems to get stuck sometimes???


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    Is this a new recall that is oou? Did it help with your inlaws problems? Mine was/is with poor range and while they claimed to replace the transmitters and receiver, it did nothing.

  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    It is a new recall, they have yet to get it replaced so I dont know if it helped but I will let you know, also note this is for 2007 the recall. I have a 2006 andthe range is maybe 6 -7 parking spaces which isnt all that great.
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    I'd appreciate if it you did let me know. I have an 07 and my range is one parking spot..you need to be beside the car for the remote to work (expect of course at the dealership). The dealer did claim to know of a recall on this - it was back in May/June. Whatever they did do did not help.
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    They got it replaced and it works like a charm. GM admitted to my mother in law that they screwed up on the programing for all 2007 models. All vehicles must go in to get reprogrammed or replaced keyless system.
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    Great...thanks! So this is a brand new recall right?
  • dannyd3dannyd3 Member Posts: 56
    sorry havent responded was away. Yes it was a new recall
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    I have had a 2008 Torrent for 2 weeks now. The keyless remote range is the same length as the key. The remote start is essentially useless. This problem has clearly NOT been corrected.
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    I have an '08 Torrent now and do not have an issue with the RKE. With the Torrent in the 2nd row of the parking lot and me in the building on the 2nd floor, I can remote start my Torrent no problem.
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