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Chrysler Pacifica Brake Issues

Hi Everyone:
This is my first post.
I purchased my 2005 AWD Pacifica on Dec 28 04.
My odometer reads 11,000 miles as today.
My rotor is bad I called local dealer they said Chrysler only cover this part in the first year regardless the mileages I have.
I had the front repaired last Fri. and mechanic said my rear was even worst than the front one.
Now I am waiting the rear rotor and brake to be arrived tomorrow.

The local dealership told me I can make a complaint to head quarter's customer service.
I called them this morning and they said I should go to dealership to have my car diagnosis and they will tell me will they knowledge the cost of repair or not and no guaranteed they would. This option is too late for me because I had friend fixing the problem for me.

I called my salesperson this morning (I had purchased and lease 6 different Chrysler cars from him since 92).
He gave me a hint that it seems around 04-05 Pacifica have brake issue.
I would like to know does anyone have the same experience like my 05 AWD Pacifica?

Any input will help. Thanks in advance!


  • I have the 05 FWD Pacifica. My front brakes would shimmy real bad when braking on the expressway. Mine started at about 12,000 miles. When I finally had the chance to take to the dealer, (18,000 miles), they told me they were out of warranty. I eventually purchased a set of slotted rotors on ebay and bendix pads. Best thing I ever did. Had them installed by my mechanic...less cost, better job.
  • diffsamdiffsam Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Pacifica it has about 38000 miles on. my husband uses it to commute. About 2 weeks ago we noticed the brakes were grinding a little when we first started braking but only while going slow. Then the brake light on the dash started to go off about the same time grinding noise started. So my husband decided to do the brakes. Well when the pads were pulled off I still have about 50% of the pad left. So I;m trying to see of anyone has had this same problem and if so what was the out come. Considering the warranty is now out I'm not sure what to do.
  • nelson33nelson33 Posts: 100
    I have an 05 AWD Pac. w. 25k miles. At 9k miles, my rotors warped and were replaced under warranty. At around 25K miles, ie recently, they warped again. This time the right driver side rotor developed deep scores/etching in the outer rotor. Since it was no longer under warranty, I decided to go after-market w. both rotors and pads, Duralast Gold Cmax pads to be specific. I'm hoping these will work out better for me than the OEM's. So far, much better brakes, ie quieter and more responsive, than the OEM. Hopefully, these rotors will not warp. I'm sure it's not my driving style for I'm not a brake rider or have a heavy foot, especially with these gas prices and my Pac fuel economy. Time will tell. One good thing, Pac brakes are simple to service for the DIYer.
  • dveedvee Posts: 1
    I bought rotors from a local autoparts store and after putting them on and driving for less than a hundred miles and holding the brakes they start to shimmer. I bought the vehicle to dealership and was told than they were warped and I need mopar parts. Could this be the case?
  • duddly101duddly101 Posts: 7
    I realize this reply is months beyond original posting, but may help someone in the future. Although rotors purchased "new" from a reputable parts store, one assumes they are true and do not need turning, Take the time to have your new rotors turned before installing. This will save both time and $. Otherwise your new pads will also be come warped, and may cause premature and uneven wear to the rotors.
  • I have had my 2008 Pacifica in the shop three times in the last two months for a rear brake poping (or slapping) sound when brakes are applied. The dealership can work on th problem and resolve it for a couple of weeks then it starts up again. The car has 28000 miles so we are begining to push the 36000 mile. Yes I know the brakes are really out of warranty but the dealership has been nice enough to do the repairs at no cost so far. They have replaced rotors, pads, and calipers completely but the problem keeps returning. Will it become a safety issue? Anyone with any ideas or siumilar problem. Chrysler says they have not encountered this problem before.
  • ticked3ticked3 Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    I have a 2008 Pacifica Touring Signature Series with 8000 mi. The car obviously has not been driven much in 2 years and most driving was highway, but when braking now there is a shimmy in the steering wheel. My technical experience led me to suspect the front rotors were no longer true and that warping had occurred. Took vehicle to dealer who stated that "diagnostics" charge would be over $100 and that the vehicle is over 2 years old (by 1 month) and that I may gone through a puddle when the rotor was hot. I told him that this was an SUV and that driving through puddles should be expected when it is raining. Cars should be able to go through puddles without warping the rotors and most likely the steel or machining were inferior grade. The dealer agreed that bad steel could be the problem, but Chrysler will not reimburse the dealership, so I would have to pay. I have driven several hundred thousand miles in all types of vehicles and had never encountered this issue except in severe service emergency vehicles. I went to an auto parts store and purchased everything (rotors and pads) for $150. That is where the dealer's charges would have just started. Ranges $225 to over $500. If you want it done right........ :mad:
  • We are having problems with the automatic braking system. We had the front sensors changed. We had the extended warranty on the vehicle but it still cost $100 deductable on each one. Now the others are showing bad. I think Chrysler should recall these and not charge anything for the repair.
  • charger70charger70 Posts: 7
    I purchased my 05 PAC in December 2010 from a private seller. The seller had all four brakes replaced right before I purchased it. Now I am getting the ABS light to come on intermittingly.
    Also the on some occasions the ABS will start working when I am braking at slow speed for no
    apparent reason (with the ABS light Off) then a few seconds later the ABS light comes on. Has anyone had this problem or know what might be causing this problem?

    Thanks for any info.
  • incolincol Posts: 1
    I just got rid of an ABS light recently on my 05 Pacifica. Mine had some of the same problems as your vehicle. One of the back wheel sensor's was bad. You may have to take your vehicle into a dealer to get a diagnosis of the problem.
  • I just read your complaint, i also owned a 2005 Pacifica! In Sept 2010 i was in a HORRRRRIBLE accident so i am doing what i can to inform whom ever i can about the risks of driving this car!!! I had nothing but trouble w/my pacifica had it in shop 15times asking why my abs light would go on & off & my brakes would shake,groan & would have to apply force to brake. Anyways Chrysler will not tell people there is an issue even though as u can tell there are 100's of complaints about same issue & concern! My life is now totally changed i'm paralized on my left side have a spinal cord injury thanks to Chrysler not taking my repairs serious, when anyone complains about their brakes not working properly u don't say sorry can't duplicate the problem u keep that car there til u can!!! My brakes failed i ran through a red light & was hit by a semi so please don't allow something like this to happen to u & your family! God bless.......
  • I know u posted this a while back but i'm trying to inform whom ever i can about the safety issues regarding problems with brakes/sensors w/this car! I took my car in several times complaining about my brakes grinding, having to apply force when stopping because my brakes where grinding when pushed abs light going on/off ect,ect! I was in a HORRRIBLE accident because my brakes completly locked up causing me to run through a red light & be hit by a semi!!! My injurys are severe & permanant! Lets not let Chrysler get away w/putting our lives in there hands! If u are still driving that pacifica please park it & contact chrysler & DEMAND them to repair this ongoing issue before somone dies! I was resesitated at the scene as they were getting ready to air lift me to the icu so i guess i don't count as their 1st death regarding brake issues!!!!!!!!!!
  • My daughter has a 2005 Pacifica Touring. She started complaining about the pedal going to the floor sometimes. After being at my brothers Midas for 2 weeks they have narrowed it down to the left front ABS sensor. After replacing the ABS sensors the Abs light still came on. We have found the wiring that plugs onto the abs module has a wire broken or burnt off of the pin in the plug. The module was replaced first. I am going to the junk yards this week to get the plug and about a foot of the wiring harness. Also the wiring under the drivers carpet/floor mats had become worn and several wires frayed and broken where the harness was laying on a stud welded to the floor. We removed the stud and repaired the wiring and re insulated them. We bundled them up and using carpet duct tape secured them to the floor pan. This had caused the cruise and her steering wheel buttons to stop working.
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