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    I know this area has received a lot of attention from manufacturers ov erhrecent years, but often it is the use of materials and installation taht cause the problems. I have a couple nigling issues, one fixable (I think) and one that is manageable.

    1. I have an exhaust system /heat shield ratle when the car is cold. When accelerating and reaching a shift point, I get this rattle that sounds exactly like a heat shiled issue (on a previous non-Hyundai vehicle.) The Dealer has attempted to solve it, made it about 50% better, but still exisits. they want the car overnight to get it cool by being outside, and I'll find some time what I can leave it and see if it can be diagnosed.

    2. There is a rattle from the rear of the Santa Fe. I listened and listened trying to pinpont where it is coming from. It was intermittent...... I detemined it was from the folded down rear armrest/cup holder. If you had a cup or bottle in place when folded down, there was no problem. It is only when the cover is closed over the supholders that it rattles. If you fold the entire armrest up, no rattle as well. I think this is livable.

    If anyone else has had a heat shield issue (and I'ver reqad other posts about it) and you dealer was able to cure it, please post what they did if you have details. Thanks!

    PS.....The Santa Fe is one of the best put together and nicest vehicles I have owned, I am so pleased with it.
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    Within the last month my Santa Fe has started to make the heat shield rattle too. I was thinking that today some of the younger crowd would pay for this kind of sound. If anyone knows how to fix this, please let us know. I have not gone to the dealer yet.Fred.
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    I like the sticky tape idea. I've got an air vent that will sometimes rattle. Just touching it stops it for a while, but then it starts up again. I'll have to try your idea.
  • drwoodrdrwoodr Member Posts: 88
    While on the subject of noises, the driver's side door armrest in my SF will sometimes make a popping sound. I've identified it's location, it's right where you rest your elbow on the door. Sometimes I can make it pop by pushing down with my elbow, and other times I can't (may be temperature related). Feels like something in the armrest is moving, making the sound. I can't see any way to remove the handle/armrest, but I know if I take it to the dealer it won't do it that day.
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    Well done! I bet you'll be saving people's hair from being pulled out for the next decade with that post. :shades:
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    wamba2000 - I had both of your issues with the heat shield rattle and the rear armrest cup-holder catch that came undone because it was loose, (plus the brake switch go out and the temp sensor go out, and a rear control arm bolt break off, and squeaky bushings, and rear seat cover not attached at bottom!).

    Chapman Hyundai here in Phoenix fixed them EVENTUALLY under warranty(except seat cover), but not until I got the run around and "could not duplicate" blowoffs.

    Keep persevering, and get them to replace the rear cupholder - the plastic top and catch get warped during the manufacturing process and it is therefore a defect. I checked other S.F's and some were the same , too. Pull down the rear armrest, and the cupholder top would fly open.

    Moving the heat shield is just a matter of trial and error.
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    I'm getting a little tired with all these fit and finish issues I've had. I heard a squeaking sound carrying on after I'd switched the engine off. Opened the hood and moved the fan blades and sure enough they squeaked.

    Second tapping issue is more puzzling - I can be parked, moving , in a straight line or turning at any speed and I will hear a tapping sound that lasts for 5-10 seconds and then it will subside - is this the fan also ? I do recall a similar issue in the past from another member about the fan squeak - any tappers out there?
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    I had my first oil change yesterday and also had them check out my squeaky rear wiper. I couldn't tell if it was the blade or the motor. Turns out it's the motor, which they'll replace under warranty. They didn't have one in stock, but they'll call me when they get it in.
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    Our vehicle is a 2007 Santa Fe Se. It has 11000 miles on it. We hear (more than feel) what seems to be a high frequency vibration. It is most prevalant in the 50 to 65 mph range. I think it is in the drive train, possibly the tranaxle. It is not in the tires as they have been checked and rechecked, and finally replaced by Goodyears. Has any other owners experienced a similar problem?
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    Could be a loose heat shield, tranny wear , or other known problems. There were several TSB's about tranny whine on earlier models that had a plastic washer fitted somewhere on the tranny to stop it. It could even be a wheel axle failing - It's trial and error time again.

    Try opening the window and see if you can hear the noise from any of the wheels or it's location - that might help narrow it down.
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    Our 4700mi '07 SFe Limited has developed an intermittent high pitched whistle when we reach approx 60+ mph. It sounds as though it's caused by wind, but try as we might we've not been able to isolate it. Anyone else experienced this?
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    My Santa Fe makes a squealing noise while driving. It usually starts up after the car has been driving 10 minutes or so but it is not consistent It starts and stops but definitely stops when you hit the brakes. It is definitely coming from the passenger side. Can't quite tell it it is from the front or the back. We automatically figured it was the squealers on the brakes even thought they weren't that old. When we pulled off the brakes they weren't even worn down to the squealers but we replaced them anyway. But.... the squealing continues. It starts out soft and gradually gets louder the longer we drive.

    Any suggestions on what to look at?
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    It could be a wheel bearing going bad - I had one go on the same wheel in my other vehicle - it damages the passenger wheel more when turning right and hitting obstacles, kerbs, potholes, which are near the right side of the road pavement.

    It started out as an almost imperceptible whine at a certain speed, which over time became louder and louder as the bearing wore down. I also was told it was the brakes, and had them replaced on my Pontiac before it was found.
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    Reminds me of the pinto...Yikes!
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    My 07 Santa Fe w/15.000k does the same thing (squeaking noise) If its a wheel bearing, it won't take long for it to fail.
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    I have a new SF SE (no sunroof) and it makes the same vibration/rattle as you describe. Sounds like it is inside of the dash. I find it hard to believe a dealer can get rid of it. What is the status now on yours? Does anyone have any input concering this issue?

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    I discovered that it turned out to be the top of the door panels where there is a horizontal joint to the front of the handle just as the door meets the dash, below the window. The panel goes inside the door jamb when it is closed and is the one that seals the dash to the door.

    This panel was very slightly warped and the joint was moving at certain combinations of vibration/heat levels (cavitation). It just sounded like it was from inside the dash.

    The joints were basically rubbing together - I discovered it by accident when I heard the noise and rested ny hand on the door and felt the joint vibrating. When I pushed the top of the panel in, the noise stopped. It did it on both front doors.

    I ended up getting some magic tape, making a small loop and using a penknife blade, pushing it into the joint to create a little sticky wedge between the joint edges. It heklped to stop the transference of the vibration.

    The car is so quiet inside you hear every little noise - it drove me craazy trying to figure out what it was.!
  • graybeard1graybeard1 Member Posts: 20
    Thanks for the reply. I saw what you wrote previously and checked for any warping or looseness of the door panel in that area and did not find any. I will have to get someone to ride with me to check a little closer. I assume the tape is being shoved inbetween the door panel and the door jamb. The noise seems to also come from behind the stereo. I agree that in any other vehicle this rattle would probably not be perceivable to the point of irritation. It's weird how I can drive on a section of road and hear it, and turn around and drive on the same section at the same speed and not hear it a minute latter. This is not the section for this question, but I would like to take advantage of the quietness by significantly improving the quality of the SE stereo. Have you come across any good suggestions? I saw where someone changed the speakers and installed an amplifier under the passenger seat.

  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    No - the joint I am talking about is just in front of the door handle where the top of the hard plastic door panel meets the horizontal black softer section.

    When the door is closed, that horizontal joint is about 4 inches long between the hard and soft panels, and between the metal handle and the dash.

    I also noticed that if I place a finger between the left side of the dash and the door where they meet,when driving, you can feel the door and dash move against one another. I think it must be the rigid steel body cage which stays put, and the door which moves over bumps.
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    Thanks for the follow-up reply. Coincidentally, after less than two weeks, my SF SE has developed the same creeking noise (sounds like rear suspension) that others have identified as poor quality bushings. What is the status of yours? And, did anyone solve the issue?

  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    The rear suspension creak went away on it's own, presunably as the bushings "wore in". I had it stripped down twice but to no avail - having been told twice it was fixed, it came back again. I suspect big speed bumps at apartment/mall parking lots are the culprits, and I learned to drive real slow over them.
    The other factor is the stiff sidewalls on the Bridgestone Dueller Tires, which makes for stiffer recoils over bumps.

    Interestingly, the '07 S.Fe. owners got a recall notice about the door label, correcting the maximum weight on the front and rear axles. It was correcting wrong info on the original label. I therefore suspect that the specs were changed at the last minute.
  • graybeard1graybeard1 Member Posts: 20
    Even though yours went away, some of the others you were conversing with had lived with it for a long time with no solution. I notice it making turns and especially when turning into a parking lot while experiencing the bump as you travel across the uneven surfaces between the road and sidewalk - even doing it very very slow. As for speed bumps - primarily if only one wheel goes across the bump. The torque of the frame seems to display the creeking noise more. I choose not to get upset about it, but I am certainly not happy with it, especially since the car was 11 days old with less than 500 miles on it.

    Another question for you or anyone is how do you know when the spare tire is tight. I turned the nut and it seem to clack like the gas cap and it keeps twisting - I assume this is normal. I stop tightening right before it would start another clack noise. Also, if the spare tire is removed and used, does the flat tire get put in the same spot as the spare was, or just placed in the back of the car? If in the back of the car, what gets done with the nut and parts beneath the car/ do they get tighted up or removed? I have not removed the tire yet, but I did try to tighten to eliminate it a source of the suspected suspension noise.

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    hyundai just sent a service bultten stateing noise fix. it takes a whole lot of work to fix the noise probleam. seems to be a body issue.go to hma service and sign in and you will see that they have to take the whole back side apart and do some drilling and prying up on the body to fix this probleam.
  • graybeard1graybeard1 Member Posts: 20
    Great find, but not good news. The repair is quite extensive. First off it really pulls apart the interior which opens to almost guaranteed cosmetic damage, and when put back together will probably introduce some additional noises. The wedging apart they describe will most probably introduce a few small dents on the outside of the vehicle. Some of the trims that are glued will probably never stay put properly after removal.

  • graybeard1graybeard1 Member Posts: 20
    What does the designations SM and CM after "SantaFe" mean?
  • graybeard1graybeard1 Member Posts: 20
    There is a TSB dealing with the issue of a creaking noise in the Santa Fe 2007-2008. It can be found by looking up "hmaservice" and logging in. the model effected says - 2007 & 2008 Sante Fe (CM). What is the "CM designation? There is also an SM designation.
  • drwoodrdrwoodr Member Posts: 88
    The first generation (2001-2006) of the Santa Fe was the SM, the 2007+ redesign is the CM. I don't know if they really stand for anything, they may just be model codes used by Hyundai.
  • graybeard1graybeard1 Member Posts: 20
    I researched the hell out of my Santa Fe and never caught this. Now with a new set of eyes I notice that there are other forums where this item is mentioned by several people - it seems to be referred to as a suspension, even by a professional reviewer who noted the SF has more suspension noise that he would like to hear. The creaking noise was not present for the first 11 days of ownership (until August 19, 2008). During a simple left turn I heard something in the rear of the car, it was a sliding noise (not a creeking noise); later that evening it turned into a creaking noise as I pulled into a gas station. This might imply a break of a weld joint, allowing the rubbing described in the TSB. Thanks again for your informative response. I cannot see myself letting a dealer do the work described in the TSB. It will be interesting to see what the dealer has to say - the car is literally brand new - 500 miles.
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    I need to get new tires for my 2003 Santa Fe. Question: Presently I have Long Trails with about 62000 miles. At about 20-25,000 miles I had horrific road noise. It went away until about 55,000 miles. Is this typical of that particular tire? Is there a quieter alternative?

    Also - Can the roof rack be adjusted? I'd like to move the cross-bar back farther to try to reduce wind noise but can't figure out how.

    Thank you.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    The TSB refres to a creaking noise specifically from the drivers side rear compartment below the tail lights ( what a messy and involved fix just for a rubbing bracket - I'm pretty sure it will create more fit and finish problems than it's trying to solve!) My noise was coming from the passenger side suspension - hence the bushing diagnosis which seems to have worn itself in.

    As far as the spare wheel release nut, I cannot say. As long as the wheel is tight underneath and doesn't move when fully up , then all is OK.
  • graybeard1graybeard1 Member Posts: 20
    That is the problem causing the creaking noise. It was enough of a pain that I let the dealer perform the repair, but not without trying to get them to replace the vehicle since is was only a couple of weeks off the lot - no luck. The creaking stopped, but I now have significant wind noise in the rear. The dealer is ordering another weather strip for the rear hatch. The dealer thinks the wind noise was always there, and not caused by the repair. The reason he thinks this is because it was primarily crosswinds caused in Ft. Lauderdale by Hurricane Ike that caused the wind noise. We drove a new SF to compare it - there was almost no wind noise at all in the new one. This is a hassle. I actually brought the TSB is to show the service manager. I did there work for them. I wonder if it would have been better to not show them, let them treat it as a suspension noise and hope that the problem would not be readily discovered - allowing me to involk the Lemon Law.

    Thanks again for your input.
  • bnberniebnbernie Member Posts: 20
    See my previous post #121
    My squeaking problem turned out to be a hung up right side break pad. I seems the bottom of the outer pad was stuck. Only the top of the pad was moving. This caused the pad to ware at weird angle. The back plate of the pad was rubbing on the rotor, causing the noise. When the parts were replaced by the dealer, the problem has gone away, and not came back.
    Hope this helps.
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    did they replace the parts under warranty?
  • bnberniebnbernie Member Posts: 20
    Yes, it was all warranty work.
  • somedai1somedai1 Member Posts: 416
    cool - i have sqeaking brakes - i think the rear and it is unusual for the rear to go 1st so i have to get it checked - hope i get that deal!
  • dawnsfdawnsf Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a problem with high pitch squeal/noise coming from the wheels of the santa fe? This happened in my first one, a 2002, and of course, I had to have the breaks done and rotars too. I thought with the new model- a 2006, that I would not have it. But after a year, it started again. It is a very high squealing that seems to be coming from the back wheels, that when I tap or put on the breaks, the noise goes away. I took it in and they, Hyundai, told me something about rusty springs due to dampness and fixed that and something else that cost me some money. They also noted that they were not able to replicate noise. A few weeks later the noise appeared. It is so loud that I can hear it above the radio, and I am sure that it brings dogs within a hundred miles to their knees. It is very frustrating since I thought the problem was fixed and of course, being a woman, the service people really do not give me credit. I have already had a run in with them in regards to something else, that they blamed on me but was really a defective fuse! Any suggestions or anyone else have this problem.? When I pass other Santa Fe owners I just want to stop them and ask!
  • bb32152bb32152 Member Posts: 9
    I had the same problem with my 02 AWD Santa Fe last summer. It was due to rust from the springs getting on the back brake pads and rotors. I had to take it in twice and had them call the brakes. It sounds stupid but that what is was.
  • bb32152bb32152 Member Posts: 9
    My 02 AWD Santa Fe has 191K miles. I just noticed a high pitch whine when I have my foot on the gas. When I take my foot off the noise disappears. The noise starts about 30 mph. I thought it was a wheel bearing but the is no noise when I turn

    Any suggestions?
  • omar6575omar6575 Member Posts: 24
    just purchase a 08 santa fe limited awd, i currently have 1500 miles so far, and i notice a clunk noise on the rear passenger side whenever i travel over consecutive pothholes, the strange thing is that when the wheel drops in the pothhole is when you hear the clunk, has any one experience anything like this? i am planning to bring the vehicle back to hyundai, but before that i just want some idea of what can cause that noise. thank you
  • erinrferinrf Member Posts: 7
    I have an 02 and was told that all Hyundai's do that from the dealership. If you can live with the noise that is great because they, with my experience, will not fix it.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    It could be a few things - (presumably, you've checked the spare tire for looseness, the tool compartment at the back, loose number plate..... mine does not make that "clunk" noise but does make a squeak occasionally). i would have 'em check it anyway to see if there has been any suspension damage.
  • torscottytorscotty Member Posts: 8
    Hi Leemetal, did you ever hear anymore on the clunking from your brakes when they are wet. My Santa Fe Limited exhibits the exact same symptoms you mentioned, perhaps it is normal?
  • subitonesubitone Member Posts: 1
    I have an '07 Limited and have had a rattle noise coming from the glove box area for a while. When I open the glove box and re-close it, the noise stops for a bit, but it always comes back. I also have a ticking noise from the driver's side window, and another vibrating rattle around the B-pillar. The ticking noise is there all the time when I am driving, and the vibrating rattle is usually cause by anything on the radio that has much bass in it at all. I am thinking that noise is probably the seat belt height adjuster but I'm not sure.

    The suspension on this thing sure is noisy when I'm going about 40-45 mph too. I took it to the dealer and they told me that a bolt on the frame had worked its way loose, and it was rattling. The suspension is still really noisy. Is this normal?

    None of these noises are that hard to live with, but they do get annoying as I spend so much time in my car. Anyone else have either of these noises/issues?
  • lucky15lucky15 Member Posts: 72
    The longer you go the more annoying those sounds will be, depending on when you purchased your 07, (I believe the warranty states one year for squeaks and rattles and that is all) you still may be able to get them taken care of.
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    Yes - I had similar problems on the susupension on my '07 S.Fe Limited and strangely enough the same types of rattles and vibrations you have , too.

    I had a control arm bolt SNAP on the drivers side - it started to pitch and yaw all over the place before I took it in. I couldn't figure out what had happened - As i was coming off of the freeway, I heard a loud clunk underneath as something hit the underside. It turned out to be the control arm bolt.

    It also caused the muffler to detach from the rubber hangar and caused it to bang against the underbody. They fixed it under warranty, and the Tech said the pass. side bolt was also a "little loose".

    - he also said the all the wheels were way out of alignment and had to be adjusted. I would insist they checked all the bolts and wheel alignmnet due to the vibration. The suspension sucks on S.Fe's. I still have a squeaking suspenson on my rear pass,side occasionally going slowly over speed bumps.They took it apart twice and still couldn't find the problem.

    Check the drivers' door jamb label to see when and where the vehicle was made - if it was Jan. '07 at Alabama then they seem to have more issues. The Korean ones are made much better, also fit and finish wise.
  • ljy2112ljy2112 Member Posts: 2
    Hey, you're not just hearing things... I have an 08 limited with same issue. A pronounced thud coming from the right rear wheel. It sounds like it happens when the suspension extends. My dealer checked it and said everything is tight and they can't simulate the problem. It would bother me less if it was happening on both sides, but it is'nt. I checked all the obvious things (jack,spare tire) and nothing there is loose. If you resolve your issue I would like to know about it.
  • NY_MaverickNY_Maverick Member Posts: 26
    After much deliberation and contemplation (not to mention anxiety), I had the dealership implement the corrective fix for the creaking sound in the driver side rear quarter panel.

    This problem is documented in TSB 08-BD-008-1. The documented fix involves boring holes into the sheet metal around the storage area and adjusting the welding between two panels, essentially prying one panel away from another.

    To my relief, the fix has addressed the problem without causing additional issues. I was afraid such an invasive procedure would result in additional noises from the rear of the vehicle.
  • JT1603JT1603 Member Posts: 1
    Purchased an '08 Santa Fe in September. Have just over 2,200 miles on it. There are several annoying noises. I have a constant "ticking" or "clicking" noise in the glove box area. Sometimes it sounds like plastic. When the glove box door is shut, it's fine. When you close it, the noise comes back. The filter was changed as it was full of leaves, etc. Techs can't figure out how to fix this. Very annoying. Also the passenger door on the right and back seat door were both out of alignment; however, they still rattle. Anybody have any ideas to help me out. Right now, I'm not very happy with my purchase.
  • smlpkg611smlpkg611 Member Posts: 15
    I have an '07 Sante Fe. There is a bouncing clunking noise from underneath that I hear. I'm not sure where it's coming from. I took it to the dealership to be looked at. They said that there was a memo about the ball joints so they replaced them. Now the car makes a whining noises at times. I didn't hear the clunking noise for a week and it's back. It's not a squeak or rattling sound. It's more like a bouncing bumping clunking sound.

    Does any one have any idea what it could be or have you experienced the same situation?
  • jcwsbltdjcwsbltd Member Posts: 167
    I have it too - it's probably the aerial cable or wire hitting the radio inside the dash. If you trust them enough, You could ask them to remove the radio and check it.
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