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2009 Lexus RX 350



  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    Can anyone tell me whether "classic silver" is different from the previous "millennium silver"? Also, what RX350 option packages are standard on the Pebble Beach edition?
  • Quattroporte, I would definitely go ahead and make your reservation as soon as possible, and then as you get closer to the
    actual date, call and have a talk with them about possibly requesting a specific type of car. I know where I live, sometimes
    it's just impossible to speak to someone live on the phone at the
    local location. So here lately, I've been making the reservations on the internet and then when I do get there the day of my pick-up, then I start to ask questions as to whether they might be able to get a certain car for me.

    Then again, each location may be totally different from each other
    as far as availability of these vehicles and just simply the way
    management will accommodate you. But I would go ahead and make the reservation now and then maybe give them a call as you
    get closer to your pick-up date.
  • Hi Praz,

    I had called Lexus regarding the new "Classic Silver" color.

    They said it is slightly darker than the Millennium Silver. Classic Silver is still metallic however, so it will have a nice sparkle as did the Millennium.

    I guess we'll have to see it in person to see how nice it is.
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    I guess so, it will look much better than the one they have now. Also, 2008 lexus has $2,000 incentive and since there is not much difference between 08 and 09, better to go for 2008 and shoot for minimum $2,000 less than invoice.
  • Hi Praz,

    I heard of $3,000 cash back last month, I wonder if that carried over.

    Someone in these forums from California got $2800 off invoice price.
  • prazpraz Posts: 163
    As per this forum, CA customers buy less than invoice. So, if there is an incentive for $2000 than CA customers might get more discounts but will customers in other states get the same discounts? There are lot variables to it but no harm in trying to shoot for lesser price.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Does the power tailgate on the 2008 RX350 lock automatically when it closes?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    That's what I thought too. But it does not do that on my brother's '08, whether he closes it with the fob, or the button on the tail gate. Perhaps that's one of the customizeable settings that has to be programmed by the dealer?

  • josephd05josephd05 Posts: 46
    4Runner does not have the V8? LOL, you would be wrong. Same drivetrain as 07 landcruiser and GX470, WONDERFUL engine. Also, the Limited 4runner is a better ride for sure with it's Xreas suspension. the Gx is very tippy and handles poorly. The advantages of the GX are better fit and finish, quiter and some more luxury featuers, although my rig as nav, bluetooth, air suspension, rear camera, memory seats, etc. The side opening door on the GX is not nearly as useful, especially in the rain and the rear window does not open, unlike the 4runner. I am about to give up my 4runner, but only because of the terrible lack of thigh support for tall drivers (I'm 6'4"). Other than that, it's a fantastic truck.
  • rpacrpac Posts: 83
    I have a question regarding a brand new 2009 RX350 I just took delivery of today. Test drove the car with the salesman yakking chatting. Today when I drove the car off I could hear a very minor whine/moan coming from transmission on acceleration I took it back and the shop foreman gave it a very thorough test drive. He said some kind of pump in transmission making noise on acceleration. Says not to worry about it, besides I have a long warranty. That doesnt make me feel better. What do I do? Is this serious down the line or???
    Thank you much - as your answers are most appreciated.
  • rpac, my 2007 RX350 does not make this whining noise coming from the transmission. I would maybe pursue it a little more with the dealership and see if they can't make the noise go away.

    Good luck!
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Ask to test drive another one for comparison. If the noise is not there, then get the issue resolved pronto, long warranty or not.
  • krisvkrisv Posts: 25
    Rpac, I have a 2009 RX350 that we got in August. There has NEVER been any whine or moan on acceleration in ours. I agree you should escalate this with Lexus service.
  • Please comment on this: I like to use the "Seek" button to mindlessly peddle through the channels on my Yukon. It will go from 1 to 220+ one channel at a time. The Seek button on the dash of my 2009 RX XM Radio may go up one or two or 3 channels, may skip 15 channels, or may circle back to the channel where I started. (I know that the seek on the steering wheel goes through the presets). I complained to the service advisor and was told that the seek would go through only those channels in a category, such as Decades,Country and Folk, or Pop Hits. I did not believe this explanation yesterday, and not today, either.

    What do you guys think?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    I think if you have ability to categorize channels/stations in this manner that is a good feature.

    And if you have that feature the explanation is, can be, valid.

    We have a ~250 "volume" automatic CD player. I can select a category and it will only play CD's in that category....Christmas music at this point time.
  • Hi,
    I bought a 2009 RX 350 on Saturday, January 3, 2009. I noticed that the transmission hesitated a few times before downshifting around 40 miles. I requested a replacement on Monday. The dealer told me to go to the service department. The service department said that the SUV needed a new transmission and asked me to wait about a week to fix it. I'd like to get a replacement instead of getting it fixed. What are my options in dealing with the problem? Thanks.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Surprising since that "re-acceleration" downshifting delay has been pretty much SOP for Toyota and Lexus vehicles since DBW, E-throttle was adopted. DBW was adopted primarily as a "FIX" for the design flaw inherent in their transaxles.

    "..needed a new transmission.."

    As does thousands upon thousands of Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

    Maybe Toyota and Lexus have finally arrived at a fix worthy of installing "new" transaxles..??
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    What your dealer's service department might be considering doing is installing the latest "experimental" TSB. There is a TSB available that addresses this "re-acceleration" downshift delay if the customer expresses complaints specific to the TSB wording. But you may not like the results.

    All that being said it would not be at all unusual for Lexus to have made an early or mid-production design change and your Lexus rolled off the production line too early to get the revised transaxle.

    The simple solution for the design flaw inherent in Toyota and Lexus transaxles beginning about '98 was to adopt a variable displacement ATF pump. Ford has already done that for the new Edge to solve the very same problem and at the same time improve FE to an even greater level.

    You may not get a good answer but for those of us who would like to know we would appreciate your asking.
  • Thanks for your comments.

    It appeared that the particular car had a bad transmission. The service guy told me that there was no TSB on 2009. They had to contact the headquarters to dignose the problem and ordered a new transmission.

    Anyhow, the Lexus dealer called me and told me that they would get a new car. Since Lexus stopped shipping 2009 models to dealers, they will probably get one from a different dealer. They seems to take good care of their customers.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Have you considered holding out for a 2010 RX350...??

    Something about this SMELLS to high heaven.

    The wording of your complaint is EXACTLY like that of thousands of RX330 & RX350 owners going back to 2003, 1-2 second downshift delay upon re-acceleration immediately following an unshift as a result of a lift-throttle event.

    Under these circumstances I don't think I'd want to take a chance on ANY late production 2009 MY RX350. Lexus has been experimenting with various fixes/solutions for this problem since mid-2000. I wouldn't be surprised if the 2009 you had/have has another FAILED experiment/fix.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If they haven't figured out a fix for the 2010 RX350 you can make a sure bet that it still exists in the 2009 RX350.

    Below quote is directly, word for word, from the 2010 RX350 factory manual set.

    "The TCM determines the gear that is to be selected when the accelerator pedal is released (released completely) in accordance with the way the accelerator pedal is released (quickly or slowly) during deceleration. In this way, unnecessary upshifts are prevented during deceleration, matching the driver's intentions. In addition, unintended downshifts are prevented when accelerating the vehicle again, achieving smooth acceleration."

    So, unless you can learn to abide by the above rules as to how you "manage" the accelerator pedal the 1-2 second downshift delay will remain a potential problem.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "..Have you considered holding out for a 2010 RX350...??"

    I take that suggestion BACK...!!

    The 2010 RX350 (and the Toyota Venza) F/awd system was adopted from the Ford Escape/Mariner/Tribute design and is WORSE than the previous RX F/awd system by a WIDE measure.
  • MSRP $46K with Navi
    10k miles year, $800 out the door, $459/mo incl CT Tax
    Thanks to everyone on here for sharing their experiences
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    wwest can you elaborate on this Ford system and why it is worse?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The new 2010 RX350 F/awd system, like the Ford Escape, uses direct drive from the transaxle output to the rear driveshaft. At the end of the rear driveshaft a "linear" electric clutch is used to modulate, modify, the level of engine torque, 0-50%, delivered to the rear diff'l.

    The functionality of Braking, ABS, VSC, EBD, etc, depends on the rear driveline being INSTANTLY decoupled upon activation of any of these "features", and that is the Lexus procedure.

    The way I read the information the only time(s) the rear drive line will be automatically "coupled" is under HARD acceleration or with front wheelspin/slip arising from too much engine torque being used for road surface conditions. There is an intimation that OAT, COLD OAT will play a part in the level of torque automatically delivered to the rear drive line.

    If the clutch is fully locked, as it can be up to 18MPH under driver pushbutton control, the driveline and tires will be forced to "absorb" any stress due to high roadbed traction. If the clutch is only partially closed/engaged then the clutch itself will be forced to absorb any undue driveline stresses, stressing.

    The Ford manual WARNS that in this circumstance, linear clutch overheating, the system may go to FULL engagement or be disabled altogether and advises the driver that should this happen the procedure to follow is to pull over long enough for the rear linear clutch to cool off.

    Toyota and Lexus have been notoriously lax with this type of advice so I suspect we will not see this CAUTION note in any Toyota or Lexus owners manual until maybe 2013.

    While I am NOT a strong fan of the current RX's F/awd it can be made more functional than the new one. The current model uses a fully OPEN center diff'l that will allocate the engine drive torque 50/50 F/R just as long as both "ends" have equal, roughly equal, traction with the road surface.

    The "secret" to making use of the current system is to assure that F/R roadbed traction is ALWAYS roughly EQUAL. I do that by installing all four tire chains in times of need.

    The only option with the new system would be to "wire" the rear clutch fully closed and disable one of the front drive halfshafts. You would then have a RWD vehicle, ultimately more safe than the new F/awd RX350.

    I have been seriously considering the purchase of a Mercury Mariner hybrid (now with VSC) and should I do so it would go immediately into the shop for a REMCO front halfshaft modification and I would "hot-wire" the rear clutch fully closed.

    RWD but with part-time 4WD capability via manually engaging the REMCO halfshaft coupling device.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Assuming I keep my '01 F/awd RX300 until the transaxle (prematurely) fails, I will rebuild the transaxle but modify the drive system to R/awd. Now at ~75,000 miles.

    Remove the front drive spider gear from the center diff'l, weld the rear drive spider gear to its side gear, install a VC from the '99 or '00 RX300. SOLID coupling to the rear driveshaft and only VC, Viscous Clutch, coupling to the front drive.

    R/AWD RX300...!!
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    This may be a silly question, but what is "OAT"?
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    This may also be a silly question, or at least a lazy question, but does the new Venza have the same AWD system as the 2010 RX350?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    OAT, Outside Air Temperature.

    And yes, it appears that the new Venza and the 2010 RX350 share the very same F/awd system.
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