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Honda CR-V Likes and Dislikes

felixkgwfelixkgw Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Honda
I am thinking of getting a Honda CRV 2wd EX-L, no navi as can not afford. I have read what people like and I have test driven them, now I ask owners what DON'T you like about the CRV having had one? Does anyone know if they will change the enterior cloth choices with 2008 models?



  • crvme3crvme3 Member Posts: 140
    What comes to mind of don't likes the 1st thing is the inability when all doors are locked to be able to open just the hatch from outside with remote & not having to unlock all doors to access the back. Power seats & climate control a/c would have been a nice touch but I understand they will be available on 08's. Not enough power has long been a sore spot for many people but IMO it is just fine. Another feature that would be nice is to have the ability to open rear "oval" windows to eliminate the drum beating sound when front windows are down. As far as interior changes I have not heard of any but who knows!!!
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    My list could be long, but then the CR-V would cost a lot more than it now does.

    More seriously, when parking on a hill, the transmission wants you to first step on the brake, engage the emergency brake, and then put the gearshift lever in park. Otherwise, when you move the lever from park to drive, the pinion(?) gear will scream in agony when it pops out. I've never had a car quite this sensitive, but other CR-V owners have commented on this trait. It's a minor complaint I can live with.

    Less seriously, the floor mats are very cheap. They show wear real fast no matter how careful you are and how often you vacuum them. And the "winter" mats (in tan) show black scuff marks from every pair of shoes I own.

    Otherwise, I'm very happy with this SUV, really a tall practical stationwagon. My list of likes is quite long.
  • fnamowiczfnamowicz Member Posts: 196
    Compact spare tire, cheap tires all around, no side body moldings inability to open the rear tail gate window,forced to buy the undersized moon roof on the EX, EX-L and hard to see the digital gauges. Fuel, odometer etc. during daylight.
  • snoopy21snoopy21 Member Posts: 114
    we love our '07 CRV. however, that being said, here's my list of dislikes:

    1) wind buffeting with one rear window makes a woof! woof! woof! sound.

    2) the CD/MP3 player is really slow to read/recognize CDs and start playing music. you also can't tell from the display which of the six discs is currently playing.

    3) the heated seat on the front passenger side only warms the bottom cushion, not the back also like it does on the driver's seat!

    4) the vanity mirrors are not lit

    5) awkward location of coin tray (left side toward the bottom of the dash)

    lzc, yes, the floormats that come with the CRV are cheap but at least they were included no charge. even though our has the ivory interior, we got the black all weather mats and they work and look great.
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    And here I thought I was being picky by mentioning the floor mats.

    But I guess if what bothers a car owner are things like unlit vanity mirrors (are they ever used?!), a seat that only warms one's buns, and an awkward coin tray location, although that's getting close to serious, the CR-V stands pretty tall. :)

    Yeah, black mats, once unthinkable, might have been the better choice. But I think my tan ones are looking blacker with every day.

    No, the CR-V ain't perfect, but then it isn't priced to perfection. The tires are OK, not great but OK, and of course options choices on all Japanese nameplate cars are at times frustrating. I wanted a leather no sunroof model. Too bad. I now have have an unused sunroof. Still, a great car.
  • dtstofdtstof Member Posts: 61
    Front end (grill). The hatch is a pain to open sometimes. I wish the EX-L came with wider wheels and better tires.

    It gets 25-26 MPG in normal driving, and I love it. It fits me and my needs
  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573
    Sure could use a power driver's seat. At least as an option.
  • harvey44harvey44 Member Posts: 178
    Can't see out the rear side window. No stick shift. Ugly styling.
  • stevecarstevecar Member Posts: 148
    Somewhere recently in a posting someone said that the remote key can open the windows ala the TL. This would be good. Does anyone's CRV do this and how did you do it?
  • gc4autogc4auto Member Posts: 34
    more comfortable seats, rear seats that can lay flat would be nice. No 190hp engine, no v6 option, no dual exhausts, maybe a little more standard accessories like fog lights so we dont have to pay extra. Oh and the tires could be a bit wider for a more aggressive look.
  • greenteacrvgreenteacrv Member Posts: 22
    I left the rear hatch dome light on by accident for five days which of course ran the battery completely dead........the problem can't open the rear hatch easily without climbing into the back and manually opening the hatch.

    Thus, my jumper cables (kept near the spare tire under the cargo cover) were virtually impossible to retrieve easily. What should have been a short five to ten minute battery jump was quite the ordeal.

  • guru_gguru_g Member Posts: 62
    1. Though very peppy and I have not encountered a problem with passing or merging thus far, not as powerful as I would like (v6 option would have been ideal, just my preference)
    2. Lack of bluetooth
    3. Lack of power driver seat and adjustable lumbar support (the seats are not uncomfortable, but I would like to adjust)
    4. Vanity mirrors not lit (can be buggy when the passengers switch the lights to see themselves in the vanity)
    5. Road and wind noise at higher speeds (above 75 mph)
    6. Lack of bass in the sound system (EX)

    Overall, its not a bad choice at all, considering the build quality (I was looking at a 2007 Camry v6-lots of uneven spacing!!). Hope this car lasts for 250K miles.

    Good luck with your search!

    P.S: the boom boom boom effect when one window is lowered is common in most cars. Its called a Helmholtz effect and can be alleviated by lowering another window a little bit on the same side.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    I left the rear hatch dome light on by accident for five days which of course ran the battery completely dead........the problem can't open the rear hatch easily without climbing into the back and manually opening the hatch.

    Thus, my jumper cables (kept near the spare tire under the cargo cover) were virtually impossible to retrieve easily. What should have been a short five to ten minute battery jump was quite the ordeal.


    I don't have the new CR-V, is the rear gate and hatch fully electric or is there a manual override from the outside, like with a key?
  • fnamowiczfnamowicz Member Posts: 196
    It's fully electric no key, to unlock it manually you have to remove a cover panel on the tailgate from the inside and pull the release lever.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAMember Posts: 4,098
    "It's fully electric no key, to unlock it manually you have to remove a cover panel on the tailgate from the inside and pull the release lever."

    Hmmm, and no way to open the glass either. Bummer.
  • richk6richk6 Member Posts: 87
    You can unlock the tailgate and remaining doors by using the key in the driver's door lock and turning clockwise twice.

    Page 92, owner's manual.

    All doors and the tailgate can be locked by using the key in the driver's door lock.

    Page 82, owner's manual.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    You can unlock the tailgate and remaining doors by using the key in the driver's door lock and turning clockwise twice.

    Page 92, owner's manual.

    All doors and the tailgate can be locked by using the key in the driver's door lock.

    Page 82, owner's manual.

    I would imagine that this trick only works when battery has some power. He has drained his battery dead. Not sure if the trick would work.

    Just another reason for me to keep my Gen 2.5...

    I drove a Mini and found it interesting that when you pull on the door handle, the window lowers a bit to clear the roof overhang. What would happen if the battery were dead. Would you be able to even open the door to release the hood latch?

    And you can't crawl through the tailgate, it has a button that activates electric latch release, which is useless when battery is dead.

    I remember crawling through the hatch in my '85 Civic to start her up, when the car was covered in 1" thick sheet of ice, and I could not get the key into the keyhole, and even if I did, I would not have been able to open the door.
  • fnamowiczfnamowicz Member Posts: 196
    You are correct but this does not work on the tailgate if the battery is dead.
    This goes for all the other replies please slow down and read the complete issue.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAMember Posts: 4,098
    "You are correct but this does not work on the tailgate if the battery is dead.
    This goes for all the other replies please slow down and read the complete issue."

    This is the first I've heard of this aspect of the Gen 3. That is one stupid design, a real slip by Honda. I consider this a safety issue, though not rising to the level of a recall.

    Dumb, real dumb. There should always be a manual method of entry for all doors in any vehicle.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAMember Posts: 4,098
    "You can unlock the tailgate and remaining doors by using the key in the driver's door lock and turning clockwise twice.

    Page 92, owner's manual. "

    blueiegod, I realize that you missed the fact the battery was dead, but I really appreciate the fact that you posted the information rather than just referring people to the owner's manual (some people don't have the manual - like me, I'm researching the CR-V while I am "between cars").
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    blueiegod, I realize that you missed the fact the battery was dead, but I really appreciate the fact that you posted the information rather than just referring people to the owner's manual (some people don't have the manual - like me, I'm researching the CR-V while I am "between cars").

    The actual procedure and the pages were part of RichK's post, I didn't do a good job of separating his reply from mine. lol.

    I actually brought up the fact that the procedure in the manual only works when the battery has juice.
  • asearchasearch Member Posts: 20
    I am a new 07 CRV owner. I love this car, the style, the space... I didn't think I would have anything dislike it but today, I realized I do.

    Today is kind of windy in Northern NJ. While I was driving on highway, my car wasn't that balance. I was little scared since while I was driving my old, 97 Honday Accord, it never happened to me. Anybody has similar experience of the CRV? :confuse:
  • ikeleongikeleong Member Posts: 2
    purchased CR-V 2007 EX-L (w/o Nav) late Aug '07. Traded-in 2003 CR-V EX model. The only thing I don't like is the rear hatch unlock is electric, no keyed entry on passenger side.

    other opinion: my 2003 was more like: "Okay I am driving to the mountains", whereas with my 2007 is more like: "okay let's drive into the big city for a show"
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    I enjoy my 2007 CRV EXL except for the LACK OF a center Console. I "hate" those two "center armrests"...but I knew this when I purchased the 2007 and now I lay a pillow the same over the two armrests for driving comfort.

  • bette608bette608 Member Posts: 13
    I am wondering if anyone can comment specifically on the handling of their 2 WD cr-V, particularly in snow. We live in the upper Midwest, have a 4 WD Forester and are thinking about saving the $1,000 or so and getting a 2 WD CR-V to replace our other vehicle. Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 187,525
    Can't really comment on what you need... But, I would think that in the upper Midwest, resale value of the AWD model will more than make up for the extra money upfront..

    Edmunds Lease Calculator
    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    I am wondering if anyone can comment specifically on the handling of their 2 WD cr-V, particularly in snow. We live in the upper Midwest, have a 4 WD Forester and are thinking about saving the $1,000 or so and getting a 2 WD CR-V to replace our other vehicle. Thanks.

    The $1000 you save now, will cost you more when you try to sell it on the secondary market in a couple of years.

    Any FWD car can manage the snow with a set of snow tires. So, you can save $1000 on the vehicle and then buy a set of snow tires and rims (to save on mounting and dismounting costs) for about $600. A set should last you 3 winters, after which you will need to buy another set of tires, and mount them on the winter rims you will already have.

    With AWD, you can bypass the snow tires in most situations and get away with a set of good All-season Mud and Snow tires. (not the OEM supplied tires)
  • chivas1chivas1 Member Posts: 6
    What I dislike about my 07 CRV EX AWD are

    1) no option to open all 4 windows automatically with keyfob (unlike my 03 accord LX) :mad:

    2) no lights in vanity mirror (unlike my 03 accord LX) :cry:

    3) back seats dont lay flat when folded :(

    That's about it. All are really minor and I am not complaining at all. Just wish it had the features....

    The dislikes list is nil compared to my likes list :) :shades:
  • sailorboy1sailorboy1 Member Posts: 10
    Took our new 2007 on it's maiden voyage and didn't really find anything to seriously dislike. I expected to find the engine power really lacking compared to my 99 v-6 Dakota but was pleasantly surprised to find that it dealt with the mountain roads much better. We also expected the firm seats to be tough on our old bodies and were pleasantly surprised there as well. The "grade logic" the dealer told me about worked great both up and down hill. We left at zero dark: thirty in the fog/ rain and the low beam headlights seemed really dim but they seemed better on the return trip. Think I'll keep it !
  • sailorboy1sailorboy1 Member Posts: 10
    Came back from a day trip in the dark and again the headlights seemed really dim. On a section of road with no other cars they were so dim that I felt like I was overdriving them at 45 mph. This is dangerous but they seem like they are all lit. Going back to the dealer today. Anyone else with this problem? The lights on my 9 year old dakota are much brighter
  • maynerdmaynerd Member Posts: 25
    Did you try your brights?
  • sailorboy1sailorboy1 Member Posts: 10
    Yeah, they seemed to work fine but there usually aren't enough gaps in the traffic that allow you to use them for more than a few seconds
  • mtwalitmtwalit Member Posts: 12
    I bought my car after two weeks of researching mostly about safety (and price) . I also needed a car bec my 96 Mercury Sable wagon was dead and the rental car was getting expensive. I had pretty much decided from reading and talking to others that the CRV LX 2WD was my choice . I have to admit that I loved the test drive so much (and shopping when I was tired) I didn't REALLY look at some things,
    The dealer agreed to throw in a free "cargo cover" but I think he meant cargo shelf which I don't need. so first problem is that the :
    a) cargo area does not have a solid bottom,esp by the backs seats when they are folded up
    b) I have dogs and they are always crated. In years past I have ALWAYS taken my crate with me;of course I did not this time. So yesterday, I put a blanket down over the cargo area and put in my medium sized airline crate for my dachshund.
    Well, bec the configuration of the rear of the cargo area is so weird,I couldn't swing open the crate door. I had to put the back seats up (Right and middle) to leave room
    c)then I started to drive and heard an AWFUL noise, I couldn't figure out what it was but when I got home. I realized that the seats had fallen down. Apparently there is a latch and you have to hook the seat to stay up. For a person with arthritis ,this is not just difficult but a nuisance.
    d) the small driver's side back seat is really small and not flat enough for a dog to sit (my other dog is an English cocker spaniel). So I put my dog on the floor in the back but he ended up trying to squeeze up front between the two front seats (I had the console folded down to put my purse there (like that but can't have cupholders up)(and I like the arm rest).
    I'm already concerned that I really needed a station wagon. I am holding my breath to see if my larger crate will fit in the car or even a second one as my two dogs prefer to travel separately. Altho I don't like them, I could buy a car seat for my doxie for the back seat

    e) re the absence of a vanity light: the reason I was given was that you shouldn't look in the mirror when you drive!! However,when you turn on the ceiling light,you can see OK.
    f) I rode past a site where a building was being completed. When the pebbles hit the underside of my car, I couldn't believe the noise! (can you tell I miss my wagon???)
    g) I do not believe there is a button for the radio that allows you to balance the speakers,ie sound coming from left to right (maybe bec it's surround sound????) I am not an audiophile, but I am partially deaf and not being able to balance bothers me.
    h) I hope I never have an obese passenger in the back seat,esp on the left side
    i) I agree that rear visibility could be better,it is adequate and there is a fish-eye rear-view mirror at the top between the visors.that expands your view out the back
    j) I can't find a button to bring in outside air to ventilate the car i/o recirculating inside ( haven't read whole manual yet)
    k) it is a little hard to put the rear seats up from the driver's side,ergonomicall yspeaking

    Warning for buyers getting quotes (probably should post this on the pricing forum)..ask what "appearance" or other package is on the car. Even tho the websites show no options available,the mudguards,wheel-locks and pinstripe =a $595 addition to the price (I got this down to $100) They never tell you this with price quotes.

    I also opted for the extended warranty and got the Honda warranty and "gap" coverage. That was 1375 for the 80 month,75,000 ext warranty and a $500 gap policy (I will be getting that money back bec I am paying off the car before the first payment.) The smarmy finance guy sells the warranty.He tried to tell me that it allows for free diagnostics at the Honda dealership,whereas if you go to your local mechanic,it will cost $100. I think this is BS. Maybe you could shop warranties but the Honda warranty (supposedly better than the other one available at dealer) does pay $100/day for trip interruption due to car repair and $35/day for rental car for 6 days (I think 6) and other things,but that may not be unique. This added two "payments",but again,that isn't going to apply for me.

    I agree, fog lights would be a nice option as would tinting of the windshield (for sun). I probably will do that separately.

    This is the most expensive car I ever bought and to think I am nitpicking makes me crazy.. I hope that the increased safe feeling I get in the car and the fabulous handling will start making me LOVE the car. I also like the ease with which the hatch goes up and down. A short-person's delight.
  • mtwalitmtwalit Member Posts: 12
    me again. I forgot one other thing (B.I.O.N.)..
    no heated mirrors on EX! Amazing!
  • blufz1blufz1 Member Posts: 2,045
    I agree that the CRV needs a flat floor. Maybe mmc or next gen. I would see if you can get the 1300 warranty money back. I never buy extended warrantys.....It's a Honda!!!
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    no heated mirrors on EX! Amazing!

    Mine does, and I have an 05 EX 5 MAN :P

  • mtwalitmtwalit Member Posts: 12
    I may have messed up. I have a 2008 CRV-LX
    Geesh. Sorry for the confusion but I still am glad you got me thinking about the extended warranty. I can get the money back . Anyone else have thoughts about that
  • aslguyaslguy Member Posts: 6
    Reading the manual is crucial. You would have known about having to latch the rear seats to keep them in position when folded up as well as about the stereo balance and the recirculation vs bringing in outside air. From the list of other "shortcomings" you found, it sounds like you could have benefitted from some additional research and additional test drives of other makes and models. Having said that, I think you will truly come to love your CR-V. This is my 4th Honda, and the affection (yes, I said affection) for all of them has only grown day by day.

    Not speaking to your post specifically, but in general I don't understand why people spend $24k on a car without doing enough research to know which features it does or doesn't have. Granted the way Honda packages options together to keep costs down make it hard to pick and choose exactly what you want. Sure I would like heated mirrors. I would pay $200 for that option. But I wouldn't pay $2000 for heated mirrors with leather heated seats, an upgraded stereo, a center console and a navigation system JUST to get heated mirrors.

    I love my EX AWD and it has everything I wanted in a car. But I knew what I was getting when I drove off the lot, down to the horsepower, torque, gas tank size, cubic feet of cargo area, and stereo.
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    Thoughts on an extended warranty. First, read the coverage that came with the car. While general coverage ends at 3yrs/36k, more expensive drive train components are covered longer.

    How long do you intend to keep the car? How worried are you about a big repair after coverage ends? Before buying an extended warranty make sure you understand just what above and beyond standard coverage you're getting for your money.

    In general, extended warranties are big profit items for everyone except the buyer. But, if you're worried about a large repair bill, they may be worth the price. If so, shop around, bargain with the dealer. Their first price is never their best price.
  • 03honda03honda Member Posts: 96
    I opted to purchase the extended warranty on my 03 Accord and it paid for itself when the A/C compressed died last summer, which led me to decide on purchasing another extended warranty for my 08 CRV. It's definitely a personal decision, and lzc has made some good points. Keep in mind, the pricing/terms of the extended warranties through Honda are negotiable (atleast in my experience)...

    One gripe with my 08 EX-L...where are the auto-off headlights?!?!
  • fnamowiczfnamowicz Member Posts: 196
    There ain't none.
  • tidwellranchtidwellranch Member Posts: 3
    I have been researching vehicles with the intention of buying one in early 2009, which will probably be one I will drive for at least 10 years. At this point I am pretty sure I want the CR-V, and I think I want the EXL with navigation. I do wish it were a hybrid; I drove and liked the Civic Hybrid, but do not really like a regular passenger car.
    I'd like to know what other CR-V owners really like and what they dislike about their Hondas.
  • lanceflancef Member Posts: 8
    We bought an 08 EX-L with NAV.

    Added the fog lights which really kind of "finish off" the front exterior look not to mention the added functionality.

    The only dislike: the driver right side and the passenger's left flip down armrests. They are 6 to 8 inches too short.
  • mtwalitmtwalit Member Posts: 12
    I have 2008 LX:
    Likes: secure feeling while driving .Safety was the most important thing to me bec I had stopped driving long distance or in bad weather. Now, I've already taken my first road trip (3 hrs each way) with rain on the way home and I felt safe.Tires feel "stuck" to road.Very responsive handling;dashboard controls easy to see; I happen to like driver's seat but it is firm;love the ease with which hatch opens and closes (I am short) (however if it has rained make sure you stand well under the hatch or you will get wet when it opens)

    :(are you ready?)
    The thing I dislike the most is how the back seats fold. First you must pull straight up on a ring which requires some effort(not strength but positioning) and then you need to use small pull straps which are awkwardly located in the middle of the seat . And THEN..once the seats are folded,you have to hook them to the back of the front seat and I HATE how hard it is to do. I have arthritis and trying to get the thing to snap into place had led to much cursing. So the seats stay folded unless I have passengers. (and better learn how to find and hook up seatbelts for rear passengers or your trip will be delayed. Thank goodness for a smart nephew or we never would have made our dinner reservations on time) Now I just have to figure out how to unhook them
    There is not enough storage space/cubby holes;side view mirrors have no defrosters like my 10 year old car did and windows can't be cleared of rain by putting them down then up again.;decreased rear visibilty esp w passengers in back; I take headrest off the driver's side seat in the back when no one in car; outside air vent is always on and noisy if not adjusted;no light w vanity mirror altho there is a light you can turn on to the right. Only light that comes on w door opening is light on ceiling;not light between visors. Arm rest is short but ok for me but hard to reach for to fold down while driving. My dogs ride in crates in the cargo area but a small dog loose in back seat area can easily come up between the front seats.Back seat is kind of shallow for a big dog. Also, unless back seats are folded, it may be hard to swing open the door of a dog crate bec of weird shape of cargo area. Tires are a little noisy but acceptable (this is not a luxury car after all).It is a little hard to adjust the temp controls;always tends to be a little too warm. OH..and altho I have only had the car three weeks,the check tire pressure light is on and the tires are fine so I already have to go into the dealer.
    I don't know what it is with this car. I just don't love it yet.I don't recall taking this long to "feel at one" with a car and this is my 5th car in 35 years.
    I'm not saying I wouldn't buy the car,but had I had more time to shop,the backseats would have been a deal breaker if I had found a comparably safe and comfortable car.
    Good luck!
  • mtwalitmtwalit Member Posts: 12
    I spent most of my time researching safety and talking to several others who had purchased the CR-V but I read descriptions of all the models.. My car was dead ,I was dealing with some other family issues and I was driving a rental car to get to dealers,.
    I know that on every car there are little quirks and I have to admit when I took the test drive I loved the car and sort of didn't want to find reasons to dislike it. I had to buy a car that day..Also, I didn't read the manual till after I bought the car. The salesman showed me how to fold the seats during the test drive but never mention or explained how the seats need to be attached.I also was originally going to buy a used car and only toward the end of deciding what to do did I opt to buy a new car.
  • cc150cc150 Member Posts: 7
    Well I have owned my 2008 CRV LX for 1 week, 3 days. Its your basic car. Overall I am pleased with my purchase. It was less than my 97 Rav4 10 yrs ago.
    I don't like that there is no outside/inside temp, how much could that have cost them to add? Why no RDS on the radio? I haven't played with the seats in the back. My 2 german shepherds are not going in there for a while. One will be crated and one will have a dog pad to lay on.
    I like the folding cup holder & cup holders in the back. (remember my last car was a 97 rav4), The rear seats move up for more cargo space.
    I like the console. The MPG gauge, the 2 odometers and stuff.
    The stereo is nice and no complaints with only 4 speakers. I do find I have to reach for the radio, but I think that will just take time to adjust. I do use the back alot and just use the unlock on the key to open it, hasn't been a pain or bother thus far. I tend to keep my keys with me at all times, just in case.
    I like the look better than the box look of the 06.
    It's more powerful than what I'm used to so I can't complain there either. Driving up the hills of Oakland to visit the folksi s a breeze where before I had to use over drive and 2nd gear.
    If I had the money I would have bought the EX, but alas, I didn't and I'm ok with what I have, no regrets. I plan on keeping this longer than the Rav4.
  • fnamowiczfnamowicz Member Posts: 196
    Give it at least a few more months and you will find more likes and dislikes.
    It's really 3 odometers trip A, trip B and the normal. For me one trip odometer is sufficient.
    The gas gauge is very hard to see during average sunny days you almost have to go under a bridge or pull over.
    Living in the midwest It would be nice if there was a low washer indicator and a bigger reservoir instead of some other useless jumping bar graphs.
  • finbar_oharafinbar_ohara Member Posts: 28
    I bought 2007 EX-L with AWD in May 2007.

    Leather is a nice upgrade bringing the interior to a near luxury class compared to cloth. I have received compliments from discriminating riders who hop in and comment on how nice the interior is. The are surprised that it's a Honda.

    MPG is good for a vehicle in this class. 22 around town/ up to 30 for long haul.

    Heats up fast in the winter.

    AWD has proven very useful and effective in current semi harsh Michigan winter. Took it north for deer hunting and it handled well on all of the two tracks, hay and corn fields. We've had 1 snow storm per week and I look forward to going out and being the first on the road!!

    The rear seat was wide enough for for a rifle and bow case to lay flat on rear seat. The rear cargo area carried all luggage, two large cooler, sleeping bags, food, and other supplies. I was thinking I would need cargo carrier to manage the load. I was planning a tow hitch for one of those racks and do not see the need.

    Stereo kicks. Auxiliary input for IPOD and Cellphone MP3 Player works great.

    Cheap maintenance. Paid 29.00 in the first year for oil change and tire rotation + inspection.

    The side profile is attractive.

    My other car is a 2007 Suburban. The wife and 3 kids can fit and ride comfortably in the CR-V for most around town stuff.

    The rear and front profiles (appearance) weaken the look of the vehicle. As I see more of them on the road, I am getting more used to it. Far better looking than some of the other small utes.

    Floor mats disintegrated in 5 months

    Accelerations is fine, but not great. (I should not have driven the V6 Rav4.)

    The rear lift gate is awkward, but creates a big opening. I would rather a US curb side swinging door like the old model. I park in a garage and toss cargo in the rear since the tight space in the garage does not allow me to open the rear driver side door very easily. Opening the rear door to quickly toss backpack, gym bag, etc... in is getting old.

    In summary, I paid invoice for the car so I cannot complain. I wanted either the CR-V or the V6 Rav4. I liked the Rav4 for the power, ride, rear door and it's tougher look. I didn't like the spare tire on the outside. The Rav4 was about 4 grand more and I feel good about my decision. I started with the BMX X3 but the price, premium gas and maintenance cost were out of this world...but it did have the nicest "look". I plan to keep the CrV until my daughter goes to high school in 6 more years so and then I'll get a hydrgen powered whatever that drives itself (and has an iphone interface).
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Member Posts: 2,697
    I can't find the perfect vehicle under $25K. For some reason, they all put some annoying flaw in all their cars. Some are so close, but they just had to screw something up.

    They CR-V has those thin little uncomfortable flip down armrests, a lot of road noise and no bluetooth. The RAV4 has a 4-speed auto and rear door that opens the wrong way for the US.
    Rogue doesn't have bluetooth unless you get AWD.
    Cars like the Matrix get pretty poor gas mileage for how small they are. I'd like significantly better fuel economy in something that small.

    The bluetooth is the easiest to fix aftermarket, but you can't change the RAV-4 door or the CR-V armrests. It was a stupid decision to not have a center console with padded armrest and storage.

    I'm not sure your pillow solution would work for long. The pillow may get in the way and/or be too low to rest your elbow comfortably.
    I'd like to see pics.
  • trumpynztrumpynz Member Posts: 4
    I own a 2002 2.4 litre RVI that I used to drive at work.
    Work didn't want it, so I jumped at the chance to buy it, in hind-sight, I'm glad I did.
    Sure, it has 274,000 km's on the clock, but being a company vehicle, it was serviced every 3 months, without fail.

    This is probably the most fuel-efficient vehicle I have ever owned, I don't seem to be filling this vehicle up as often as I was with the last vehicle I owned before it and with the price that fuel is over here, that is a real bonus.


    The steering is a little "touchy" for my liking, I have got used to that though.

    This vehicle has a tendency to lock itself, in a matter of seconds, after you get out of it, regardless of wether you have the keys in your hands or not.
    This has caught me out at least twice since I've been driving it, it's another thing that I have learned to live with.

    The jack that came with the vehicle is practically useless, especially when replacing a rear wheel.

    You can't turn the electric seat heaters off during the summer!

    This vehicle would rule if it had a 6-speed manual transmission (it has a 5-speed manual box).

    The parking brake is in an awkward position, when you consider that most other vehicles have the brake handle between the seats.


    This vehicle hasn't used a drop of oil since I bought it and yes I do know how to check my own oil.

    You can damn near chill beer with the air-con, during the summer.

    I find it very easy to park, even in the tightest of spaces.

    The factory radio/CD player gives very good audio quality, if you have a play with the settings.

    Mike T.
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