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Mazda CX-7 Accessories



  • That's a good deal.
  • I have mounted the "bug deflector", It is on a black CX-7. Looks great, works great (because I'm aways late getting to point B) and was faily easy to instal. I believe I paid $45.00 from the dealer for it.

    Also, the winter mats are the best I have seen around. Deep black rubber with an ice/water lip, well worth the money if you plan on keeping it for awhile. I live in West Michigan so we get a lot of "Lake effect snow"
  • I have a white CX7 and I think I'm gonna go for the bug deflector, winter mats and the sunroof deflector. I'm glad to hear you like the mats because it's hard to tell from the picture and they are pretty cheap dollar wise. I hope they are thicker than the cargo tray material. I have "Monster" mats for my Jetta and they are very rugged but they don't make them for Mazda.

    I'm also considering getting the sunshield for the windshield, especially with an all black interior. I think it's about thirty dollars... not sure how well it's made but I'm hoping it's better than those tacky cheap cardbord ones, although they do work.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I have the sunshade and it's fairly well built, but rolling it up can be a pain at times, especially from the driver's seat.
  • I posted somewhere earlier in this thread about the Mazda sun deflector. It's junk for me, without "modification." Cardboard shields would actually be better where I'm at, because the foil one sagged on me.

    Mazda's shield fits, but the CX-7 windshield is just too long and too horizontal for it to support itself on a hot day. ...Then again, the temps were around 100F here when I bought my car. "Your conditions may vary."

  • rex10rex10 Posts: 24
    I saw a post elsewhere that the correct mightymounts for Yakima are 10V and 24H. Yesterday I went and bought the 10V and they fit the factory rack perfectly (don't know about the 24H).

    I agree with other posts that the factory rack is very easy to install by yourself. The little tabs slide off or can be gently pried in the correct direction with a tiny screwdriver, then you just put the racks on and screw them into the mounting posts.

    I'd like to see if Yakima ever makes a "landing pad" that works with the posts on the CX-7. That would be a very nice way to have Yakimas attach to the car. All of the "landing pad" bases I've seen so far have two mounting holes, not one.
  • I considered adding a rack but until I see an OEM in person I'm not sure I want one. I'm not crazy about the way it looks in pictures and it has to kill the aerodynamics. If I had a real use for it I might cave in. Truthfully I only ever used a roof rack once to attach a cargo carrier because I overpacked for a family vacation and to transport some ladders when I bought a house. Other than that I really only need roof rails so I can tie a xmas tree to like I had on my Odyssey minivan. They did have cross bars available for the minivan but the van roof was pretty sturdy. On the other hand the CX7 roof is smooth and not ribbed so it may not be as solid. I guess one option might be to install it only as needed and remove it when not.
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    For some reason, the CX-7 just wouldn't look right with a roof rack! The essence of Zoom-Zoom would be lost :)
  • I agree, but if it had rails it wouldn't be so bad. The OEM rack on the hand kills the look and I just couldn't deal with except for functionality.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    The OEM racks are very easy to install and remove, but I tend to keep mine on about 50% of the time as I practically live at Home Depot. I don't get much wind noise so I assume they don't spoil the airflow too much. However, if I put a ladder on the roof it howls like a mofo.

    Also, some have commented to me that the CX-7 looks better with the racks.
  • OK if you practically live at Home Depot then tell me what isle number I can find shear pins for snow blowers. LOL

    Looks are subjective and I'm sure it looks fine with the rack and probably makes it look unique. Hell... I may even end up with one so that I can use it as needed.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Snow blowers....I've seen pictures of those before but never seen one in real life.

    But back to shear pins: I frequent 5 different Home Depots with 5 different layouts, so would that be Orange 1, Orange 2, Anaheim Hills, Tustin or El Toro?

    And looks: No doubt we all like different things, but I think most in here agree that the CX-7 is quite good looking.
  • Has anyone come across or heard of a rear view mirror for the CX-7 with Bluetooth integration?
  • I believe the ones I've seen on the web fit any car
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Some new pics. Notice the new Turbo badge




    Got the turbo badge from a local Acura dealer. Found their website which allowed you to order online and then pick up at their dealership. Unfortunately, they don't ship to the house. Cost about $19 with tax.

  • An Acura badge on a Mazda? Heathen! :P
  • vbbuiltvbbuilt Posts: 498
    Me? a heathen? It's all Mazda's fault! :shades:

  • Did you draw a period on your license plate?
  • Just got the all weather mats. I am very pleased with the quality and would have actually preferred the dealer had ordered these as opposed to the carpeted mats. The carpeted ones just don't hold up well in places like New York that get a lot of rain and some snow. Comparing them to other all weather mats I own they seem to be of a comparable thickness but the design probably doesn't hold as much water as my other mats. In any event I think they will do the trick. The best part is that they are not very expensive. They do fit like a glove but they could have made the driver-side anchor holes a little larger and thinner to ease putting the hooks through.
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,956
    According to the Mazda website, the CX-7 is 64.8" tall. Can anyone say how much taller it is with the factory rack? Are the crossbars 2" above the roof? Higher? I can't find this info anywhere...

    Thanks :)

    15.5 XC70 T6 / 16 Soul EV / 17 Toyota 86

  • anxsanxs Posts: 7
    I just ordered a custom windshield from and it fits like a glove. Haven't noticed any sagging in the heat (as mentioned with the CX7 accessory) because I just haven't had it long enough yet but I'll keep everyone posted if I do.

    Has anyone bought any custom seat covers and if so where did you get them? After 10 years of black leather interior I switched up to the tan on my new black AWD GT but I've already gotten it dirty twice in the past month. I was considering covers for the front seats only but as I'm browsing the internet haven't seen anything I've fallen in love with that would be worth the money I'm spending.
  • I have read that the reason the CX-7 is detuned is the tranny. It is the same tranny as used in the Edge. The tranny was jointly developed by Ford/Mazda and GM. The tranny is the limiting factor, so be careful.
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Posts: 458
    It's not the same transmission. Without saying one is better than the other, I simply know the CX-7's box is an Aisin unit, and not the one joint-developed by Ford/GM. The CX-7 forum was on the boil for a while last year until we got that all sorted out. ;)

    As for detuning the MS6 turbo engine, I can't find anything on the web about tranny reliability. It's possible Mazda detuned it for that reason, but more likely that the MS6 power curve and engine stress just didn't make sense in a CUV. Acura could have put their already-developed S2000 engine in the RDX, but they didn't - for the exact same reasons.

    As I mentioned in my original post, 30-50 HP probably would not kill anything, but more than that certainly would require stronger engine/driveline components, possibly including the transmission.

  • extennyextenny Posts: 18
    Does anyone here have the Cargo Net? Is it useful? would you reccomend it?
    Also does anyone know if the CX9 cargo net would work with the CX7?
  • carlitos92carlitos92 Posts: 458
    I've only used it once in a year. I think it mostly gets in the way, but your mileage may vary if you carry a lot of light, rolling-type stuff in the back.

    No idea about the CX-9 net working, but an interesting premise.

  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    Looking for a non-OEM air filter on the CX-7. Someone told me about Baldwin, which has the oil cartridges, but no air filters for this model.
  • pctechpctech Posts: 43
    Just measured mine (OEM) - they add 3", not 2". Also, though I like the appearance, they won't take much weight (100 pounds max, I believe) AND they add a considerable amount of wind noise!
  • pctechpctech Posts: 43
    It really isn't very useful. Wish Mazda had instead put in the same "curtain"-style net everyone else uses so I could carry the bags of groceries like I used to in my Forester!
  • extennyextenny Posts: 18
    Thanks it seems like most people arent impressed so maybe I will see about returning mine. I was hoping it could hold grocery bags or something in place but doesnt look like it will.
  • johnny__rfjohnny__rf Posts: 83
    I use mine all the time. It holds down grocery bags perfectly. plus the other day I picked up a bunch of pizzas and it held them down fine.

    If you dont have it, your cargo is gonna slide around all over the place (I have the cargo tray)

    try it, you'll like it................
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