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2008 Hyundai Elantra



  • No problem. Message posts usually cannot convey subtleties (sp?) that face to face and phone communication have. Didn't know you had a "problem" with someone else, sorry 'bout that.

    Drive safely!
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    You can only buy PZEV equipped vehicles in the so called "green states" mandated by the government. That is CA, NY, VT, MA, VT, OR, CT & PA.

    I also bought the three volumes of workshop manuals for the 2008 Elantra for reference or for fixing my daughters 2008 Elantra just in case I need it. I checked the specs of the fuel pump on these manuals but it does not mention any reference to a fuel pump for a PZEV, GLS or SE vehicle. I can only assume that they all have the same fuel pumps. It's only Hyundai's part dept that can tell you if they have updated versions of these fuel pump. Just in case somebody wants to replace their fuel pump on their Elantra, the fuel pump is located underneath the rear seat cushion. After removing the cushion, remove the access panel to get to the pump.
  • biggarbiggar Posts: 1
    My GLS with AT and the popular? pkg has about 500 mi on it now and still running :) (fuel pump) but reason I'm posting is to ask if anyone with similiar car thinks theirs is a bit squirrely in the rear end on the highway? Wish I drove an SE to be able to compare the handling to the GLS but it didn't happen. I don't recall the dealer having an SE on the lot last month. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought I read that the SE has some sort of rear sway stabilizer bar suspension upgrade that the GLS doesn't have. Still don't know if I like the "responsive" steering :surprise: after driving a Windstar for 8 yrs. I wonder whats involved in adding the SE sway stabilizer bar to a GLS? is it doeable? and, what would it cost!
  • vad128vad128 Posts: 9
    I'm sure the same fuel pump gets installed in both the GLS and SE. I was just wondering if a PZEV equipped vehicle could interfere in some way with the functioning of the fuel pump and maybe that's why the pumps are failing. That's why I was wondering if anyone could confrm if they had a non-PZEV vehicle that had a failed fuel pump needing replacement.

    By the way, my mother lives in NJ and somehow she ended up with an Elantra SE with PZEV. I think sometimes states bordering the "green" states often get PZEV vehicles. Dealerships are always swapping. She just bought the car on Monday and then I hear about all of the fuel pump problems. No problems yet, but I'm just worried for her that she is going to stall out somewhere. I'm not happy at all with this situation.
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    PZEV vehicles are fitted with more stringent traps & checks to prevent evaporative emissions from escaping to the atmosphere readily compared to non-PZEV. The fuel pumps on 2008 Elantra's is the returnless type of pump regulated at about 49-50 PSI with the pressure regulator also located in the pump so I would say the evap system should not interfere with the functioning ot fuel pump. I always keep a full tank of gas on my daughters 2008 Elantra to keep that fuel pump always submerged in gas for cooling purposes. It would probably buy me some time if there is fuel pump problems on this vehicle.
  • gburgrunrgburgrunr Posts: 5
    I can tell you it is not limited to the "green" states. I live and bought my 2008 Elantra in VA and my fuel pump failed. It first showed trouble with just under the 1000 mile mark but Fairfax Hyundai and their "stellar" service department failed to fix it first time. I had it fail on me again at 2061 miles on I-95 in MD during the July 4th holiday rush. Lucky no one was hurt then.
  • vad128vad128 Posts: 9
    You are certainly very knowledgeable!! Thanks for all of the valuable information re: PZEV and the helpful tip about keeping the gas tank filled.

    What is your opinion about pro-actively installing a new fuel pump even if there hasn't been a problem yet? My concern is for my 70-year old mother who just bought her Elantra last week. I am very nervous about the possibility of her stalling out in an intersection, not being able to handle the car if it starts to sputter/stall. The thought of her being stranded on the side of a road makes me queasy. I'd be willing to have the car dealer install the new pump at my cost . . . but am I taking a gamble?? If the replacement pumps are the same manufacturer/vendor, is there just as likely a chance that the replacement pump could be defective? In reading the posts, however, I really haven't encountered many (maybe only one) whose pump failed again after replacement. Does anyone know if the replacement pumps are from a different manufacturer?
  • GLS or SE is the model type of the Elantra. GLS is the regular one with cloth seats. SE is the leather, moonroof and all that yummy stuff. PZEV is the type of engine. Didn't it say that in your manuals? You either get an Elantra GLS or an Elantra SE. Depending on if you want the leather look/moonroof/music controls on the steering/and leather steering wheel and probably a few other things the owners of the SE's have I didn't list.

    A good place to see the difference in the 2 is I even registered my Vin# and it told me when the car came into NY and where it originated out of the Port Of NJ. And they also send you coupons and reminders once you start having service.

    And why put a pump in yourself when its free and under warranty. Didn't you see the good warranties your daughter's car has?

    I seriously doubt someone wanting to change the fuel pump themselves could get one too if the dealers have to wait in line for them to come from Korea.

    You are lucky you can fix some things, but heck.... with the 4 warranties I have I would go to the dealer free instead of having to fork out my own money. And if the fuel pump goes they do give you a loaner car free.

    I say....Life's a does or it doesn't happen. I just hope they recall the pumps before mine goes.
  • Did she buy it from Highpoint Hyundai in NJ??? I only ask because I live 11 miles from them in NY and our cars came from the Port of Newark to them first and then they were sent to our Dealer over in NY. Highpoint Hyundai has a lot of them on their website in NJ. That's Sussex County, NJ. I found this out by going to and registering my Vin#.

    It would be interesting if you register hers and see if it originated out of Highpoint Hyundai like ours did. I would be very curious to know what you find out.

    Do what I did too...I had the carfax for one month when I started looking for a used vehicle. And then saw the ad in the paper for a Hyundai Sonata. And the price was only a few thousand more than 2005 cars I was looking at.

    I went to buy a Sonata, have a 32" inseam and couldn't drive the darn car. My foot was flipping backwards on the gas petal. I couldn't have that as I broke that ankle in 93. So, hubby has shorter legs and he was thinking about the Sonata for himself.

    Then when I got dissapointed the salesman said would I like to test drive the Elantra. I had already tried to drive all the Nissan's and Kia models and had the leg room problem. But said ok. And was really surprised I had leg room. When hubby saw the price on mine and the comfort, thats when he decided to get one too. He could have gotten the Sonata, short legs he has. But the price was good and the ride was fantastic that we took for a test drive. Carfax says my car was service 3 weeks before I bought it. As I ran the Vin # since I still had 3 weeks of it. Hubby's car was not serviced. So I figured maybe the fuel pump had to be swapped out in NY once the car came over from NJ due to the emissions in NY now. Hubby took the car in the showroom.

    So, I am hoping my fuel pump was changed. The dealer told me it was just a routine service. Now, since when does a new car not sold get a service job done? And I plan on calling Hyundai tomorrow and asking THEM what was reported as serviced.
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    Fortunately I make a living as an automotive tech for a Japanese car dealership. Because of that, I sometimes have a problem trusting others to fix my own car therefore I do it myself.

    PZEV by the way is not the engine type. It is the emission type (PZEV=Partial Zero-Emmision vehicle). Engines for the 2008 Elantra GLS & SE are both the same. If I was positive that the fuel pump on my daughters vehicle is the problem pump, and because it's easy to access,I would replace it in a heartbeat. Money I can always find. My daughter is priceless.

    I know that life is a chance but I try to better my chances.
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    Vad128, I understand your concern but I would not replace the fuel pump at this point because the fuel pump problem is not confirmed yet. If you go to the parts dept at Hyundai, they should be able to tell you if they have updated fuel pumps for this vehicle.
  • vad128vad128 Posts: 9
    Gomst1 -

    Once again, your insights are much appreciated. I'm with you and feel that as long as the car is not exhibiting any problems, it's best to wait for Hyundai to diagnose the problem and then issue a TSB or formal recall. I think it would be rare for Hyundai to replace an entire fuel pump on every vehicle, when the culprit could be one coil or something of the like. If I replace the pump at this point, I may actually end up taking out a good pump and putting in a defective one. In the meantime, I have advised my mother to be aware if she senses any hesitation/sputtering or trouble starting the car. Do you think there is any chance that Hyundai will act quickly on this? My guess is that these recall campaigns can take months to initiate.

    Just out of curiosity, what made you purchase a Hyundai for your daughter if you are an automotive tech for a Japanese car dealership?
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    Safety, Value, Comfort and the simple design made me purchase the 2008 Elantra SE for my daughter. This vehicle drives almost like a luxury car much quieter than the more expensive cars in this class. Traction control and stability control is very important to me as she is a new driver. The brakes is very good too. I drove this vehicle at high speeds through winding mountain road and it is very stable. The only thing I did not like about this car is the rear (RED) turn signal light. I was following her when she was signalling for a left turn and I barely noticed that red turn signal light in the middle of the day. It's a potential hazard so I did two things to the vehicle. I replaced the side mirrors with amber chevron-blinking mirror LEDs and ordered replacement rear outer tail light assemblies that have amber turn signal lights. I ordered these parts direct from Korea where the 2008 Elantras have amber outer tailights. They call them Hyundai Avante over there. I had to wait at least a month to get the blinking mirror LEDs as they are made to order. I am still waiting for the rear outer tail light assemblies.
  • I drove both models and felt the SE handled better than the GLS. I'm not sure why. It could be that the SE has wider tires as well as stability control.

    I have had my SE for 4 days. Am getting used to the proportional steering, as I have not had a car with this type for some time. I seem to need to make steering corrections but it probably is the electronics varying the tension of the steering wheel.
  • Now I feel like a real idiot here because all along I have been saying emissions and was half asleep when I wrote that post... :sick:

    So sorry about the messup.

    Ok... So if you are a Tech for a Japanese car dealership I bet its a Toyota dealer. Am I correct?

    If not, well I am not up on all the dealers.

    But if you are a Tech for Toyota I lost my 97 Taco due to the frame corrosion. :( Thats why I have an Elantra.

    Ok... I better stop posting when I am tired. LOL

    Thanks for correcting me. I have to start previewing my posts before I post them.
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    Don't worry lady. Nobody is perfect. For now I would like to remain anonymous about which dealer I work for.
  • cyshescyshes Posts: 7
    Hi All,
    I was interested in getting the 2008 Elantra SE,but I'm worried about the problems with the fuel pump. I noticed some documented complaints on about on the Elantra, and besides the common fuel pump problem, it looks like a couple people had problems with the air bag deploying as well. Has anyone heard of this issue in the past, hopefully these were just a fluke.
  • Thanks for the link. It is interesting to note that the first complaint happened on May 8th, then increase from there. I wonder what part of the country these problems have occurred. There does not appear to be the stall before then. Hopefully this will help the investigators determine what went wrong. Maybe they tried a new fuel pump?

    I have 200 miles on my SE with no hints of stalling (as I knock on wood and pray).
    Will take the other car on vacation next week.

    I will politely show this to the service manager tomorrow and ask him what he knows.
  • The service manager said he has noticed 2 fuel pump problems recently. Probably a bad batch at the factory, only effecting cars made on certain days. There is no TSB or recall yet.

    The problem likely begins with a rough idle for several minutes, followed by the stall.
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    I also went to Hyundai to check about these fuel pump failures. I talked to parts dept.and a service writer. The service writer says he has seen them (fuel pump failures) on several vehicles already. He indicated that the usual symptoms are intermittent hard starting and intermittent rough idle anywhere from several days before to just before pump failure. He also does not see any recalls at this time. Parts dept could not say whether the new pumps are updated pumps since it has the same part number but then manufacturers routinely update parts without a part number change with only the date code as reference. He mentioned about the fuel pumps being backordered for a while but now it is available.
  • fargondfargond Posts: 23
    Something that would be helpful (or at least alievate some of the concerns) is to post the dates of manufacturer of your elantra if you've had a fuel pump failure.

    The date is on the sticker on the door frame on the driver's side. Mine was October 2007 and has NOT had a FP failure yet, but I've only driven it 1700 miles in 3 months.
  • I bought a new 08 Elantra on Memorial Day 08 and had to have it towed off a busy highway on July 26 as it died in traffic with only 1831 miles on it. The car has been at the dealer for two days as they thought it was the fuel pump, ordered one (?), put it in and the engine still quits after putting it in Drive. Now they're troubleshooting it and I have a loaner. I don't know if any other Elantra owners have had the same problem but after only making one payment, I'm sorry I didn't opt for a Toyota or a Honda.
  • My SE was built on 5/29/08.

    No FP failure, about 250 miles. Picked it up last week.
  • Disconcerting that the new pump didn't remedy the problem. I wonder what else this could mean, a computer problem?
  • skepticalskeptical Posts: 65
    I am just about to purchase a Hyundai Elantra SE (tonight!) and found this forum and now find myself quite concerned after reading these posts...

    I thought I was lucky to find an '08 at this late juncture, but maybe I'm not so lucky...

    Should I re-consider and go with a Civic or Mazda3?

    Thanks in advance for all your honest feedback!
  • nareknarek Posts: 37
    No pump failure here yet. I purchased my '08 SE in early June and have put 2141 miles on it with no problems or issues at all so far. Mine was manufactured on April 1, 2008. (April fool's day?? :surprise: lol)

    I'm not too thrilled with the recent fuel pump failure posts. Hopefully there will be a recall soon. No point in requesting a new pump now, when the parts the dealer has in stock may be bad also. I'm just trying to be aware of any potential failure so I can get off the road in a hurry if I have to.

    I sill love my car and I'm not sorry I bought it at all, even considering this safety issue. :shades: I'm confident they'll fix it if it needs fixing.
  • nareknarek Posts: 37
    Even knowing what I know now, I'd still buy my SE in a heartbeat. If you can find an SE now for a decent price you're very lucky. :)

    Considering the large number of '08 Elantras on the road vs the relatively small number of reported incidents, the odd's of any of us encountering the same problem is quite small.
  • My new 08 Elantra has been at the dealership for the last three days while they diagnose my problem. In my case, it wasn't the fuel pump issue. Now, they're giving me a new transmission (whenever they can find one). My advice is NOT to buy this car and run to your Honda or Toyota dealer and pay a little bit more. Or, if you're a die hard Hyundai fan, buy a Sonata. That's what I originally wanted but the mpg was better on the Elantra so I chose it. Buyer beware.
  • fargondfargond Posts: 23
    While I certainly understand frustration, concern and anger about a new $17,000 device 'failing', I guarentee you go read almost any forum for any car and you will see similar concerns. The key is to understand the SCOPE of the problem. Not to undermine any of the concerns of those that ran into the problem, you have to deal with statistics.

    I ended up buying a Tucson in 05 instead of a Saturn VUE since there were multiple years worth of complains about it's transmission and quick failures of it in and right out of warranty. It wasn't 4 people for a 1 year model, it was 50-100 people in a 5 year time frame on multiple boards.

    So when I started reading up about the Elantra, I compared complaints against similar cars (Cobalt, Focus, etc...) and overall the Elantra seemed better.

    Even with the 4 reported cases of FP failure, I'd still buy the Elantra. Would I if mine failed? Probably if that's "all" it was. That's why I ended up buying the Elantra anyway -- my 12 year old Cavalier had a FP failure at 'only' 75,000 miles and was not worth it to me to have repaired on that old of a car that also had no A/C for 2 years, and had other 'old age' problems that reflected age vs. miles too much and too costly to fix em all vs. buying new with 10 yr warranty.

    Of course subsequent problems with dealers/repairs can raise your anger level. I ran into that in purchasing this Elantra (lied to about price,etc..), so if I bought again I'd go to a different dealer but still get the same car.
  • skepticalskeptical Posts: 65
    Yikes! They are "detailing it as we speak" I haven't paid for it yet, because it has a spoiler and it was transferred from elsewhere, and they had no SE's with a spoiler to show me what it looks like (I didn't want one, really) I'm supposed to come in and have a look at it...

    They are charging me $19, 000 out the door with taxes and everything. It has bluetooth (?) on it apparently as well..

    Aside from mechanical concerns, Isn't this a tad high? Or is that about right with bluetooth (and a spoiler I don't even care for...)?

    Very confused and worried now...
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