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2008 Hyundai Elantra



  • dovid2dovid2 Posts: 90
    I seriously doubt the fuel pump mixes air with gas; the last I heard, the pump is mounted inside the gas tank for cooling purposes. The injectors mix air with gas, otherwise the gas wouldn't burn properly.

    As for the beta engine, it's been in use about 10 years. As I posted previously, we've had cars with that engine for around 180,000 miles with no problems. Obviously, Hyundai has gone to a cheaper supplier for the pumps and it's come back to bite them. They need to be air-freighting new pumps to dealers so they can be changed instantly when there is a problem and also change the cars on the lot.

    I don't know about other states, but in Georgia, we have a three-day grace period to return a car, no questions asked as long as the mileage is less than 150. If my car had died the first day, that's exactly what I would have done.
  • fargondfargond Posts: 23
    All cars mix air with gas -- that's how internal combustion works! -- but it's done in the engine, not at the tank where the fuel pump is mounted. Sounds like they were giving you a bunch of noise! :mad:

    All pumps today are mounted at the bottom of the fuel tank so their motors are cooled by the gas surrounding it. It seems like there should be a massive recall on this part and have them all replaced if it is this prevalant.
  • I looked this up and you are correct. I looked it up in Wikipedia. But I also saw where 2008 is when they first used the PZEV engine in the Elantra automatic only. It was used in the Sonata I believe earlier. But then I also saw when I looked up Sonata that this May there was a recall put out on the 2007 Sonatas about the seat with the air bag shutting off. Hey...this is 2008. I don't want to wait till May of next year before I get a letter to bring my vehicle in to have the fuel pump rixed. Now I know fore sure any long distance driving will have to be done with hubby's car if he does have the correct fuel pump because I am not breaking down 100 miles from home. Hyundai better get going and get our cars recalled now before the next accident report is not a pileup like with my husband, that it will be a death involved.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    PZEV was available for the 2007 model year on the Elantra, e.g. see:

    Also, I confirmed that SULEV (PZEV-style tailpipe emissions) was available on the 2006 Elantra. (You might have seen that when you looked at Wikipedia.) I am pretty sure that the Sonata got PZEV only for 2009,
  • PLEASE DON'T BUY THIS BRAND!!! My fiasco with them (the dealers and corporate) has completely escalated now. I have contacted the BBB and will pursue having the dealership/Hyundai corporate return my car and pay off my loan. This is an absolute joke!!! I had my brand-new car for about 26 hours (I had driven it 100 miles since I bought it), when it malfunctioned and died in the middle of an intersection. Extremely dangerous! I tried to have it towed, but Hyundai roadside assistance was a total failure. They could not get a tow truck until the next day. I was able to re-start the car and have my husband drive it to the nearest dealer to repair it. We are now at DAY 10 of the brand-new car being in the shop. They don't foresee having it fixed until DAY 12, which is Monday July 21 (I bought my car on Tuesday, July 8). In the course of these 12 days being in the shop, the car was hooked up to the computer ONLY ONE TIME that I know of. That process returned an "error code" which stated there was a misfire on cylinder 1. The dealer has then only driven my car to try replicating the problem, and checked wires, cables, whatever, to make sure "they weren't loose". Meanwhile, they have put 300 miles on my car!!!

    During the process of them simply visually inspecting my car and driving it around like it's a free cab service, I asked them if the problem could possibly be a faulty fuel pump. (Based on other feedback on this forum, I suspected that there may be a problem with the fuel pump.) The dealer said "No, we already checked the fuel pump and there is nothing wrong with it". Additional days passed by, and no answer on the source of the problem with the vehicle. During a big chunk of the time the car has been in the shop, I have had to call and request status updates. The dealer has not made a point to call me and update me. The dealer kept saying that they couldn't find anything wrong with the car.

    I started filing complaints with the BBB, NHTSA and Hyundai corporate (plus posting here on this forum). All of a sudden (Wednesday, July 16), the dealer calls and says that their regional person contacted them and told them to replace the fuel pump on my vehicle. (I'm not sure what prompted the regional people to contact the dealer about my car). The dealer tells us they have to order the fuel pump, and expect that it will be at the shop on or before Friday, July 18. They said my car should be repaired by the end of the day on Friday.

    My husband called the dealer again on Friday (7/18/08) for an update, and the dealer then asked to keep the car one more night. They wanted to test drive it some more and then if everything appears ok, they will release the car to us on Saturday, July 19 (today). We waited until 11AM today and called the dealer for an update (they hadn't called us yet). The dealer then says that the car won't be ready until Monday sometime. They said they needed to run ANOTHER test on the car (he said they have to test the fuel pump). Now the earliest the car will be ready for pickup is Monday afternoon/early evening (7/21/08). The brand-new vehicle will have been in the shop 12 DAYS by the time we can get it back...and I only had the car in my possession for about the first 26 hours.

    The dealer said that when we pick it up, it will have about 3/4 a tank of gas in it, which is about the same amount I dropped it off with. They have piled 300 miles onto my brand-new car, they haven't given me the courtesy of a FULL gas tank. I've paid 12 days of car insurance, loan interest and lost out on 12 days of free XM radio service. I also had to use my other car for commuting, which doesn't get as high of fuel economy as the Elantra (I bought the Elantra to SAVE MONEY ON FUEL COSTS, etc, but I haven't seen the benefits of owning the vehicle since it's been in the shop for going on 12 days). I've completely lost out and am getting screwed over by Hyundai. They have no intention to make anything right, and they act like this isn't a big deal to have a 26-hour-old car break down and then be in the shop the next 12 days.

    I will follow through with arbitration and pursue getting the car returned and loan paid off. The service I have gotten from the dealer is pathetic at best. The dealer had not returned calls to Hyundai corporate. I have spoken with Hyundai corporate 4 times now and they haven't done much exept escalate the issue to their regional level. The regional people were supposed to call me within 3 days, but I haven't heard from them yet. (Monday will be the 3rd full business day, and I'll be flabergasted if they really call me.)

    Oh...and the sales manager I spoke with earlier this week who treated me like a liar (and then later apologized for treating me that way) is no longer with the company. I tried to call him today and found out from the receptionist that his last day was Tuesday (7/15/08). Interesting!!! I spoke with another equally pleasant manager (sarcastic) and he said "We (the dealership) has NO return policy on new vehicles. Once you drive it off the lot, it's yours."

    The dealer clearly doesn't stand behind their product at all when they act like a problem vehicle is "yours". This dealer also doesn't take responsibility for selling a poorly made vehicle to an innocent victim. The manager I spoke with (this new one is a real peach!) said that it's not the dealer's responsibility to return a car and pay back my loan. He said that I have to deal with Hyundai corporate, and have THEM purchase back my brand-new pile of worthless metal (AKA the new car I bought).

    Buyer beware...when you buy from this company, the problem (AKA car) is YOURS to deal with. YOU are the one who owns it, and the dealer will take NO RESPONSIBILITY to make you whole again. You will lose out on the use of your car (FYI - don't trade in your currently-dependable other car when you buy from this will need your first car as a back-up when your new Elantra is sitting in the shop for 12 or more days), you will waste money on insurance, loan finance charges, fuel economy, worth of your vehicle while the dealer piles on hundreds of miles on your new car... The fun is neverending!!!

    Please don't think that I'm some anonymous person who is angry about my purchase. I am a hard-working mother with a Master's Degree and I work 10 hour days and commute 2 hours each day. Never in a million years would I have thought this would happen to me. I didn't ask to buy a worthless car and have it sit in the shop this long and this early in my car ownership. This Elantra nightmare has really been a disaster and it's really gotten ugly. This problem could happen to ANYONE who buys this type of car falsely thinking they are getting a reliable, dependable, cost-effective car. The Elantra clearly fails to live up to everything the dealers talk it up to be. Please don't fall for the dealer's sales pitch, and p
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    It really sucks that your new car has been in the shop for 10 days because of a faulty fuel pump. No fun at all. I know because during the first six months I owned a new '95 Mystique, it was in the shop many days for multiple problems and recalls. So I empathize with you.

    But I also think you are being unreasonable in your anger towards Hyundai and the dealer. Yes, it appears your dealer could have given you better customer service. But you are blaming them for decisions that you made. For example, you decided to decline their offer of a free rental car while yours is in the shop. Yet you now blame them because you had to use your other car for commuting, that you had to use your other car as a back up. It was not their fault that you decided to reject their offer of a free rental car. So why blame them for that?

    Also, you complain that the dealer has driven your car in their attempts to determine the cause of the problem. 300 miles seems like a lot, but what it could mean is that they were trying very hard to determine the cause of the problem, and they simply couldn't replicate the problem you had, so they kept trying. And the only way to do that was to drive the car. Would you have been happier had the dealer not driven your car at all? That they guessed at the cause of the problem? Do you think the reason it's taken so long to return your car to you is just maybe that the dealer, and Hyundai, want to be very sure it's fixed properly, because of the nature of the problem and what it could mean for anyone riding in it? If this kind of problem happened to one of my cars, I'd want the dealer to take whatever time they needed to make sure it was fixed properly.

    Also, you expect a dealer to exchange your car (which can never again be sold as a new car) for a new car, just because your car had a faulty fuel pump. What if everyone who has a fixable problem with a car would demand a new car? Since you have a master's degree, you can probably figure out the financial implications to the dealer and/or manufacturer.

    If you purchased the Elantra because you expected it to be perfect, then you had an unreasonable expectation. The Elantra has a proven track record for above-average reliability, but it's not perfect, nor is any car model perfect. So if you have a problem with a car in the future, and the problem requires the car to be kept at the dealer more than a few hours, my advice is, take the dealer's offer of a free loaner. Drive the loaner--put the wear and tear on it vs. your other car. Be firm but polite in your dealings with the dealer and the manufacturer. They aren't always as great as we'd like them to be and they can make mistakes, but they're human beings and they appreciate being treated as you would like to be treated. When people are treated with respect, they tend to reciprocate. At least that is what I've found over the years.
  • The PZEV was available in California in 2007. I read that .I saw that before I read Wikapedia. I am in NY and the dealer said it came out in NY as a 2008. I don't know about the other states, but Ca and NY have some sort of special section in the warranty books about the length of time their warrant is for emissions.
  • I am not sorry I bought my Elantra. I am just worried over when and if my fuel pump goes like it did with my husband's car. I love it. I have driven it now for 5 weeks and I can't complain. There is more room in the front then there was in my 97 Toyota Tacoma that Toyota bought back off of me due to the frame falling apart. And my husband owning his own 18 wheeler is always replacing something. He have over 1 million miles on his 2000 Volvo 770. And still he keeps replacing and replacing. Its the facts of life. The first year he had it it was always at the dealer. And he was on down time from driving cross country. Now since it went out of warranty he just stops at any Cummings and gets it fixed while on the road. Life is a chance. And my husband gave back his 3 day loaner to use his Pathfinder Nissan gas hog to commute for almost 2 weeks. We had a spare car and he said no, he didn't need a loaner. I am just hoping I am one of the lucky ones who doesn't have this problem with the fuel pump. But like my husband says, hyundai must have an idea of the vin#s that are bad. That there might have been a whole batch one day made wrong. And they should really fix the problem so others stop breaking down.
  • gomst1gomst1 Posts: 58
    You are right. The fuel pump is just that, a fuel pump. The fuel pump pumps high pressure fuel into the intake manifold (some engines inject directly into the combustion chamber) through the fuel injectors. The engine is like an air pump. The piston sucks air and the injected fuel during the intake stroke and compresses that fuel/air mixture to produce an explosive air/fuel charge. At the power stroke of the engine the spark plug lights the charge. Explosion of the charge drives the piston down. The cycle is then repeated.

    Fuel pumps now a days are mostly located inside the gas tank submerged in gas for cooling purposes. About the fuel pump problems on the Elantra it maybe possible to buy some time on this fuel pumps by keeping a full tank of gas most of the time for cooling the pump. Of course this is just my opinion.
  • I'm thinking of getting an SE this week....If I wait they may be all gone due to the end of the model year....Has there been a TSB? It sounds like the dealers are all confused. Since the 2008 has been out awhile with no reported problems, I wonder if this is more of recent problem with newer '08s.....
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    If there's a fuel pump problem (and it seems there is!) it will likely be a formal recall vs. TSB, since it would have safety implications.
  • justloujustlou New YorkPosts: 35
    US government opens investigation into '07-08 Hyundai Elantra after reports of engine stalling

    The Associated Press
    Monday, July 21, 2008

    WASHINGTON: The government is investigating 2007-2008 model year Hyundai Elantra compact cars after receiving reports of engine stalling, officials said Monday.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said in a posting on its Web site that its preliminary investigation involves about 167,000 Elantras. NHTSA said it has received four reports of engine stalling because of problems with the vehicle's fuel pump module.

    One owner said the car stalled in the fast lane of a three-lane highway and caused a crash involving three cars and one injury. Three of the four reports involved vehicles with only 600 miles (1,000 kilometers) or less; the fourth vehicle had 2,839 miles (4,568 kilometers) at the time.

    Hyundai Motor Co. spokesman Miles Johnson said Monday it was too early in the process to draw any conclusions about the alleged safety issue. He said Hyundai was cooperating with NHTSA on the investigation.

    U.S. sales of the Elantra grew more than 50 percent in June to nearly 14,500 vehicles for the month as consumers responded to gasoline prices that have exceeded $4-a-gallon ($1.05 a liter).
  • Isn't it amazing that only 4 people have reported this. But, my husband is the one with the 3 car accident with only 337 miles on his car when this happened. And when my report was received, I was contacted and they got the police report to verify the accident. It was actually a car swerved to avoid my husband and the car was rearended by an SUV throwing the car into an 18 wheeler.

    Come on everyone...go and file your report. A week after I talked on the phone to the safety investigator it goes public and all because of the 3 vehicles that crashed because of my husbands fuel pump going. They need everyone to file. Please please file the report if you have a problem.
  • gburgrunrgburgrunr Posts: 5
    I would also strongly urge others to file complaints as well. I did so last week and was contacted by DOT/NHTSA last Thursday about my issues. I luckily avoided a serious accident on I-95 when my car stalled while travelling north on July 3rd. I was towed to a dealership near parents' house and had my fuel pump replaced after being without a car for four days. This was the second time I had a stall out with my 2008 Elantra which at that time had just about 1000 miles on it. The first time was attributed to a fuel injection "misfire." Honestly, I think the service department really did not investigate the situation throughly enough and sent me back out on the road. How many times does a brand new car just stall for no apparent reason?

    Fairfax Hyundari, the dealer I purchased car from, was absolutely NO HELP in my predicament. Their new car sales manager actually hung up the phone on me while I was trying to discuss my situation and what I thought they should be doing to assist me with getting back home for work. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND avoiding that dealership because Mr. Leo Blakley and the GM there have no clue about customer service. Once you drive off the lot you are on your own. To say I have been disappointed with my Hyundai experience thus far is an understatement. :mad:
  • rcwardrcward Posts: 2
    What are you a dealer or something? They treated her like [non-permissible content removed] and there is no excuse for that. My girlfriend just bought a 2008 Elantra and so far has had no problems with it. But now I have to worry about her driving it until I check out this fuel pump problem.
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Posts: 160
    Hey, buddy, before you ago accuse someone, do some research. Her husband's car stalled on the freeway & he could have been killed. She also drives a new Elantra, so she's worried too. Inspite of that she's calm and professional and adding important information to the discussion, not venting.

    Be a little more considerate towards her. I think she has handled it calmly & professionally & was not rantin and raving mad like some other forum members.

    And before you accuse ME of being a dealer, no, I'm not. I'm a Civil Engineer, not a dealer. Most of us are here because we're auto enthusiasts, not trying to sell something.

    And, btw, I was the one who suggested people contact NHTSA. And because some complained to appropriate authorities, this investigation has been opened. And because of this increased scrutiniy, your girlfriend's car might also be repaied if it has faulty pump too.

    And do you know who was the first one who complained to NHTSA? schukanuoslady.
  • I looked over all my posts I posted and have no idea what post you even replied to that I was addressing someone and asking me if I was a dealer because of what I posted. Next time you have a complaint about something I said please list the post number for me as I can't seem to backtrack to where I said something that sounded like I was a dealer.
  • carbuntcarbunt Posts: 40
    "What are you a dealer or something? They treated her like sh*t and there is no excuse for that. My girlfriend just bought a 2008 Elantra and so far has had no problems with it. But now I have to worry about her driving it until I check out this fuel pump problem." - rcward

    This attacking comment is totally unacceptable. We are all here to learn and share information.
  • I decided to purchase the Elantra SE yesterday, being aware of this safety concern. I asked the dealer about the problem and he said he had not heard of any reports about stalling. I printed the bulletin from the NHTSA website and will give him a copy when I take delivery, effectively putting him on notice. Perhaps the service manager will look differently at stalling problems and more issues could be reported. I am hoping that this investigation will get to the bottom of the problem and the concerns will be minimal for everyone.

    Thank you and be safe!
  • You have to go back and take delivery of yours? I left the dealership that night with my husband with 2 cars.

    You say you bought an SE? And you did it knowing the problem? I know ours are GLS's. And with all the posts I don't remember if anyone else said they had an SE have it happen.

    I didn't see in the report where it specified which was breaking down. But why would you want to put the dealer on notice when you haven't taken delivery yet and you can cancel the sale and get your money back? That doesn't make sense to me. And you KNOW there is a problem but yet you are buying one? They can't fix the problem until it happens. I know, I wanted them to change my fuel pump and they said until Hyundai makes it official they can only fix what breaks down until they get a tech bulletin. Hyundai has to authorize a recall. And mabye the SE's are not having the problem.

    In my opinion you are only going to be making your dealer upset and then when something happens they will remember you and then you will get treated like some of the others have been. now I just gave someone a perfect chance to take another pot shot at me :shades: , but you know what? I don't care. He's not the one paying for my car. I am. And if something happens to my car it will get fixed. I just hope it doesn't, but knowing there is a problem I will just have to be on alert. And wait for Hyundai to take action.

    And many grateful thanks to those who stuck up for me when that post was posted and aimed right at me.
  • mjoshimjoshi Posts: 44
    Mine was 08 SE automatic that had same issue with 5400 miles on it. So it is not a problem limited only to GLS. We are in upstate, NY and have PZEV engine on car. I personally think it is just car as long as Hyundai addresses the problem in professional manner it is fine.
  • I'm in Orange County, NY....what county are you in? I didn't know there was anyone else from upstate NY posting on the board. :shades:

    I feel the same way. Its a vehicle. And there are always recalls on something. Luckily so far as I have seen no one else has reported an accident like what happened to my husband.

    And no car is perfect. Look at me...11 yrs I had my truck and Toyota bought it back from me for safety reasons to crush it and remove it off the road. That devastated me. But now I know at least sooner or later this poblem is going to be resolved and hopefully before someone gets killed. :shades:
  • wobbly_earswobbly_ears Posts: 160
    I seriously think that till Hyundai fixes fuel pumps or says that there's no problem, everyone should exercise caution while driving.

    When driving on the freeways, be on the extreme right lane so that you can pull to the shoulder if the engine shuts down. When making turns at intersections, make sure that you have enough Green light time & don't be in a hurry. Maintain adequate distance with other vehicles on the road. Ofcourse, everyone should be driving carefully whether there's a problem or not.

    Be safe everyone!
  • mjoshimjoshi Posts: 44
    Albany county, NY. You are right there is not a single brand that is without any issue. As long as Hyundai handles this correctly it will win more customers.
  • Yes, I bought one and will pick it up tomorrow. I do not think this reflects bad judgment. I take risks every time I drive (like when I drive my company's 1999 Ford Explorer). I judge that the risks of buying a car that will stall on me are still extremely low. I know, you can flame away, as I don't care either! Don't worry, I will not flame you as it is not my style :)

    When I put the dealer "on notice", I respectfully told him about the investigation. He thanked me and agreed to talk to the service manager. Hopefully they can be alert for these problems and assist in developing a solution for this scary problem.

    Safe driving everyone.
  • I thought I was just stating my opinion about putting the dealer on notice, that they would be pissed at you from the very beginning. I didn't believe what I said was flaming at you. Whatever you think I meant towards you well, whatever.

    That dealer is going to have to be "your friend" if and when that car breaks down as they will be the ones trying to fix your car unless you break down someplace else.

    Personally I wouldn't want a dealer mad at me like I have read here in some of the posts.

    I already got in trouble with someone for who knows what I said as I have no idea :confuse: what the person meant. And if you thought I meant you were going to take a pot shot at me, that was not meant for you.

    That was meant for someone who posted something not very nice to me with no explanation of what it was I was supposed to have said.

    So I am sorry if you think I was taking a Flame at you. That was not what I intended it to sound like. It was concern I was voicing not to have your dealer mad in the beginning of buying a vehicle and telling them you are putting them on notice.
  • vad128vad128 Posts: 9
    Is there anyone who has had a fuel pump failure on an Elantra that does not have PZEV? Other than being indicated on the original sticker when buying the car, where would one find if the car is equipped with PZEV?
  • Ok.... I sure hope my Brochure I got from the Dealer is correct on this. Because I am only quoting from that. Can you drive a Manual stickshift? I read in my brochure the Manual transmissions don't have them. Does anyone have a manual with a PZEV engine in it? Go to and click on 2008 Elantra. They tell you all the specs. there. :)
  • vad128vad128 Posts: 9
    I agree with you . . . I don't think PZEV engines are made for manual transmission.

    The question I have, though, relates to trying to find some rhyme or reason to which models are having fuel pump failures. It seems that both GLS and SE models are having issues, so I am now trying to narrow it down another level. Some people have indicated that their cars were PZEV, others have not. I'm wondering if many are not even aware if their cars are PZEV. There was speculation earlier in this discussion as to whether the issue only affects models equipped with PZEV . . . so I'm just wondering if we could get some feedback to find out if any of the previously mentioned fuel pump failures occurred on vehicles not having PZEV.
  • Both our cars are PZEV. Hubby's konked out at 337 miles. I have 924 on mine as of today and (knock on wood) no problem yet. Both ours were shipped (per carfax) to the dealer on the same day. April of this year. Mine was service though 3 weeks before I bought it according to Carfax. And Carfax says a pre-inspection was done. Hubby's doen't have the same info as mine did on Carfax except for the date it was shipped to the dealer. There was nothing there saying serviced by Dealer and pre-inspected like mine. And his came out of the showroom. Mine came out of the lot. And today I talked to the saleman who sold us the two cars and he told me they all know about the fuel pump problems now. So if there is a dealer saying they don't know it they are not telling the truth. But, I told hubby we need to buy another month of Carfax (we only had it when I was shopping for a vehicle) and see just what was documented about is repair. As when you get your oil changes and all service work at a dealer they record it with Carfax. The only thing on Carfax for my Toyota Tacoma that was bought off me to crush was my NY state inspections. And when living in NJ there was nothing listed except that it was sold to me.

    I noticed today and yesterday too come to think of it that mine is acting like it is puttering under 30 miles but once you get over 30 miles it has lots of go. I hope that is not a sign my fuel pump is going. :shades:
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