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Apparently honda is working on a next gen fit. The Fit is over 5 to 6 years old in non USA markets. Honda is building every USA fit in Japan which could lead to a shortage of current gen Fits in the USA. New Fit has some euro civic influences.


Dont know if it's the real deal but seems very accurate. Car should come out in 2008 as a 2009 model at the earliest.


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    Is this for real? This looks like a squished Odyssey. I like the look of my Fit Sport better. I wonder how it's different inside and under the hood, though?
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    Yep it's very real. Fit is already 6 years old in Japan. Honda want's to make a 2nd gen version. USA fit's are made in Japan. There is a possibility to make them in the new Indiana factory which should have enough capacity. Then they can export some to mexico without relying on Brazil. I will post some more pics. It does look a bit like the current version with some cues of other cars.
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    I actually like the look of the new one better. The sideskirts look too tacked-on for my taste. The new one lookds cleaner.
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    I read somewhere that it will be longer wider and have better gas mileage. I hope they will give us a few more inches of legroom in the backseat for American sized legs.
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    the fits rear seat room is wonderful...better than some made in america for america cars.

    the jdm fit is actually a bit smaller than ours, so this generation (the current one) was already sized up for us. Having said that, the next gen should be a bit bigger.
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    Are you sure the JDM Fit is smaller? I mean, beyond differences in bumpers? They appear to me to be the same car, with only trim differences.

    I think the current rear seat is remarkably roomy given the size of the car, but a little more leg and hip room wouldn't hurt, if it can be done without hurting fuel economy.
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    yeah, from what i have read, the jdm version is not as wide as ours, and it equates to more than just bumper sizes. but i dunno, thats just going by what i read online. I could be wrong.

    It would be nice for some more legroom for passengers i guess, because as a general rule, more space is always good. But on the same note, i think that there are more cars out there that should be bestowed with this other than the fit.

    If the fit grows for the next generation, as long as they supply a slighlty (i'm talking under 1.8litres) bigger, more advanced engine (the l15 is not new at all), similiar if not better fuel economy would be very easy to attain.
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    Aside from the bumpers, current JDM Fit is no different than USDM Fit size-wise.

    New Fit is 50mm longer wheelbase, 55mm longer overall. Largest engine is still 1.5L, but w/ ~120hp.
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    thanks for the clarification.

    like the horsepower numbers...its not hard for honda to eck them out...120hp means this engine is making as much hp as the bmw 1.6 in the mini, without needing premium fuel.
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    Please go here for link to the article and to comment.
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    As the review says, it does look like Honda addressed all the shortcomings of the current Fit. The biggest thing for me is the telescopic wheel, which should solve the main problem I have with the Fit--the driving position. (No word on a height adjuster, which would be welcome also.) And it looks better, has a smoother ride, more power, more back seat legroom, and more cargo room. Although I'm not sold yet on deleting the spare tire. Call me old fashioned.

    The dash design is... interesting. To me it looks like Honda was trying a little too hard to appeal to young people, but I can live with it. At least it has regular gauges, in front of the driver. I wonder what the dash will look like without nav, which I'll bet the U.S. doesn't get?

    I might have to put my name in for a 2009 base Fit MT pretty soon. :)
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    woo backsters is coming to the upright H! ;)

    I like the new look, but i think that the RS version's lines are much more pleasing.

    the interior follows suit with all of honda's offerings now, so the fit/civic/accord has a family look to them.

    Backy, if you look at the pictures, there is a seat height adjuster shown, along with bigger bolsters, and a footrest. I like the sunroof option too!

    and the best thing? more power, and only 22lbs added. Incredible. Go honda.

    wonder what the dash will look like without nav, which I'll bet the U.S. doesn't get?

    i'm anxious to know this too. i took a long look at the dash and realized a lot of it is evoltionary from the current model. Glad to see they added an armrest standard (although its not as nice as the one on the current jdm version.) and a foot rest.

    I would like to call out edmunds on their never-ending contradictory reviews.

    Not only did they originally praise the fits suspension set up, but only after the xd came out did it suddenly become an issue.

    But when on earth did the fits HANDLING become an issue!? :mad: Faster slalom times than the civic OR the mazda 3 sport and they say that the new version can now take corners without having its door handles touch the floor? WTF?

    I'm sure the new gen will handle even better than the gd3, but if the gd3 is subject to this kind of remark, then they need to rewrite their rabbit review to include its massive amounts of body roll.

    All in all, the car looks great though. its now only 2 hp down from the naturally aspirated 1.6 in the mini, which requires PREMIUM.

    Interesting note: the fit has a 9hp increase, and a claimed 21 lbts of torque increase? 107-21=86. I can't ever remember the current gen fit being rated at 86lbs of torque. No way. thats got to be a typo.
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    FWIW I have owned multiple Hondas (Civics) and loved them, and I love the Fit too except for the driving position. I'm not married to any one brand. If I like the car, I'll buy it. So I was really looking forward to the next-gen Fit, and it does appear it will be much improved and arrive just in time for my purchase timeframe.

    Backy, if you look at the pictures, there is a seat height adjuster shown,...

    Thanks, I missed that. But keep in mind that the old JDM Fit has a height adjuster, and it has one in several other markets, and we don't. So I'll wait to see what actually comes ashore.

    I just hope the fuel economy is at least as good as the current Fit.
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    for the first 2009 base Fit AT in silver or red to hit my local dealership next fall. When I told the sales rep that I wanted to get on the wait list for a 2009 Fit, he looked surprised and said, "2009? You mean 2008, right?" So I explained what I wanted to do. He strolled over to the sales manager, and asked if they had a wait list for the 2009 Fit. "2009?!..." etc. once again. He said no, but no reason they couldn't start one. So the sales rep sat down with me and wrote it up. No pricing known of course, only that it would be for MSRP (they don't discount their 2008 Fits now). I didn't need to leave a deposit. I was impressed that this sales rep seemed knowledgable about the 2009 Fit and knew for example that it would have a telescopic wheel. He asked "how about a Civic?" and I explained I wanted a 5-door hatch.

    So I have my place in line, and I have about a year to determine if I'll pull the trigger on that Fit or go with something else (with the Elantra Touring, another 5-door, and the Versa the main alternatives as of now). I am hoping the Fit will show up in my neck of the woods as early as the spring auto shows.
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    congrats backy! what color are you hoping for? auto or manual?
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    As I noted in my post, my color preferences are silver and red. Hard to say exactly what colors will be available or what they'll look like, but I thought silver and red would be available and pretty safe bets. If there's a nice gray or blue I might like that, but who knows what they'll look like?

    Also, I noted I asked for an AT. I'd personally prefer the stick, but I had a bad experience with my last MT car, an Elantra, where my oldest son and wife trashed the clutch (which they admitted after it broke) and that cost me $1300. Since this car will sometimes be driven by my wife and will be handed down to my daughter in a few years, I thought the AT was the safest bet. Also, when I drove the current Fit, I didn't like the notchiness of the stick, but did appreciate the fact that the 5AT revved nice and low when cruising--like 1500 rpms in town and low 2000s at 60-65 mph. So I'm going with the AT.
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    sweet. I didn't see that you had mentioned that earlier, i didn't go back to that initial post but its cool. I expect a very complete review from you when the time comes! ;)
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    Like some of you here, my color choice is a bit on the practical side, as I look for an exterior color that seems to improve safety and an interior color that's cooler in the hot California climate. Considered orange and red exterior colors, but they absorb too much heat for my liking. So white seems to be my best choice, and a recent study indicates that white has less tickets/accidents and high visibility. Unfortunately white/beige is not offered in 2008 Fit, and there's no leftover 2007 Fit. Does anybody know if white ext./beige int. will be offered for model year 2009 Fit? Thanks.
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    When I put my reservation in on a 2009 Fit a few weeks ago, the dealer didn't know anything about color choices. It's likely we won't know until the car is formally announced for the U.S. But white is such a popular color, I think it's very likely it will be available for 2009. Beige interior, that's another thing.
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    and a recent study indicates that white has less tickets/accidents and high visibility.

    That high visibility might be in a warm clime; white is not very visible in the snow-belt on a snowy day! You get the white, I'll take the red or orange!
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    Good point. Red/orange is much more visible, especially on a snowy day. I just had a bad impression with such hot colors after test driving a red Accord on a scorching Calif. afternoon. If a white Fit is not available, bright yellow (if offered) would be my next choice (for my preference of high visibility and low heat absorbtion, so don't flame me on aesthetic ground as we all have different taste :) . In the photos of the Japanese model, there's a yellow one, so I'm crossing my finger.
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    Does anyone know if leather seats will be an option on the North American Fit? It would be nice to have some of the luxury options available on smaller cars, just as they are available overseas.

    I've been checking out the UK and Australian Honda sites. I'd love to buy this in yellow.
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    Agreed. If the Fit comes over here with that option I will upgrade without hesitation. I hope Honda Japan monitors these posts!
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    Does anyone know if the new model will have the Sport seats as shown in the pics of the RS model?
    I'd love to have nice seats like that! Built in armrests too! But no way would I want a huge sunroof like that. Is that going to be optional? The way I sunburn that would be a deal killer for me to have 4 acres of sunroof. Plus the car would be top heavy as well.
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    Does anyone know if leather seats will be an option on the North American Fit? It would be nice to have some of the luxury options available on smaller cars, just as they are available overseas.

    Sorry, but no leather seats for the Fit.
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    Jacksan1 --

    Do you have full details on the options that will be available? Could you please list them here?


  • jacksan1jacksan1 Member Posts: 504
    Do you have full details on the options that will be available? Could you please list them here?

    I don't have access to all the available features for the NA Fit yet. Stay tuned.

    The leather seats will not happen. I know that much. However, for the JDM Fit, Honda offers a genuine leather seat cover, which may or may not become available for the USDM Fit. It's very expensive, though, at 95,000 yen pre-tax, which translates into USD $840 at today's exchange rate.

    Leather seats are not mentioned in any of the new Fit spec sheets that I have seen.
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    I don't have access to all the available features for the NA Fit yet. Stay tuned

    Any word on the Sport seats yet? Those are a big deal for me even tho the car is for my wife.
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    Oops --

    Sorry about that. I must have mis-read one of the other English language Honda sites (probably UK or Australia). I thought one of them mentioned leather seats.

    Oh well...
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    No problem. By the way, I am only referencing the JDM and USDM Fit here.

    There are regional offerings like any global cars, so Honda can always let a local subsidiary have its own specials.

    For example, Honda City (CDM), aka Fit Aria, manufactured in Guangzhou, China, can be equipped with full leather seats. It would be very easy for Honda to use the same seats in the Fit if that is what they want in a particular market. So maybe in UK and/or Australia, they may do the same for the Jazz. It all depends upon the market requirements and demands, and nothing is carved in stone.
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    Wasn't the new Fit already "debuted" in Japan some time ago? So this would be a North American debut for the 2009 Fit, not a world debut, right?

    Too bad the article didn't mention when the 2009 Fit would be in showrooms!
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    Yes, I think the headline is wrong. It would be the North American debut. Unless auto shows have their own particular way of doing things.

    It looks to me that we might get a release date within the month.

    I would love the skyroof. :)
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    And this:
    http://blogs.motortrend.com/6230081/hatchbacks/2009-honda-fit-to-make-new-york-s- how-debut/index.html

    "The 2009 Honda Fit is making its debut in U.S.-spec trim at the New York auto show in March. Sales of the current-generation Fit have been limited in some areas only by how fast the subcompact five-door can be made. The new car, which made its world debut at last year's Tokyo Motor Show, is built on a longer wheelbase than the current model, which has only been in U.S. Honda dealerships for two model years. The 2009 Fit is expected to hit U.S. showrooms shortly after its debut at New York."

    I love the last sentence. :D
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    Wow! That surprises me because the dealer where I am first in line for the 2009 Fit told me when I placed the reservation last year that they would not be here until fall. But I guess we shouldn't be too surprised... didn't the Fit originally arrive in the U.S. in April 2006?

    I am disappointed about one thing, though. The Greater Twin Cities Auto Show is the 2nd week in March, so that's probably too early to get a 2009 Fit there, given it is making the big splash at the New York show. The Fit was at the 2006 Twin Cities show, about a month before it went on sale.
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    You can now register at honda.com for email updates on 2009 fit http://automobiles.honda.com/2009-fit/
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    thanks for giving us the heads up
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    I was very, very impressed when I saw the new design introduced last October. The down side was that it wouldn't be available in the U.S. until Fall, and I was kinda bummed out over that. I didn't feel I could wait that long for a newer car. Glad things have changed. But given the popularity of this model, is it likely there will be long waits to get ahold of the second generation Fit, no matter when they pop up at dealerships? I'm car shopping and have several models in mind that I like, but I've always been enamored with the Fit.
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    I read on http://tophondanews.blogspot.com/2007/12/2009-honda-fit.html that the 2009 with the 1.3 liter engine and CVT transmission gets 56 MPG, and the 1.5 get 46 (the article quoted litres per 100 kilometer,and I converted them). The article also quoted the price as 9,800 to 14,600. I'm sure this is the JDM version, but I wonder what the mileage will be on the American version? Also, do we pay that much for our cars to meet safety and emission requirements?

    Personally I'd much prefer the 1.3 liter engine (100 hp). The 1.5 (120 hp) has 20% more horsepower, but it uses 22% more fuel. Assuming the 1.3 liter engine would get 22% more mpg in America, like they say it does in Japen, a 1.3 liter engine in a 2008 model should increase MPG from 34 to 41.

    If the MGP for the 2009 is signaficantly better than the 2008, I'll wait, but I'm not going to wait to get 5 extra cup holders.
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    The Japanese fuel efficiency testing mode called 10-15 is so totally absurdly unreal that, if compared with it, Harry Potter is a documentary. ;)
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    the 2009 with the 1.3 liter engine and CVT transmission gets 56 MPG, and the 1.5 get 46 (the article quoted litres per 100 kilometer,and I converted them). The article also quoted the price as 9,800 to 14,600.

    The 1.3L Fit is really not meant for US Roads it's very underpowered for our highways. I know since I drove a 1.3L while overseas. Great car but not if you drive a lot of highway. Japanese mpg testing is also different so the mileage will be off. Here is an excerpt figure what you know about the Prius and compare.

    The results of the Prius testing reflected the tougher new test cycle: fuel economy under JC08 came to 26.9 km/l (3.7 l/100km or 63.3 mpg US). Under the 10-15 test cycle, the Prius returned 35.5 km/l (2.8 l/100km or 83.5 mpg US). The 2015 target for the Prius weight category (Class 7: 1,196 - 1,310 kg) is 17.2 km/l (5.8 l/100km or 40.5 mpg US).

    No way does a Prius get 27km/l! We have hundreds of Prius's around here and none are getting that kind of fuel economy.
    I only got 10.5 km/l in the Fit I was using and my buddy who owned it never got much better than that in full city driving. Real world, the Fit should get 15km/l. Some people get that others do not.
    I suspect that the 2009 Fit will get the same economy as the 2008 but have a few more HP and a bit more torque. Plus some other necessities like a dead pedal.
    The US will never get the 1.3L engine.
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    The Japanese fuel efficiency testing mode called 10-15 is so totally absurdly unreal that, if compared with it, Harry Potter is a documentary

    Yes, I quite agree. However they are switching their testing methods and eliminating Mode 10-15. I believe the new mode is called JC08.
    Here is a link
    This brings the Prius for the JDM down to about 40mpg US standard. So it's a heck of a lot more accurate than the older method.
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    Yes, JC08 is coming online. I will have to wait and see how the real world mileage aligns with this new testing standard and vice versa. I knew that there had to be a better way of reporting the fuel efficiency than 10-15 (which, believe it or not, was supposed to be more real-life than the previous 10 mode!).
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    Unless I missed it on an earlier post, I've come across a new video of the 2009 Fit in both Base and RS packages in a promotional spot from Japan.

    It wouldn't let me attach a link to the web site but if you'd like to check it out, it's on Youtube.com; just type 2009 Honda Fit into the search for video's and it's the first one that pops up.

    I've seen the auto show clip where it's on a rotating display but this 2:23 promotional video gives you an idea of what it looks like from all angles actually driving down the road.
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    I saw this video some time ago. It features the car beautifully and is yet another reason I want one! There's no way Honda won't sell these with ease. :)
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    Yes, thats a good one. I think it came out last fall after the Tokyo show.

    If you haven't gone to the Japan honda website its worth the visit.. Pretty easy to navigate with tab system. Try out the maker and dealer options on this page. Although the options may not be the same here, much of the car will be the same.

    If you check the first "maker option" and then the one under it, you get the sky roof. :P http://www.honda.co.jp/Fit/3dview/exterior/index.html

    I'll be at the NY show. And the sooner they go on sale, the happier I'll be.
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    I hadn't thought about checking out the Japan Honda web site so thanks for the additional resource to go along with the video I found.

    For some reason I seem to be having a problem attaching links to various articles and web sites I find regarding the new Fit and I wanted to ask if you didn't mind telling me how you attached your link to this post?

    Thank you!
  • futurefitfuturefit Member Posts: 17
    Sure, I just hi-lighted the address line, copied it and pasted it in my response.
    ( Copy and Paste.)

    Using Google translate can help a bit with the Japan site. http://www.google.com/translate_t?hl=en

    Your Welcome.
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    There was an additional article I came across that I've wanted to post which has the most detailed description (five pages printed out) of the new redesigned Fit actually broken down by department but you had to go through six or seven steps to access it and your copy and paste tip couldn't have been easier so this is the first time I've attempted to attach a link to a post so please let me know if you were able to access it because it really is worth checking out.

    Thanks again!

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