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2009/2010 Honda Fit



  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    That link from widetrack2000 is for the japanese spec Fit.
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    Yes, there are three (3) headrests in the rear seat of the upcoming US Fit. In the official next-gen Fit website, there is a photo which consists of three (3) separate shots of the magic seat configurations. The pic on the left shows the normal seat config, and in that picture you clearly see three (3) humps on the rear seat back. Those are the headrests.
  • nrborodnrborod Posts: 79
    I just want weighing in as one more person waiting to see what the new design will offer: I am looking for telescoping steering wheel, and seat height adjuster. Without these,it might be a deal breaker.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    The telescopic wheel was demonstrated when the U.S. Fit debuted earlier this year, so it is confirmed. There was no sign of a driver's seat height adjuster however, and no official word from Honda whether it will or will not be included in the 2009 Fit for the U.S.

    (Thanks to the wide photos above, I was not able to reply directly to your post.)
  • kittyworldkittyworld Posts: 20
    And thanks to the wide photo above I am not able to see any text on the right side at all. :cry:
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  • futurefitfuturefit Posts: 17
    09 Colors
    2009 Colors

    Crystal Black Pearl
    Blue Sensation
    Tidewater Blue Metallic
    Orange Revolution
    Blackberry Pearl
    Milano Red
    Storm Silver Metallic
    Taffeta White
  • beingisbeingis Posts: 3
    I am concerned with the same seat height problem.

    Noted in the UK brochure for the 2008 Jazz/Fit that the Drivers Seat did have a height Adjustment. The Web site is choose Jazz, then download a brochure.

    If anyone can read Japanese there might be a description of Seat Height Adjustment at
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    J.D Power states

    "The interior design includes a tilt and telescoping steering column and driver’s-seat height adjustment."
  • beingisbeingis Posts: 3

    The URL is

    Some of the review covers Japan only specifications. Hope the seat adjustments is not one of them.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Thanks . Any word yet on which colors will be available with which trims, or what the interior colors will be?
  • rv65rv65 Posts: 1,076
    GE8729EW 2009 FIT 5DR 5MT KA
    GE8749EW 2009 FIT 5DR SPORT 5MT KA
    GE8829EW 2009 FIT 5DR 5AT KA
    GE8849EW 2009 FIT 5DR SPORT 5AT KA




    The colors again but with more detail. In order to have VSA you must get the navi which should have been standard. 2010 will get VSA stanadard. NAVI is only on the fit sport. This also answers backy's question on the interior trims.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Thanks. This is a huge, HUGE disappointment for me. I really wanted a base Fit with VSC. And I can't wait until 2010 to buy my next car. Looks like I go back to the Elantra Touring (or maybe the SE) as my #1 choice, since it has standard ESC (also a telescopic steering wheel AND driver's seat height adjuster).
  • salemfitsalemfit Posts: 5
    I'm purchasing the 09 Sport with AT. Would you help me out with deciding the importance of getting Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). From Backy's informaton it looks like this is bundled with the Navigation system. I'd rather add my own Navi system - would like it to be portable.

    Cost is always a factor. But since I don't know the cost for the VSA+Navi option, this choice is hard to make right now. Are the merits of VSA that great over a Sport without it? Would you rather give it up so you are not paying for the Navi system as well?
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Posts: 504
    The cost is a big issue for everyone, and when it has to be bundled with the navi, the VSA option is a very expensive option indeed.

    The safety merit of the VSA or ESC or whatever people call it is virtually indisputable. That is why in many countries the stability control system is now mandatory, and will be so in the U.S. by 2012.

    But for a car in this price bracket, the cost of the navi + VSA is not negligible, either. There is no question that all trim levels of the new Fit will ultimately come with VSA, with or without Navi due to the legal mandate. The question that remains is that of how soon. Would Honda wait until the 2012 model year to make VSA available on the Fit without Navi because they have to, or would they make VSA available as a stand-alone option, or for that matter, a standard equipment piece, sooner? No one knows, and that makes it a tough call for anyone who is thinking about pulling the trigger on the next-gen Fit soon after its introduction.
  • andysdandysd Posts: 87
    This is the forum for me, lots of enthusiasm for the 2009 Fit. As to its appearance, a comparison might be between the current CR-V and the previous model.

    I plan to buy a base 5MT not so much for cost savings or fuel economy (although I wouldn't be planning this step if it were an expensive gas guzzler), but because it appeals to me as a small fun-to-drive sporty car - taking into account that it did so well in the Car & Driver lane change test (beating Porsche, Ferrari, Corvette). Its power-to-weight ratio is not shabby.

    I'll install 17" Kosei racing wheels with 215 Kumho sport tires left over from the 2004 Civic that preceded our 2007 SE Accord. And I'll get a somewhat louder exhaust. Forgive me, that's my youth talking (84 in January).

    Red or silver?
  • vchiuvchiu Posts: 565
    I live in China and I see that sales of new Fit have started tml

    I plan to go to our Honda dealer to check how it looks like
  • Anyone know what the base price will be for the Sport model of the Fit?
    Also, will the MPG go down more than a couple of points?

    Many thanks. :
  • vchiuvchiu Posts: 565
    I went to my dealer today.

    Fit sales started yesterday in fact, and employees were cleaning a bright yellow fit they just received. I could sit in it.

    It was a 1.5L with a manual trans.

    Overall feeling is good, with a fit and finish close to the outgoing generation.

    The new body shape gives a feeling of a cab forward design. This is OK but the front lights really look a bit too big / over the top. The front pillar shape is different and it looks like front visibililty has been improved.
    Inside, the color set is very much alike with a combination of black and grey.

    The dash design looks a bit complicated imho, but now the integrated CD-Radio set supports MP3 at last with an audio in jack. Climate control is still manual and one must pay an extra 2000 USD to go to the sports edition to get automatic climate control.

    Seating position is somewhat different from the previous. it looks like the steering wheel is in a lower position. I found this a bit more relaxing than mine. it is also adjustable in reach on top of height.

    This time, i have a feeling that my head is quite close to the headliner if set the seat in the highest position (China models come with height adjustable seats)
    maybe the overall seating position is higher, which gives me the impression that the steering wheel is lower.

    There is still the mandatory power roof that eats-up some headroom. Not a real issue as I am not tall (5.9) but I just don't need this function and I think it adds unn

    Rear leg space look light as tight as the previous generation. I would have expected a 3-inch increase in length to have added at least 1.5 inch but It does not feel this way. Rear seet keep their intelligent folding scheme with two interesting improvements :
    1) rear headrest are now collapsible into the bench body, so no need to remove them when folding the bench down and possibility to increase rear sight area.
    2) rear bench has 2 angle settings. the most reclined one compromises cargo capacity a bit but improves rear seat comfort a lot.

    Rear doors come with accomodation for a large cup or a small bottle.

    The grey cloth used for the seats seems easy to stain. there was already one appearing. Seats have been redesigned and seem to have a better side cushion shape.

    Boot seems to be of same capacity than before. Now model come with a cargo cover.

    Tires are still the 15X175 as the outgoing model. This is a good think they don't force us to oversize.

    The big down is with the transmission, where the previous CVT is now replaced by a 5 spd conventional box. I fear that this setup may compromise performance or fuel economy or either both.

    So far, the impression is ok but not overwhelming. I guess a test ride would give much more answers.
  • salemfitsalemfit Posts: 5
    Did it have a spare tire? That has been an item of speculation for the US market. :confuse:
  • fitman548fitman548 Posts: 172
    you know you didn't need to remove the headrests to fold down the seats in the current version right? Speaking of the US here, but you slide the front seat forward, fold the back seat down (forward), and the front seats slide back OVER the headrest.
  • vchiuvchiu Posts: 565
    >Did it have a spare tire?

    Yes it did. a full sized one.
  • vchiuvchiu Posts: 565
    >you know you didn't need to remove the headrests to fold down the seats in the current version right?

    If I don't remove the headrests, I just can't fold the back seats, even if the front seat is all the way ahead. The Chinese Fit must have different design than the US version
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    "Not a real issue as I am not tall (5.9) "

    That's tall even for an American woman! I don't think the US version will get the moon roof.

    Was the steering wheel adjustable?

    And finally, when you say boot do you mean trunk?

    Lastly, thanks for all of your info regarding the '09 Fit.
  • vchiuvchiu Posts: 565
    > Was the steering wheel adjustable?

    Yes and I mentioned that they added reach adjustment whereas the old one was only adjustable in height. it does improve seating position indeed.

    >And finally, when you say boot do you mean trunk?

    Yes, When I learned English at school, I was told that the word was the boot. maybe it is British English.

    > Lastly, thanks for all of your info regarding the '09 Fit.

    My pleasure. We plan to go to the Honda dealer today to get a purchasing price for our 2006 Fit. We expect around 11500 USD. If you have some other questions about the Fit, I could check
  • vchiuvchiu Posts: 565
    Went to the dealer today

    There was a nice cobalt blue fit standing in the show-room. The show room was really crowded and it seems there was a lot of buzz around the new fit.

    The dealer quoted me about 10500 USD for my Fit, which was a bit disappointing but not surprising as he told me they offered up to 3000 USD cash rebate on older Fit to clear stocks for the new one.

    Although I don't have plans to buy a 09 Fit, I indulged myself a test drive of a Sport version, the highest spec sold in China for about USD 20K.

    This version comes with 15 X 185 wheels instead of the 14X 175 ones and has an automatic climate control. there are pads in the steering wheel to shift gears in Manual mode. It is a slushbox.

    It was a short test in an urban environment, so I can't tell a lot, but it looks like rolling noise it a bit better control, and the suspension a tad more compliant but still pretty firm in comparison with mine. Handling is on par with current version. Climate control is working well. front visitbility is a bit improved with thinner A pillar.

    I tried to push the engine a little bit without scaring the sales rep. I can't hide that I was a bit disappointed by the powertrain, as speed pick-up seems not as smooth as with the CVT of my Fit. This is more visible I push the pedal harder, but in light load or economical driving, there should not be much difference.
    As the torque value is identical to the outgoing version, I think the 10 more Kw will not translate in much more performance, unless pushing the engine into the red zone.

    Frankly, I would not loose 50K RMB = 7K+ USD for an upgrade. I don't see a radical improvement over the outgoing model and I dare say that a simple model update with its few problems addressed would have been enough. The Older fit is still strong.
    For those having a good rebate on an older model, I would recommand to consider this offer with care.

    I forgot to mention that Fuel economy figures are nearly identical between the 1.3 and 1.5 engine. I don't know where is the 20% difference quoted by some other sources, but I strongly believe this is unlikely.
  • mainemanxmainemanx Posts: 70
    vchiu: Thank you for all your information on the Chinese Fit. As an International Economics prof, it's all very interesting!

    As for English vs. American:
    Boot = Trunk
    Bonnet = Hood
    Drophead = Convertible
    Wing = Fender, etc.

    P.S. We are told, "There are more people learning English in China than speak English in the rest of the world." No doubt vchiu is one of Hainan's best English teachers!
  • salemfitsalemfit Posts: 5
    Today I did what more of you folks are probably doing - putting a deposit down on a 09 FIT. Milano Red AT Sport. Dealer in Oregon said that the it will be built on August 20th and should be ready for pickup mid-September. Passed on the VSA+Navi option - will get my own portable Navi. Wish I could have gotten VSA. But, Yes, I'm pumped.
  • iwant1tooiwant1too Posts: 29
    Is the deposit normally refundable if you don't like the car when it arrives?
  • salemfitsalemfit Posts: 5
    Yes, it is refundable. That seems to be the normal practice. You can get the refund if you don't agree to the price - which could cover anything you don't like about the vehicle.
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