Element and a baby car seat

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I am considering buying a Honda Element but I have a newborn on the way and was wondering if it would be hard to get a car seat in the back.

Does anyone have any experience with this or have any suggestions.



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    It's not very active at the moment but if you post your question in the Child Car Seats That Fit discussion you may generate a few replies. :)

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    I have and Element and a four month old son and he rides in a Graco Snugride. It fits with no problem. I think it will be fine when he moves to a convertible seat, too. You can test drive the car and drive it to Babies R Us or another baby store and they'll let you try out the car seat in the car to see if it fits.
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    Only foreseeable issue i could come up with would be the hassle of reaching to the rear seat since they are set back a bit further then most rear seats. As far as putting the seat itself in i think should be easy with the door opening as wide as they do, but i could see the reach to the seat being a bit of an issue.
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