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2008 Mitsubishi Outlander

chelentanochelentano Member Posts: 634
edited September 2014 in Mitsubishi
In September, at Frankfurt Motor Show, Mitsubishi will unveil the 2008 Outlander SUV.

For the 2008 model, Mitsubishi will add two new engines. The first one is a 2.2 Di-D, Diesel common rail with a maximum power of 156 hp at 4000 rpm and a peak torque of 280 lbs-ft at 2000 rpm. Set to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2007 this new engine is mated with 6-speed manual gearbox and an All Wheel Control system.

Also the current 2.0 Di-D Diesel pump-jet (140 PS @ 4,000 rpm and 310 Nm @ 1,750 rpm) “mid power” power plant will be available for the 2008 model.

Further improvements for 2008 include:

- New milled finish 18” alloy wheels (standard on Instyle)
- Rain sensor and rear parking sensors (standard on Intense+ and Instyle)
- Soft touch paint finish on dashboard
- Rear view camera now available in combination with Mitsubishi Multi Communication System (Full-map touch screen Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Navigation with music server)

The next engine, set to be launched in the same time with the first one will be a 2.4 l MIVEC, Petrol engine with a maximum power of 170 hp at 6000 rpm and a peak torque of 171 lbs-ft at 4100 rpm. The engine is mated with a 5-speed manual gearbox or stepped Sport Mode 6-speed CVT with optional paddle shift controls and 2-wheel drive or All Wheel Control system (according to markets).


European news, obviously, but this gives us a hint for US model.


  • psychogunpsychogun Member Posts: 129
    will NOT have the same grill as the European version.
    The US version will get the 2.4l 4-cylinder engine jointly developed with Chrysler and Hyundai.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    More photos of the 08 EU Outlander here:

    The only thing confirmed that will make it in the US Outlander is the new wheel design, now available in newer Outlander builds. I don't think much will change for the US Outlanders though.
  • jflorjflor Member Posts: 20
    The 2008 model will be fitted with a new Power-saving Automotive Air Conditioner developed by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. This system recently won U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2007 Climate Protection Award due to its significant reduction in power consumption.
  • chelentanochelentano Member Posts: 634
    Chrysler engine again? I don't think I like that. I thought Mitsu is done with Chrysler.
  • psychogunpsychogun Member Posts: 129
    It isn't a Chrysler engine. The GEMA engine is a cooperative between Chrysler, Hyundai and Mitsubishi.
    The basic block design comes from Hyundai (who, in the past, got a lot of their engine technology from Mitsubishi), but each manufacturer tunes the engine on their own (i.e. different head design like MIVEC).
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes Member Posts: 1,019
    Why are they adding another engine choice? The V6 seems like a good fit. Is the 4cyl. that much better on gas or is it for the base model?
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    The sad part is that the 2.4L I4 is matted with the CVT tranny, which IMO is a bad thing. Why mess it up? The V6 with the 6-speed AT is a good combination with decent fuel economy.
  • psychogunpsychogun Member Posts: 129
    You will still be able to buy the V6. The 4-cyinder is an addition to the line-up.
    Unfortunately, it is very likely that the 4-banger will be mated to a CVT (same as in the Lancer).
    However, the availability of the 2.4l should add to the Outlanders' appeal (for the fuel economy minded, read CRV buyers :P ) and increase sales further.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    In Australia, 3.0L V6 are also mated with CVT. Haven't tried driving the Lancer 08 yet. CVT has long been used by Mitsubishi worldwide, except the US prior to the 08 Lancer. I cannot pass judgment on the CVT at this point until I drive the 08 Lancer. But when that i4 2.4L engine gets here, it's most likely going with a CVT.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    The 2.4L Outlander better be more fuel efficient than the CRV, Rogue and RAV4 I4 to justify the CVT.
    I drove a 2008 Lancer with CVT and although I like the rest of the car, I wouldn't buy it because of that. Also, the fuel economy with the CVT is on the high side of the class, so my question is why CVT?
    Plus, with a 2.4l, the car will be underpowered IMO so some of the best stuff in the current Outlander goes away. My question is why bother bringing over an inferior package?
    A diesel version with a manual tranny will hit the sweet spot for many buyers though. That would be a bold move on Mitsu's part, but I know it won't happen this time around.
    Just my 2 cents.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    I wonder if they will make changes (improvements) to the interior for the 2008. I cannot wait to see what that "soft-touch paint on the dashboard" is and if we get it in the US/Canada as well.
    I wonder if Mitsu will add lumbar support for the driver seat, telescopic steering, silver painted door handles, better sunvisors, door panels and HVAC controls (LS), better radio display for the standard radio that doesn't get washed in the direct sun (check out a Mazda if needed), a plastic cover over the driver seat right-front bolt.
    I know they are minor things, but these will make the interior go up a notch and this is really the only place where the current Outlander needs improvements IMO, plus most of them are easy and cheap to make.
  • psychogunpsychogun Member Posts: 129
    Actually, Mitsubishi is planning on brining a diesel to the U.S. to power both the Lancer and the Outlander. REE

    You have to wait until 2009 though (2010 model year). :(
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Yep, but this is in few years from now. Honda plans the same for 2009-2010, Toyota is working on diesels too, and I would guess we will see more diesel cars in the US in the next decade.
    When most of the manufacturers will have diesel options, the competitive advantage will disappear. On another hand, I know it's not an easy process to bring a clean diesel over, but if they would have manage to do so now, it would have been a hit.
    Just wishful thinking though.....
  • zeenzeen Member Posts: 401
    Any idea when the 08's will be hitting showrooms in US?
  • worldbikrworldbikr Member Posts: 2
    I spoke to dealer in Denver who said he can't even pull them up on his computer but he expects to order in Oct for Dec delivery. shame. Don't think I can wait that long with my 2.5cyl CRV.
  • casolorzcasolorz Member Posts: 88
    Does anyone know if the US 08 model will have rain sensing wipers and backup sensors?
  • mcq1mcq1 Member Posts: 103
    I read this in an Edmuds review:
    It understeers and gets lost in quick transitions when pushed hard.

    How does the outlander drive? I am considering taking a 2008 for a test drive. Some say the interior is cheap.
    Any comments are appreciated.
  • gbobgbob Member Posts: 4
    To mcq1:

    Tons of threads about driving characteristics and handling for the Outlander. Look around in this thread and others and you'll see. Interior discussions as well.

    I did a brief bio thread of what I paid for my '07 XLS in the Boston area. Look for the discussion entitled "prices paid" to take a peek. This might help you negotiate a price. However, for an '08, may not help you. Get an '07 and play hard ball...I don't think there will be much of a difference in either model year. Plus, do the finance thing with an '07. Again, read my post.

    I've had my '07 for about a month and love it to death. Haven't experienced a hearty New England winter, but I have every confidence in the world the my XLS will do just fine.
    Some rain recently here, and the XLS did just fine keeping it in the FWD mode.

    Yea, some folks say "cheap plastics" and such on the inside. So what, I say. up-graded interior stuff just raises the price tag.

    Bottom line? Sit in an Outlander yourself. Go with your gut. I really dig mine. The tail-gate feature is "wicked" cool. Fast too. Love the NAV system and the hard drive feature.

    Good luck,
    gbob :D
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    You are the only one to judge if the interior is cheap or not. I find it fine, although in the name of truth, IMO it is a bit cheaper compared to the main competitors. However, the design compensates for that not to mention the features and all for a lower price. Overall, it's by far the best CUV money can buy on this class IMO. After 6 months of ownership, I would buy it over again in a heartbeat.
    In terms of driving dynamics, it's pretty much the best handling CUV in its class, only bettered by the CX-7.
    Take what Edmunds editors write with a very big grain of salt. Read the older threads here and you can get a better idea about the Outlander. IMO it's worth every penny you pay for it.
    Good luck!
  • casolorzcasolorz Member Posts: 88
    Any news on the 2008 outlander? I am hoping to buy in October!
  • dzmitrydzmitry Member Posts: 20
    I gonna get 2008 LS next Saturday :)
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Do you know if there are any upgrades for the 2008? I haven't seen any info on the US/Canada 2008 models.
  • dzmitrydzmitry Member Posts: 20
    As far as i know,no upgrades for the 2008ls,and for 2008xls it will be 3'rd row of seats and some small staff, dealers did non get any price release, they just estimated price will go 1000$ up for XLS and 200-400$ for LS.
    My car is in Vancouver port now,dealer's comp said it's custom clear, but they are waiting for price :(
  • casolorzcasolorz Member Posts: 88
    I wonder if they plan on adding rain sensing wipers and memory seats! and backup sensors!
  • dzmitrydzmitry Member Posts: 20
    This morning I've got phone call from dealer ,he told me they will get price on Tuesday and (good news!!!!) price may be lower, because of hight Canadian dollar :):):):):)
  • puddy1puddy1 Member Posts: 2
    I live in the UK and have an 08 Outlander 2litre turbo diesel nothing changed accept the xls version gets different wheels. Theirs 2 choices of engines a 2.0 litre diesel made buy VW and a 2.2liter engine made by PSU (made in France) which will be £1000 dearer and it will be standard on the Peugeot 4007 and Citreon. Made by Mitsubishi but with different fronts

    Just a point to note
    The Mitsubishi Outlander does not have a CVT transmission. A CVT transmission has no gears it’s just a variable belt and pulleys. The 07 and 08 version has a six speed auto transmission i.e. six cogs no belts

    Puddy :)
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    Outlander in the US and CA does not have CVT, but Outlanders in other markets like AU, JP, etc have CVT, even on 3.0L versions.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    I think the Euro/UK Outlander got some changes for 2008. The list I've seen included some rubber paint on the dashboard, rearview camera with Navi, and two other updates I cannot remember (I can look for them though).
    Nothing on the US/Canada models yet....
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    Nov Motor Trend and last Sunday Chicago Tribune confirmed news about 08 ES with 2.4l 4 cyl and CVT. EPA fuel economy is estimated at 22-30 mpg.
  • casolorzcasolorz Member Posts: 88
    I wonder when the car will be released in the US!
  • piastpiast Member Posts: 269
    I've heard early next year.
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes Member Posts: 1,019
    A 4 cyl. with a 5 or 6 speed manual would be cool for the ES. These vehicles aren't light, though. I wonder how it will do with the 4 and CVT. If the tranny keeps it at a higher RPM most of the time that could get old.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • chelentanochelentano Member Posts: 634
    I think RAV4 is even heavier, but available with 4 cyl.

    The 4 cyl Outlander could be perfect for an intensive Chicago city driving, where my V6 gives me only about 15 mpg.
  • leseuldanielleseuldaniel Member Posts: 45
    Hi dzmitry

    So did you get your 2008 prices? Is it really lower?

  • casolorzcasolorz Member Posts: 88
    Is there any chance they are bringing the diesel engine to the US?
  • dzmitrydzmitry Member Posts: 20
    No :(:(:(
    Dealer still waiting...No price,no car for me yet....
  • dzmitrydzmitry Member Posts: 20
    Finally I've got the price 30.493 CAD for 2008LS with Convenience Package :D price went up from 29,843.00$ for 2007 model.I gonna get mine after loooong weekend for 2007 price no payment for paperwork $335. Saved almost one grand.
    Not bad for five weeks waiting. :-)
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    Do you know what's new for the 2008 model? You should get at least something for the $650 price increase.
  • ejonavinejonavin Member Posts: 36
    No kidding. With the currency rates the way they are, you'd think the price would go down a bit, not up.
  • dzmitrydzmitry Member Posts: 20
    As far as I know, NOTHING new for my car :mad: :mad: :mad:
  • dzmitrydzmitry Member Posts: 20
    My car arrived to Vancouver port sept 19th,it was first 2008 shipment...they still holding it,what a stupid waste of time and money!!!
  • chelentanochelentano Member Posts: 634
    The Mitsu UK site reports temperature controlled glovebox on 2008 Outlander. Sounds like mini-fridge!
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    I guess it's more like cooler/warmer. Whatever blows to your cabin, that's what the glovebox gets.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    Again, don't get your expectations too high on the 08 Outlanders for US and CA. Don't start comparing them with the EU and UK versions, because these variants are priced much higher than their US counterparts. So don't expect that we'll get that soft touch paint, rain sensing wipers etc, because it's hard to squeeze in all those features in a vehicle priced so competitively. But of course, we can only hope for the best. I just hope we get to have more choices for the accessories. The standards features though, IMO, will not change much for the US market in 08.
  • chelentanochelentano Member Posts: 634
    Yes European Outie is much more expensive (because of taxes) but it's not better equipped:

    16" wheels on some models, 4 cylinder engines only, cruise control and side airbags are not standard on all models, sportronic auto transmission is not available and most of them come only with manual tranny, no tire pressure sensors, no Xenons, and only 3-year warranty even on powertrain.

    page 29:

    It's not much fun you can get for 20-25K British pounds, which is 40-50K USD! More socialism means more taxes.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    But they will get the soft touch paint, rain sensing wipers in the 08 model. They already have the dash sunglass holder, headlights spray, switch for 2nd row seat fold-down (no need to wrestle it down :)), side door garnish, etc. All those little things which we didn't get over this side of the world.
  • chelentanochelentano Member Posts: 634
    Still Americans get much better deal. For $30K we get loaded Outlander with:
    V6, better transmission, satellite radio, Xenons, tire pressure sensors, 10y warranty.

    Europeans get it loaded for $50K with: some "soft touch paint", rain sensing wipers, headlights spray, side door garnish and a sunglass holder.

    I'd say, that europeans look ripped off paying so much for 4cyl engine, 3y warranty and some sunglass holders.

    Interesting also to note, that on average europeans have lower wages and higher gasoline prices.
  • rcpaxrcpax Member Posts: 580
    I guess we're still lucky here in the US. This country is a big market for vehicles. So Mitsubishi had to make tough decisions on which features to include, and yet price it competitively against the already popular models in this segment like the cr-v and rav-4. Plus, their finances were on the rocks last year so they have to earn profit from this new model, which they did. Yeah, I actually like how Mitsubishi chose which options to leave out to keep the price low. Actually I won't pay extra $$ for rain sensing wipers and sunglass holders or side garnish. However, I hope Mitsubishi starts to import more OEM accessories here in the US.
  • dodo2dodo2 Member Posts: 496
    While I wouldn't pay for the rain sensing wipers (I have them in my Mazda3 and I can live without them), I would pay few more $$$ for the auto lights. The cargo remote 2nd row release and sunglasses holder would be a nice touch too as well as the soft touch paint. Oh, and I would like the wiper blades deicer for the Canadian winter.
    However, I can do just fine with the current equipment level.
  • dzmitrydzmitry Member Posts: 20
    Finally, tomorrow I will pick it up from dealership :)
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