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2008 Mitsubishi Outlander



  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 1,004
    No, it's cool to hear the different packages offered for different markets.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    Does someone know something about this car:

    SE Outlander stands for Special Edition. It has a 2.4-liter engine with a continuously variable transmission (CVT), plus a few more goodies: magnesium paddle shifters on the steering column for racer-style gear changes, 18-inch alloy wheels, and a 650-watt Rockford Fosgate audio system--which should really move some air.

    Edmunds does not mention this Outlander Edition. Can some member elaborate further on this?
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    So where I could order a SE Outlander 2.4?

    Major Standard Features (2.4 ES)
    • 2.4-liter DOHC MIVEC engine with Sportronic® CVT
    • Active Stability and Traction Control (ASTC)
    • Air conditioning
    • AM/FM/CD audio system with MP3 playback capability and six speakers
    • Dual-stage front air bag SRS with front passenger occupant sensors
    • Front seat mounted side-impact air bags
    • Curtain side air bags
    • Anti-lock brake system (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD)
    • Cruise control
    • Engine immobilizer
    • Keyless entry, power windows, locks and mirrors

    2.4 Special Edition adds over ES:
    • 18-inch alloy wheels
    • 650-watt (max.) Rockford-Fosgate Premium Audio system with PUNCH® control
    • Chrome-accented exterior door handles and side sills
    • Contents of ES Convenience Package
    • Exclusive interior door panel trim with chrome door handles
    • FAST Key entry system
    • High-contrast instrument gauges.
    • Mesh fabric seats with leather bolsters
    • Sportronic® magnesium steering wheel paddle shifters
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    Hi Aussie Outlander!

    I will really appreciate it if you could give me the details of your dealer in Australia, Name, Telephone and Post Code who sold you the 2008 Outlander VRX. My family lives at NSW 2518 (Australia). When Australian dollars prices are converted to American dollars the price are no much different. I will say almost the same. However I was thinking to go visit my family there and stay there for one-year. I will buy an Outlander to adventure Australia during this time. Would you help?
  • lcovelcove Posts: 9
    Hey mate,
    I looked up that postcode and there is a dealer in the next suburb, Bellambi Mitsubishi, 81 Pioneer Rd Bellambi 2518 (02) 4284 4697.
    There is also a few other Mitsu dealers within 30mins drive from 2518.
    I bought mine from Heartland Mitsu in Castle Hill, Sydney, about an hour and a half drive from 2518. Heartland, Castle Hill, Cnr Packard & Victoria Ave 2154 (02) 8858 0707. The dealers here will give you $43,190 inculding all taxes etc. without having to lean on them too much. But like I said there are a few dealers near to your family if I were you I would play them against each other for the best price. Also if you intend on buying something early 2008 you might find a redhot deal on an Outie that has the biuld date of 2007.
    I will add, Mitsu have a good scatering of dealers all around the country, so servicing and parts are readily available.
    By the way, if you intend on travelling around Aus, bring lots of music to listen to as Australia has a whole lot of nothing in some places and some huge distances between regional towns.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    Many thanks for the information mate. I would like just to make the same deal that you did, i.e.

    I paid $34,190 incl all taxes and dealer charges for a VRX spec.

    Just for clarifications. Did you bought a 2007 Outlander or a 2008 Outlander? The value of $43,190 Australian dollars is a lot of money (from $34,170). I would not like to go to Australia and I found myself in a situation that I cannot afford to buy the car. It doesn’t matter traveling a couple of hours for a car valued $9, 000 less that the market price $43,190, i.e. to the dealer that sold you the Outlander. Could you please elaborate on this?
  • lcovelcove Posts: 9

    I'm a bit confused, 2008 is not even here yet how can I have bought a 2008 model?

    FYI the build date on my car is June 2007, make of that as you will.

    WOW if I wrote $34,190 it was a typo, should read $43,190, sorry dude.

    Hope this helps. As for the $9,000 difference, it won't happen, you'll find most dealers will be within $2,000 of each other. Tell the salesperson that you would be a loyal customer and come back for all the servicing (thats where dealers make all the $). The salesperson maybe able to do a better deal if he/she thinks you'll be back to spend more money. (terrible isn't it?) lol.

    I did not have to haggle too much to get $43,190, But, I was prepared to walk to another dealer and I let them know this fact. I told the two dealers I visited that they have one chance to get the $ right. Both $ were very close, (within $100) I just went to the dealer that was more convenient to me.

    Mitsu advertise on TV, radio etc, $43,190 plus dealer delivery charges and tax, but they all should be able to do $43,190 drive away, no more to pay.

    I think it's a game salespeople like to play (price haggling), not for me thanks, I have better, less confusing things to do.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606

    I am sorry to involve you on this. But I want you to know that I appreciate your information and details of Mitsubishi dealerships. I still want to go to Australia but perhaps to buy only a 2.4L 4Cyl CVT. Thank you again for you help.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    New Outlander ES and Special Edition (From LA Motor Show)

    For 2008MY, the Outlander ES will feature a new 2.4L 4-cylinder engine. Starting at a base price of $19,990 the new ES offers winning features and a roomy size at a great value. In early 2008, Mitsubishi expands the Outlander lineup with a second 2.4-liter model, the Outlander Special Edition. The Outlander SE combines the economy of the new 4-cylinder engine and CVT with amenities from the premium XLS model, plus exclusive new interior and exterior features. Driving performance in the Outlander SE is enhanced by Sportronic® shifting with magnesium steering wheel paddle shifters or console shift, as in the Outlander XLS model. Like the XLS model, the Outlander SE is equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels. The FAST Key entry system, standard on LS and XLS models, is also standard on the Special Edition.

    The Outlander Special Edition excels in onboard entertainment. A 650-watt (max.) Rockford Fosgate® Premium Audio system features digital signal processing and nine speakers, including a rear subwoofer. This high-end audio package, which is optional on the Outlander XLS, includes SIRIUS® Satellite Radio with six month pre-paid subscription.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    Outlander Dakar Rally

    Is there a place in the US where I can transform my Outlander to that Outlander Dakar Rally Support vehicle? The differences between my Outlander and the Rally support are:

    (1)- Safety roll-cage
    (2)- Additional fuel tank
    (3)- Underbody protection
    (4)- Special Bose dampers, and
    (5)- Driving lamps/lights (PIAA?)

    I will be quite happy with the underbody protection, although I don’t know how to protect those things that I do not know what are they?

    The special Bose dampers! What are they? Will these dampers make the driving harder or smoother from my present Outlander dampers driving?

    With regards to the driving lamps/lights could someone with experience comment how can I do this?
  • Off-road motor sport specialist Mitsubishi has chosen the Outlander as the support car for its 2008 Dakar rally team. ...too bad the rally is cancelled.

  • cooljwcooljw Posts: 47
    Anyone know when the SE (4 cylinder) will be available? Dealers are clueless as is Mitsu's 800 number...would probably buy this over a CR-V or RAV4 - if I knew when to expect it!
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    2008 Outlander SE and ES (18" wheels) will be in the US in March 2008. This is according an e-mail from a dealer in CA.

    The engine of these cars are CVT similar to the Nissan Rogue 2.5L CVT. See reviews of the Rogue (Edmunds) and it will tell you that CVT seems to be not the proper engine for 4cyl engines. However there many happy Rogue owners. If you buy the Mitsu CVT instead of the V6 SOHC 3.0L you will save in the order $2000-$3000. No Xenon/HID for the CVTs.
  • rcpaxrcpax Posts: 580
    ES and SE 08 Outlanders will have an I4 2.4L engine, with CVT transmission. CVT refers to the transmission, not the engine.

    MMNA did not give a specific timeframe as to SE's availability (see here:
  • The Special Edition 2008 Outlanders are in stock where I live, I test drove one two weeks ago at Korum Mitsubishi in Puyallup, south of Seattle.

    The good: I drove it right after the XLS model for comparison purposes. Pickup was surprisingly good and no problem passing at highway speeds or climbing pretty steep hills. The engine was revving noticeably higher than the V6 did at the same points in the course but it never seemed like it was struggling. The turning circle is very tight. I hate the third row seat in the XLS and am glad the SE does not have it. The liftgate/tailgate is very cool and the interior fit and finish was fine for the price segment. The Outlander to me looks awkward with small wheels, the 18-inch wheels suit the body much better and are standard on the SE.

    The bad: The chrome door handles and step bars are a little too bling for my taste. I like my cars stealthy, under the radar. The gas mileage is only 1 mpg better than the V6, even with the reduced weight of the inline 4 vs. the V6. It might be better for the 2WD, but I refuse to drive any vehicle with only one driven axle.
  • Your gas milage remark: is it based on your observations or on official specs?

    Because according to the UK Mitsu site it's milage 22/37 mpg:
  • toomanyfumestoomanyfumes S.E. Wisconsin Posts: 1,004
    I find it hard to believe that it could get 37 MPG, even on the freeway.
    2012 Mustang Premium, 2013 Lincoln MKX Elite, 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.
  • Based on what the salesman said. I'm sure he would rather put me in an XLS than an SE, since his commission would be that much bigger. But he said that while pointing to the stickers, where the EPA numbers were indeed just one MPG better for the SE than the XLS. Keep in mind that these are the new, 2008, more realistic EPA estimates as well and that that UK sheet you linked may not use the new EPA system.

    The UK version may also be tuned differently than the US version of the same engine. You can see on this specification sheet for an SE at a dealer in Illinois that the horsepower and torque numbers are slightly different than the UK sheet you linked to at 168 and 167 vs. 168 and 172. Year=2008&Make=Mitsubishi&Model=Outlander&Trim=SE%20AWD

    Note also that the curb weight for the SE AWD is only 3549 while the curb weight for the LS AWD is 3675, and since that's an LS, that weight doesn't include either the third row seats or a moonroof. You might see a 1 MPG difference just from that much weight reduction alone.
  • Hello,
    my delaer has offred me an outlander special edition (SE) for $22,250 with an ipod cord hooked up and run through the glove box or something or other.
    Shouldn't the SUV come with an ipod dock? does it have a jack of any kind to plug in an ipod? i just find it amazing in this day and age for a car not to come with a docking jack...

    anyway... I'm new to this - but I think the 22,250 seems reasonable but i just don't know. Feedback would be appreciated. also, anyione know about these cloth and leather seats....? no pics anywhere an i have yet to see the actual model...
    thanks! :blush:
  • cooljwcooljw Posts: 47
    I just bought a 2WD SE w/no options today for $21,400 + TTL. So if you are looking at the base SE you can do better.

    The seats are nice, basically the seating areas are a heavy duty fabric that is currently found on the Lancer but no other Outlander models. The back of the seats, headrests, sides of the seats...etc. are leather.

    You can buy your own ipod cord for $5. There is already an input jack to plug it in.
  • so you're saying the AWD is worth about a grand and let them keep them cord. so no lower than 22400?
  • cooljwcooljw Posts: 47
    My price was $1,300 under invoice for the 2WD, yours is $1,450 under invoice for the AWD (the Edmunds invoice pricing is accurate). So that seems like a good price and I'd be surprised if they could go lower. Where are you located? I'm in SoCal.
  • Hi,

    Does the SE version come with the moonroof standard?

  • cooljwcooljw Posts: 47

    List of standard features on the SE:

    Fog lights
    Privacy glass on rear windows.
    Heated side view mirrors (on 4WD version)
    Chrome rocker panel trim
    Chrome outside door handles
    Color-keyed side mirrors and bumpers
    Silver skid plate extension in front
    Silver roof rails
    Stainless steel exhaust tip
    New high-contrast meters
    Leather-wrapped steering wheel
    Sport cloth and leather combo seating surfaces
    Power windows and locks
    650-watt Rockford Fosgate sound system
    AC outlet in center armrest
    Paddle shifters
    18-inch rims
  • comem47comem47 Posts: 399
    Do any other owners feel that their 6 speed auto is acting more like a 4 speed?
    (I have an LS AWD)

    While towing my snowmobile trailer (1500 lbs loaded) the shifting seemed more frequent and harsher than I thought a 6 speed would have been (I would think almost seemless, or a least a far lower rev change on downshifts). I've never been able to detect that many shifts since new in normal driving (not towing)and really wonder if it isn't just a 4 speed!

    Comments anyone?
  • I'm in boston. thanks so much for the advise and comparison numbers... it's so hard to know if you're getting robbed or not. i feel pretty secure that my 'NY tenacity' paid off. it was a 3-day grueling stuggle to get them down in price. i was fortunate to have 2 dealers vying for my business.
    i havent even SEEN the SE (shipping as we speak) but i'm comfortable with the difference in invoice for all the added goodies from the original ES i was looking at.
    and yes to whomever (sorry) - this trim comes with the sunroof.
  • Damselfly,

    Look forward to hearing how you like the SE version. I am closely looking at that version too. Seems like you get a whole lot with that version. Yes, I know a 4cyl engine, but think I could accept that.

  • :blush: you know, i've got these 2 dealers competing as we speak - it's awkward as blank - and i feel quite terrible but i have to do it.
    i don't mind the 4 cylinder cuz i'm a bit of a lead foot if you know what i mean. my attitude coupled with more cylinders = road hazard! LOL
    but i agree - for $2420. over ES invoice, you really do get quite a few more goodies. the 18" tires are almost worth that themselves... i originally was going for the ES, but you can't get the fog light kit (misprint in the brochure!) and the dealer was going to install the sun roof for $1000. it just wasn't worth it.

    will keep all posted tomorrow.
  • final number: 22,000 even with an ipod cable installed through the glovebox.
    finally saw the car for the first tiome the other day. it's considerable more 'shiny' than the other trims. ('blinged-out' as i told the dealer). :)
    i LOVE the fast key, the sunroof, the foglights. the fabric/leather is a little odd with cloth, suede and leather but i'm probably going to put in heated leather through the dealer eventually. also not a huge fan of the silver roof rails but not a biggie. i would have expected the dials on the air conditioning controls to have the chrome trim but they look like the ES trim as far as i remember.

    all in all - a good buy for the price i got. shame it doesn't come in the graphite gray - had to go with black but i pick it up next friday and i know i'll be pleased!

    thanks all!
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