2009-10 Hyundai Tucson

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Does anyone know when the Tucson will be updated with new styling and more powerful engines?

I am guessing it will use same structure as the Kia Rondo....I am hoping the interior will be like the Elantra.

I4 should be the 2.4L with 165hp and V6 should be rated at 190Hp and 5 speed AT transmission on both engines


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    I did a report 55K miles of my Tucson V6 (see Tucson forum). I don't think Hyundai will do serious changes to the Tucson until 2012.

    Hyundai should realize that what people want is a compact SUV with offroad capability (not just crossover) and 5-seats. The only shortcoming of the present Tucson is its limited off road feature. The VW Tiguan is the answer for this sector of costumers wishes and the germans has addressed this. Why engine power has to be linked to 7 seats?

    I could be happy if Hyundai improve the multi-link suspension (rear) capable of doing the same that the Sorento, for example. Stronger structure.
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    Today I went to Hyundai showroom in Dubai and seen the Tucson 2009 , it's the same shape as tucson 2008 the only difference is the large CD screen.
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    IIRC, at the New York Auto Show, one of Hyundai's US Execs confirmed a new round of 24/7 2.0 (2nd 7 new and refreshed cars in 24 months), and I believe a new Tucson should be in the cards of play.

    I would like to see the next gen Tucson NA version switch to the fuel efficient 2.4L I4 Theta engine used in the Sonata (NA). At the same time, cancel the 2.7L V6 used in both the Tucson and the Santa Fe.
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    I heard that Hyundai Tucson will be discontinued in 2010 in Korea.
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    I don't know about in Korea, but for the US market, the Tuscon replacement is coming soon.

    And just looking back in my last post here, my wish came true!! Hyundai is going to delete the 2.7L V6 on both the Tuscon and the Santa Fe (US market), with fuel efficiently 4 cyclinders, which I believe would be Thetas.
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    There maybe two 4cyl engines offered for the 2010 Tucson. A normally aspirated 2.0 and a turbo 2.0. Plus a 5spd auto box which should improve fuel economy over the current model.
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    Well not too much information. The press release was posted. Some cool new features like a Kenwood Navigation system. The kenwood navi unit isn't all that spectacular. No large display. Instead a Garmin packaged in a Double din stereo. It does have an aux in. Standard on the limited and optional on the lower trims. v6 is staying for 09. Hope this helps.

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    Hi everyone,

    Any idea when 2010 Hyundai Tucson will hit the dealers? It looks great. i initially wanted to buy a Honda CRV, but i think Tucson is worth waiting. any information on this subject is highly appreciated.
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    I asked about the same question two or three weeks ago in the main Tucson thread and didn't get any replies. Hopefully somone with info will let us know, if not then maybe we will get a better idea around the time of the LA Auto Show- it is supposed to be displayed there.
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    It's 2011 Tucson.More info
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    so there wont be any 2010?
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    I mailed hyundai, u.s.a and they said it should come to PA by mid dec. this year, which is good for me as i am planning to buy this year end as i can get my tax refunded.
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    Thanks. I hope that turns out to be accurate.
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    Hello everyone and I hope that you are having a nice day.

    Wow, the new ix 35 or Tucson looks like a much more expensive vehicle.

    The new Lexus RX which is a major disappointment to my eyes should have looked like the new Tucson.

    The contrasting lines are fantastic and I cannot wait to see one in the flesh.

    Hyundai is on the move and thier styling makes the current crop of small SUV's look very long in the tooth except for the CRV.

    The Rogue and the RAV need a nip and tuck remake.

    Any word on the pricing or when we can order????
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    I have been trying to figure that out, too. A few weeks ago someone on this thread said Hyundai told them mid-December. I am skeptical about that. Most of what I have read lately says early 2010 U.S. release, but I'm not really sure what that means.
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    I also am choosing between a CRV and the 2010 Hyundai Tucson. I also agree that the new Tucson looks very sharp. Anyone have any thoughts on what to expect on its performance and safety? I hear some mixed reviews on the 2009 model, don't know if it can compare to the CRV. Obviously the price will be probably lower.
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    I expect to look at the new Tucson but not because of performance. This article indicates the new Tucson might get the new direct-injection engine, which could improve MPG's or horsepower or both. I am hoping the new model will be better on MPG's, safety, and reliability than the older model.

    http://blog.caranddriver.com/hyundai-unveils-new-2-4-liter-direct-injection-four- -cylinder/
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    Here is the official press info, pics and specs on the new Tucson. Some really good stuff!

    http://hyundainews.com/Auto_Show_News/Los_Angeles_Auto_Show/2009_LA_Auto_Show_-_- Tucson/Press_Release.asp

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    Doesn't look too good - just like the Rogue - reason I crossed it off my list....
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    "Hyundai has unveiled another weapon in its ongoing attack on the automotive sales charts. The 2010 Hyundai Tucson four-cylinder compact SUV will start at $19,790 with a manual transmission and $20,790 with a six-speed automatic. Unlike the last Tucson, this one doesn't offer a V6, but no matter -- the new 2.4-liter four offers more horsepower than the old 2.7-liter six (176 vs. 173) as well as solid fuel economy estimates of 23 mpg city/31 mpg highway."

    2010 Hyundai Tucson: Sleeker, Stingier, Stronger, Better (Edmunds Daily)

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    "Hyundai has done a very nice job here. Materials are OK, but the dash design and tasteful two-tone tan-brown color scheme of my test car exuded a sense of style that the CR-V and RAV4 can't match. In this regard, the Tucson and Chevy Equinox are what to get if you want a little pizazz from your compact SUV. The GLS with Popular Equipment Package adds Bluetooth (includes automatic phonebook download), telescoping wheel, tinted glass and nice leatherette/cloth seats (which seem just as nice as the leather found in the last Sonata we had). The optional navigation system is user friendly and its accompanying iPod interface is well sorted."

    2010 Hyundai Tucson First Drive in Beverly Hills and Malibu (Edmunds CarPool)
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    Hyundai is really moving up their game and I am very impressed with the new Tucson.

    What I see as a weakness is the pricing.

    It looks like option for option the Tucson is $1500.00 cheaper than the CRV and the RAV4.

    This is not enough to compensate for the weak resale value of Hyundai vs. the very strong resale of Honda and Toyota.

    I would bet that Hyundai will have to offer rebates after the first six months to meet the competition. The RAV is overdue for a complete makeover.

    We have owned CRV's and their resale value is amazingly good.

    Eventually I would guess that resale will improve for Hyundai as they are massively improving their product mix.

    I will consider the Tucson if I can buy it for $3000.00 less than the CRV and RAV equally equiped.

    Love the Halo 3 styling.
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    Looks nice,right price,but. Can't get fogs or power seat unless go to limited,don't thnk they offer automatic day/night rearview mirror. Probably underpowered power to weight ratio a little better than CRV which is slow.
    Would like to see for a few more bucks,as options or on limited.
    Blind spot system,even the extra mirrors that the 2010 Escape uses, as opposed to an electronic system.
    HID lights
    HD radio
    New DI engine
    Old Mike
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    Does any one has a side by side comparison of 2010 tucson limited with navi and 2010 crv exl with navi. I would appreciate that. thanks in advance. Prasad :)
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    There's a site called True Delta that will do exactly that for you. You can see adjustments for shared and non-shared features and see a price comparison also. Give it a try. ;)
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    Edmunds has a Comparison tool but the 2010 Tucson hasn't been included yet.
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    Saw one at my local dealer today and not impressed! I see major side view/rear view issues. I thought the Rogue was bad but the Tucson looks like it could be worse. Was parked next to a 2009 Santa Fe and there is no comparison, outside of better gas mileage but at what cost?

    To the poster choosing between the Tucson and a CR-V - CR-V wins hand's down!
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    Happy Holiday's everyone and the new Tucson looks great but I am losing interest.

    The major problem Hyundai faces now is resale value which is very weak compared to the Japanese competition.

    The new Tucson automatic with four wheel drive will have an MSRP of approximately $24,000.00 and that is without a sunroof.

    This price will buy you a 2010 Subaru Forrester with a sun roof for an MSRP of approxmately $24,500.00.

    I would guess that after three years the Honda and Toyota would hold about $6000.00 more in resale value than the Tucson.

    My guess is after the honeymoon is over if there is one Hyundai will have to rebate this model.

    If the dollar strenghtens they may have ample room which would then make it more attractive to me.

    One other disadvantage of the Tucson is that it has approximately 15 less cubic feet of storage than the Japanese competition.

    My girlfriend has the CRV and we love it and I am leaning towards the Forrester.
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    We don't have the 2010 Tucson in the TCO tool yet, but just eyeballing the 09 vs '10 numbers, I think the worst you're looking at over three years is $3,000 in "extra" depreciation for the Tucson vs the Forester. Probably less if you run the numbers with more or less identical options.

    Go out 5 years and the TCO for everything gives Subie the edge, but only around $1,500 worth.

    The 5 year depreciation difference between the '09 Tucson and '09 CR-V is about $2650 (base models).
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    Thank you for your insights Steve and please let me know how soon you will have price information for the 2010 Tucson?

    We have owned two prior CRVs and resale value has been golden. Easy to sell and I could not believe what people paid.

    Love can conquer all and if I love the Tucson in person that may overcome my left brain.

    The Forrester has a strong appeal because of the four wheel drive system which as a good reputation.
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    I'm surprised it's not up already, but there are few other makes and models that I guess they are still compiling data on. So ... stay tuned. :shades:

    Hondas and Toyotas are probably easier to sell because of their name recognition, but I think the gap is narrowing. Subarus attract another type of owner, and they are golden in the NE and mountain states. I don't think my '97 Outback has lost much value at all in the last couple of years, and it's still worth stupid money considering how old it is.

    But yeah, you have to drive what you like (unless what you really like is money in the bank).
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    Drove one today, the limited with out navi. It did not live up-to my expectations. The front grill is impressive but not the side and the rear. looks smaller than CR-V. Trunk is little, I like the dual deck of CR-V more. I am impressed with the acceleration, ride was not very smooth and noisy. the worst part is the price, the sales man started at 31ish for the fully loaded one.
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    Here's a review by James Healy over on USA Today.

    His closing statement: •Overall: Could be the new champ among small SUVs.


    USA Today

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    I am going to be looking at Tucson, Forester, Outback, and VW Jetta Sportwagen. I suspect that recent-model Hyundais are going to hold their value quite a bit better than older models because of major improvement in perceived quality. I'm not sure how long I will keep my next vehicle, but I am closing in on 10 years on the one I drive now, and I would think any difference in depreciation would start to get pretty small after six or seven years. Also, the 10-year powertrain warranty on Hyundais could come into play. If you run into a major powertrain repair in year 5-10 on a Subie, any advantage on depreciation could vanish in a hurry.
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    I agree. I haven't looked at it but read a review in the newpaper today. I am currently in process of searching for new vehicle and I'm leaning towards the chevy equinox. they also offer warranty protection/safety features and the vehicle looks nice. The drive is smooth and quiet and I would imagine that if something needs fixing down the road, it'll be cheaper going with a chevrolet. Previously, I really liked the Santa Fe. Decisions, Decisions.....
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    Hello everyone and it seems that the Tucson is the same price as the Forrester option for option. With four wheel drive and auto the Tuscon would have an MSRP of $24,200.00, the Forrester would be $24,600.00 with a panaramic moonroof that the Tucson does not have at that price point.

    As I mentioned while I very much like the styling of the new Tucson, Hyundai has not yet achieved the resale value of the Japanese automatkers.

    The Forrester, CRV and RAV are all larger by 7 inches than the Tucson and have approximatley 15 more cubic feet of luggage space.

    If one decided to sell the Tucson for something more exciting in a few years you will get killed price wise vs. the CRV, RAV, etc. I would guess that after three years the CRV would hold $4000.00 more.

    As some have mentioned it would be wise to wait for rebates and larger discounts if one is sold on the Tucson.
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    I totally agree with you my friend. Have you compared 2010 outback? I also heard that tucson has a $3000 dealer rebate, what you think if a dealer extends the whole rebate to the customer would tucson worth buying?. I really confused between 2010 tucson, crv and outback. your reply would be of great help to me to arrive at a decision.
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    Hello prasadp and it would be my pleasure to help you.

    We have a 2009 CRV with 15,000 miles and the build quality is a generation ahead of the other Japanese competitors in my opinion.

    The CRV is the best selling sport ute in the US, period and there is a good reason for that.
    Most professional reviews of SUVs will tell you the same that the CRV is best in class.

    The Subaru has won SUV of the year for 2010 and has a very competent four wheel drive system. If you live in a northern climate Subaru should be a strong consideration.

    The Forrester is a closer match to the CRV and won SUV of the year for 2009. Pricing is a little lower than the CRV.

    I would not even consider the 2009 Tucson over the 2010 with the rebate as it is over the hill regarding technology and build quality.

    The Toyota RAV 4 while a very competent vehicle is overdue for a complete makeover being six years into its model cycle.

    I would choose between the Subaru Forrester and the CRV.

    The CRV is the gold standard for resale value and this should be a strong consideration for you. Interior fitment seems like some type of alien technology it is so tight.

    It feels like it was carved out of a block of steal like a BMW and handles great for a cute ute.

    If you can afford it buy the CRV. If you cant buy a used CRV.

    Lastly make sure that the CRV was produced in Japan as noted in the VIN number where you will see a J in the beginning.
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    The Toyota RAV 4 while a very competent vehicle is overdue for a complete makeover being six years into its model cycle.

    The RAV4 is only one year older than the CR-V you're praising so unabashedly (RAV introduced for 2006, the CR-V, 2007).

    I have three Hondas in my driveway, but the CR-V is just one competitive vehicle in a set of many; it doesn't blow all others out of the water.

    The best advice? Drive them all yourself, choose from that! :)
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    Thanyou bpraxis for your honest respose, even I like the cr-v. than you again.
  • bpraxisbpraxis Member Posts: 292
    Merry Xmas to the graduate and you have raised a good point.

    My mistake in that the Toyota RAV 4 is entering model year 5 as opposed to the sixth model year that I mentioned.

    I could be wrong but I believe on average that Japanese vehicles have model runs of 6 years.

    I have test driven the majority of vehicles in this class repeatedly and of course I am just expressing my opinion. My girlfriend and I have both been in the market for these vehicles over the last number of years.

    The RAV 4 has some major positives which are:

    1. Class leading luggage space with easy access

    2. Bullet proof Toyota resale value

    3. A six cylinder that really scoots

    4. Excellent gas milage with the four cylinder

    5. Pleasent looking to my eye if not generic and non descript. Certainly not as fun to look at as the 2010 Tucson.

    6. Consumer Reports ranked the RAV the best until the Subaru came along.

    7. Large dealer network.

    8. Made in Japan.

    What killed the Toyota for us is the following:

    1. Steering feels totally disconnectedd to me

    2. Body integrity fees a gereration behind regarding solidity. Feels more like a truck ride.

    3. The biggest disappointment for me is the interior which is the pits regarding design and fabric, Drab and cheap would be the best description. The Subaru is not much better with miles of cheap plastic.

    4. The body style is simply too plain and non descript but totally non offensive. Toyota really showed some passion and fun with the design of the FJ Cruiser.

    Of course this is just one mans view and the RAV 4 is a very competent vehicle and a very intelligent purchase regarding the Toyota reputation and resale. Cant go wrong here.

    With auto passion and good cheer,

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    Hi Guys!
    I'm not that familiar with mechanic thing..
    recently I change my ATF from a garage they put Toyota T-IV and at 4 liters though they said it works the same with the OEM ATF.
    Q> 4 liters is enough? some forums said it should be 7.8 liters. I didint change my oil filter yet.
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    WOW! I just drove this newly revised little number and I am totally impressed. I had looked at the Rav4 and the CRV. The Rav4 was almost the one BUT I hate that the rear hatch door opens from side to side instead of up and down. My next choice was the CRV, strictly because of resale, BUT here in Colorado as of today, there were only 3 EXL's with navigation but none located in Denver. So I decided the heck with it and went to buy a Santa Fe at McDonald's Hyundai dealership in Littleton Co. While there I noticed this neat looking smaller SUV and realized I was looking at the new Tucson. I mean I am nuts for the styling, both inside and out. The sticker price, the car was LOADED, was $28K and change. They only had one and the color was blue iris, not bad, but not me. It was very comfortable and full of luxury beating the crap out of both the RAV4 and the CRV. It handled like a dream and had great pickup, considering this is a totally new engine. I really came close to buying it but decided to buy the Santa Fe, only because the price was right. If I were a betting person I would bet that dealers are not going to be able to keep this car in stock. It will surprise me if Tucson isn't voted the best 2010 small SUV for 2010. Hyundai designed a winner, in my opinion.
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    Thanks for your post. Was the 2010 Tucson quiet at speed? My wife and I test drove a 2009 Tucson and 2009 Santa Fe and found the Santa Fe was much quieter on the Interstate. We bought neither and decided to wait. The 2010 Tucson is not yet available in our area as of 12/29/09.

    We both love manual transmissions and give thanks to Hyundai for being one of the few manufacturers that offer SUVs with a stick. We are dissapointed with the cheapness of Forester's interior -- our '04 Forester's interior is a low-buck shambles and the new Forester appears to use even cheaper materials.
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    I agree with agua2. I test drove the new Tucson yesterday and there is no comparison with the 2009. I don't know if I like the front that much. It reminds me of a Ford. I will have to say though that the ride was very impressive, very quiet, and great power for a 4 cylinder. I reset the computer on my 3+ mile test drive and got about 27/28mpg in mixed driving. This one is definitely on my short list along with the 2010 Equinox. It seems that the Tucson rides better, both are quiet, but the build quality seems better on the Tucson. The Equinox is better looking on the inside and out.
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    The 2010 Tucson doesn't have any current incentives or rebates. The previous generation 2009 Tucson does have some strong incentives. In fact, I just received a quote on a 2009 Tucson GLS 4-cylinder automatic for $17,900. The price I received on a 2010 Tucson GLS automatic was $20,304 with carpet floor mats, and including the $795 destination fee. The new Tucson is in stock at most Chicago-area dealers.

    I know this is not the "Prices Paid" forum, but I wanted to address a previous poster's comment on Tucson incentives.
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    Was this the base model with no package equipment? i got a quote from a dealer in WA for $22,590 GLS automatic with popular package and Navi.
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