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Dodge Dakota Owners - Meet the Members

bonnie_rickbonnie_rick Posts: 115
edited August 2014 in Dodge
general introductions including the specifics of
your truck!

Bonnie Rick
Conferences Manager, Town Hall


  • mailman54mailman54 Posts: 111
    Handle: Mailman
    Home: Hopewell, VA
    Truck: 00 2wd Reg Cab 4.7 Auto w/Tire&Handling
    Acces: X-Line spray liner & Leer 100XL Cap
  • raptor01raptor01 Posts: 45
    Rick Smith (Raptor01)
    Navarre, Florida
    2000 Quad Dakota
    2wd, 4.7L, auto, SLT, SLT+, Patriot Blue/Driftwood
    Aftermarket Accessories: Fender Flares, Reese Hitch
  • newquadnewquad Posts: 33
    Susan H
    SF Bay Area (Albany),CA
    2000 Quad Dakota
    2wd, 4.7l, auto, sport plus, all other options except 4w anti-lock, limited slip and alarm, White
    Aftermarket: Fender flares, door sill protectors, Line-X spray in bedliner
  • andy_jordanandy_jordan Posts: 765
    Well thanks to all of you who hung in for this owners' group.

    My name is Andy Jordan

    I live in rural southern Ontario

    My truck is a 2000 4x4 Patriot Blue Club Cab 4.7 SLT+ with the 5sp and the 3.92 rear end. I have the tire and handling, limited slip, tow package, and most other options.

    The truck has been customized with ARE LSII tonneau, colour matched bug deflector and stainless steel nerf bars and push bars.

    I am a frequent off roader, often in less than ideal conditions to pursue my hobby of running sled dogs (Alaskan Malamutes).

    I am an ex-pat Englishman and am one of the co-spokespeople for this group.
  • tjumptjump Posts: 14
    Name Ted Jump
    Handle: tjump
    (such imaginatino I have, no?)
    Home: Pflugerville, TX
    Truck: 00 4wd Quad Cab 4.7L 5spd White 4x4
    Acces: Manik guard, mopar nerfs, bed liner,
    soon to have Yakima MTB rack for me and
    my riding buddies.

    This is my 1st truck after driving small (like Honda
    civic variants) since '91 and before. Gotta say I'm
    pretty happy with it even if I'm still adjusting to the
    fuel-pump shock (hey, I know the Dak's got great
    mileage for a truck - I'm getting 15+ with my lead
    foot, but my last car got a lot more ;^).

    Okay, that's enough, I'm babbling.

    Oh, and if anyone near Austin TX wants to help indroduce me to off-roading, just pop me a mail at and I'd greatly appreciate it.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    Steve A
    Stillwater, OK
    01 Quad in BX status. 4.7L, Auto, 3.92, TT,SLT Plus,
    Current vehicles: 91 F150 SC, 93 Shadow, 73 Dodge MB300 Motorhome.
  • hennehenne Posts: 407
    Robert Henne

    Biloxi,MS and Woodbridge,VA as of 07-14-00

    00 Dodge Dakota Quad, 4x2, 4,7, auto, towing pack, slt, flame red, pretty much loaded out and a Roll-N-Lock tonneau cover.
  • gsu1gsu1 Posts: 43
    My name is Wally White.
    I live in Covington, Ga. 45 miles east of Atlanta.
    If anyone in the Atlanta area is interested in getting together for some off-road excursions let me know.

    My truck is a 2000 Quad. 4.7 auto 4x4. Patriot Blue w/ driftwood lower. T&H. loaded with everything.
    The only thing I have done to the truck is add a Line-X bed liner. Have not had much time or money to do anything else. Looking to add nerf bars and a Roll-n-Lock tonneau cover.
    henne-how do you like the cover. Is it water tight.
  • tpmillertpmiller Posts: 45
    a round of appreciation to Andy Jordan,themacguy and Bonnie Rick. I'm in central Pa with a 4x4 white Sport Quad 4.7, auto, tow pak, and installed a bedrug which I like. Am awaiting a fold a cover.
    Unlike Andy, I have three and one-half (lab mix) border collies who don't do anything they're supposed to other than herd lawn tractors, play frisbee and occassionally chase the geese out of the pond. They love the Dakota though.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Wonderful start thanks to the efforts of Andy Jordan, Jack (themacguy) and Bonnie. If I left out anyone, my apologies, and thanks to them also.

    Norm Rosenberg aka Bookitty
    Reside in Eastern Pennsylvania and spend time in our New Jersey beach home located on an island 6 miles at sea (LBI).

    Drive a 2000 Amber Pearl 4X4 Quad with the 4.7, 3.55 LSD, T&H, SLT and any other junk that was laying around the plant.

    I love not only my Quad, but also this great group, whom I have come to rely upon so much since first accessing this site and the Dakota topics.

  • themacguythemacguy Posts: 417
    I'm Jack Barton, a co-host with a_j (Andy) of our little 'Dakota Tribe' here on Edmunds. I live in Midland, Tx - home of the CAF (Confederate Air Force), oil/gas, and as you might remember, baby Jessica (from 'stuck in the well' fame back in the mid 80's) who will be a twenty + millionaire in 3 years. Both of the George Bushes lived here, and I am fortunate to call 'Jr.' my friend.

    I bought the 2000 Quad off the truck (literally) from Benny Boyd Dodge in Lampasas, Tx. on Christmas Eve 1999, just couldn't wait to order. It's a black Sport w/ Agate, 4.7 auto and most options except 4wd, lsd, t&h group, 6X9 mirrors and the overhead computer thingy. I've added bedliner, flares with 17X9 R/T wheels/tires, the gullwing lid, Hothchkiss swaybars, performance shocks, front wind deflector and nice side steps / boards / tubes. I auto-x the truck a bit, when I'm not working the crap out of it in the oilfield.

    Have 2 little girls, 3 Shelties - down from 5 :'-( - and 2 ex-wives. Outside of work I race, rally Porsches (& now the Quad) and play tennis to stay young(er) than my 42 years. And I like good chili (w/o beans); NM chili has beans in it. What I'd like to see happen for us are some 'meets' at least 'geographically,' once a year or so... I'm working on that if any of ya'll wants to help. I've done LOTS of Porsche & Vette meets. Anyone?
  • stvdmanstvdman Posts: 62
    Steven Natale
    Seminole, Fl
    2000 Quad Cab, Sport, Black, 4.7/auto, most options.
    Also own 1995 Mustang GT
    prior vehicles:
    1976 F-150 360 V-8
    1987 F-250HD 4x4 351 V-8
    1989 Thunderbird SuperCoupe Supercharged V-6
    1990 Cougar XR7 Supercharged v-6
    1993 F-150 Lightning 351 V-8
    1996 Ranger 2.3 4 cylinder (yuck)
    I have owned these over tha last 12 years. Alot of Fords, first Dodge anything.
  • jkinsleyjkinsley Posts: 20
    Jeff Kinsley
    Hartville, Ohio

    2000 Black Quad Sport, 4x4 (part time)
    4.7L, Auto, LSD, T&H, overhead console, etc. and of course my agate interior with perfectly matching beige headliner, ...... actually mine has every available option except buckets, engine block heater and the rhinestone oil drain plug.

    After Market:
    Westin Step Bars
    Westin Safari Bar
    A.R.E. "Z" truck cap

    Have 1600 miles on it now and love it! MPG keeps climbing with each tank-full. I figure by August or September I'll have to stop every so often and drain some out.

    Great truck and great group of guys here! I've learned much from everyone's posts.
  • 99slt99slt Posts: 14

    I'm Bob O'Connor from Cleveland (temporarily). I call Durham N.C. home. I bought my 1999 Dakota from Deacon Jones Dodge (Smithfield, N.C.)on 02-02-99. It's a Standard Cab, 5.2L, V-8 with a 3.52 ratio, T&H, HD Service group, LSD axle, Sliding Rear Wndw, Emerald Green. I added a Rhino Liner in a custom color to match the truck. I have 24k miles and average 14 (city) and 19 (interstate). I absolutely LOVE this truck.

    I truly appreciate this forum and its members knowledge base. Thanks to all.
  • 1st post in the new forum.

    My name is Preston Sparks
    Handle: Cowtown Aggie
    Live south of Ft Worth Tx.

    '00 white quad 4.7, 355lsd, 5spd 4x4
    towing, bedliner cruise & A/C . . . .(My work truck!!) All I have to do is keep my wife out of it!

    I REALLY appreciate the info to be found on this site. I hope to be able to share a little as I find out about the diferent aspects of quad ownership.

    1st tidbit . . .If you want to drive / use your own truck - don't EVER let your wife drive it! ;=)

    Cowtown Aggie
  • Michael T. Simons
    Lampasas, TX
    I may live in Texas right now but my heart is in the U.P.!
    2000 Quad Cab (this is my second Dakota, '90 CC)Forrest Green Sport 4X4, 4.7lt, 5spd, 3.92ls, 4wl anti lock, HDSG, Trailer Tow Gp, Skid plates, T&H, Cruise Control, RAZ, Fog lamps, PCG, 6X9 mirrors and the Engine Block Heater.
    Add ons - A.R.E. CX Cap, MOPAR rear area rubber mat (a great thing), Diamond Liner sprayed on bed liner, Cobra CB.
    Soon to add ons - Flowmaster muffler w/dual out exiting in the stock location, some type of grill guard/winch mount and Ramsey winch, a safari rack on the cap and a Pro-glass Shaker hood.
    An other of the "mature" group, 45yrs. Two kids needed more leg room, still have to haul the two cattle dogs and occasional dirty things (spare engines and parts from swap meets).
    I would list all my prior automobiles but don't have the time. High spots - '70 Charger 500, '74 Road Runner w/340HP, '62 VW w/corvair engine, '62 corvair convertible, '72 Scout II, and current project '73 Cuda.
    Also ride vintage motorcycles (been told this is because I'm too cheap to buy a new one). I have a tendency to hold on to my vehicles. Still have my '85 Ford Tempo w/200,869 mi on it.(engine is currently out so that the front mainseal can be replaced)
    The Quad is my daily driver and family truckster, about to get a large addition to it's 8,000 mi with a trip back to God's Country.(Da U.P.)
  • resqmanresqman Posts: 71
    Bruce Ramsey
    Raleigh, North Carolina

    00 Flame Red, SLT +, 4.7l, 3.55, auto, bucket seats, Agate (black) interior, power everything, overhead console, AM/FM/CD/Cassette, HD service group, Tire & Handling, Tow package, two-tone paint, sliding rear window, leather steering wheel.

    -Fender Flares (Light Driftwood to match 2-tone paint)
    -A.R.E. "CH" bed cap (cab height Flame Red)

    Proposed extras:
    - Line-X spray on bedliner
    - Hidden strobe lights, front and rear
    - Additional backup lights
    - Ram-air hood

    Daily driver. Needed room for the boys (7,4) who are not going to get any smaller. Needed place to haul lawn/garden supplies, lumber, household stuff. Didn't want an SUV and traded in the mini-van for the Quad.

    Member of all volunteer technical rescue team ( That means Confined Space, Trench, Building Collapse, Swiftwater, High/Low Angle Rope, Search and Hazardous Materials rescues. On call 24 x 7 x 365 so I often respond in personal vehicle. I needed something that could handle my personal gear and have enough ground clearance and hauling capacity to take me to challenging environments. The team also has three boat trailers that need to be pulled. The rescue team has more trailers than we have team equipment with the capacity of towing.

    500 miles today. Beginning to see the mileage creep up to 14+ suburban/interstate combo. Has required extrodinary control of the right foot and frequent use of the cruise control.

    Never been a wrench head. Washed a car in the driveway with a bucket and hose less than 10 times in my 39 yrs. The Quad is changing my outlook dramatically. Find myself talking about cat-back exhaust with strangers at drive thru's and searching the web for aftermarket body mod's.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Bruce, welcome to the club. It sounds as if you are an individual that anyone would be proud to know, truck or no truck. Are the hidden strobes used for response to emergency calls? You truck sounds great as well. Again, a hearty "welcome!"

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Sorry for the misspelling of your handle in the previous post.

  • ferousferous Posts: 226
    Thad Bishop (ferous)
    Kalamazoo, MI

    2K 2wd Quad SLT 4.7 5spd 3.55lsd (ordered loaded)
    Driftwood w/Century Cap
    My wife has a '96 Grand Caravan. The only other Dodge I ever owned was a '74 Dart 6cyl. Swore I would NEVER own a Dodge after that one. Thank God things change.

    "SAY YA TO DA UP EY" that's for Mike Simons(yooper_romad)
  • 96g1196g11 Posts: 88
    George Miller
    Houston Tx
    I am a Houston police officer currently assigned to the Westside command DWI TASK FORCE. I am responsible for the the identification, and removal of intoxicated drivers from the roadway. I am also a DRE, which stands for drug recognition expert. That just means I am qualified to conduct an examination of persons suspected to be under the influence of drugs while driving.
    Before becoming a cop I was a U.S. Coast Guard search and rescue helicopter flight mechanic, avionics technician, and aviation electrician for 7 years. I received 3 humanitarian medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross. Not bragging but I am proud of that one. I have a 2000 quad cab sport 4x2 4.7l auto 3.92 lsd, white with agate interior. Modifications; factory wheel flares, spray in bed liner, stick on bug deflectors, homemade "cold air intake system" flowmaster muffler, self installed side molding(1"), I have just about every option with the exception of the steering wheel radio control (wish I had it though) and no towing package but will soon install the reece hitch.
    I hope to install the fabtech 3 1/2" suspension lift in september or october, just have to save for new wheels.
    This is an excellent forum!!!!!
  • resqmanresqman Posts: 71
    Thank you Bookitty. Yes, the hidden strobes are for emergency response.

    They are sold as different power packs that will drive 2, 4, 6, or 8 lights. You buy bulbs in pairs of the colors you want to run red, white, yellow, blue, green. You remove your existing light assembly, drill a 1" hole, snap a strobe bulb with rubber gasket into hole, replace light assembly in vehicle. Run wire to power pack. Install switch to power pack and power pack to battery or fuse box.

    No noticeable difference to the vehicle. All your factory lights function as normal. When needed, hit the strobe pack switch and the new strobe bulbs fire. You can still use your headlights at night, you just get an extra strobe burst of light periodically. You can put red strobes inside your headlamps and get red strobe light from your white headlight. Since the strobe bulb is inside the lamp assembly, you also get the reflectivity of the lamp assembly to assist the strobe bulb.

    The colors you choose are defined by law for the various agencies depending on where you live. In New York, fire department uses blue lights and police run red. In Georgia, fire runs red, police run blue. In some states police run red and blue to help overcome color blindness. Yellow is typically construction/wrecker/non-essential vehicles. Park rangers run green. White cannot typically be used facing rearward (blinds following drivers).

    You can purchase light bars for the roof, fog light style bumper bolt-ons, hide behind grill, and dash mount lights. The most expensive, difficult to install, and absolute coolest are the hidden strobes. What good are toys if you can't have the ones you want!
  • bigal31bigal31 Posts: 189
    Allen Lum AKA (bigal31)

    Bought her Mid February (Quad not the wife)
    Married 4 yrs July 13th.32 years young no children,yet.

    Flame Red Quad 4X4 Sport 4.7L
    31" tires Auto/lazy I guess.
    3.55 gears
    Heated mirrors/rear defroster
    Westin nerf bars (black)
    Mud flaps (rams head logo)
    Under the rail liner (Mopar)
    Bed rails - Black Aluminum (Mopar)
    Rear floor molded cargo tray (mopar)
    sill guards (Mopar)
    2745 miles 6/28/00

    Things to come:
    Lift kit,believe it or not.33"-35" tires
    Grill guard not sure yet which one
    Catback Duel Exhaust/intake kit
    Tint windows

    Just want to thank everyone for their help,most of the time.I look forward to coming home and turning on the computer to read all your words of wisdom.Anyone here can E-mail me any time and for any
  • vmanvman Posts: 103
    John Vendetti (vman)
    Tullytown, Pa (near bookitty)

    I'm 34, married, have a 3.5 y/o son, and daughter due in August. The new family addition was the reason for the vehicle update.

    QUAD: '00 Sport, Amber Fire/Agate, 3.9, ATX, power group, keyless entry, buckets, rear slider window, standard AM/FM cassette, T&H, factory flares, and door edge guards.

    Additions: bug shield with "eyebrows", door sill guards, K&N drop in, flowmaster 70 series muffler, DIY black body side moulding (Pro Stripe: M104) that ties into/matches the rear bumper, BAK rail protectors, Draw-Tite 2" receiver/wiring harness.

    Still to go: D/C mud flaps, DIY liquid bed liner followed by plastic under rail liner. I'll eventually get a brush guard and auxilliary trans. cooler.

    It was my intention to order the truck to my specs., but if you recall my sob story, it didn't work out that way. I ended up buying off a dealer lot and giving up a few things while gaining a few others. No matter, we love the vehicle and it will handle all our needs as the family truckster.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    What's this you say John! There are two Amber Fire Pearl Quads in Bucks County? Egad, I'm duplicated!!!

  • Just got rid of my old home to work "beater" 88 Omni with 250,000 mi, died in the dealers lot while trading it in on a 2000 SLT 4WD-4.7, ext cab-SB , "loaded", you name it-it's got it... flame red with towing and HD package. Just 1500 miles so far. Only complaint is MPG avg 15 so far. Hope to do better after break in. Any ideas when that is? I've heard so many diff numbers. I just love this truck. My first one to be exact. Have many questions regarding switching oil to synthetic type for crankcase, transmission, and differentials. I am a Volunteer Firefighter- Paramedic and I have a much better response time(sic) but am reluctant to use magnetic warning lights. Will probably look into hidden warning lights "Walker" style. Thanks in advance for any responses. Orlando 2kdaklover
  • vmanvman Posts: 103
    Not to worry, boo, since I ended up with the 3.9, you'll only see it in the rear view! :)
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    I thought that I might put together a spread sheet of the membership as it gets posted. So far there are 25 of us that have signed in with many notable exceptions holding off. I figure that the number of people signing in should go up fairly fast in the next couple of months.
    What I would like to find out as everyone registers here is town or area, age, Dakota year, body (R,CC,Q) engine, trans., rearend ratio, lsd? Towing? T&H?, 2/4wd?, color, sport/slt?. Any other items of interest would be of interest, like name, marital status, kids, etc. This is going to be for my reference only because I have a lousy memory fo people. If I get requests for copies, I will not send any out until I consult with the membership aforehand.
    I would like to see a meet happen in my area. If we do have one, it would be great to actually meet every body.
  • knkresortknkresort Posts: 79
    Kurt Wangenheim, (KnKResort)
    Houston, TX

    Bought my 00 Quad to replace my 97 Ford Ranger. With a wife, 2-year old son, and 2 dogs, I needed something to carry everyone in the cab. My wife hated being left in the bed all time, especially when it rained.

    Quad is Forest Green, 2wd, 5sp, 4.7L SLT with most everything power except I went for the bench seat. I have added a Pendaliner drop-in and an Extang soft tonneau.

    I put 75 miles a day on truck and other than filling up every 5 days, I love this truck. It still turns heads although there are more and more on the road everyday. My neighbor bought a Nissan crew cab and is now regretting it. Oh well, I let him drool over mine periodically as long as he doesn't drip on the paint.

    Good luck to all and thanks to Jack and AJ for getting this going.

  • gsu1gsu1 Posts: 43
    Steve234- How do you want the information to be sent to you? E-mail. I myself would like to get a copy of the list. I am in Atlanta and feel alone down here. It seem that everyone in the group is from Texas or up in the Northern states.

    To the group: I have been thinking about place where our group could get together. I was thinking about following in the footsteps of the Jeep group and meeting in the mountains of Tennessee or Kentucky. They have their Camp Jeep at locations all over this great Nation of ours and they have several locations they meet in those states. This would give the 4x4 drivers a place to play and would be fun for everyone else. I am really excited about this group and the potential for all the helpful information and friendships to follow.
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