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Dodge Dakota Owners - Meet the Members



  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    I will take all the information from this forum as it is posted. If you did not mention any of the information I am checking on, you might post it. gsu1: as an example, I don't have if you have the sport or SLT, RE ratio, lsd, TT or T&H. If you don't have it, you don't need to mention it. I am mainly interested in funtional features.

    As far as distributing the list, it is still early in the people registering. When we get more of the members registered, I will ask the founding fathers to give me criteria for e-mailing the list. I don't want to violate any rules or make any one paranoid.

    Stats so far:
    25 registered-19 quads, 3 stand. cabs, 3 CC
    22-4.7 (16 Auto, 5 manual), 2-3.9 (1 ea). 1-5.2
    11-4wd, 12-2wd
    11-SLT, 9-Sport
  • raptor01raptor01 Posts: 45
    A Dakota/demographic spread sheet is a great idea. I don't think anyone would be offended if you post numbers instead of names. Just a thought.
  • pttaylorpttaylor Posts: 34
    Bradenton, Fl
    1998 2wd Std cab - SB -
    3.9L - Auto - Flame Red. I am currently upgrading from 15X6 factory steel rims to 2000 15X8 Split-star wheels. Any sugestions on tire sizes and makes????? -TIA.
  • iowabigguyiowabigguy Posts: 552
    Handle Iowa Big Guy

    name: Rick Sheeres, 54 years young, Live in
    Council Bluffs, Iowa but work in Omaha, Nebraska.
    Married 30 years, have 2 daughters and a 8 year
    old female Doberman named Boomer. I've been an Electronics and Computer Technician for the last 36 years.

    from the toy factory: 2000 Dakota Quad, light
    driftwood, 4.7L, 5spd 3.55lsd 2WD SLT+, Tire &
    Handling package, Heavy Duty package, Tow package,
    agate interior, fog lights, 4 wheel antilock brakes and standard cassette radio

    add ons: K&N air filter, Leer 100XQ topper, Yakima
    roof racks for topper, 2nd set of 15x8 wheels for
    snow tires. Weatherguard floor mats, rubber bed
    mat, PIAA Platinum 9007 headlight bulbs, replaced
    standard radio with Chrysler am/fm CD removed from
    previous 93 Dakota CC

    planned additions: Line-X spray in bed liner,
    upgraded speakers, Possibly a mild suspension drop
    with a set of R/T rims and upgraded tires a year or so down the line.

    Hobbies: Computer networking and restoring a 1960s era fiberglas hydroplane and matching Mercury Thunderbolt outboard motor (back when they were painted white).
  • pfurterpfurter Posts: 1
    Just joined Edmunds today, I've been accessing it for quite a long time now. It's a great site!
    I used info gained from it to purchase my 2000 Quad SLT, Patriot Blue/Driftwood, Agate/GRAY!, 3.9, Auto, 3.55, T&H, SLT decor plus & a Mopar bed liner. I've added an Extang "Tonno".
    I say this site was a great help in purchasing my Quad as my wife and I walked out of our local Dodge dealer 4 times until we got our deal! We landed it for $400 over invoice plus the bed liner.
    We tried one of the on-line car price services, their offer was good but the trade allowance was very poor! I traded a 1999 Dakota CC SLT with only 4000 miles. Couldn't wait until the Quads showed up!
    The truck is super! I have less than 1000 miles on it now and have had it for about 2-1/2 months. I read where someone has experienced the truck "hopping" when hitting a bump at speed. I have felt this also. My 99 never did that. Is it the R&P steering? Also one day at an intersection my turn signal stopped flashing (neither right or left would flash). Then after the ignition was turned off the I turned on either signal and the lamps lit without flashing! This is with my ignition keys in my hand! The next day I checked them again, still doing it. I started the truck heard a click, now all is once again well with the signals. I know if I take it in for service the techs will say, "We can't duplicate your problem" and will not do anything. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
    I hope to gather info from everyone on their new Quad experiences. I hope I can contribute the same.
    Happy Quadding,
    Pfurter from West Central PA.
  • gsu1gsu1 Posts: 43
    steve234-Here is a little more information on my Quad cab. 4.7 w/ 3.55 lsd, auto, 4x4, T&H, tow pkg, sliding rear window, power everything, cd cass. The only thing that I have added is a Line-x bed protection.

    My wish list includes nerf bars, safari bars for the front, roll-n-lock bed cover, 3" lift ?, either flow master or dynomax muffler system. Heck maybe someday a supercharger. Now only if I can talk my wife into letting me buy all these things.
  • mailman54mailman54 Posts: 111
    Handle: Mailman
    Age: 54
    Occupation: duh, Mailman
    Home: Hopewell, Virginia

    3.92 gear ratio, LSD

    Added factory fender flares & body side moulding
    Also have 91 5.2 2wd auto Dakota w/105,000 miles

    Love the 3.92 gear ratio on my 00 4.7 Dakota, 91 5.2 had 3.55 and I was always pressing the overdrive lockout button when going up hills. No more! This thing is always in the power band! Haven't used the overdrive lockout once with 3.92
    Mileage average in the 17's so far after 4700 miles.

    Looking for good rear anti-sway bar next. Regular cab does not get rear anti-sway bar with Tire and Handling Group. What a bummer!
  • Snowcountry - from north central BC (that's British Columbia for you folk's way south)

    No where near Columbia, not very British though our Canadian QC'ers will know Molsons Canadian's "the Rant"

    July 1st is the 133rd birthday of our country, founded by the "fathers of confederation" at a peacefull meeting in Charlottown PEI

    We won the War of 1812, we are your largest trading partner, settled our west without firing a shot, make the best beer, and admit that Dodge City, Michigan makes a heck of a truck.

    These QC forums were the reason I bought the truck, figured since some pretty intelligent forum inhabitants bought a QC I couldn't go wrong.

    Pat blue, 2wd 4.7 5spd 3.92 LSD Tow Dealer mounted mud flaps and roof racks

    On my third tank of gas, first fill up was ugh -like 13 MPG (U.S. Gal) Third, all highway 100KPH was bang on the factory EPA of 26 MPG (imperial Gal) I think our gallons about 15% bigger so that would be 22MPG US. Hauls awesome, put her in 5th, set the cruise and anything less than a 7% grade it just motors right on.

    I live in an area with 8months of snow and 4 months bad sledding, I hope I don't regret getting 2wd

    I hang around the QC forums regulary, post occasionaly, I enjoy the yacking, info is very useful, seems like quite the mixed demographics.
  • carls5carls5 Posts: 62
    I am sure glad the AJ and themacguy got this off the ground. Great group with outstanding information being provided.

    My name is Carl Schmidt and I live in San Ramon CA which is approx 40 miles SE of SF. I am a Native Californian and have lived here all of my 61 years. Been married 42 years and have two children. I retired for the Govt. 5 years ago after being a civil servant for 33 years. Over the last 5 years I have been working in the private sector doing marketing back to, who else, the Government. I am now semi-retired. My advocation is flying single engine aircraft and boating.

    My QC is intense blue with a cab high Stockman shell. I have a 4X2 w/ 4.7 auto, 3.92, T&H, tow group, all power everything, sliding rear window, upgraded radio/cd and just about every other option but 4 wheel abs and LSD.

    I plan to add mud flaps, flares and will be installing a K&N filter.
  • newquadnewquad Posts: 33
    Just wanted to say hi to another fellow Bay Area person on the list. I live in Albany, but worked in San Ramon at the hospital there the last 4 years. Just changed to John Muir. Glad to see another quadder in the area!
  • gbilhimergbilhimer Posts: 53
    Name: Greg Bilhimer

    my truck vital statistics,
    ordered 12/16/99 took delivery 1/28/00
    sticker price:$25,455 paid:$24,000
    4x2 Sport, Flame Red, 4.7L V8 automatic 3.55 lsd.

    Options ordered:
    Heavy Duty Service Group
    Power Overhead Convenience Group
    Sport Plus Group
    Trailer Tow Group
    Deluxe Convenience Group
    AM/FM/CD/Cassette/Equalizer with steering controls
    Leather steering wheel
    Sliding rear window
    6x9 power mirrors
    Add ons: Line-X bedliner, factory fender flares kit
    Wish list: aftermarket filter system, cat-back exhaust, maybe some neat wheels later.
  • pttaylorpttaylor Posts: 34
    What size tires will look best (and not rub) on 15x8 split-star wheels going on 1998 Std. Cab 2wd SB Dakota (replacing factory 215/75R15s on 15x6 factory steel ugly rims!)
  • tjumptjump Posts: 14
    31x10.5 is what Dodge puts on the 15x8, I doubt going larger than that would be safe w/o altering the suspension. I have no idea if different tire designs/tread patterns would make difference, but they may.
  • On the two wheel drive go with a 235 75R 15. These are roughly 30 in tall and aprox 9.5 wide. The 31X10.5 may rub when at full lock on a two wheel drive as the suspension is lower and of a different design. Also 235's are normally less expensive and there are more options in tread patterns and load ratings. I use Goodyear Wrangler H/Ts on my two wheel drive Dakota, with real good wear. These are an all season highway tread (where I spend most of my time with this truck) and they work well in snow.
  • carls5carls5 Posts: 62
    Thanks for welcome. I am very familiar with both SRRMC and John Muir. Both are good hospitals, as far as hospitals go :>}}, with excellent doctors, nurses and staff.
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Welcome Carl and Susan.........yes, I live in Brentwood CA (see earlier post on this board)'s the Brentwood in Contra Costa County, not the So Cal suburb of OJ fame...lessee, about 10 air miles from San Ramon, and about 40 miles down Highway 4 thru Pinole and Richmond to Albany. I was born in Oakland, grew up in the "bad part" of Richmond, and finished out high school in Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Sunnyvale, so I'm definately a No. Cal kid. Nice to see a couple Bay Area-ites here on the members board! I'm always on the lookout on for fellow quadders on my daily commute down 580 to Hayward, so if you see a nut waving to you from a Pat Blue 2wd Quad, it's probably me.
    BTW, I also take the back way home occasionally, either up 680 or 24 to good ole' March Creek road, and sneak home thru Brentwood's "back door." Great road to "toss" the Quad around a little.
  • carls5carls5 Posts: 62
    and sorry that we missed welcoming a fellow Californian. I'll be looking for you on the local highways. Keep your eyes pealed for me, be hard to miss my intense blue truck with a matching cab high shell and a grey haired old fuddy duddy driving it.

  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    I have noticed that we are posting technical or mechanical items in the "Meet your members" topic.
    I feel that this topic would be better served by "sicking to the script" and posting technical and mechanical chat in the general or maintenance
    sections. Just a suggestion to help stay organized. Welcome all of you new and existing members.

  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    members. (I see dead Quad owners...)
    Sick to the script? That would be ralphing on cue?
    (Nevertheless, you make a good point...)
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    Skip, I knew that!

  • david150david150 Posts: 5
    Traded my '88 Pathfinder 6/24 for a '00 2dr,4wd Dakota with 4.7l auto, amber fire. I love this truck! Gas mileage started at 16mpg and getting better. Also in SE PA. Hi bookitty and vman.
  • willywillwillywill Posts: 18
    hello all...i bought my dakota back in the last part of Feb.It's a 2000 dakota club cab slt plus, loaded for the exception of the power over head thing, 4x4, t&h...It has the 4.7 w/auto. Deep Patriot blue.Right now i live in Des Moines,Ia but i am getting transfered to Scottsdale,AZ next month. Does any one live in Arizona and how much is your regastration(?) fees like
    thanks Will
  • newquadnewquad Posts: 33
    A big hello, and sorry we missed you as a CA Quadder. I travel the 580 corridor quite often to Livermore to train my dogs, so you and Carl look for the 2wd White Quad with two big dog crates in the bed carrying my two German Shepherds!
  • blakdakblakdak Posts: 19
    Name: Earl S. Paschall, 53 with a push.
    Handle: BlakDak
    Residence: Pasadena, Maryland.

    2000 Black (of course) CC, SLT+, 4.7L, 5 spd, 3.55, LSD, 4 wheel ABS, T&H, Towing, HD, power everything (including buckets), rear window slider, wheel flares, mud flaps, K&N drop in, A.R.E. Tonneau, Line-X bed liner.

    I've lurked in the Dakota townhall quite a while, since before purchasing the vehicle in Aug. '99. I guess I am now coming out of the closet. I now have approx. 27K miles.
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    David150, Willywill, Blakdak, welcome to the club. It's great to see the response by new members.

    David150, are you in Bucks County? Just curious.

  • kmennekmenne Posts: 15
    Hello to all, and thanks to you for a great "web space". My decision to purchase my new QC was based primarily on the info you exchange here.

    Here is what I ended up with:
    2000 Quad Cab
    Dark Green (not sure of the name)
    5.9 / 3.92 / LSD
    auto trans
    cloth interior
    split back front seats
    AC / power most everything
    MOPAR bedliner
    I bought this truck USED in Lansing, MI for $24,500.
    It has 650 miles on it now (bought with 320).
    My wife loves it. Our (2) small kids fit in it beautifully..

    Looking forward to sharing experiences with you all.
  • david150david150 Posts: 5
    For the welcome. I live in Delaware County. I feel a Dakota rally coming on. What do you think?
  • jones27jones27 Posts: 42
    Hi to everyone from East Central Illinois.

    Name: Suz Jones

    Bought a 2000 Quad Cab in February. Has 6,500 miles on it now (I love to drive this truck) Had a 87' Mazda King Cab prior to the Quad. Had a hard time parting with such a reliable vehicle until I drove the Quad Cab in December. Knew then that I HAD TO HAVE ONE!

    Color: Dark Maroon w/Driftwood on lower panel

    Auto w/Std Rear End
    4-Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes
    Tire and Handling Pkg
    Rear Window Defrost
    Power Overhead
    CD Player
    Power Locks/Windows

    Add Ons:
    Mopar Fog Lights
    Spray-in Liner (Carefree)
    Tonneau Cover
    Mopar Mup Flaps
    Mopar Door Entry Protectors
    K&N Drop In Air Filter
    Valley Hitch

    Will post pictures at a later date.
  • quark99quark99 Posts: 136
    Another Northern California quadder! How's things up in the wine country? I'll look for you on the highway through Napa, (or the Silverado Trail) on my trips up to Lake County. (friends in Kelseyville, Ukiah, and Willits) Welcome!
  • bookittybookitty Posts: 1,303
    David, I love my Dakota Quad Cab 4X4. Amber Fire, 4.7, 5 speed, SLT, SLT Plus, 3.55, LSD, Slider, Skid Plates, T&H Package, Engine Block Heater, 6X9 Power Mirrors, Overhead Convenience Group, HD Service Group, Towing Group. Added Westin nerf bars Tuffliner and an A.R.E. LSII tonneau. Wonderful truck, I just love it.

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