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Isuzu Trooper Electrical Problems



  • mommaidwfmommaidwf Posts: 1
    I have a 1996 Isuzu Trooper. I think it may have an electrical problem. While I was driving yesterday all the lights on the dash came on, and there was a clicking sound coming from it too. While this happened my ac stopped working. It lasted for a few seconds and the ac came back on. The needle on the battery gauge jumped all the way to 16 during this time too. After the clicking stopped and lights went off, my acceleration is very slow. When I park for at least a few minutes it "resets" and every thing runs fine, until it happens again. My husband is mechanically inclined but isn't sure what he should check. Any one have any ideas?
  • I have a '92 Trooper and my fuse blew yesterday, I got home found out the problem and replaced it with a fresh package of 7.5 fuses, they blew every time I turned on the car and tried to turn on the A/C. I found some fuses I've had with the car for goodness who knows how long and it didn't blow when I put it in. However, this morning I took my girls to a doctors appointment and had the A/C running, and on my way home I hit a bump going through an intersection and the fuse blew again. What's the deal?? I've read that it could be wiring. But why did the older fuse work (temporarily) and the new ones blew immediately?
  • lam7lam7 Posts: 1
    I have 95 Isuzu Trooper and the brake and battery lights come on intermittently, and the AC/heater fan goes on and off on its own and now there is a clicking noise from the dash. Can anyone help? Thanks bunchdes
  • I have a 2000 Isuzu Trooper. I have had continuous electrical problems. I have replaced the following components. control Unit, mass air flow sensor, throttle position sensor and the starter. I'll start it up and about 10 minutes into a ride, the RPM does not go below 1,000 RPM. Another 5 to 10 minutes of riding, when I come to a stop sign, the engines shuts down or it just surges. Example, I place it in neutral, the engines idles from 1,000 to 1,500 continuously.

    Sometimes when it shuts off at a stop sign, it will start however, I have a Check Engine light and a Reduced Power light. When I get it back home and try starting it the next day, it starts without any issues and none of the warning lights are visible????
  • i was driving in the evening and my gauge lights, headlights, and running lights went out at the same time. My blinkers and brake lights still function. I can also hold my brights on. Please help.
  • I have a '94 Trooper 5-speed that blows the fuse for the turn signal and back-up lights. Sometimes it will blow soon after replacing it or it may work for several days. There are no obvious breaks in any of the visible wiring. Should I now suspect the turn signal switch or should I continue to look for a wiring short elsewhere? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  • Have you checked the fuse block for blown fuses. I have a headlight problem but all my gauges work fine. Fuses would be my first to check. If you need to replace a fuse, and it blows again, you have a short somewhere.
  • I would suspect the turn signal switch first, simply because of the wear and tear issue. If you can get ahold of a wiring manual, you might be able to see what circuits are linked. A turn signal r/r would be an easy fix.
  • bdrobcbdrobc Posts: 1
    i own a 2001 trooper 3.5 ltr. manual,and trust me i have had all the same issues as everyone else that owns one..have your mechanic check this out..
    i used to have and issue with my vehicle check engine light coming on and the vehicle going into "limp mode" or reduced power light.. i had my first mechanic check the engine codes and they all came back to the throttle body..i had the throttle body replaced,egr,and had bg products blown through the intake the truck back and a week later the same issue appeared after costing me about $1200 parts and labor..after taking my vehicle back to the same mech. 3 times i had a backyard mech. look at my vehicle and he stated that there are two wires in the harness connected to the throttle body,coming from the ecu that short out and
    he repinned the connecter at the throttle body because the connectors inside the harness were moving around inside the connector loosing connectivity also..the mech reran two wires from the harness outside the
    harness bundle straight to the connection at the ecu and i have not had that issue my opinion i would check this first before spending time and money chasing your tail...
  • Hi there,
    I have the answer to your problem. I have a 98 trooper I bought new. I am an aircraft mechanic and I had the same problem you have now. Many other trooper drivers will experience this problem too. Your answer is to take the allen head screws from the sensor which goes into the air intake of your engine. When you open your hood follow your air filter inlet from the air cleaner box to where the intake goes into the engine. Right there you will see a sensor with a plug on it. It has two allen head screws. remove that sensor and spray it off with electrical cleaner. You will find it has a bunch of black soot on it. If you spray it off with cleaner, dry it and reinstall it you will have your trooper back in good shape I promise....Kevin
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    This Edmunds Answers post by Zaken1 may help.
  • utfanutfan Posts: 4
    Check your wiring connections to the starter first. You may have a loose wire. If all the wires are tight, you may have a fusible link in the circuit or there may be a short in the wiring. The bottom line is there is a bad connection somewhere. When you charge the circuit it breaks, once it heats up. Just my thoughts. Let me know how it goes! :shades:
  • I bought this vehicle used about a month ago. The "cruise main" light is constantly on, the dash board swith has no effect and in fact I have replace it. When I push the steering collumn switch the "cruise set" light flashes briefly, but it does not set the cruise control. Parts wise all I can find on the internet is the brake switch. Is there some other part that is malfunctioning or is this it?
  • 94 Isuzu Trooper 3.2L SOHC Had battery and starter go bad and replaced both. Now battery, low fuel, brake and cruise control lights all stay lit on dash, and a/c blower dies not work. Checked all fuses and swaped relays for blower. no change. Pulled blower motor and it is fine. Any place to go from here? Similiar post in 2007 with no answer. Any suggestions??
  • I have a '98 trooper with 200k that looks and runs great....but...recently it developed an erratic problem. I t will be fine for a few days, and then I go to start it and the battery is drained and dead i.e. no horn, dome light etc.
    After 3-4 incidents, I assumed the cold weather killed the older, presumably weak battery so I replaced it with a new heavy-duty one. Everything was fine for about two weeks, then after 2-3 days without driving the car, the same problem…dead battery; obviously a short was draining it.
    I checked all the obvious possibilities i.e. dome light/head light left on…sunshade vanity mirror left open etc. all to no avail.
    Then the strange part: after jumping it and letting it charge for a while, I shut the car off, shut the headlights ( it was dark), locked the car and as I left the car, I noticed that the headlights were still on(?) Thinking that I either forgot to turn them off or that they were on a time delay, I re-entered the car and rechecked that the headlight switch was in the ‘off’ position. Turning it on and off several times would not turn off the lights…UNTIL….I put the turn signal in the ‘down’ (left turn) position! ODD???
    The next day the new battery was drained/dead…bad wiring in the steering column? Bad turn signal?
    Any clues?...Answers? …Similar situation and a fix?
  • yesterday the alternator went out. I hope that is the problem I have recently experienced. I will pull it as soon as I get a chance and replace it. I will update the post and let everyone know if that resolves my issues.
  • Replaced the alternator and it resolved all of the light problems and a/c fan issue. The vehicle runs great now.
  • I'm thinking about buying a '95 Trooper. I've always loved Troopers, particularly the older two-tone cromed out models, but this is whats available...I'm a girl, I have NO idea what to look for, were you able to fix this prob? If so for how much? Have you had many other problems? I don't see ANY other posts on here about the '95' that a good thing? Does that mean they were better made, or nobody bought them? It's got a 186kmi asking price $2,200...any comments?
  • Check your alternator!!! It is likely draining your battery. They can develop internal shorts. Let me know what you find out!
  • I have a 1994 Trooper. I have about 247K on it. I like it a lot better than the older ones... the Chromed ones. The Chromed hulks were low on power and not as well built in my opinion. The '94 doesn't have an AIcCR BAG... thankfully. I hate them. Does the '95 Trooper have currently working A/C... What's the physical condition of the vehicle. $2,200 is not a bad price... then again, it might not be a great price either. I need to know more about the vehicle. Shoot me a reply, if I can be of further help! Oh, get those electrical problems fixed before you go any further. :D
  • first my gas gauge quit working , then the same day the oil gauge, tach and all warning lites quit. the fuses appear to be good also runs rough now when 1st started. any ideas? thx
  • hey folks, 1995 trooper 6cyl 5speed here, having the same problems as many of you. been having slow/jumpy starts for months and finally my dash controls quit working, fans won't turn on, and battery/brake warning lights stay on. i was told initially that it was some dash control unit that had gone bad (which, of course, isn't manufactured anymore) but after i told them to check the alternator (thanks to this forum) they let me know that it had gone bad. so it's being replaced now and hopefully will solve the problems. I'll let you all know, but im guessing thats the issue for many of the problems here
  • I had the alternator and battery checked and new connector post and the battery will not charge. What is going on????????????
  • betseymbetseym Posts: 3
    does anyone know how to fix the leak that causes alternators to fail in my 1994 trooper? i have gone through about six alternators that get burned up by a mechanic does not know where the leak is coming from..anyone know? is it transmission? oil? steering? what happens is a potentially dangerous situation where i lose all power while driving..last time it happened, i was merging into four lanes of highway traffic when i had a complete electrical shut down due to the leak onto the alternator..should i go to a transmission shop? any ideas please!
  • utfanutfan Posts: 4
    Check your power steering hoses. The power steering hose (low pressure side) is above the Alternator. I rebuilt my alternator... original unit, around 235k miles... I might add and had them increase the amp output. It was a Nippon Alternator I believe. Rebuilds are what they are... I haven't done this, but it may be possible to build a shield around the alternator to keep potential drips off of it in the future. Keep me posted!
  • tarahgtarahg Posts: 1
    Have you solved your problem? I am having the exact same problem and my mechanic can't figure it out. He has cleaned every sensor, checked connections and has hit a wall with the problem. I really like my Trooper, but I can't use my air conditioner and I live in Louisiana. Not a good combination. Thanks for any information you may have.
  • nfdmedicnfdmedic Posts: 4
    Actually I did find the problem with mine!!! The alternator was testing fine but I replaced it and the battery and my problems dissappeared!!!! I think something was wrong with it even though it tested fine. I did the work myself to save the money. Let me know if that works for you too.

  • betseymbetseym Posts: 3
    We did have the leak fixed...I think it was oil or transmission was easy to fix and so far so good although I still drive with one eye on the battery gage to make sure my new alternator is charging...if anyone else is having electrical problems similar to this I urge you to find the source of the leak because an alternator that continues to receive a leak will fail which could cause the vehicle to stop a reminder, we narrowly missed a catastrophic event on a four land highway when the trooper shut down because the battery dies because the alternator failed because of the continual oil leak dripping on the alternator.
  • broncoboogiebroncoboogie Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    Hello guys. Simple & wierd question: does having low transmission fluid on a 95 3.2L trooper has anything to do with it not charging properly?

    My battery gauge just went "south" and the trooper almost died, the tranny signal kept blinking, so I bought some fluid and even though it's not properly charging, i was able to get home

    Any ideas?
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