Nissan Versa Brake Questions

cali_drivercali_driver Member Posts: 9
The answer may be obvious to some, but I haven't owned a car in almost nearly a decade.

Do I need ABS if I am to purchase a Versa? What are the benefits vs. whatever the standard brakes on the Versa are?


  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    Nissan has ABS as less than 20% of the mix...Don't expect to see many with it.

  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    That is too bad. It is a huge advantage to cars like the Fit that make ABS standard.
  • bookhudbookhud Member Posts: 9
    I was just looking at the build and price feature for the Versa. I cannot believe that if you include the ABS that you cannot get the sat radio, sunroof, audio, or convenience groups. I was seriously considering the Versa, but if this does not change it will not be on my list at all.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    How do you figure that? It seems really stupid that Nissa would limit ABS like that.
  • doromachidoromachi Member Posts: 21
    I think the SL option also includes 15" alloy wheels and tires.
  • shado4shado4 Member Posts: 287
    I was just looking at the build and price feature for the Versa. I cannot believe that if you include the ABS that you cannot get the sat radio, sunroof, audio, or convenience groups. I was seriously considering the Versa, but if this does not change it will not be on my list at all.

    I get the same problem on the NissanUSA website. When trying to configure a Versa SL with ABS, the options for the convenience, audio and sunroof packages are not available. Also, if I select just the sunroof package I am forced to get the convenience, audio and sat radio packages as well, but no ABS.

    I hope it is just a glitch with the "build your own" configurator on the NissanUSA website, otherwise Nissan has some explaining to do! :mad:
  • wulfgarwulfgar Member Posts: 38
    I've been looking at the Versa at a local dealer and picked up the latest brochure. For what it is worth, it says that ABS can be ordered as a stand alone package on the SL and comes with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and Brake Assist. For the S model, one must also order the Power Package. Only Nissan truly knows as the dealers are still a bit clueless and I had the same problem with the website.

    The new brochure also states that the sedan will not be here until early 2007 - may be old news to some here but that is the first I have heard of it. No worries for me as I prefer the hatch anyway.
  • crimsonacrimsona Member Posts: 153
    In Canadia ABS is standard for the SL trim, if the website builder is to be believed.

    A fully loaded (hi tech package for SL combines both the music and the bluetooth options as one) CVT transmission Versa comes out to a whopping $1500 CAD cheaper than my Fit Sport Auto.

    Buyer's remorse? Perhaps...
  • wulfgarwulfgar Member Posts: 38
    We had the dealer search high and low for a model with the ABS option but none were in the pipeline. Does this seem odd to anyone? Especially on the higher cost SL model? We wanted an S with ABS and the dealer could only recommend that we order one with ABS. Seems like Nissan cheaped out on this one - especially for $ 250.00. Would seem cheaper to make them all with it to begin with.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    It's not odd--in this class only the Fit, Accent SE, and (if you consider it in this class) Rabbit have ABS standard. It is maddening though for people like you and me who want ABS. I hope ABS becomes more prevalent on the Versa over time. That will happen if buyers keep asking for it--especially if they walk out of the dealership if they can't find an ABS-equipped Versa.
  • canuck785canuck785 Member Posts: 160
    correct me if i am wrong but as far as i know the scion xB and xA both come standard with ABS...( i personally DROVE the xB a few weeks ago... ;) )
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    You're right--I keep forgetting about those Scions!
  • flightnurseflightnurse Member Posts: 2,217
    regarding ABS.... In 2005 when we bought our Altima SE 3.5 we wanted the Safety package which includes ABS, it took our dealer 2 weeks to locate one in the color we wanted.. For some reason Nissan doesn't think that ABS is really something people want. I would have thought Nissan would be equiping ALL of thier SL's with ABS...

    I had my dealer do a search for a SL w/convience package and ABS he could not come up with one in the western US..

    Tony :shades:
  • pardemapardema Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased my new S Versa tonight and am waiting to pick it up tomorrow, it seems just like the SL's the S's are not being equipped with ABS either. I wish I could have gotten a loaded SL, but money is tight so an S with the power package will be suffice. My dealer checked everywhere even the production line and could not locate any S's with ABS in both the Blue Onyx and Sapphire Blue. I'm excited 6-speed standard in the S is awesome! Let you all know of any problems in the next week.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Member Posts: 2,217
    congrats on the new car, as far as the dealer checking the production line, the only thing the dealer can check is what cars he has ordered from Nissan...

    Tony :shades:
  • pardemapardema Member Posts: 2
    Guess my dealer is full crap but I do know they can check all the other dealers in the area (mainly just Maryland) at least. Oh well either way couldn't find any with ABS which just seems odd anyways.
  • flightnurseflightnurse Member Posts: 2,217
    As I posted before, the versa was just released, give it couple of weeks and I'm sure ABS package will show up..

    Tony :shades:
  • peteinmplspeteinmpls Member Posts: 13

    From what I've seen thus far, you're the leading provider of first-hand knowledge among the initial Versa owners so keep up the good work! I'm very interested to see what your intial fuel economy numbers when you get to your first fill-up.

    So far, what's been the reaction of people to the Versa when you're out and about?

  • peteinmplspeteinmpls Member Posts: 13
    To me it makes little sense that ABS is so hard to come by in the initial model mix for this car. I know that some people still prefer not having it, but don't the vast majority of buyers want ABS now...if not expect it as standard equipment?

    Also, the deal where you can't build a Versa SL with ABS if you include all the other options...that has to be a glitch in the configurator as others have pointed out. It obviously doesn't make sense that by including things like convenience, sunroof and sound upgrade that you'd have to delete ABS. It also runs counter to how the car has been equipped in most of the reviews thus far. But it's amazing to me that Nissan has let this slip. For anyone following this car via various discussion boards, everyone is pointing this out. You'd think Nissan would have had it corrected on their site within a few hours, not to mention it should have been picked up while testing the Versa page in the first place. (or maybe they've lost their minds at the 11th hour when putting together option packages??)
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    ABS an interesting option that most people have an opinion about that is not based in fact.

    Every government study and IIHS study on ABS reaches the same conclusion regarding ABS. There is no benefit at all.

    I know you don't believe me so feel free to follow these links: see page 6


    “Despite their impressive performance on the test track, there still is no evidence
    that antilock brakes are producing overall safety benefits,” says Institute president
    Brian O’Neill.

    ABS cannot reduce your stopping distance on Dry Pavement!

    ABS cannot compensate for Speeding.

    ABS cannot compensate for Tailgating.

    ABS cannot compensate for just plain BAD or AGGRESSIVE DRIVING

    ABS' only advantage is to allow you to steer while pressing your brakes as hard as possible. Accordingly, if you are in a situation where you have to brake as hard as possible and still steer to avoid the accident, you were: a) probably speeding and/or b) probably tailgating.

    Now will all this in mind, according to the order guide.

    Nissan decided that ABS will be put on 5% of S and 10% of SL.

  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    That's too bad Nissan is limiting ABS so much on the Versa. I have experienced firsthand how it can reduce stopping distance and help maintain control of the car in wet/slippery conditions. That's good enough for me, and my family.
  • hill7hill7 Member Posts: 1
    So my question is: there is not one Versa with ABS at all? No one can even get that option for months to come? Is there anyone who has seen a Versa out there with ABS? :cry:

    I say time to run to Scion and buy the XA.
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    Please keep in mind that the Versa is a relatively light car compared to other sedans and especially to SUVs.

    ABS definitely becomes more important as a vehicle becomes heavier.

    It is very easy to allow for longer stopping distances that occur in wet/slick conditions.

    Go Slower and leave a greater following distance.

    I know that "unexpected" things can happen, someone cuts you off for instance. However that isn't really unexpected. You should always assume that the idiot in the lane next to you will swerve into your lane without warning.

    The law in NJ places absolute liability for rear end collisions on the striking vehicle. No matter what crazy thing happens in front of you, if you rear end someone in NJ you are liable.

    If you want to protect your family. Focus on your driving habits.

    ABS is just an example of Auto Makers stuffing expensive options down our throats to make the more profit for themselves.

    Nissan clearly concluded that if they charged $595 for ABS, no one would buy it. At $250 though its not profitable. Solution. Don't make many cars with it.

  • flightnurseflightnurse Member Posts: 2,217
    Thanks for the kind words, so far the reactions have been very good, I have sold 2 of them to co-workers, since the car is much bigger inside then it looks.

    Looks like today well be my day to fill up, So later on I'll post MPG..

    Tony :shades:
  • flightnurseflightnurse Member Posts: 2,217
    Well Nissan has other issues to fix first...

    There is nothing in thier parts computers and will as Service computers for the Versa.... (this was as of yesterday)

    NMAC (nissan fiancial) computers have none of the lease information loaded in thier computers either... (This was as of Monday) When I leased mine on Sat, everything had to be done by hand, THEN loaded into the computer..

    One would think all of these things would have been loaded before the dealers got the cars... Its frustrating for all parties...

    But in 3 car mag the test Versa was fully loaded, with ABS.

    Tony :shades:
  • flightnurseflightnurse Member Posts: 2,217
    The Xa is a good car, but it cant' compare to the Versa.
    Most people rely on ABS to stop them in a shorter distance but that isn't what ABS is for, its to HELP you steer your way out of an accident. Since the wheels on a car with ABS well continue to rotate you can steer out of the way, but more people panic and just hold on to the wheel and hit the car in front of them.

    Here in Phoenix, with temps between 107-112 (the past couple of days) the A/C in the Xa's and Xb's can't keep the cars cool enough, so far I haven't had that problems in my Versa.

    The difference between a Xa and Versa is too great to list here. The better car is the Versa, for the same price as a Xa the Versa is bigger and newer Technology.

    Tony :shades:
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    If you want to protect your family. Focus on your driving habits.

    I do. But I can't control everyone else's driving habits. And despite the best training/coaching, people (such as teenagers like mine) make mistakes. Safety features like airbags and ABS help mitigate those kinds of mistakes and behaviors by others that we can't control. Given that states like NJ place blame on the car that hits the rear in a rear-end collision, all the more reason to have aids like ABS to help avoid those kinds of collisions.

    If Nissan can't make a profit on ABS for $250, they should charge more, then let the market decide how popular the feature is, rather than artificially limiting production because they can't make a profit. What has happened is that Nissan has decided to stuff the limited availability of ABS down our throats rather than letting buyers decide for themselves. A dumb business decision, IMO.
  • dakota29803dakota29803 Member Posts: 56
    Interesting comments by the IIHS, BUT: 1) My insurance company gives a discount if my car has ABS and 2) I wrecked my Dodge Dakota in a situation where I could not steer and brake adequately. I was going down a hill when the car in front of me stopped to make a left turn. It was raining hard and when I tried to stop, I hydroplaned. It was obvious to me that the only was to avoid hitting him was to take my foot off the brake and steer right. I missed him, but the shoulder was not very wide and I went over an embankment. I did not hit hard enough to set off the airbags, but apparently I bent the frame. :P
  • jacksan1jacksan1 Member Posts: 504
    I wonder what your experience has been on this - my wife and I have found it impossible to find a Versa with the ABS option. We want an SL, and so far, in our area, none of the dealers have any, either in the inventory or on the "in transit" list, that comes with the ABS option. We live in a snowy area, so the ABS is mandatory. I'm very surprised that Nissan not only did not make the ABS a standard piece, but is not making ABS-equipped Versas readily available. It's such a low cost and necessary option in many parts of the U.S. that I don't believe that dealers (esp. in my area) would not want to order their vehicles with it. What have you guys seen out there?
  • flightnurseflightnurse Member Posts: 2,217
    IT appears Nissan has not released a Versa with the ABS package as of yet as well as the Audio package and SunRoof package. The only package that seems to be coming on the Versa's are the Convience package.

    Tony :shades:
  • purpleversapurpleversa Member Posts: 1
    I am from Canada and the ABS package comes STANDARD with the widely available SL model. (Also, this ABS package can be added as an option with the base S model.) But then again, in Canada we cannot get a Versa with the Intelligent Key technology...just to mention a few of the many differences between the Canada Versa and US Versa.
  • SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
    Nissan Versa ABS - availability and package questions
  • herrkaleuherrkaleu Member Posts: 62
    this is a study from 1996, with cars that were built before that... so you bring a study on ABS technology from 1990+ to declare that 2006 ABS technology is not good?
    ABS is standard in all cars sold in Europe, even the cheapest ones. ESP is more the thing coming around there.

    and the studies don't take in account how the accident happened. Traditionally in old days more powerful cars had ABS, maybe thay are driven by fast drivers, which explains more fatal accidents. i don't see there where it says that in a specific situation wiht the same car w/ and w/o ABS and same speeds etc. the ABS car was not better than the one w/o ABS.

    no reasonable person in 2006 makes a study like that. Only manufacturers that don't have ABS say ABS is not important (and the sales persons apaprently say that too ;-)
    apparently that is what they consider safety,.... if you down the hill in ht esnow, you wish you had ABS. Drive that w/ ABS once and you never want to drive w/o ABS..
  • flightnurseflightnurse Member Posts: 2,217
    regarding cars that have and don't have ABS. The Technology is all basically the same, ABS does not lock the wheels so you can steer your way out of an accident.. But people panic and don't steer out of the way..

    In my line of work, I see accidents all the time, I hear people say, "Why didn't I stop faster, my car has ABS" my standard reply is, ABS doesn't make cars stop after just because if has ABS... All the car magaiznes have proven that cas without ABS can stop faster then cars that have ABS.

    Tony :shades:
  • herrkaleuherrkaleu Member Posts: 62
    the average driver doesn't push hard enough to brake....
    but with ABS and brake assist the average driver will stop sooner. Well, even if you push the brake as hard as you can, locking tires slide over the aspahalt.
    And under bad conditions (water, snow, ice) ABS definitely is better.
    Or do you say there is a conspiracy (governments all over the world coopareate with the eveil car manufacturers) to make you spend money on ABS to make the car less safe? To counteract overpopulation, or so? Like when they never went to the moon :-)
    I suppose manufacturers that don't have ABS standard usually have worse brakes anyway, so their few ABS cars are not much better. But manufacturers that have ABS standard, usually have better brakes an brake assist (because then you actually can use all brake force that you can achieve).
    with ABS it makes big sense to install brake assist and powerful disc-brakes an all 4 wheels.
    I havn't seen a serious car magazin that claimed that ABS is worse than a car w/o ABS. And technology developped and improved. As electronics got faster and cheaper there is more room to adjust settings.
    Maybe the American companies didn't improve ABS, because they still sell the very same cars they sold 20 years ago with a new chassis, but car manufactureres that sell cars in more countries than just the US had to and did improve ABS significantly. If there is a manufacturer that hasn't improved it since the 1990s, then don't buy from them. Even ESP, which is way newer than ABS, already exists in 2nd and 3rd generations and improved over the old ones. The same for ABS. ABS went from mechanical systems, to electric-mechanical to electric,... and those always improved.
    If ABS is still bad, than show me a study from this millenium, not from the last one.
  • wulfgarwulfgar Member Posts: 38
    I hear the same talk from motorcycle riders - "I am too experienced/talented/godlike to need ABS. I can stop quicker w/o it." And, under most test conditions (level. dry ground on a training range or skidpad) one can. But, to me, ABS is a safety net - it is there when you aren't so talented and mash the brakes for all they are worth at just the wrong time. I've done tests on a wet skidpad with a BMW mototrcyle with ABS and made converts of a number of people.
  • pernaperna Member Posts: 521
    Personally, I wouldn't buy a car without ABS.

    In Michigan, where the roads can turn to ice at the drop of a hat, I can honestly say it's saved my bacon more than once.

    ABS is probably not going to keep you out of the "really bad" accidents, but it does keep me from at least one fender-bender a year - and I"m not talking me hitting a car in front of me. It's the lunatics behind me for whom ABS is a godsend.
  • tifightertifighter Member Posts: 3,336
    Is it true that you cannot have ABS and the Convenience package together? I have a hard time understanding the logic behind this one; if one is willing to spring for stuff built in Bluetooth etc., aren't they the same techy, options wanting sort of buyer that would also want ABS? I'm trying to look for alternatives to a Fit, but Nissan has goofed this one...

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  • aladdinsanealaddinsane Member Posts: 182
    Tifighter. . .

    I AGREE!!!
    Nissan blew it.
    Their logic here is absurd. :confuse:
    What other alternatives to the Fit have U checked out?
    Just curious. . .

    Peace! :D
  • benduprebendupre Member Posts: 121
    I think the problem is NISSAN can't get enough parts for the ABS so they aren't putting in the Versa right now. I don't think there's any real reason you can't get the two together. The configurator must be broke or the CANT logic behind it is wrong. You should check with a dealer and get them to contact the factory to find out what's wrong.

    Pretty much all the Versas that have come out so far have not had ABS. They've given every dealer at least one base S and one loaded SL. The loaded SL should have come with ABS, but none of the obligatory first shipments had it. Methinks it's a parts shortage. Other more profitable lines are getting the ABS parts.

  • hevydevyheadhevydevyhead Member Posts: 7
    I have a Versa w/ ABS on order with my local dealer here in NC. We have put a deposit down and we're promised the very first ABS model that hits the lot (due in around the end of the month).

    From what we have been told from our dealer, the ABS / Conv package website issue is just a glitch. In fact, they said a vast majority of the ABS models released will have the Conv package or the Power package (depending on if it is an S or an SL).

    Pretty much, at least in the early stages, ABS will only be put on near fully equipped Versas. From what our dealer has said, the chances of us getting a non Conv-Package or non Power-Package Versa with ABS anytime soon is slim to none.

    On a side note, I absolutely can't wait for it to come in. My wife and I sold our truck a few weeks ago and are now sharing a single car. With different work schedule and such it has not been easy. We're hoping for Silver, Gray or the Blue. :shades:
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    A dealer in my area, Luther Nissan in Inver Grove Heights, MN, said they will have a blue Versa S with power package and ABS coming in early September.
  • hevydevyheadhevydevyhead Member Posts: 7
    Just got word from my Dealer that they expect their first ABS Versa (An SL w/ Conv Package, color still unknown) on Aug 28th.

    I'm assuming that they will start hitting lots either that week or the week before (probably starting in Phoenix, Dallas and southern cities like then then moving North?)
  • flightnurseflightnurse Member Posts: 2,217
    I'm lost on why your dealer can't you tell the color, but can tell you it has ABS.... If the car is marked for your dealer they can tell you EVERYTHING about the car, since they ordered it..

    Tony :shades:
  • hevydevyheadhevydevyhead Member Posts: 7
    They didn't order it for us per say.

    We really wanted ABS and could deal with just about any color so we told them that we wanted the first ABS in stock. The mfg has told them that they would get a fully loaded ABS (as fully loaded as they can get at this point) on the 28th.

    But yeah, it is weird that they don't know a color yet? I'd be very happy with the Silver, Gray or Blue but could deal with anything. I'd prefer not white or black but oh well.

    Funny thing is that if this Versa doesn't come in on time then we will have to go with a different model. My wife is starting a new job first part of September and once that happens then carpooling is out. :confuse:

    We first saw a Versa on July4th and put a deposit on one the very next week. We are very excited about it and from what I've seen/read/gathered from test drives, it is going to be the perfect car for us (we sold my 01 Ford Explorer Sport Trac which averaged 17 mpg and drove like a freakin boat).
  • benduprebendupre Member Posts: 121
    How many knots did you make in that thing?

  • flightnurseflightnurse Member Posts: 2,217
    You are correct they didn't order it for you, but the Nissan Dealer orders cars from Nissan each Quarter, they tell them color combo, packages and such. So they know the color, just funn they wont tell you the color. I have the Onxy blue, which is very pretty, Im not a fan of thier "sky" blue color..

    Tony :shades:
  • hevydevyheadhevydevyhead Member Posts: 7

    From what my dealer led me to believe, at this point Nissan is just shipping what they can ship. I was told that for the foreseeable future, no Nissan dealers could really pick and choose what they got.

    Each dealer was promised one base model, one fully loaded ABS model and the rest were allocated randomly to the different dealers?

    I'm just working on what I was told. This dealer got about 5 in towards the beginning of July and hasn't received any since.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    A local dealer's sales manager told me that initially, they got what they were shipped, but as of this month they were able to put in specific orders.
  • benduprebendupre Member Posts: 121
    He didn't mislead you. That's about the size of it right now. They aren't exactly flooding the market. It may be strategy to release slowly like this to pump up hype, but I doubt it. Hopefuly the reason the cars are coming out slowly is that NISSAN is ramping up production at a measured pace to keep quality under control in the Mexican factory. That's an educated guess. In manufacturing it's typical to ramp up a production line. I can't imagine a line starting one day at full capacity. That would be a scarry situation vis-a-vis quality.

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