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Nissan Versa Brake Questions



  • I am from Canada and the ABS package comes STANDARD with the widely available SL model. (Also, this ABS package can be added as an option with the base S model.) But then again, in Canada we cannot get a Versa with the Intelligent Key technology...just to mention a few of the many differences between the Canada Versa and US Versa.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    Nissan Versa ABS - availability and package questions
  • herrkaleuherrkaleu Posts: 62
    this is a study from 1996, with cars that were built before that... so you bring a study on ABS technology from 1990+ to declare that 2006 ABS technology is not good?
    ABS is standard in all cars sold in Europe, even the cheapest ones. ESP is more the thing coming around there.

    and the studies don't take in account how the accident happened. Traditionally in old days more powerful cars had ABS, maybe thay are driven by fast drivers, which explains more fatal accidents. i don't see there where it says that in a specific situation wiht the same car w/ and w/o ABS and same speeds etc. the ABS car was not better than the one w/o ABS.

    no reasonable person in 2006 makes a study like that. Only manufacturers that don't have ABS say ABS is not important (and the sales persons apaprently say that too ;-)
    apparently that is what they consider safety,.... if you down the hill in ht esnow, you wish you had ABS. Drive that w/ ABS once and you never want to drive w/o ABS..
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,090
    regarding cars that have and don't have ABS. The Technology is all basically the same, ABS does not lock the wheels so you can steer your way out of an accident.. But people panic and don't steer out of the way..

    In my line of work, I see accidents all the time, I hear people say, "Why didn't I stop faster, my car has ABS" my standard reply is, ABS doesn't make cars stop after just because if has ABS... All the car magaiznes have proven that cas without ABS can stop faster then cars that have ABS.

    Tony :shades:
  • herrkaleuherrkaleu Posts: 62
    the average driver doesn't push hard enough to brake....
    but with ABS and brake assist the average driver will stop sooner. Well, even if you push the brake as hard as you can, locking tires slide over the aspahalt.
    And under bad conditions (water, snow, ice) ABS definitely is better.
    Or do you say there is a conspiracy (governments all over the world coopareate with the eveil car manufacturers) to make you spend money on ABS to make the car less safe? To counteract overpopulation, or so? Like when they never went to the moon :-)
    I suppose manufacturers that don't have ABS standard usually have worse brakes anyway, so their few ABS cars are not much better. But manufacturers that have ABS standard, usually have better brakes an brake assist (because then you actually can use all brake force that you can achieve).
    with ABS it makes big sense to install brake assist and powerful disc-brakes an all 4 wheels.
    I havn't seen a serious car magazin that claimed that ABS is worse than a car w/o ABS. And technology developped and improved. As electronics got faster and cheaper there is more room to adjust settings.
    Maybe the American companies didn't improve ABS, because they still sell the very same cars they sold 20 years ago with a new chassis, but car manufactureres that sell cars in more countries than just the US had to and did improve ABS significantly. If there is a manufacturer that hasn't improved it since the 1990s, then don't buy from them. Even ESP, which is way newer than ABS, already exists in 2nd and 3rd generations and improved over the old ones. The same for ABS. ABS went from mechanical systems, to electric-mechanical to electric,... and those always improved.
    If ABS is still bad, than show me a study from this millenium, not from the last one.
  • wulfgarwulfgar Posts: 38
    I hear the same talk from motorcycle riders - "I am too experienced/talented/godlike to need ABS. I can stop quicker w/o it." And, under most test conditions (level. dry ground on a training range or skidpad) one can. But, to me, ABS is a safety net - it is there when you aren't so talented and mash the brakes for all they are worth at just the wrong time. I've done tests on a wet skidpad with a BMW mototrcyle with ABS and made converts of a number of people.
  • pernaperna Posts: 533
    Personally, I wouldn't buy a car without ABS.

    In Michigan, where the roads can turn to ice at the drop of a hat, I can honestly say it's saved my bacon more than once.

    ABS is probably not going to keep you out of the "really bad" accidents, but it does keep me from at least one fender-bender a year - and I"m not talking me hitting a car in front of me. It's the lunatics behind me for whom ABS is a godsend.
  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,959
    Is it true that you cannot have ABS and the Convenience package together? I have a hard time understanding the logic behind this one; if one is willing to spring for stuff built in Bluetooth etc., aren't they the same techy, options wanting sort of buyer that would also want ABS? I'm trying to look for alternatives to a Fit, but Nissan has goofed this one...

    15.5 XC70 T6 / 16 Soul EV / 17 Toyota 86

  • Tifighter. . .

    I AGREE!!!
    Nissan blew it.
    Their logic here is absurd. :confuse:
    What other alternatives to the Fit have U checked out?
    Just curious. . .

    Peace! :D
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    I think the problem is NISSAN can't get enough parts for the ABS so they aren't putting in the Versa right now. I don't think there's any real reason you can't get the two together. The configurator must be broke or the CANT logic behind it is wrong. You should check with a dealer and get them to contact the factory to find out what's wrong.

    Pretty much all the Versas that have come out so far have not had ABS. They've given every dealer at least one base S and one loaded SL. The loaded SL should have come with ABS, but none of the obligatory first shipments had it. Methinks it's a parts shortage. Other more profitable lines are getting the ABS parts.

  • I have a Versa w/ ABS on order with my local dealer here in NC. We have put a deposit down and we're promised the very first ABS model that hits the lot (due in around the end of the month).

    From what we have been told from our dealer, the ABS / Conv package website issue is just a glitch. In fact, they said a vast majority of the ABS models released will have the Conv package or the Power package (depending on if it is an S or an SL).

    Pretty much, at least in the early stages, ABS will only be put on near fully equipped Versas. From what our dealer has said, the chances of us getting a non Conv-Package or non Power-Package Versa with ABS anytime soon is slim to none.

    On a side note, I absolutely can't wait for it to come in. My wife and I sold our truck a few weeks ago and are now sharing a single car. With different work schedule and such it has not been easy. We're hoping for Silver, Gray or the Blue. :shades:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    A dealer in my area, Luther Nissan in Inver Grove Heights, MN, said they will have a blue Versa S with power package and ABS coming in early September.
  • Just got word from my Dealer that they expect their first ABS Versa (An SL w/ Conv Package, color still unknown) on Aug 28th.

    I'm assuming that they will start hitting lots either that week or the week before (probably starting in Phoenix, Dallas and southern cities like then then moving North?)
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,090
    I'm lost on why your dealer can't you tell the color, but can tell you it has ABS.... If the car is marked for your dealer they can tell you EVERYTHING about the car, since they ordered it..

    Tony :shades:
  • They didn't order it for us per say.

    We really wanted ABS and could deal with just about any color so we told them that we wanted the first ABS in stock. The mfg has told them that they would get a fully loaded ABS (as fully loaded as they can get at this point) on the 28th.

    But yeah, it is weird that they don't know a color yet? I'd be very happy with the Silver, Gray or Blue but could deal with anything. I'd prefer not white or black but oh well.

    Funny thing is that if this Versa doesn't come in on time then we will have to go with a different model. My wife is starting a new job first part of September and once that happens then carpooling is out. :confuse:

    We first saw a Versa on July4th and put a deposit on one the very next week. We are very excited about it and from what I've seen/read/gathered from test drives, it is going to be the perfect car for us (we sold my 01 Ford Explorer Sport Trac which averaged 17 mpg and drove like a freakin boat).
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    How many knots did you make in that thing?

  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,090
    You are correct they didn't order it for you, but the Nissan Dealer orders cars from Nissan each Quarter, they tell them color combo, packages and such. So they know the color, just funn they wont tell you the color. I have the Onxy blue, which is very pretty, Im not a fan of thier "sky" blue color..

    Tony :shades:
  • Interesting.

    From what my dealer led me to believe, at this point Nissan is just shipping what they can ship. I was told that for the foreseeable future, no Nissan dealers could really pick and choose what they got.

    Each dealer was promised one base model, one fully loaded ABS model and the rest were allocated randomly to the different dealers?

    I'm just working on what I was told. This dealer got about 5 in towards the beginning of July and hasn't received any since.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,910
    A local dealer's sales manager told me that initially, they got what they were shipped, but as of this month they were able to put in specific orders.
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    He didn't mislead you. That's about the size of it right now. They aren't exactly flooding the market. It may be strategy to release slowly like this to pump up hype, but I doubt it. Hopefuly the reason the cars are coming out slowly is that NISSAN is ramping up production at a measured pace to keep quality under control in the Mexican factory. That's an educated guess. In manufacturing it's typical to ramp up a production line. I can't imagine a line starting one day at full capacity. That would be a scarry situation vis-a-vis quality.

  • sngwrtrsngwrtr Posts: 14
    In mid July I placed an order for a black SL CVT with floor mats, splash guards and ABS. It's not loaded but the dealer told me he had to pull some strings to get the order in (maybe becasue it's not loaded?). I am supposed to be getting it in September.

    Another theory about ABS and safety in general - An overall review of new cars in a Boston paper several months ago said that American will generally not pay extra for safety features when they are optional (ABS, curtain airbags on some Toyotas, etc). Don't know if I believe that. Maybe Nissan under estimated how many people would want ABS
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    The dealers can trade inventory in the pipeline with other dealers. When he "pulled some strings" he traded another car they had on their list. My dealer in Iowa had only their two obligatory versas. I bought the SL literally as it rolled off the truck. Mine is magnetic gray, not my fav but better than "fresh powder". When I went back a week later to have the Sirius radio unit installed, there was a "red alert" SL with CVT sitting there. He said they traded it with another dealer who wanted a pickup they had. I told himI wanted to trade my magnetic gray for the red alert!

    Actually the gray is not bad. Our brand new Quest is brilliant silver, so the two cars are almost twins sitting in our driveway.

  • sngwrtrsngwrtr Posts: 14
    Actually that is exactly what he said he did by pulling strings - swapped out in the pipeline..
    I like the gray, it was my second choice. I won't own another red car (and my girlfriend would shoot me if I bought one.) The last red car I owned, an early 90's Plymouth Colt, was hit about 5 times. It met it's demise by being totalled by a jack knifing tractor trailer during high speed rush hour traffic. I walked away because all of the damage was done to the passenger side. That car attracted damage. With 300 miles on it, a pipe flew out of a truck in front of me and hit the side of the car. I used to get rear ended regularly at toll booths. No more red cars for me. Although I must admit Red Alert is a nice color.
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    Although I must admit Red Alert is a nice color.

    touch wood ;)

    Remember Used Cars, the movie from about 1978? I vageuly recall someone wouldn't drive a red car, but it's been too many years I don't remember why.

  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,090
    the biggest problem is once the road has ICE on it, ABS wont save you. Since there is nothing for the tires to grab to. Ask Csaba Csere the editor of Car and Driver, he and his wife were in a very bad car accident back in the late 80's in a car with ABS. After he recovered from the car accident, he wrote this incredible article regarding ABS...

    Remember the concept of ABS is this, to slow the car down with traction, and on ICE there is none...

    Tony :shades:
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    How much ICE do you get down in Phoenix?

    Up where it snows, ABS is definitely helpful. Any Canuck will testify to that. In fact, I bet that's where all the ABS cars are going.

    The point of ABS is to keep the wheels from locking up so you can steer out of the accident. Steering stops when the wheels lock. It's not going to prevent every accident. A driver still has to drive withing the limits of road conditions and his/her abilities.

    Up here in Iowa, every time we have a bad snow, the ditches fill up with cars and trucks. People just driving too fast for the icy roads. Funny thing is... most of the cars that wind up in the ditches are SUVs. People buy them cause they think they're great in the snow. Then they think they can just drive through anything and guess what, an SUV can't recover from a skid on ice at 60 MPH, 50MPH or even 40MPH. It doesn't matter what you drive, you just have to slow down.

    ABS will do absolutely nothing to help a driver recover from a skid either BTW, but it can help avoid one. When you're driving down the street and a car backs out of a driveway in front of you, you can brake and steer. Try it without ABS and instant skid.

  • sngwrtrsngwrtr Posts: 14
    Funny thing is... most of the cars that wind up in the ditches are SUVs. People buy them cause they think they're great in the snow.

    Funny, I thought those people only lived in Boston! I guess they are all over the place. We also see a certain amount of SUV's on their side in the ditches. With their higher center of gravity, they can roll if the conditions are right. Icy roads in New England do occur, but what is more common are those snow storms that start at 4 in the morning or 2 in the afternoon on a workday. By the time rush hour comes it's just hard to keep the roads clear. That is when ABS is worth it weight in gold.
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,090
    :shades: Ben, please reread my first post regarding ABS and ICE...

    ABS is USELESS if there is nothing the tires can grip on, if the car is on ICE, how are the tires going to 'steer' you out of a accident ?

    Regarding ice in PHX, its snows here but doesn't stick, but up in flagstaff (elevation 7200') they get plenty of snow and ICE. Since I'm a flightNurse, I'm up in that area flying serious injuried patients to trauma hospitals in the Valley. During the winter months, you would be suprised the accidents I see. Talking to the DSP (highway patrol) speed and ICE are what happens.

    So Ben, let me ask you this..... If you are traveling on a highway and you slam your brakes on, and the car keeps going and doesn't slow down because you are ICE, how are you going to steer yourself out of the accident ? Yes you have ABS on your car ?

  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,090
    There is a difference between SNOW and ICE when talking about ABS....

    Tony :shades:
  • benduprebendupre Posts: 121
    Maybe you've got to try it to beleive it. Lots of people will tell you the technology has saved their butts.

    I've been living in Iowa for 10 years and I had to learn to drive all over again in the winters here. The first winter I put my Aerostar in the ditch twice. That was the last RWD car I will ever own.

    My Sable had antilocks and I tried them out a few times on the ice to "teach" myself what to expect if I ever got in a close scrape and needed them.

    The mechanics are such that as long as the wheel is rolling, you can steer the vehicle. If the wheels lock, you will slide. Antilock brakes primarily save drivers from themselves.

    Sure if you're on glare ice and you "throw" the wheel, you will spin out, so there's a threshold even on an icy road where you can control a vehicle. Problem is no one respects it. People drive too fast thinking 4WD and antilock brakes make them immune to snow and ice.

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