Honda Odyssey Engine "missing"

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While cruising with the rpm's low (below 1500) there seems to be a miss. It goes away when you give it a little gas and does not do it while accelerating. Does it in all gears. This is not a transmission slip. it almost feels like a bad distrubator cap but this does not have a distribator. The van has 57,000 miles. thanks


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    I've had the same problem with my ''s driving me crazy.
    no engine light on . had it in to dealer no trouble codes came up.
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    We have this problem too! We have an 03 and just took it in to no avail. The shop couldn't find the problem (typical, happens ALL the time but they couldn't make the van do it...argh!) and cleaned something but it still is doing it. This is a problem especially at 20-35 mph for our van. We have 66,000 miles on our van. Did you take you van into the dealership?
  • markm7markm7 Member Posts: 2
    yes i took it to the dealer.I have 100,000km which is about 60,000m I think.
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    I'm having the same issue with my '04 with 54,000. It feels like a fuel issue because the RPM will drop to about 1500 rpm. It mainly happens around 40 to 45 mphs. I have tried putting fuel cleaner, but still no help. I was thinking it might be my transmission starting to slip. Does any one have any thoughts on that?
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    Interesting. We have a '05 EX-L that does this exact thing at 30-38mph while the RPM's are in the 1500 range. Could not make it do it at the dealership (of course) but they recommended and we replaced two front tires and balanced all of them anyway saying it was a balance problem. Got home. Next day its deja vu. I don't think the transmission is slipping either.
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