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Jeep Grand Cherokee Electronics and Navigation



  • Sup , this isn't a Jeep specific problem really, but hoping someone knows what is wrong with my Jeep's door-speakers.

    Just the other day while listening to music in my Jeep, the whole right side speakers went out, leaving me with just my left side playing. But the right side would start working like 5 minutes later, only to randomly start cutting out again every 5-10 minutes.

    So yesterday I tried it again, this time checking the fade & balance of the speakers. I found that all 4 of the door speakers do work, it's just that 3 of them (both right side, 1 on left) only play at like 15% power..... while my other door speaker still plays at 100%. Not sure what is going on, as this just happened out of the blue... never heard any crackling beforehand or anything.

    So I'm just wondering if anyone here knows what the problem may be. Like, are the 3 door speakers just getting worn out? Or is there a loose wire that would cause something like this to happen? I would think it was a loose wire if the speakers were still cutting out... but since they all still play (just very softly), I don't know what to think.

  • i have 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and have the same problem like in message no.2 ; the only difference that there is a sound the first few seconds i turn on the radio ; then noting. any ideas .
  • it just happened that yesterday my son opened the right back door for the jeep and the sound came on and then when he closed the door the sound went off; after doing that for a couple of times i figured that the wires that ran through the door are being pinched some how ; so i just wiggled the lines and every thing is working fine now .
  • read message no. 7 it might help
  • dwest2dwest2 Posts: 1
    I think the amp under the back seat isn't working. Probably my daughter blew it out.The sound for the radio comes from the 2 front speakers in the doors only. It's real muffled and basey sounding. Anyone had the prob
  • brad423brad423 Posts: 1
    My rear speakers suddenly stoped working. The fuses are all good and when I push on the stereo it will kick back on then off again. Is it common for the wires to come loose or is the stereo going bad?
  • Need information on where to start here. This Jeep was running fairly good, it had the hard to start problem, but as long as you held the ignition and pumped the gas it would start and stay started. Then the both Back lights and dash lights went out, all other bulbs worked and it still started, went to buy a new light switch and there was no power at all. I have checked all fuses and cleaned all connectors they were all extreamly gunked up, still no power. Where do I start now?
  • i bought an 2002 jgc & the computer worked fined. now the buttons light up but the dispay does not show up. how can this be fixed?
  • I have a 1997 jeep cherokee and have installed a high power sterio system in it. so powerful that all the lights dim when hitting a bass note. I need to install a high amp alternator but I am trying to find one off of a different dodge or jeep that is over 100 amps. what cars and trucks have the same alt set-up on them? Also will a high amp alt hurt my computor or anything. thanks.
  • lady12lady12 Posts: 1
    I too have a 95 JGC. I was at my aunts funeral when my factory installed alarm first started going off when I opened my doors. In the owners manual it explains to make it stop is to try to lock and unlock the drivers, passenger or the back gate.
    What makes mine stop is if I go to the back gate and turn the key to the right, left and then back to the right again. Then the horn stops. Kinda like a combination lock. Silly? Yes, but itworks!
  • jaynote99jaynote99 Posts: 2
    I recently bought a 2006 Grand Cherokee limited with a Hemi. Yesterday I recieved a message saying "Service 4WD System", has anyone got this before? If so, what came out of it. It is driving me nuts, I have the car two weeks!!!
  • Hi,
    I've installed a Nav. unit from a '06 GC Limited on my '06 GC Laredo. The unit operates fine except for the audo navigation instructions which are very loud and very garbled. The am-fm-cd sound is perfect.
    Does anyone know what I need to do to get the nav. audio working correctly?
    Thanks in advance.
  • A lot of AM interference on my Optimus 12-2154 radio while the engine is running. Turn off the engine and turn ignition to accessory and reception improves dramatically. What could this be. I've already replaced spark plugs and wires with NO results.
  • ffalknerffalkner Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 JGC that experienced the same message. The dealer replaced a defective sensor in the front differential to solve the problem. Thank goodness I had the warranty.
  • 4x4jeep4x4jeep Posts: 13
    generally if you loose the ability to control the radio with steering controls, verify that none of the controls are stuck engaged. simple way to do that is to try the same operation at the radio itself. if you still can not preform the function, then something else is messed up. if you find that the operation works at the radio then one of the buttons on the steering wheel controls is stuck. simply pull out the control switch from the wheel and disconnect the 2 wire connection and check if you can use the controls at the wheel to control the radio. if you can just replace that rocker switch. good luck :)
  • 4x4jeep4x4jeep Posts: 13
    sounds like a grounding issue, you can always add a ground to the actual radio and it will not hurt anything, that should solve your problem. or check your ground wire on the harness see what kind of ohms you are getting. the factory ground for the harness i believe is in the center council next to the airbag module. good luck :D
  • 4x4jeep4x4jeep Posts: 13
    it is possible the wires are loose in the back of the steerio or something is rubbing, when the dash is installed at the factory the radio is already in the dash and they slam it home. the wires or bundles could be hitting the dash superstructure. check out the harness for routing and wire heath when you pull the radio out. good luck :cry:
  • 4x4jeep4x4jeep Posts: 13
    another meathod is to push the throttle down to the floor 3 times when you first turn on the ignition. if it registers the jeep will beep at you and then turn off the message. good luck :P
  • 4x4jeep4x4jeep Posts: 13
    unfortunitely that can only be done by software change. :sick:
  • 4x4jeep4x4jeep Posts: 13
    to the best of my knowledge that answer is no, your steering controls use 6 different voltages to preform there function, so i am not sure how you can use them for tieing into any rear seat modifications good luck ;)
  • Turn signals and air conditioner quit while driving down road. Any ideas, Fuses?
  • reeffreeff Posts: 5
    have a navigation system and on Monday I heard some noise in the front dash/hood area and all of a sudden my radio/nav system would not power on so I'm currently without any music or GPS. It doesn't power on at all as it is just pitch black as it looks like no power is to it.

    Any idea what the problem is? Maybe a quick fix of a fuse? My warranty ran out so looking for some advice before I have someone fix it. Any thoughts on where to start before I go spend MONEY at the dealership... :)

    Thanks in advance!
  • reeffreeff Posts: 5
    anyone have any advice or thoughts on my issue?
  • adamj1adamj1 Posts: 1
    I have a JGC 2005 and the nob on my radio / NAV became loose and now I can not program in location information. At my local Chrysler deal, they told me this is not an infrequent issue and the only way to fix it was to replace the whole radio system. The cost for a new radio is over $1,500 and a refurb system is $800. That is a terrible solution for a loose nob. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to fix?
  • happy75happy75 Posts: 2
    i am having the same problem with the infinity gold in my 94 grand cherokee. i have purchased a remanufactured radio but the problem is still there so i assume it is in the speaker system some where.

    did you determine what is causing the problem ?will i need to replace all of the speakers / any help would be appreciated.

  • dj_moversdj_movers Posts: 15
    I have a used '06 JGC with the top-of-the-line audio/nav, etc. Unfortunately I did not get the separate manuals and really do not know how to use it. I ordered the owners manual, but they refer you to the separate manuals. I have the 8951 page shop manual, but that is no help.

    Can anyone help? How to order manuals? Manufacturer? At least how to remove the NAV CD on the bottom?


  • im having some issues with my radio/ nav system on my 2005 gc limited the lcd screen works some of the time and when its not working, the only buttons that work on the radio and the station presets is this something that can be fixed or do i need to replace the whole unit?
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