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Jeep Liberty Noises and Sounds



  • tmachtmach Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty that has developed a noise that seems to be coming from the front end, possibly the wheels, though not sure. It is a high pitched whine that occurs in cold weather (20 degrees and lower) at speeds between 62 and 65 miles per hour. Does anybody have any thoughts?
  • (I posted this message on the Jeep Diesel forum and got no response, perhaps this will get someones attention) We recently purchased an 05 Liberty CRD and really like the way it handles and it fits our desire to off road. After having a jeep dealer check it out completely ( on the computer) it has had all of the recalls taken care of and it does not have any warning codes that come up. As soon as we got it home we noticed a slight rubbing noise that comes from underneath. It sounds like a metal-to-metal noise similar to a dragging disk brake, not severe but just enough to be audible. I played around with the transfer case shift lever and shifted from 2W to 4PT and back again and it seemed to go away for a day. Then it came back again today. Has anyone had this same experience? I am concerned that it is doing some damage. This Jeep was towed behind an RV for awhile before we purchased it.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    If you can put the Jeep on a lift, go underneath and rotate the wheels by hand. You will be closer to the eventual source of friction you describe.
    The transfer case has nothing that can rub against the transmission shafts, so the only source of friction I could imagine should come from inside, along the chain or a bearing :confuse:
    Do you have enough oil in there?
    When you switch between 2 and 4WD, the parts that you move remain in the oil bath.
  • siberiasiberia Posts: 520
    It is virtually impossible for a Jeep transfer case to be harmed by towing behind an RV if the case is properly filled with oil. There is a cheesy but adequate pump in the bottom of the case that pumps oil to the upper mechanism in the case and the chain caries copious amounts of oil to the top also. Over loaded in deep sand or heavy mud the planetary gears may become spalled without breaking. When this happens a subdued dry sound comes from the transfer case between 15 and 40 miles per hour, maybe - audible with the windows down. When this happens the fluid become brown or darkened. I would suspect something else before this.
  • Thank you for the feed back, (siberia & caribou1) I took my Liberty in and had a tech at the dealership listen to the noises and the general concensis was that the Parking brake shoe (the drum portion of the brake) was dragging intermittantly. When the parking brake was pulled on and then released the sound goes away, sometimes. They said the brake is self adjusting and probably would do the same thing again from time to time. I'm relieved that it does not seem to come from the Dif. or X-fer case.
  • I seem to be having the same trouble with my 2003 Jeep Liberty. The noise gets louder on realy cold days and practically disapears on warm days. I suspect the struts but I;m not sure. Can anyone offer a fix?
  • ale87ale87 Posts: 1
    I have an automatic 04 Jeep Liberty with about 58k on it, give or take. About a week ago, it started making these almost grinding sounds whenever I would speed up right about where it would shift gears. I know jeeps have transmission problems when they get older, so I thought that it was something in the transmission...? Every day I drive it, it gets louder and louder. I've been keeping up with the oil changes and all that, but have yet to go to a mechanic because I know almost nothing about cars, and I don't want them to overcharge me for something seeing as how I am basically broke. Any ideas as to what it could be? Please help!!
  • 06 Lib/crd. Growling noise coming from the engine compartment when shifting between gears, even louder when shifting up an incline. I checked and all of our cats are accounted for...
  • Yo,
    Sounds like we may be experiencing the same noise. I have not checked belts or hose connections to the turbo and air intake but it almost sounds like it might be something like that. Let me know if you find the fix and I will do the same.
  • Well I just bought a Liberty limited with 37000KM.
    Right after installing winter tires on the vehicle and driving home there was a noise that was coming from the rear. I work for saturn saab dealership as a mechanic. It does not sound like a diff, suspention or any metal on metal sound. It sounds as if the latch for the top glass is loose. I went ahaid and opened the glass, drove around. The noise is still there. Took off the hatch panel, no change. I can't seem to figure this out. The spare tire is very secure and the liscence plate is also secure. Now I didnt get a chance to lift it up n look under since the noise wasnt there when I baught it. Checked the rear seats and they are secure in place. It's not the jack since I had a friend ride in the back seats while I drove. The noise is really comming from the rear rear.
    Sorry for such a long post. Its driving me crazy.....
    If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you in advance.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Try lithium grease on the rear door.
    On the moving/opening side of the door there is a rubber positionner/bumper that arrives into a vee shaped metal end_stop/ramp/receptacle that forces the alignment of the door with the truck when it's closed.
    I used lithium grease on the bottom side of this ramp, and it solved my squeaking problem.
  • Thank you,

    I will try that tomorow.

    Oh n are the transfer cases noisy on these trucks, its pretty noisy in 4low.
    Should I try changing the oil in the transfer case n the diff, or just bring it to the dealer seeing its got powertrain warranty?
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    I have the diesel engine, so I cannot hear any form of complaint coming from the transmission ;)
    I left '4WD full-time' engaged all winter and it gives a slight vibration during acceleration within city driving conditions. At 60mph I feel no difference.

    For the sake of comparison, the Nissan 'Terrano' 4x4 sold in the EU which is equivalent to the Liberty has a very noisy transfer case in the LOW range. It tends to whistle.
  • cathiefcathief Posts: 1
    Hey All,

    I just purchased a 2004 Jeep Liberty and on the way home from the dealer I began to notice a high pitched whining noise that seemed to happen when I turned the wheel to the left. I might even describe it as a metal-on metal sound. The noise would stop when I hit the brakes. I took it back to the dealer the next day and they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Since then, the noise seems to increase after I've been driving for a while and also when I turn the wheel in either direction. It still stops when I hit the brakes. Any ideas on what this could be??

    Thanks for the help!
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Assuming your brake pads don't stick, clean your brake piston seals. Some seals have a special shape (several lips in a wave pattern) that forces the pistons to retract from their most outwards position, after the brakes are released.

    If this doesn't work, look at the master cylinder 'home' position: you could have a bad pedal assembly that doesn't release the master cylinder when your foot is off.
  • My liberty has developed a noise only when cold.
    It sounds like a universal joint.
    When I first start the car and drive forward- no noise.
    When I turn right, I hear clunk, clunk, clunk that vaires with speed so I know it is drive train and the noise is coming from the rear.
    As soon as I straighten out the noise goes away.
    After driving straight for 1 minute- the noise is gone until the car sits overnight.
    I am suspecting the rear differential as the cause.
    Any suggestings
  • This is the first time I ever posted an aswer to a problem, I hope I'm right.

    I had the same problem. It would make more of a chatter noise rather than clunk, clunk. I guess the exact sound is in the ears of the beholder. Anyway, my vehicle had 80K miles and never had a differential oil change. I changed it out with some good Mobile 1 Synthentic Gear Lubricant 75W-140. And since my rear end is Tracc-lok equiped, I added in a tube of Limited Slip Additive.

    Problem fixed!

    Note: Trac-lok differential equipped vehicles should be road tested by making 10 to 12 slow figure-eight turns. This maneuver will pump the lubricant through the clutch discs to eliminate a possible chatter noise.

    If that doesn't work then other areas to check would be...
    Damaged drive shaft.
    Missing drive shaft balance weight(s).
    Worn or out of balance wheels.
    Loose wheel lug nuts.
    Worn U-joint(s).
    Loose/broken springs.
    Damaged axle shaft bearing(s).
    Loose pinion gear nut.
    Excessive pinion yoke run out.
    Bent axle shaft(s).
    Check for loose or damaged front end components or engine/transmission mounts. These components can contribute to what appears to be a rear end vibration. Do not overlook engine accessories, brackets and drive belts. All driveline components should be examined before starting any repair.

    I hope this was a good post.
    GoodLuck, and let me know what the final fix is.
  • I just purchased a new 2009 Liberty a month ago. And about 2 weeks ago I noticed a significant vibration feeling in the gas pedal starting at around 40 mph. And this weekend I went out of town on the highway for the first time and once I got it to about 70-75 mph I felt like I couldn't go any faster like it was being held back and could feel the same vibration. Also, when I am at a stand still I really have to push the accelerator pedal to get it to move whether it is in D or R. And when it finally does move it jumps and is not smooth. Finally, when I coast down a hill I notice my Jeep doesn't accelerate at all when I let off the accelerator no matter what grade of the hill I am going down. In fact it usually is slowing down even. Please someone help!
  • Hi All,
    Has anyone experienced a pulsating grinding/creaking noise with a 2004 Jeep Liberty?
    A pulsating grinding/creaking noise is resonating from the rear left hand side of the car. The noise can be heard at lower speeds and whether I am or am not pressing on the break. The grinding sounds is not constant, it is a pulsing sound based on the speed of the car. If traveling at 20mph, the noise is quick with little time between intervals. When slowed down to near 5mph, the noise is drawn out with moderate time between intervals.

    The breaks have been replaced. The car has been brought to the dealer (whom blamed the breaks, incorrectly). I have also taken it to another mechanic (whom blamed the tires, incorrectly - why would rubber cause metal creaking/grinding noises? oye!)

    Has anyone experienced this, or know what may be causing it? Please help!

    Thank you in advance!
  • I bought an 09 last week and just now am noticing the same grumble and vibration in certain gears mainly through the gas pedal. It does feel like something is stuck, maybe a brake caliper? On the interstate it does hesitate and jump between gears like you said, I would like to hear someone who might know what is going on? Looks like a trip to the dealer this weekend!
  • I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport, about 74,000 miles on it. I have taken very good care and have had the scheduled maintenence done on time every time. I took a 2 hour trip last month and noticed (with my front windows down) that I hear a whistling noise. I know it's not from the back, but from the front. I don't seem to have any problems with the breaks...I stop okay and there doesn't seem to be any tension or problems pressing on the break pedal. The noise is only there when I accelerate and as long as I'm in a moving position. I guess it could sound like metal on metal. Once I stop, the noise is gone. I checked the belts and things around engine that I could. Nothing seems to be missing or cracked. I then took it on another road trip for a few hours and at one time, it seemed as though my jeep was idling different, but I can't be sure because it could have been me in panic mode. Anyways, I finally took it into the shop today and described what was going on. They test drove it and said they heard the light whistling but that they think it's the transmission noise. That some vehicles have that noise and there was nothing to worry about. Unfortunately now I think my steering wheel is vibrating a little, which I would think may be from brake issues?? Also perhaps my alignment is off at high speeds. I am frusterated because the shop tells me it's fine, but I never used to have the whistling until about a month ago. I don't drive it 4 wheeling. It's just back and forth to work mostly... Any suggestions?
  • You had the same problem as I. The dealer told us chrysler came out with a flash upgrade for the computer to install with the same description. The problem was so severe in my Jeep it did not fix it and now the district managers of chrysler are evaluating the vehicle after throwing a new front and rear driveshafts at it and $3000 dollars. We are now in the process of trying to get a different new one. Good Luck!
  • Just wondering if you ever figured what the noise was. i have a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport that makes a whining sound whenever I have it in a moving position... Thought perhaps might be same could be more of a whistle though...
  • I did not have the same kind of noise. Nor am I a mechanic at all! But if I had to guess by your description I would have to say it sounds like a belt issue. As the motor speeds up so do your belts that drive it. A cheap and simple way to test that theory is to go to your local auto parts store and purchase a bottle of silicon spray. and while your car is in park lift the hood and on the inside of your moving belt spray a little on it. The bottle will come with a straw for the nib of the can just like a spray bottle of WD-40 for accuracy when spraying. Just a thought. Good Luck and let me know if you had any!
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Hi littlemissy442,
    If you suspect a vibration in the steering at high speed plus a permanent whistle when you're moving, disconnect your alternator 'field' connector. When mine went, I could hear 'another whistle' or vibration around the engine. When you do this test turn the A/C OFF as well.

    In case one or more rectifier diodes short out (inside the alternator), the alternator output will fight 'against the battery' and produce a sound you can interpretate as being a whistle ;)

    Both alternator and a/c compressor are driven by the serpentine belt, so is the power steering pump. If your belt does not rotate at a steady pace, the steering assistance will vary as well.
  • I bought a used 2006 Jeep Liberty in February. Overall, it has been great. We had 4 brand new tires put on in March, no word about bad brakes from the mechanic. The car makes 2 or 3 different noises that all stop when pressure to the brake is applied. 1 noise is a louder, metal screeching noise, sounds like its coming from the right rear and stops when the brake is applied. It can happen at any speed, stop randomly and start again. 1 noise is a softer metal whistling noise which also stops with the brake and I think there is even a 3rd different noise but hard to tell. We also noticed a vibrating noise when the car has been shut off for a few hours. Just noticed it while working outside, it almost sounded like a cell phone vibrating but louder. It comes every 5 minutes or so.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I had the same problem on my 05 renegade. What you need to do is take it to a dealer or certified body shop, and have them adjust the latch that secures the gate to the vehicle when opening or closing. This should take came or the problem. I had to get mine adjusted 3 times. As i was just taking to around the block to test for the rattle. This was a common problem the dealer told me.
  • I have a 2005 Jeep liberty renegade. I have a rumbling noise and viberation around 70mph then it goes away and come back from around 83 up on. Does anyone have any idea as to what this could be? It seemed to start after I had the rear U-Joint replaced. So I think the U-Joint may either have a defect or is not in place correctly. Anyone else have suggestions or similar problems?
  • From the sounds of it, you have a similar noise to the one I have in my 2006 Jeep Liberty. I purchased mine in May '09, and after a few days of driving noticed the same piercing metal noise coming from the wheels. This only happens while the Jeep is in motion, and like yours, happens at multiple speeds, randomly starts, and stops when the brake is applied.

    I have taken mine back to the dealer twice. The first time they replaced the rear rotors as they had corrosion from sitting on the lot (a fairly common problem according to a friend who is a mechanic). However, the noise returned after a few days. I have been told that the noise is a result of the metal pads and rotors used on the Liberty. However, it seemed odd to me also that the breaks would be squealing while they are not even applied!

    Still searching for a solution...
  • kbeast1979. So I took the 09 liberty in and they told me the exact same thing about the flash updates and gave me some crap about the adaptive transmission? I can not drive it without getting fumed about it so it is going back tomorrow. I can at least pinpoint where the issue is this time. As soon as the tranny hits 4th (50mph), the low end has a pulsing growl, especially when a small load is put on the engine such as a slight road incline. It mostly goes away as I go faster but I can still hear it through 80mph. I would love to hear more about what Chrystler has decided to do for you because I am in the same unsatisfied boat that you were in?

    Let me know, you can email me directly if you want.
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