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Nissan Rogue vs Honda CR-V vs Toyota RAV4

Lets starts a comparison between the Rogue, CRV & Rav4.

I have not including the Santa Fe even though it"s the same price range, cause it's bigger & has a V6.

I beleve the Rogue's main competiton is the CRV & Rav4.

What is your opinion ??


  • Nissan Rogue looks quite good, but it lacks in some features that are standard in both the CRV and RAV4.

    Storage: The rear seats are fixed and can only be folded down for cargo - they do not recline and cannot be moved for more legroom. The CRV actually double folds the rear seats and provides for lot more storage. The RAV4 has extra storage since they have the spare wheel on the outside.

    Pickup: Rouge give RAV4 a run for the money. CRV is probably a little bit sluggish of the two.

    RAV4 is priced higher than Rouge and CRV.
  • jmpage2jmpage2 Posts: 268
    The Rogue is very interesting, primarily in how stale it makes the Murano look.

    I suspect 2nd row seating to be really cramped, and it's a shame that there isn't at least an incline option for those seats.

    The heated seats, bluetooth, ipod jack, paddle shifters and keyless entry seriously bump up the amount of kit people should expect in sub $30K SUVs.

    I never buy the first run of a new car, preferring to give it at least a year for the recalls/bugs to be worked out, but Nissan has been very reliable in the last few years.

    It would be nice if they offered a compact V6 option, power passenger seat and telescoping steering wheel.

    On the other hand, the Rogue "loaded" is $28K. The Acura MDX we are looking at is $10K more.
  • I'm 6ft 1in and I fit comfortably in the back seat of the Rogue. It isn't cramped at all. I wasn't very hesitant about purchasing one. It has the Altima engine and transmission which have a good track record.
  • I felt comfortable buying one as well. The Rogue definetly beats out the CRV on many levels, especially power. I was originally looking for a car as of March this year, and test drove the CRV. I was really dissapointed and decided it would be worth the wait for another 6 months to get the Nissan - and I am not sorry I waited.
  • Good Info Rogue vs Rav4 & CRV
  • greanpea68greanpea68 Posts: 1,996
    It would be nice if they offered a compact V6 option, power passenger seat and telescoping steering wheel.

    They do, it is called the Murano ;)
  • I live in Texas and own two CRVs. I have just been to two Nissan dealers and three Honda CRV dealers to compare the CRV-EX and Rogue SL with Prem. Pkg. The deals came within $14.00 before I managed to eventually get the CRV less than MSRP.

    No one will sell the Rogue less than MSRP. The CRV can be had for as much as $500 dollars under MSRP (lots of work)and it includes a moon roof. The Rogue charge is $800 more for the moon roof. The Rogue has more torque when accelerating because of the CVT transmission, a nice Bose radio, great console. I didn't like the too small digital readout on the dash, smaller cargo space, small back window, non-telescopic steering wheel and back seats that didn't adjust. The Rogue's reliability and trade-in value are yet to be determined. I eventually choose the 2008 CRV because of the value (less money). The dealer even through in the $500.00 PRO package for free. Moon roof was included, not extra. The CRV has great trade-in value and exceptional reliability,as well as, lots of small features the Rogue doesn't have.

    The Rogue does have great style and I know it will appeal to many people. I would loved to have borrowed the Rogue for a couple of days to really evaluate it properly. I plan to revisit the Rogue in two or three years to consider it again.
  • Congrats on the new ride. We all have our thoughts on our new rides. I bought a Rogue insted of a CRV because IMO the Rougue has more power, is quieter,the Rogue glove compartment and double layer console are better, the rear cargo pop up in the trunk of the Rogue stablizes cargo very well,the CRV EX radio was terrible compared to the Bose, the EXL with XM was decent and for my uses the roll up style back seats of the CRV would prevent placing my road bicycle in the cargo are with both wheels on (less length). Can't disagree about the telescoping steering wheel, I think the rear windows are about equal. Reliability wise the componets in the Rogue are pretty well proven the motor and CVT have been in service for years... time will tell in the end about reliability and the resale value...Oh and by the way my 02 CRV tranny had issues at 40k nothing is certain in any machine. All this being said they are both outstanding vehicles in there class and I don't think either of us will be dissappointed. :)
  • the roll up style back seats of the CRV would prevent placing my road bicycle in the cargo are with both wheels on (less length).

    I too looked at the CRV, Outlander, and Mazda 6. I also ride a road bike and I didn't want to take off the wheel. The CRV wouldn't even fit my bike with the wheel off. I ended up buying the Mazda 6 wagon. I think any of the 6's would fit my bike w/o wheel off but I opted for the wagon. So far so good :)

    Are you saying that the Rogue will fit the entire road bike wheels and all??
  • Yes the Scott CR1 wheels and all fits nicely laid on its side in the back of my Rogue and that is with both front seats all the way to the rear. Keep in mind the Rogue passenger seat will also fold flat for long items.
  • I traded a low mileage 03 Murano for the Rogue SL w\ all trim packages. Salesmen charged $500 over Dealer COST (as verifed by Edmunds) and gave me $1000 over Edmunds target price on trade-in. Sales manager objected to the low price, so Salesman personally cleared deal with owner 1,500 miles away. That's what I call service! It was my 7th trade with this salesman and 11th at the dealership (including helping friends trade) since 1989. Chose Rogue over Murano to reduce carbon footprint. 26 mpg overall with 150 miles on odometer. Very pleased. Passed on Rav4 V-6 because of lack of available safety features that were standard on Rogue (VDC, etc.) plus Rogue was nearly $4,000 less. Loved the CRV but have always appreciated the road feel of Nissan products, from Maxima to Murano and now Rogue.
  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    Congratulations on your new Rogue. Haven't seen one on the street yet but am looking forward to how it looks in the flesh.

    VDC is also standard on the RAV4 (Toyota calls it VSC). Sometimes comparing these features can be tricky with each manufacturer naming and often describing them differently.
  • Thanks for the correction. has a comparo tool that allows you to compare the Rogue, RAV4, and CRV (or others), feature for feature, at most trim levels. Just took my Rogue out for a night spin to check out the headlights which my salesman said were awesome. They were; some sort of natural yellow light over the High Intensity lights that shine about 1000 feet ahead. On low beam, the yellow light goes away.

    The RAV4 V6 is an awfully persuasive reason to opt for the RAV over the Rogue but the CVT 2.5 Four is no slouch either, especially in manual mode, should you need it, or with the paddle shifters.
  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    Just a guess as I haven't seen one, but it could be the Rogue has HID low beams only, meaning the highs are halogen and would look yellower than the HID low beams. If that's the case it would explain what you noticed.

    I agree about Nissan's 2.5 engine. A co-worker of mine just picked up a new Altima 2.5SL w/CVT and they're extremely pleased with its performance. Enjoy!
  • Did your bike fit in the Outlander? I am down to purchasing either a Rogue or an Outlander. Price and whichever one fits my bike easier are going to be the determining factors.
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Can't you just pop the front wheel an get it in the CRV?
  • Rogue wins in every catagorie except storage space behind second row seating. The ride is better the seats are better. Rogue has a more power and seems to go to 0 - 60 quicker. I like the Rogue but will it hold it's value like Honda and Toyota? I guess none of us has a crystal ball but I like the Rogue and unless someone can convince me by Friday I'm buying the Rogue.
  • I was conflicting between these three exactly.. plus mitsubish outlander, too

    RAV has best specification like v6 engine,, 3.5L etc but, u guys know it's going to be redesigned with the sparetire off from the back in 2009 yr.. so i've decided to buy rogue which is the newest model from nissan.. and it's pretty economic. and i liked the design except it's a little small as a SUV.. CR-V seems to be the biggest in size..

    So..I will probably go for rogue.. but i am not sure if it's perfect choice for the best deal and everything.. especially because it's new,.. so no one's quite sure about its reliability and safety yet.. huh?

    ah, and I personally don't like CRV. the design :-)
  • blufz1blufz1 Posts: 2,045
    Defer,Defer,Defer. Just wait a year or so and get a look at the new Rav or a Diesel CRV. Resale on Honda's and Toys is better.
  • I test drove the CRV and the Rogue. The CRV was slow and did not offer as many options. I felt the CRV rode harder, more like a truck than a car. The Rogue on the other hand drives like a car - quieter, smoother. It is built on the chassis of the Altima. The cloth seats in the Rogue was so much more comfortable than the RAV. I did not test drive the Rav4 because I just didn't like how it looked on the outside and inside. The cost of a leather CRV and leather Rogue were virtually the same.

    Hands down the Rogue is a much more fun car to drive, has far better options and looks less like a minivan than the CRV. Oh - the Bose stereo in the premium package is amazing!!! As a result - I bought the Rogue and LOVE IT!!
  • You mean the chassis of the Sentra ;)
  • Let's find out who is right. The person with the very helpful two paragraphs. Or the one line person . Please someone with superior knowledge come forward . I am going for the AWD ROGUE SL cause I can't find anything better in it's pricepoint. And the biggest plus is it's fun to drive.
  • The Rogue is based on a stretched **SENTRA** platform. The one based on the Altima is going to the new Infinity EX. I don't own one at the moment but I have test driven three of them and compared to the rest the Rogue is the best in its class. Power, comfort, handling, suspension, interior noise at highway speed, etc. I won't hesitate to get one. Now that the test crash is out with high scores is even more appealing.
  • Okay, Okay! I was wrong - I was wrong - it is on the Sentra platform! My point being, it rides like a car unlike the CRV.
  • Yeah but it has the Altima 170 HP engine. :D
  • Rogue safety test scores , where can I find them ? Are the scores as good as CR-V and Rav . ?
  • my son and i researched extensively between rogue, crv, rav4 and cx-7. all came fairly close, but in driving, rogue was the best of all worlds when combining comfort, safety, reliability, price and styling. honda's have an excellent reliability, but pricey; rav4 a little bigger, but my short wife had a rough time seeing out the back with the spare tire; cx-7 had great styling, handling and engine, but used only premium gas and poorest in gas mileage. i had to replace my 2001 grand caravan sport because a deer attacked it and i loved it; power seats, comfortable ride, carried lots of stuff, great infinity stereo, reclining seats, dual climate control. but i didn't need anything as big with kids off to college and needed high mpg, as i commute over 180 miles every day. the rogue was perfect; nice style, very comfortable ride, great bose stereo and bluetooth, good pick up and acceleration for a 4 cyl, and roomy for 4 adults and junk. was able to haggle a good deal - basically got the 2008 SL AWD for the price of a FWD, with moonroof and premium package options, roof rack, bumper guard, mats and splash guards. was a little worried that it was a first year model, but nissan has a very good reliability record, along with the sentra, altima parts and CVT (which it's based on).
    i've had it for one week and already have 750 miles on it and rides great!
  • cdmuilecdmuile Posts: 152
    I bought the Rogue over the CRV. Our 04 CRV was totaled last week. Drove the new CRV and it seemed so big. Don't know why, the stats show about the same dimensions as the old one. It also seemed ponderous. My wife also noticed this also. Driving the Rogue reminded me of my past love affairs with French cars. Nissan vehicles show a lot of "Frenchiness" imo. The Outlander? Impressive, but strangely, no lights for the mirrors in the sun visors. As this will be my wife's ride, this was a big deal. Go figure.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Maybe you are experiencing some crossover from the Nissan-Renault alliance. Renault has a 44% stake in Nissan, although they retain their own corporate and brand identity.

    Enjoy the new Rogue!
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