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Hyundai Veracruz Lights and Headlights

whenindowtwhenindowt Posts: 15
edited July 2014 in Hyundai
I just picked up a new 07 Veracruz from a dealer far from home. From the time I got it home I noticed the headlights are aimed way too high. I cant' find a single adjuster screw, knob or anything. What is the secret?


  • same here on the 08, way to high...looking forward to the solution
  • Are you looking for a solution other than yelling at your dealer for not properly preparing your VC for delivery?
  • If you look under the hood there are adjustment holes, for a small screwdriver I guess, they seem to be labled. If it were me, Id make an appointment at the dealer, then the night before, try to adjust aiming on your garage door, if it gets worse, you have an appointment tomorrow or cancel if it gets better. :P
  • When we test drove a Veracruz we noticed that the head lights at low beam appeared to have a distinct upper line as if the lights weren't high enough. The line was right at eye level. This was noticed on back roads with no other vehicles on the road and no street lights. On main roads it is not noticable. When we put the high beams on it appeared the high beams were too high and did nothing to lighten up the road ahead of us, just the trees. Again, to notice this you have to be driving on a dark road with no sreet lights on to take away from the effect. Even with the low beams on only and appearing to be too low for us, oncoming cars flashed their beams at us as if we had high beams on. This happened in the test Veracruz and it happens in the one we bought. When brought to the dealer's attention, their response was hmmmmmmmm. Because it happened in both vehicles we assumed it was simply the nature of the vehicle and we just deal with it. :P
  • I see the adjustment holes and they are marked for the adjustments up\down, right\left. They only thing is, they're just holes. You drop in a long #2 philips until it bottoms out on just the black plastic shell. There aren't any adjusters, just holes marked for them. That is why I am stumped.

    Oh, yes. Deadbeat dealer too. Picked it up at night. Only the top of the vehicle had a quick wash, 40psi in the tires, headlights not aimed and plastic wrap still pasted in the interior.

    But back to the topic. How do I adjust?
  • I figured it out! I'd post pictures but no camera. I'll try to explain. Ignore the 3 adjusting holes on the top. They are useless. To raise\lower the headlight look at the back of the headlight shell. There are 2 easiliy visible white round plastic adjusters with an inner hex shape. Inside each hex is a number #2 phillips head. The up\down adjuster is the outboard adjuster nearest each tire. Clockwise with the screw driver aims the headlight down. I used a short stubby one on the passenger side since working room is tight. I gave each about 1 1/2 turns to start. I will fine tune as I drive it a bit more.
  • My headlights were mis-aligned also. Took to the dealer and they adjusted them down but I'm still not happy with the quality. My SantaFe was much better. I used Silver Star bulbs and what a difference. Too bad the Veracruz uses a H11 bulb. Nobody makes a high performance bulb for it. The Slyvania book says it should take a H7 but it doesn't.
  • I have installed H11 Hoen 55W xenonmatch bulbs in the main beams of my GLS, and I quite like them.
    Yes..... there are aftermarket bulbs out there if you search.

  • broochbrooch Posts: 18
    Just got my O8 limited AWD and the headlights definitely need adjustment. How did your adjustment work for u?
  • I had the dealer do it. I'm not really happy about the results. I ordered a set of high performance bulbs thanks to a post listed here. I'll update when I have installed them.
  • I've reached somewhat of a happy medium. After one major adjustment and a few minor tweaks they are OK. If you adjust the low beams where you can see good but not blind the oncoming driver, the high beams seem to point up into the lower branches of the trees. If you adjust the lights down for the high beams, you seem to over-run you visibility on low. Also, try making a tight right turn on a dark night, like into an unlit driveway. Can other VC owners tell me weather it seems completely dark? I can't even see if there is a curb because there is next to zero light thrown off to the right side.
  • broochbrooch Posts: 18
    just had my DRL's (daytime running lights, a requirement in Canada) installed and the lights were re-aimed, what a difference it made! I can see the road nice and clear and the highbeams work perfect now. bought the car in the US since our dollar is strong and money saved was worth it.
  • I have had the same problem with adjustment of the Veracruz headlights as others have had. When the low beams are adjusted properly, the high beams shine in the trees. I have also noted a distinct gap in coverage between the low and high beams. I have contacted Hyundai USA about the problem but do not have a proposed resolution from them yet.

    What is the basis for saying the H7 bulbs do not work in the Veracruz? I've had two Hyundai dealer parts departments tell me H7's are the replacement bulbs for both the low and high beams.
  • Well take out the low beam bulb and look at it. On mine it was a H11. the high beams were H7's
  • Update on those heaadlight adjustments. I just bought an '08 Vreacruz and it looks like they've changed the position of the upper/lower adjustment screw. When looking at the top of the headlight adjustment assembly, look for the funnel shaped housing. You'll be looking directly down at it. Place a long phillips head screw driver inthe hole and proceed...clockwise for raising , counter clockwise for lowering the beam.
  • ml0126ml0126 Posts: 19
    ???? must be different lamp housing....I just checked mine and their is nothing but a silver shaft at the bottom of the funnel. (Driver side) I have an 08 and the adj on mine is if you look at where the bottom of the funnel is and look a little further down and on the back if the housing, their is a slotted screw that can be turned with a stubby philips. Clockwise lowered the light...... Passenger side....same thing but because of the fuse box, I can not get my hand down there to adj????????????????????
  • My '07 has the funnel shaped housing which makes the adjustment very easy.

    My dealer called me a week or so ago to tell me he had a recall for the headlight adjustment. He said my VIN was not covered but he invited me to bring mine in anyway. Since it was for an adjustment only and I have fine tuned the adjustment on mine and am happy with it, other than the problem with the stray high beams, I declined his invitation.

    Does anyone know anything about a headlight recall of any kind?
  • Hi. There has been some discussion regarding the problem with Veracruz headlights on the Initial Quality thread. I am reposting my message here:

    Actually, I've been to two different dealers. I'm told the headlights cannot be adjusted independently. The low beams are too low and the high beams are too high, so if they are adjusted, one or the other will be even worse!

    I tried the adjustment in one of the earlier posts. There are two places that adjust the beams up and down, but they do adjust them at the same time. This is a serious safety flaw and I'm hopeful Hyundai will correct the problem.

    Hopefully other owners will voice their concern as well so Hyundai will recognize the problem and hopefully fix it.

    Otherwise, I'm enjoying my car.
  • I have checked the national safety web site and they don't have any recalls for the veracruz. Your dealer didn't by any chance tell you the recall number or any information so that all of us on this post could use to try to get the problem corrected?
  • I find it quite interesting that two different dealers have told you the same thing about the headlights, because my own research on Hyundai's Technical pages reveals the following:

    There is specific documentation on adjusting the headlights.

    The high beams, low beams and fog lights each are adjustable independently.

    There is no headlight aiming related recall or TSB for the Veracruz headlights posted on Hyundai's own service website.

    To access this information, you must go to Hyundai Service Technology Website and register. Once you have access and have installed the Adobe SVG Viewer (look under site requirements), you will be able to get all the info the dealer can.

    The specific information, including the aiming diagrams, can be found by navigating to the SHOP section, then Body Electrical System==> Lighting System==> Headlamps==> Inspection.

    The information isn't as user friendly as it could be, but proper aiming involves shining your lights on a wall 10 feet (actually 118") in front of your vehicle (while parked on a level surface) and dialing in the various adjusters until the beams correspond with the diagrams.

    If there were an easy way to cut and paste the diagrams I would do it, but the Adobe encoding appears designed to prevent just that.

    Sorry to hear so many people are having this issue, it is regrettable because there is information out there, but it doesn't seem like every dealer is up to speed on it.
  • My dealer did not provide any details on the headlight "recall" though I intend to follow up with him on that. I'll be surprised if there is an actual recall as apparently confirmed by one other poster.

    I looked at the Hyundai Technical Service website and see the diagrams, etc., for adjusting headlights and fog lights separately, but nothing that suggests high beams can be adjusted separately from low beams. Am I missing something?
  • Thank you very much for your helpful information. At this very moment, my vehicle is back in service to adjust the headlights (among a couple of other issues). I just got a call from the mechanic who says the high beams and low beams are linked together, but that he was able to disassemble the mechanism, remove a part, and can now adjust them independently. I'll let you know how this turns out...
  • Yes!!!! I finally found someone who would listen and loves a challenge! Jimmy at Vaden Hyundai in Savannah removed the plastic transmission housing that joins the upper and lower beams and they can now be adjusted independently. There's a knob for each beam and he even painted the high beam knobs red for me in case I need to adjust them again. I could tell by how the high beams shined on the garage door that there was much improvement and can't wait until I try them after dark. Too bad it took four trips to two dealers to finally find someone who would take responsibility and fix this dangerous problem. :)
  • Could someone post the process/equipment needed to get DRLs activated on a US Veracruz? Thank you.
  • broochbrooch Posts: 18
    I just took mine to a place where they install electrical auto accessories. Got it done for $250 plus GST. Is yours brand new from the US? Bought a 2008 AWD Limited with DVD package in Oct. Just love it! Saved alot of money this way as well :)
  • H7 is high beam only (at least on the '07 Veracruz).
  • I just bought a Hyundai Veracruz and the headlights were pointing too high and oncoming traffic didn't like them too much. I lowered them this evening and a couple screw turns( apx. 1 inch lower if you were 3 ft from a wall) now they are where they should be and I can see up the road with out blinding traffic. I did notice the Highbeam does move with the low beam, but for me in the hills of Pennsylvania, they are perfect I can say they saved my bumper last night from a Deer crossing the road. I will be looking into Silverstars for this new ride soon. I will say that I had silverstars in my past 2 cars and they really help at night. so if you feel your lights are too low try a set of those to give you the extra light you need I put them in my tacoma and wow what a difference.
  • kpbhatkpbhat Posts: 2
    Even I have had the same problem. Dealership do not seem to understand the problem. I have taken it down 4 times and each time they have readjusted the entire assembly causing iether the low beam to hit right below the vehicle or high beam acting as low beam OR low beam pointing correctly and high beam going up in the sky. There is a void that you can see between low beam and high beam.

    Though every time i have specifically asked the dealer not to touch the low beam or the high beam they do not seem to understand. Yesterday I just got back from the dealer and my low beam is now back right in front of my front bumper and I had to drive back home after a party with the fog lamp. And I am fed up gong back to dealership for this purpose. Manual do not talk about the adjustment at all which is a shame.

    I am glad that I looked at this posting which is useful and will try to do it myself as I have exhausted my options.

    Hope Hyundai will change the factory setting as almost everyone seem to have this problem (if they are critical enough - i have seen many folks going on high beam without ever knowing that they are blinding the oncoming traffic - not a good sign).
  • kpbhatkpbhat Posts: 2
    Thanks for the useful information. However, when I try to register on the site, under the vehicles section, its not showing vericruz option. Can you please let me know how do i access the adjustments file?
  • Well we met with the regional representative of HyundaiUSA at a local Atlantic City Hyundai Dealership about the headlight issue. He drives a Veracruz and has seen the distinct horiziontal line of light and dark in the field of vision. He says Hyundai is aware of this and the high beams being too high (lighting up the trees instead of the road) and the effect the low beams have with oncoming traffic. He said Hyundai has no intention of making any adjustments or issuing service bulletins on it. Hyundai's position is that the high intensity lights work differently from regular headlights and customers will just have to get use to it. Any changes that anyone makes to the way the lights function voids the warranty (ie: separating the high and low beams so they adjust individually. You can change the bulbs to after market but that's it. THEY WILL NOT ADDRESS THE ISSUE ANY FURTHER. Imagine that. Same answer I received about the online manual. "It doesnt work, that's the way it's suppose to work, get use to it".
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