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Mazda CX-9 Maintenance and Repair



  • go8go8 Posts: 58
    I preface this by saying all I know about cars is I put gas in it and it goes. That said, I bring the car to the dealership because it's close to me. If the dealership was far, I personally would have no problem having Jiffy Lube do the oil change.
  • bluerublueru Posts: 5
    My wife and I just bought an '08 CX-9 Sport on Monday of this week. Already we have noticed 2 things: 1) the dome light does not work when a door is opened but does if you turn it to the "on" position, and 2) On 2 separate occasions it has taken several seconds (2 - 4) for the engine to turn over and catch. Has anyone else experienced similar situations? Any suggestions? Should we be concerned? We have never paid this much for a vehicle and then to have any type of problem, as minor as they may be, happen. Any feedback is appreciated.
  • 99zoomr99zoomr Posts: 55
    Check to make sure you have the overhead switch in the "Door" position, right in the center position on the overhead switch. The markings are a little confusing because it appears that there's only an on and off position. If you have it in the middle position and it still doesn't come on when you open the doors, take it to the dealer and have them replace the switch if necessary. My engine will sometimes take almost few seconds to start, but I haven't noticed it to be much longer than that. If you take it back for the light switch, also ask the dealer to check out the long cranking issue as well. If they have a good service department like the one I go to, they should be happy to check these out for you. You've paid for these things to work correctly, and a good dealer will want to make sure they do...
  • bluerublueru Posts: 5
    My wife and I just got done running errands in our CX-9 and NOW the little light in the shape of the vehicle with the "key" sign inside of it will not stop flashing! It has never done this before and only happens when I shut off the ignition and take the key out. Any more concerns?
  • I am in the process of researching cars for a new purchase in June. I require room for two front facing car seats in the back seat. I am looking at the CX9 GT and the Nissan Murano. Is it true that you cannot have a moonroof if you have the DVD package in the CX9? How spacious is the area for a third row seat once folded down? I need room for my double stroller, and other items. The main reason that I am pulling towards a CX9 is the third row cargo area which is lacking in the Nissan Murano; however, I recently saw a report that said the Nissan Murano has the best front and side crash test results. What do you guys think?
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    Starting from March, 2008 you should be able to get a CX-9 that has both DVD and moonroof. Ask for your dealer for details.
    CX-9 is much more spacious than the Murano - no comparison.
    The 3rd of CX-9 is actually useful even for adults on short trip, unlike Highlander and Pilots.
  • waygrabowwaygrabow Posts: 214
    I've had a local dealership do the same thing. When I questioned them on it, they said that this entire area, Colorado Springs, is a "severe service" area where maintenance needs to be done more often. What a crock. They also pushed other services (the "power flush") not mentioned in the owner's manual. The technicians there seem like decent folk, but the management policy pushes the service managers to encourage such procedures. As a result, I don't go to that dealership any more. I want a dealership which has my best interest as an owner at heart, not their profit margin. I am happy to pay the going price for needed services (use synthetic oil also) but lose all trust when they try to gouge me. I'll drive further to get good service.
  • kharriskharris Posts: 41
    Most dealerships(not just Mazda) are doing this, and not just in your area. We have the same thing in New York, They print up their own "recommended service" and claim that they (and they admit not the factory) feel that it's best for cars in their locality. I spent some time talking to one of the service maagers who basically wound up saying "what can I tell you?--it certainly can't hurt your car and it brings in extra money for us". I said I would only follow the factory recommendations, and he said fine--no problem--happy to have whatever business you want to give us. Interestingly, one of my children who lives in California brought in her then new VW Passat for her first oil change at 3500 miles on my advice and her dealer refused to do it, saying that they only follow the factory recommended service intervals which was I believe 7500 mi for the first oil change, supposedly needed for "proper break in".

  • 99zoomr99zoomr Posts: 55
    Nope, that's normal. The little indicator that looks like a car with a key inside flashes red when the ignition is turned from the on position to acc or "off". It's called the "Security Indicator Light" in the owner's manual. (look in section 5 if it's like my 2007) It kinda freaked me out the first time I saw it flashing while sitting in my car with the ignition off. Had the car over a year now and it is still doing fine... :)
  • manojtvmanojtv Posts: 1
    The rear dome light in door mode will work only if you have set the 1st row dome light switch set to door mode.
  • euaeua Posts: 9
    I own 08 Sport AWD.
    Please need help or advice on the following matter:
    After unlocking door either form remote or from inside the car keeps unlocking it several times by itself. So I can hear multiple clicking of the lock and can see small movement of the the lock knobs.
    If I insert the ignition key after that glitch described above the front windows open themselves.
    It's not 100% repeatable and it happens like ones after 10-20 times of unlocking the door. so I do not know do I need go to the dealer right now or wait until my first oil change.
    The biggest concern is that - will my cx-9 open the front windows by itself in the middle of a rainy night? this is scary
  • epicardepicard Posts: 15
    It sounds like the button on your key is getting stuck... Very odd.
  • nxs138nxs138 Posts: 481
    Key fob might be wacking out on you. If you can, try to snap it open and remove the battery (or simply leave it somewhere out of range of the CX-9) and use your other key fob for a while and see if you get the same issue.
  • euaeua Posts: 9
    Thank you for the responses
    Well I showed it today to a mazda technician. In the beginning He thought it was a problem with the "transmitter"-key as well . But seems like it's internal problem with the lock system. After small shake of the car like door was slammed or the car just hits a bump it happens time to time. The technician was surprised seeing it. It might be some wiring problem so we'll see. Tomorrow I'm going to leave it at Mazda service center for the repair and It's only 750 miles on it which makes me upset :( ..
  • euaeua Posts: 9
    My cx-9 already 2nd day in repair shop of Mazda Dealership. They dissembled all front doors and checked the wires then they replaced the door lock system block of the driver side. Still nothing - can not find and fix the problem.A tech manager said that they're going replace computer block and assured me that it will fix the problem. Well I'm not so sure about that.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    I also believe it is the remote (it sounds like you don't have the SmartEntry system) that got stuck from time to time (specifically the Unlock button). You know that when you hold down the unlock button on your remote, the window will roll down. That seems consistent with your description. Have you tried to use the other remote? If both had the same problem, then it is not the remote.
    If there is no DTC (error code) showing on M-MDS (Mazda's diagnostic computer), all the technician does is swapping parts. They are not any smarter than we are.
  • euaeua Posts: 9
    Well I'm back on the road. Thank you everybody.
    Yeah just got back form Mazda Dealership driving my cx-9. Well it was a Body Control Module (BCM) which was causing the problem. Apparently BCM had a glitch when it was sending repeated commands to unlock a door after which car opens windows as a next programmed operation to that sequence. Hopefully it's what was causing the problem and my car is not a lemon :lemon: because I love it
  • euaeua Posts: 9
    Ignore my last post. :mad: :mad: The problem is still there they did not fix anything by replacing some parts. About remote. Yes I've tested both remote keys - same thing and same problem. Shoot It smells like lemon
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    Record your repair history on this issue.
    After three attempts, you can ask for a new CX-9 under lemon law.
    Good luck.
  • euaeua Posts: 9
    Update: Seems like it was fixed. A team lead technician said How stupid he feels. Well probably they did not touch the door lock wires at all means did not disassemble the door. After replacing block by block and not finding any problem they found internal door wires shorten. Duh!
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