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Buick Regal Problem



  • frankkfrankk Posts: 35
    I had the power window motors on the two passenger side door fail (intermittently). The dealer replaced them and they have been fine since. Also had a funny squeek in the back seat once, also fixed by the dealer.

    I have had no problems with rattles, stalling or tire wear problems. Its a 99 GS with 17K miles on it, and I don't expect to replace the tires for another 15K (not bad for a very torquey FWD with a lead foot driver).

    I have been very pleased with this car. Even though it hasn't been perfect, it has been better than our last 3 japanese cars.

    I enjoy the performance and handling (I do wish they came with better tires). The brakes are great. Some people complain that the car has a top speed governor (110 mph, or something like that), but since I never drive that fast its a don't care for me. Its very fun to drive up I70 to the ski resort areas and outrun the so called "sports cars" on the uphill sections of the road.

    We have been so pleased with this car that we just replaced my wife's Nissan with a 2000 Impala.
  • nymjknymjk Posts: 5
    picked up my new 2000 GS two weeks ago, 685 miles on the odometer.
    love the car, but one real issue: the seats have no lumbar support to speak of. anyone else with this issue?
  • bporter1bporter1 Posts: 229
    I have yet to take my car in to have the tie
    rods looked at. Frankk
    I also had to hae my passenger side power window motor replaced on my 99 GSE. The sunroof switch went bad too. For all the little nigglng problems I have had since I've bought the car, it has been a great ride though.
  • I agree that the seats on the Regal have no lumbar support. I car that I have/had has better lumbar support.

    I would love to do something, but what?
  • dhay1dhay1 Posts: 4
    Oil is leaking from most major gaskets; both valve covers,oil pan etc; not enough to drip but everything is wet. I use Quaker State 100% synthetic 10-30. I have heard some synthetic oil causes the silicon in some gaskets to deteriorate and become porous. Has anyone experienced similar oil leaks? Any cures?
  • cmm30cmm30 Posts: 1
    When my '91 Buick was stalling it turned out that the computer was reporting faults that didn't exist and stalling the car. Once the computer was replaced the stalling stopped.

    My problem: The ABS light comes on and there is a whirring sound that repeats over and over. The whirring sometimes continues after the car is stopped and drains the battery. My mechanic has replaced a leaking switch in the ABS but this did not solve the problem. Any suggestions?
  • My '90 Regal has the same problem w/ the ABS light and the noise (no stalling). It started when I replaced the front brake pads. The rear pads were such a b*tch, I took it to a mechanic. He hooked up a code reader to decipher the ABS light prob, but said it didn't register anything.

    The ABS *seems* to be working. If I try to force a braking skid, it pulses the brakes. I'm wondering now if the mechanic bothered to bleed the brake lines. (Guess I need to call him.) I'm wondering if the whirring noise is a pump trying to maintain pressure in the system.

    BTW, I just got a recall for my car to have the engine mount(s?) replaced. I'm gonna have the dealer look into to dash light while I'm there.
  • nymjknymjk Posts: 5
    I'm going to head over to a local leather seat / convertible top shop in my town and see if they can add some material to enhance the lumbar support. I won't be able to adjust it, but hope that it will improve the situation.

    Any one out there with any other suggestions??
  • I have a 1993 Buick Regal with 77900 miles and the 3.1 Liter engine. I have a couple of porblems. One, the engine in the morning has hesitaion, like when you push the accelorator down the engine rpms drop suddenly and rev, and also goign along with that is when you are in drive and you stop and push the gas the same hesitation happens. The other area of concern is the transmission?? When it downshifts it is abrupt and sudden, i have noticed this more in the winter then in the summer! Does anybody have any ideas?
  • The condition you describe (missing when revved above 4K RPM, but only when in neutral) is normal. Many GM cars I've owned have exhibited this trait. I first noticed it on a 94 Saturn I had and the dealer explained that it was normal and was to prevent you from over-revving the engine in neutral.
  • I've had my 1991 regal for two years now- I bought it second hand at 82,000 miles. It now has 128,000 on it.

    It still has a whirring sound coming from the brake pedal area. the noise sounds like it is trying to build brake pressure. My antilock system was not working correctly- the fuses were pulled and the system was disengaged.

    Will this pump system ever fail?- I am very afraid. Has anyoneone seen a solution?
  • I've got a 99 Regal LS with 43K miles. Have had terrible knocking and clunking when shifting. Dealer has said that the repair costs would be close to $3000.00. I may be out of line, but that seems like a lot of money for a major component that is less than 10K miles out of warranty. The service manager contacted Buick on my behalf and was told that no assistance would be granted. He suggested that I contact Buick myself. I've done that today and will hear back on Thursday. My questions to you:

    1 - Anyone know of any "know issues" with transmissions on the 99 Regals?

    2 - What are my options regarding working with Buick to get some sort of warranty exception?

    Any help and opinions would be appreciated.
  • I have a 99 LS with 30K. The trip odometer will kick in while driving over-riding the odometer. You cannot disengage it. At this same time the tack stops working. It may sit at zero or at 1k. The "fill washer" light comes on. After a couple of days everything is back to normal and it may stay that way for weeks and then start again. Dealer says they'll replace instrument module. I hate to have them digging around in the dash when maybe the problem is at the fuse areas and will repeat it self with a new module. Would you expect any competent person to first see if the electrical problem exists at the fuse box wiring? Isn't this like changing the light fixture when only the bulb is burnt out? Any comments, suggestions or similar experiences?
  • I've not experienced the trouble that you report, but I have had the climate control display go out on me. Seems to be worse on cold mornings. I'm told that it is a $600.00 repair. I think I'll deal with it and hope that it is just a cold weather thing.
  • I have a 99 Regal GS and love it. I just hit 40,000 miles. Two days ago I blew the transmission! I had just driven 150 miles at 65-70 mph on the highway and had slowed down to a crawl (in town) when the car started vibrating. Was going 8-10 mph, getting ready to make a left turn when the front end "clunked". I pulled over and parked the car. Each time I pulled forward it clunked...tried to back up and got nothing... It only revved like it was in neutral. My husband looked under the hood and said the whole engine shifted each time I put it in gear. Of course I was out of warranty!! I had it towed to a Buick dealer anyway. The mechanic did an inspection (checked fluid levels, etc.) said I blew the trans...thinks a bearing broke loose and took out the gears (??) The dealership was great about it. Promised GM would pay for it... that something like this shouldn't have happened (maybe my crying in front of him didn't hurt). This is the first problem I have had with this Regal. I traded in a 1988 Regal with over 200,000 miles on it for this one. Husband thinks maybe the trans was too small for the supercharger 3800. Good luck with your Regal. My engine is a little bigger than yours but the story is similar. I would definitely fight it out with GM if I were you. A trans should certainly last longer than 40 to 50K!!
  • When we picked up the car an annoying knocking developed every time we accelerated. After numerous returns to the dealer it was finally fixed. We have also had a oil leak since it was new. Valve cover gaskets have been replaced and it still leaks oil. We took the car back to the dealer 16 times the first year. We complained to Buick but that did not help. Today we still own the Buick Regal and just ignore the oil leaks and rattles it has. We have decided this will be the last American car we own.
  • to hear of the problems with your 97.5 Regal.We currently have (5) liscensed Regals and have driven mostly Regals since 1984.All have been very dependable and almost trouble free.

    The worst lemon we ever owned was a 89 Toyota Camry which we took a bath on and made us swear we would never own another foreign car.All car companies foreign or domestic build lemons once in awhile.

    One of the most dependable cars I ever owned was a used 77 Toyota Celica GT that leaked engine oil from the time I got it but ran great up to 175,000 miles before the body rotted off it.
  • My brakes go out on me (once while I was on the freeway which wasn't fun). They tell me that I need to reset my brakes by setting the parking brake, but that doesn't work anymore. The brakes have already been replaced once before - does it need to be done again?
  • Hello, knowledgeable people--
    I have a nice-looking 1990 Regal GS with the 3.1 V6. My brake lights stopped working, and the dealer said it was the turn signal switch. I think they're right, because when you turn the wipers on now (with the same stalk-style switch), smoke comes from inside the steering column, accompanied by a strong electrical-fire type of odor. How do you get to this switch to replace it? The steering wheel has controls in it for the stereo- how do they hook up?
    This has already been an expensive car to own, so I can't stop buying new parts now!!
  • johnwesley01 wrote that he was going to the dealer to have this recall modification done. I hope so--I didn't, and when they towed my car ten miles, the engine fell out onto the ground when they put it down. The dealer did fix it for free, but it would have been quite dangerous if the same thing happened while I was driving.
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Assuming you have a steering wheel puller and a steering lock plate remover/installer, it's a relatively straighforward job. If not I'd recommend having a professional do it. Btw, the brake light circuit is routed through the signal switch. Did you ever notice that when the car ahead of you brakes and signals, the signal flashes the brake light on that side? The switch can be easily diagnosed by disconnecting the harness for the old one at the steering column, and plugging the new one in prior to installation.
  • will38will38 Posts: 30
    I own a 99 Reagl GS, The front door panels suck in when the windows are lowered. Does anyone else have this problem? The passenger side door panel also has a rattle in it. I thought they might be related. I had a rattle in the dash that was looked at. They moved the wiring harness. It helped but another rattle has appeared. I also have a small rattle somewhere on the driver's side. But I can't pinpoint it. The dealer doesn't seem to want to look for it. They told me to turn up the radio. I did, but the passenger side door panel rattles. The headliner also rattles but I tighten that myself. Besides the squeaks and rattles I really like the car. I have owned 8 other new Buicks and this is the first one that disappointed me.
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    Is your GS supercharged????

    Any problems with that? Does anyone know what the oil is in this unit, owner's manual only gives a part # absolutely no specs or alternatives. The Buick parts depts says, "it comes in a quart container and I have no idea wha t is in it. " Is it engine oil (dino or synthetic) transmission fluid, gear oil or some other concoction??????
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Read post #102 in Pontiac Bonneville Problems. The part # is for 8 oz. bottles. Takes about 2 1/2.
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    What is the lubricant? Is it engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid or a unique blend and are there substitutes?????????
    re: if plain ole engine oil fine, if Dexron III fluid fine but what are the specs, for some reason they refuse to print them in the manual?
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    I'm not sure what the formulation is but my Riviera factory manual is pretty specific about NOT using anything other than GM supercharger oil. It isn't engine oil, ATF, or typical high viscosity gear lube. It may have extreme pressure or friction modifying additives, but $3,200 Cdn to replace a blown one is too much for me to screw around with. I'm assuming the engineers who designed it know their business, so when I changed mine by syphoning out all the old lube and refilling I used what the manual called for. Three 8 oz bottles @ $10 per.
  • BushwackBushwack Posts: 258
    FWIW... I have a 2000 GS (as does my sister-in-law). Both our front door windows are a bit more 'authoritive' when going up or down. But so were other Regals on the car lot when I bought the car.

    As for rattles, etc., I haven't heard one. I had owned a 97.5 GS that had a rattle or three; still I was happy with the car (it got totalled no thanks to a city garbage truck). Other then disappointing gas mileage (60% highway/40% city = 19.5 mpg), this 2000 GS hasn't disappointed me yet after 3,500 miles.
  • jdg3jdg3 Posts: 1
    Ok, noises seem to be a common theme. I have a couple of solutions. I have 4. One is the side window vent. Dealer seems to be able to fix with silicone. Driver door frame, no luck yet. Driver side visor: panels inside visor rattle. Dealer will either replace or stuff something in between the panels. Big I found was a dash rattle that seemed to puzzle a lot of people. Mine is coming from the instrument panel shield. When you hear the rattle, push on the clear lens of the instrument panel shield and it stops. Don't know how the dealer will fix it yet. Mine is still under warranty so they will fix it.
    Hope this helps.

    In agreement with others, had to have my comfort center display replaced. Passenger window goes up slowly, like so many others. Hopefully dealer will repair. Having slight transmission problems. Hope they don't turn out to be big ones like some others.
  • armtdmarmtdm Posts: 2,057
    Yep, picked up the Regal 2000 model about a week ago and it now has 700 miles on it and it is leaking oil in puddles. I really wanted the Maxima but this 2000 GSE was on the lot and they were giving it away so I took it. Ah, American quality.

    Buy a Buick and buy the best, drive a mile and walk the rest.

    To the shop tomorrow!
  • crew6crew6 Posts: 2
    In reference to Will38's comment about the door panels "sucking in" when windows are lowered, I, too, have noticed that on my 99 GS. It's especially noticeable when the window closes. I can feel the whole door panel re-adjust. It's a little annoying, but doesn't create any other problems beyond that. There is a rattle in the driver's door, however, along with everywhere else on this car. (My 93 Ford Ranger which I just sold had far less rattles than this car.)

    The most annoying rattle is in the dashboard. I took the car in to a dealer here in Austin, and the service manager had me drive the car so he could hear the rattle. As luck would have it, the temperature had dropped that day, and the rattle disappeared. (hmmmm). But I left the car with them anyway and told them exactly where the rattle was and that if they would just remove the lower panel on the dashboard by the temperature controls, they would probably see what it was. (Wishful thinking) Arriving the next afternoon to pick up the car, I was told that they did nothing about the rattle since they couldn't replicate the sound. Man, was I ticked! By the time I got the car home, the rattle was back, only this time I discovered EXACTLY where it was. It was inside the panel of the temperature controls. When I pushed in on it, the rattle stopped. So now the car goes back in for another inconvenient day of life without transportation.

    My car is a great looking vehicle, but the rattles and loose-feeling suspension have really soured me on Buick. This was my first one, and I assumed Buick produced solid fitting vehicles. I have serious doubts about that now. I probably won't buy Buick again.
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