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Hyundai Santa Fe 2007+



  • it's me again.


    love hondas and toyotas too. if i had the money, buy the A3. but see... i'm torn. should i go for comfort and safety like the sante fe? do i wanna go environmental with the prius or smart. or do i wanna go fast...

    A3 now, dare i say sante fe with family... saving lives first.

    respect goes out to nissan with their hybrid altima. sure they are buying tech from toyota. well, that sucks... buying from ur competition. saying to the world toyota does somthing better than men. but! i'm not gonna give up a cent and if i pay u 1000 for ur tech but i steal 3000 by taking a would be camry buyer good for me.

    car i'd recommend for my uncle if he was making $50,000/year... sonata.
    60k, santefe.
    100k, x5
    250k, ls hybrid

    me... well, i'd save in other areas so i'd go for...
    a3 2 liter w/dsg

    e-class (ls too big)

    my dream: everyone driving smart-like cars.

    i like honda cuz all their cars are low emissions. they don't have big v8 and big trucks.

    sorry for the rude earlier comments about karebear etc.
  • Real world MPG -
    Have owned my FWD Limited SF for a few weeks now and am just reaching over 1k. Breaking the engine in by going between 60-70mph, no more. No hard stops or quick jumps. Most of my commute is freeway driving, but coming from Southern Cal, this don't mean squat. The commute home on the freeway is more stop and go than side streets, sadly enough. I've averaged about 20mpg per tank so far. I expect to get a good 24-25 as it breaks in a bit more.

    Leaking moonroof, Who's responsible? Well, on a hyundai the warrantly should cover any damage done pending they find fault in the mechanics of the moonroof itself. I don't know how Toyota would respond though. I would expect not much different. And as mentioned before on previous posts, I believe that warranty satisfaction is 100% dealer specific. Establish a good rapore with a dealer and servicing your auto under warranty should be painless. Good luck, and hope you enjoy whatever you decide on.
  • Hey, I have driven both vehicles. - I hope you have also. I can give an opinion on the two. The CR-V is a HONDA. Interior looks great. High quality fit and finish. The outside looks like it's smiling for a photo. I have owned a CR-V and I loved it. I had zero problems from that rig. But, I have driven a Hyundai for about 3 days, and IMO it can stand on its own 4 wheels. I was shocked at the quality materials and performance. I love Honda. BUT, I am going to buy a Hyundai.

    My suggestion to you (If you have not done so already) is to at least go and see what all the fuss is about BEFORE you are so quick to judge.
  • Hi! Fellow CR-V owner here! The SF is a well made vehicle. Just got ask for an extended test drive. The 6 cyl does make a big difference. My wife loved the drive and the power compared to my old CR-V. It is a lot heavier, so the ride is nicer. It just feels solid.
  • Forgot to mention the 3rd row seating of the SF,
    Not much room back there, I'd think it be better for kids or smaller adults on short distances. If your taller, it'll seat yea, albeit a bit uncomfortably. Accessability however is well thought out, with the retractable 2nd row. Also prepping 3rd row seating is so simple it's almost scary. I'm glad I actually got the 3rd row. How this helps.
  • question for you. when you have the 3rd row of seats in place, how much cargo area you have left? enough to do your weekly groceries?
  • Hmmm, well. I'd have to say not exactly. Prolly fit up to 3 full grocery bags across, if you don't stack em. About a foot and a half deep X the length of the width of the back. But 3rd row does take a good 75% of the cargo space. The cool thing though is that you can lift each seat independantly as opposed to a 3rd row bench style seat. So leaving one up and one down, would allow more room for cargo.
  • davesuvdavesuv Posts: 149
    Interesting comments on this recent thread. When I'm shopping for a car, safety is my number one concern closely followed by reliability. Safety is very car specific, and can vary from one model to the next within one manufacturers offerings. From everything I've read, the 07 Santa Fe is one of the safest vehicles you can buy in its weight class (I'm surprised Hyundai doesn't stress this more in its advertising). See IIHS results and NHTSA results

    Reliability is something that's much harder to assess unless a model has been out for a number of years. For new models such as the 07 Santa Fe, you have to rely on the track record of other recent models made by Hyundai, together with things they are doing specifically to aid reliability in this particular vehicle (California design team, Ann Arbor engineering, Alabama plant quality and automation, etc.). Yes, Hyundai does not have the same long term track record as Toyota or Honda, but I like what I'm hearing and am willing to make that leap of faith, particularly since the Santa Fe comes much closer to the vehicle I was looking for than anything else out there. Also, I tend to hang onto vehicles for a long time and resale is not an issue.

    Well, I made my leap and have now owned an 07 Santa Fe AWD Limited for two months now. It has met or surpassed all of my expectations and is my favorite new car purchase so far. I love driving it. Incidentally, I love the look of the fake plastic wood and the plastics that they use in the interior. I also own an 07 Lexus RX350, which has real wood. I don't think it looks much better than the Santa Fe's fake wood (once it's all polished and shiny, it's difficult tell if its real or fake, it only has a better grain pattern). Is the Santa Fe as nice as the Lexus? Of course not, but there's not nearly as much difference as you might expect. I prefer driving the Santa Fe because it has more "personality", both in its looks and in the way it drives. It also gives me the quiet and smooth ride that I expect in a car.
  • thanks for the links davesuv. good review BTW, keep these kind of comments and you guys will finally convince me to buy it; I'm between the SF AWD and a SX4 suzuki AWD. I know, I know, they are two different animals and today I was checking real mpg on both vehicles thinking that I can save a lot on gas with the suzuki but after doing the math I might only save a couple of hundred dollars a year. Like davesuv, safety is my #1 concern and after reading the crash results the balance is tipping towards the SF. :P
  • I did test drive both vehicles BEFORE I purchased anything. I found the CR-V to have better trim pieces than the SF. I also found the leather quality in the CR-V to be thick, rich, and classy. The SF was OK, but not as good. I did find that power wise, the SF won hands down. It is not that CR-V is slow, it is just that the SF has WAY more Hp than the CR-V. I also do not like wood trim, fake or real (it looks cheap to me). I like the new interior a lot in the new CR-V (way nicer than its predecessor). Also, long term dependability and resale value is important to me and those both are in question with the new SF. In the end though I found for my specifications, the CR-V was better.

    As for the people that say a navigation system is not important, why is it many of you have portable navigation systems? Is it because they are are useful? Yes they are useful. As for the person who said that they know how to get to work, lets say you just go out around and later decide you want to go to a certain place. Well, with the navigation, you can find the place in the navigation and get directions. As for portable nav's, they are OK, but I would not want one on the dash or center console. The build in nav's are GENERALLY more advanced, and intuitive. What Honda offers with their's is a standard back up camera, which works great. They also offer voice activation, which is great so you do not need to take your eyes off the road. If you get lost, you can say "go home" and it will give you directions from right where you are. It also can show you the nearest gas stations, atm's, restaurants, hotels, etc. That is great if you are in an unfamiliar place and need something. I like the navigation so much, and I know so many people that WONT get another car ever again without it. The built in nav's are VERY simple and easy.

    P.S. I was not planning on posting in this forum anymore, but people here keep responding and that makes me think of something I have to say.
  • First of all, I do NOT like Jaguar. I think they are way over priced considering, what you are getting. I have seen Jaguar cars and they are really ugly inside. All you are paying for is the name, NOTHING else. You get really cheap stuff (like FAKE wood trim). At that price it should at least be real. I think the interior designers of Jags cut MANY corners.

    As for the CR-V, it has very nice plastics and NO fake wood trim. With the Navigation system in, the CR-V looks way more luxury.

    As for the Touareg, good thing you didn't buy that. They look nice, but are not.
  • Does anyone know if the '07 Santa Fe has a roll-over sensor for the side curtain air bags?? There is no mention of this on the window sticker or the brochure. A dealer told me that it does, but could not provide me with any documentation.


  • I was wondering if anyone knows what Hyundai is using for their factory fill of motor oil?

    I am operating under the assumption that it is a 5W20 oil?

    I plan on using 5W20 oil in mine and change it at approximately every 3,000 miles as we make quite a few short trips.

    I am hoping to get mine sometime this month as the dealer is having trouble in locating an Arctic White Limited 2007 Santa Fe with option group 26 (Premium Package) and option CF (Carpeted Floor Mats).
  • edmac1edmac1 Posts: 36
    I am not too up on many of the finer points of automobiles, so I am puzzled by some people's complaints about "hard" plastics. What difference does it make whether it's hard or soft since all you are doing is looking at it? If you are sitting on it or resting your head on it, there could be a problem - otherwise, so what?
  • I think you hit the nail on the head!

    10 out of 10 for your observation.

  • Well said. Unfortunately some think that if the plastics are softer they indicate quality. IMO the tougher they are the more durable. An SUV interior S/B DURABLE.
  • I am sure I read about it in the additional handout when I bout my 07. My wife took the truck. When she gets back I will go through the documentation. If I find it I will scan and post...

    Short answer - yes :)
  • has anyone gotten a dealer install tow hitch? i'm curious what it looks like and if you like it. i was told it must be installed by the dealer. i saw one on but i wasn't impressed.

  • I agree. I deal with them for everything on my Santa ( Bra, mud guards, cargo liner, mats and Vent visors) but was not impressed by the tow hitch as well. Still shopping for one. Will post pics and info on my carspace page if and when I find one that looks good...
  • It is not that people NEED softer is that if they are smoother and softer, they look and feel better. The SF plastics are hard and they look hard and pretty cheap from a distance, and when you touch them. Softer and smoother plastics just feel more expensive. You wont see a lexus with tons of cheap plastic all around. It is just nice to have in a $30,000 vehicle.
  • I partially agree, here. That tactile aesthetics pull some weight in overall appearance. Softer leather and supple plastics IN THE RIGHT AREAS, do make things a bit more plush. However, I don't see this too much the case with the SF. I can't see how the plastics look 'cheap'. I could see how certain plastics would deminish the appearance by REALLY looking cheap - monotone and lacking texture and being very 'thin' to the touch. Had the SF real wood trim and actuall steel accents then yes, more rich and luxurious it would be. But the plastics looking or being cheap? Just don't see it.

    A little detail that I thought was pretty slick was the plastic that houses the front seat window controls. It's smooth, tough and soft to the touch with pleasant curves. Doesn't look or feel cheap at all. However, the door handles I believe really should've been a brushed steel. But that's splitting hairs....
  • I see what you mean, but the dash and glove box look cheap. That is the seat that looks at the most of the interior, and that plastic is right in your face. Also, the glove box door felt cheap when opening it. Also, the doors felt cheap (where the pockets are). It would have just been nice if they dropped the fake wood, and put in nicer plastics.
  • I looked at several vehicles and all have both good points and bad. I think that the 2007 Santa Fe is a good vehicle considering everything and the price.

    I also like the new 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander.

    I have been attempting purchase of a 2007 Limited Santa Fe but the dealer has not been able to obtain what I want and is hoping that he can get it on an allocation.

    If not, will buy the Mitsubishi Outlander later this month. They have a new OHC V-6 that is getting some good reviews and good EPA numbers.

    Honda CR-V is not a bad vehicle but did not want a 4 cylinder engine. Do not like the looks of the new body style either.
  • Plus the exterior of the CR-V looks like this guy ------> :D
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Autobytel 2007 Editors’ Choice Awards:

    SUV of the Year: Hyundai Santa Fe (unanimous selection)

    image int/2305
  • Hey, hey!! Looky there! The CR-V came out ahead!
    Oh!? And, hey!?!?! So did SF! (....I'm just so proud.... sniff, sniff...)

    If it's possible, I feel even more happy and confident with this decision.
    Congrats to all winners!
  • We have to be fair and say that carfreak's choice of the CR-V won best "Best SMALL SUV."

    And I would like to point out that the vote was NOT unanimous. ;)

    The SF is the "Best Midsize SUV" and the vote was UNAMIMOUS!.


  • I can understand. The CR-V is definatly not the most powerful vehicle on the road. It also has a hit or miss exterior. But other than that, the interior is awesome, everything is ergonomically correct, and lots of technology. The interior is the BEST interior in its class. It definatly beats out the Sportage/Tucson, Rav4, Escape/Mariner/Tribute, Equinox/Torrent, and Vue.
  • Gotta say that the CR-V's rear cam is pretty clever too. Nice upgrade. It don't parallel park your car or nuthin....! ;)
  • Have you looked at the 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander?

    Understand that starting first part of October the Santa Fe will come standard with XM radio and that a factory installed Navigation system will be an option before long.

    The Mitsubishi Outlander currently has a Navigation System as an option.
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